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    Strawberry Starburst bred by Rasta Jeff of Irie Genetics still a bit to go, keeper out of 10 females. She reeks of Sour Strawberries and is a huge yielder.
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    Another pheno from Strawberry Rain (4 keepers in total collected in the last years) 3 weeks to go
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    Something with Banana Punch (Symbiotic) and Slurricane (In House) ...Very hard to describe the taste. Banana Smoothie, kiwi, ice tea kind of terps. Have the LA Kush version to. Hello Toker, nice to read you again. Cherry Bomber = Nostalgia! Yes Santero, long time indeed, but there was no other option. We never surrender right. Evolution is here now, esko 2.0 from the space station. Did not sit still the last years.
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    Hi guys headband x gorilla bubble it was a Collaboration between Tony Green Tortured beans and Karma And calyx brothers bubble monkey there at 54 days from flip
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    Afgaan 90 Bubba Hash G13 Hazeplant
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    4th run of my keeper cut, Punchy Blewster and love it more everyday (Banana OG / Purple Punch x Blue Bonnet), I can’t keep my nose out of it, intense blueberry candy and Banana Terps. I have it outdoors this season and can’t wait to see it finish.
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    EDIT: no idea why the pics are all blurry/blank but if you click on them it seems to work. Hopefully they're just loading but not sure. Appreciate it @gardenartus and @webeblzr Interesting info @santero That makes a lot of sense because I actually had to kill one of lemon chiesels early from one of them being a hermie. Not just one banana but basically the whole plant. I was stressing the hell out of them like usual though. I knew the risks when growing something with thai in it and I still think it's a worthwhile line. I really haven't had anything that has smelled like that before and I've had plenty of weed in my "weed career" :p I've always wondered how to pronounce the sanfune whether sanfoon or sanfoonay I've been going with the first one but could be wrong haha. Here's my copy and paste of the snow thrower/sno troer. I actually sent a picture of one of the buds when I was trimming to my sister who doesn't really smoke weed much and she said it looks so snowy and I laughed and told her it was called snow thrower. Last but not least the snow thrower. Meant to get around to taking some pics sooner. Don’t mind my shit pics it actually looks nicer in person. I think this strain is my favourite out of all that I ran. Glad I have another pack #1 smells lemony with a smell I can only describe as funky/stale grape soda candy of some sort with lemon and fuel. Some smells are really hard to describe. #2 edit: I noticed after posting this and looking at the bag that i somehow mixed 2 strains together in one bag that’s why I was mistaken with the smell. This one was the most “kushy” mostly grapey/lemon/sweet pine and a bit of gas type smells. My dumbass accidentally dumped some of the lemon chiesel so was confused about how the smell somehow changed lol. Luckily I noticed eventually/have an eye to pick out random buds that don't belong. I must accidentally poured 2 bowls into the same bag while trimming or something. #3 is funky grape/lemon jet fuel. This shit smells insanely strong. Kind of stuff that you can smell in someone’s pocket from 100km away haha. #4 is very similar to #3. Both these are probably my 2 favourites. All the snow throwers smell strong but these 2 are even stankier. What I remember diesel to be like when I first started smoking. San did a great job with these IMO. Every time I open the bag puts a huge smile on my face. I’d say number 3 is a bit more heavy on the fuel and the number 4 is a bit more on the weird grape/lemon. Both very similar though. Finally #5. I’d say this is the most well rounded of them all. Plenty of weird grape lemony candy and gas but not quite as much gas as 3 and 4.
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    The hulkberry-first time I've grown her, not sure what the high is like. She has a diesel smell with a very slight berry smell.
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    Sherb breath oregon purple diesel x cookies and cream laser tag mountain wizard 3 oregon purple diesel x cookies and cream
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    Next is the lemon chiesel. I have 2 indica leaners and 2 sativa spears (which my dumbass thought were sanfune at one point :p ) or bld and nld. Looks better in person. #1 is the plainest smell of them all. Mostly lemon with a barely noticeable touch of gas. #2 has a stronger smell. Hard to describe though. Like funky floral lemony urinal cakes(which apparently have the same smell chemical as moth balls but I’ve never smelt them) and a slight touch of fuel, more than #1 #3 is a sativa leaner, If I wouldn’t have thought these were sanfune phenos I probably would have let them go a bit longer than 10 and a bit weeks but they were sharing a trellis and tray so untangling instead of chopping it all would have been a pain. #3 and #4 both have smells that are hard to explain but I really like because I’ve personally never smelled weed quite like it. Dark artificial grape, orange peel. bit of fuel, sour powdery candy and maybe a touch of licorice. Pretty happy high too. Seems to put me in a better mood. #4 is very similar to #3 and I also really like the smell. This one is a bit stronger smelling too. Similar high. I’m going to be disappointed when these 2 are all smoked they aren’t pretty in the traditional sense but they smell great and it’s nice to smoke things that don’t send you to sleep after too much sometimes. Still hasn’t finished curing but I’m hoping that smell translates into a bit of taste. In the volcano first bag has some of the flavours, then second bag tastes completely different. Pretty interesting. up next will be the snow throwers.
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    well ugly needs represented too. 4 were started at flower switch on 11/26. A Killer Grape S1, a Honey Badger Haze, a Amnesia Star, one lost labeled girl, these have another few weeks, at best. I left enough space to add Mac Stomper after a few weeks. Then about 2 weeks ago put a Big Chillz in. She had recovered much better from the terrible hiding game I played with them for FAR FAR TO LONG! The LET (last tent ever) has amazing smells going on in there, buds are very sticky, very fragrant, and my GLA LED's are pulling some of the nicest colors I've seen on my HBH and she has been with me for years now!! Fantastic work prawn!!
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    It’s been a while, so I thought I would pop in say hello and show my latest project. Not really a bud shot, but it’s pretty and potent. A little Purple Mystic for your pleasure! Hope Everyone had a wonderful Xmas and New Years!! Baq
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    I was thinking the same thing been a bit since you were here Drip .
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    I really really really like the calyx bro gear frosty and sticky small tent bubble monkey 47 days
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    Dynasty ‘cherry orange’ freebie. And Basil.
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    Fudge and second is amie haze x vanilla frosting
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    A couple better pic's today........... both in a 4 x 4 space each under a single Gavita LED.
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    Here's a little shaver at the halfway point (5 weeks) Lemon Sunrise
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    Skywalker OG x Black Lime Special Reserve, early flower still over a month to go.
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    I love cannabis. Really do, it's a passion. After a few years of hard times my life has lightened. And now I may share some of my grow with others again. I have loved Santero's dank tasty sticky crosses and Katsu has come from the shadows again. Gotta grow some of his gear too. Dragboat Jeffy of Bad Dawg also has created some interesting F1s... gawd so my plants so little time. The 1st two pics are in solo cups. The last picture they are in 1 gallon pots, pic taken today. I will uppot to 3 gal. fabric around the 5th of next month. (plenty of veg time) maybe 2 or 3 more weeks with training and stakes for some then flip. Crazy AGP thinking "out loud". This, as always, will be slow for a few weeks. When there is more to show I will. Oh the plants, lol. A cross made by San. The plants are a cross of Super Sour Diesel Haze hit by a male Northern Lights. That X Santero crossed with LUI male(s) assumably from the repro San did a few years back. This cross is an awesome medicine plant for my wife. She stops hurting when she smokes it and it acts as an antidepressant. For her small amounts a few times daily work. Me, I just think the (SSSDH X NL) X LUI smokes nicely. Very smooth, a little lung expansion 3 hits gets you going. (Although I will smoke it all day) I forget to smoke it about 2 bowls in as I get lost in whatever else... I have 8 of these going. I am doing a seed increase and trying to nail down which female pheno is best for the wife. So I am looking at males also. Likely will use 2 or 3 males to keep things open. Also I have 5 plants named Ceiling Licker which are JB Chem X Romulan and made as a collab. between Katsu and Romulan. I like chem for sho and rom is a classic. May have to pollinate some lowers. A couple are smelling of burnt rubber chem funk in veg. Other of pine or a combo. Oh yeah I have an SFV OG X Bye-Ya; made by Bad Dawg which has no preflowers yet but is a bushy stinky skunky profusion of stems. Also growing a Riri Sour Diesel mystery bean. The tallest strongest sappiest seeming male. Cedar incense woody Yeah, a male. Not sure if I will build another male enclosure or I hate to end such fire. (But I have 1 more mystery Riri seed unpopped in cold storage.) Also I have several others. "Eskobar Tribute" Holy Princess F2 and Rhaspberry Truffle by Santero. These are really just to satisfy my love of sweet tasty fruity and cherry-berry weed. And trust most are smelling pineapple or cherryish already.
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    Starting 20 strains, all my creations this week. Stay tuned.
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    Nutes were screwed up, but the buds look like they'll do the trick. Apple scented Scarlet Begonias: Apple scent is still the most prominent, but there are the scents in the background that would make you think twice if an actual apple you were going to eat smelled like this. (Hey! Who peed on my apple??) Only took 9 weeks, from seed. One of the Blueberry Butcher girls is also ready. I expect the others to come down before the end of week 10. Blueberry Butcher is (Blueberry Cookies) x Jack the Ripper F2. This one smells like blueberry-mint, which is very much the way Blueberry Cookies smells, which is somewhat disappointing. The buzz might make up for it. It's a nice scent and all, but the buzz from blueberry cookies is not my favorite — too much toward the indica side of things for me. One of the remaining girls smells like a combination of BBC and JTR. I have greater expectations of that one. Three Scarlet Begonias, two Blueberry Butchers, one Dark Hollow and one Lemon Sunrise clone to go. It's about the time I should either be rooting clones or popping some seeds.
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    My floppy jungle of blavender glue. I wanna say they’re roughly at 7.5 or so weeks from flip. Nothing crazy on the smell department yet just a very mild blue/powdery candy type smell. I’ve never grown any blue before so I’m not sure how it might change later on though. They are all super dense. If I don’t lose any they are prob gonna yield a lot. Some of the leaves are in bad shape though, hope they can hold on for a few more weeks at least. Prob doesn’t help that my lights are producing a bunch of heat at the canopy because my airflow isn’t the greatest (fans on floor instead of on walls, no intake fan just passive) edit: before I flopped them all over for stretching into the lights most if not all of them were 6.5-7+ft tall. Edit #2 lol: the shorter chunkier plants on the left side pictured in the first pic are not blavender glue I should mention they are deadband but The blavender took over :p
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    Since I can not flower anything right now, and have shut 95% of my grow down for months now. I well we have a very nice supply of buds packed away, sealed up in seal a meal pouches, after they cured in glass for a month or so, so long term storage if you will. We sampled zanzibars tribute to escobar, Blue Dream x Blueberry Sativa as I sealed them up on 8/3. The buds were processed probably back in late June or early July. The buds are perfectly spongy as I remove them from a pouch back to a personal ganja jar for consumption. What was so very amazing to us was how much more nose candy wafted from the pouch as I cut it open. My wife came into the room as I was transferring buds, and said, wow that has an amazing scent! As we were partaking of some, she asked if we sampled this before. I told we did, she said oh are you sure, I would not forget that amazing scent! I told her some buds just take longer for all the oils and goodies to mingle, to cure, proper like. Then as we finished our smoke, she said, my goodness that is very very pleasant!! Yeah, I may use a more colorful expression, but that is correct.
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    Skunk 1 Mel franks collection
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    Hi all a young JOTI black delato It’s got a ghostly gray look all frost
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    Chop day tomorrow......... the last pic from 1/2 the room.
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    Both sides of the room, day 43 in flowering. The buds didn't get as big as I thought they would, but that's because there's loads of branches............
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    Greetings, marijuana enthusiasts. I went nuts buying seeds during the pandemic shutdowns/slowdowns/majordowners, and had to try them out. They're at about week 4 of veg, so I will not bore you with too many seedling pics, I'll just bore you with a few, here and there. Two have the same dad — a male of a cross called Arise. From what I surmise, Rasta Jeff of Irie found a great male Arise plant that mixes well with many other strains. Since he is deeply involved in the Colorado commercial growing scene, he has access to many special, well-selected females for many of today's well-known strains (US well known, can't say internationally). So he crossed it to a whole bunch of gals and much of his stock are those crosses. Scarlet Begonias is a Red Headed Stranger x Arise cross. Dark Hollow is a GMO x Arise cross. He also recently found a reportedly great male F2 of TGA's Jack the Ripper. Blueberry Butcher is a Blueberry Cookies x Jack the Ripper f2 cross. Buzz-wise, Scarlet Begonias is supposed to be a ceilingless, energizing sativa. Blueberry Butcher is supposed to be an energizing hybrid, probably with many qualities to the sativa side (but blueberry cookies puts me down, pretty much). Dark Hollow is supposed to be very relaxing, zone out weed, which I figure would put a guy like me to sleep. Anyway, so far there's one female each, for certain, a few males. The majority are still "questioning," I guess. And one of the questioning Blueberry Butchers gave me my first whorled phyllotaxy! I didn't even realize it until a couple of days ago. This is clearly an omen. I was going to sacrifice a chicken to satisfy the spirits of my tent, but I wasn't up for the headless body, running around bleeding all over the place part. The spirits settled for some fried chicken. Or at least I think they did.
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    Gator bait! Funky and dense!
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    Headbanger x Gorilla Bubble bx5 Tony greens tortured beans I just love the color on this one this is coming down today I just love the color on this one this is coming down today also just wanted to say good to see you around @e$kob@r happy new year to you and yours
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    copy and paste from og Didn’t do the blavender glue justice but I like the smell of all of them and the high is pretty nice too. I had a couple bananas on a lot of my plants this grow likely due to heat +water stress and possibly a few other things but I liked all of these plants more than I thought I would. They’re pretty ugly but they all smell pretty nice. Another fun strain from san fucked up by me Blavender glue 1. What I can only describe as “spicy thai” (bunch of shit mixed together, bit of wood,bit of dark berry, bit of licorice maybe a few other things) blueberry and a bit of fuel. B;avender glue 2. This one is the hardest to describe. Spicy, savoury (bouillon??), garlic/ onion like, sotolon, slight fuel Blavender glue 3. Spicy, berry, very heavy fuel Blavender glue 4 nice blueberry smell, very slightly minty, bit of gas. Blavender glue 5 similar to number 2 but with more gas.
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    Lights out today will mark the end of 8 weeks veg. They have bushed out a bit. Some of the taller girls had a little super cropping and bending on their tallest branches, but height is not an issue here at the end of vegging. I'm going with my flipping as I head out the door option, leaving them alone for the first 5 days of flower. They'll probably have just woken up from their vegging slumbers when I get back, and no unreasonable stretch will have occurred by then. (I said it. Now it's up cannabis karma to slap me silly.) These girls are poised for greatness. I can feel it in my bones. They got beneficial nematodes this past week, along with a dose of microbes. Everyone is over-joyed, except this bitch: But she seems to be improving. This seems to be extreme Mg deficiency, related to pH. She prefers more acidic soil. Here sister here has similar problems, except she's very vigorous, in spite of my apparent inability to keep acid-loving cannabis plants happy. I may have over-compensated toward making things acidic. But I'm not fucking with this one strain anymore. They're going to be flowered with the rest. There has been a bit of a fungus gnat problem. 10 million nematodes later, I put up a fresh sticky trap. Let's see what it looks like in a couple of weeks. It just occurred to me that when I first started doing grow reports, I'd try to emphasize the positive. Now I highlight the unhappy plants and speculate as to why they failed me.
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    Green Ale (green manalishi x phuuu's ipa) @ 72 days
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    Trim party for the Silver Diesel Haze - outdoor grown
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    Planet of the Grapes is a pheno of Member Berry, so it's not surprising at all there's no buzz..........but how can something that looks this good HAVE NO BUZZ???
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    12 plant no till grow. Small bed is surfr seeds freebie: Oregon purple diesel x cookies and cream. Middle is thug pug’s sheb breath. Last is Mountain Wizard from substance seeds.
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    the little support i recieve via seedheaven/glg and hempdepot just helps me with sharing and to cover (a part) of production. which means: if anyone wants some beans from me, just hit me up no need to spend cash, i share as much as i can for free. = please don't be shy & send me your wishes. i'll try to match it.
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    Amnesia and blackened oranges
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