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    Strawberry Starburst bred by Rasta Jeff of Irie Genetics still a bit to go, keeper out of 10 females. She reeks of Sour Strawberries and is a huge yielder.
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    Silver Fields at 68days of 12/12:
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    Some Amnesia Star, extreme sweet/sour/grapefruity, more Amnesia leaning pheno but with a nice punch of taste from the sensi star best vibes
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    Planet of the Grapes
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    NYCD x Lemon Thai @ 77 days
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    Sorry @Sacred Plant Warrior I had to show the keeper cut one more time before I cut it, she’s finished and pretty. Blueberries and Chocolate from Useful Seeds.
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    Back to Cookies by Cannarado first good looking flowers from bought seeds in a long time, everything classic keeps to disappoint me.
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    Amnesia Star - very smooth smoke, sweet taste and heavy stoned, but very nice balanced, like living in cotton candy with a smile on your face. best vibes and smoke save
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    Sugar Punch, green pheno
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    Final shots of fall colors and fade. Everything coming down to be hung.
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    happy new year to everyone !! enjoy your plants/smokes/meds. this is the last week for the free share. i'll wait until the 7th. hit me up asap, if you also want a carepack flyen your way.
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    EDIT: no idea why the pics are all blurry/blank but if you click on them it seems to work. Hopefully they're just loading but not sure. Appreciate it @gardenartus and @webeblzr Interesting info @santero That makes a lot of sense because I actually had to kill one of lemon chiesels early from one of them being a hermie. Not just one banana but basically the whole plant. I was stressing the hell out of them like usual though. I knew the risks when growing something with thai in it and I still think it's a worthwhile line. I really haven't had anything that has smelled like that before and I've had plenty of weed in my "weed career" :p I've always wondered how to pronounce the sanfune whether sanfoon or sanfoonay I've been going with the first one but could be wrong haha. Here's my copy and paste of the snow thrower/sno troer. I actually sent a picture of one of the buds when I was trimming to my sister who doesn't really smoke weed much and she said it looks so snowy and I laughed and told her it was called snow thrower. Last but not least the snow thrower. Meant to get around to taking some pics sooner. Don’t mind my shit pics it actually looks nicer in person. I think this strain is my favourite out of all that I ran. Glad I have another pack #1 smells lemony with a smell I can only describe as funky/stale grape soda candy of some sort with lemon and fuel. Some smells are really hard to describe. #2 edit: I noticed after posting this and looking at the bag that i somehow mixed 2 strains together in one bag that’s why I was mistaken with the smell. This one was the most “kushy” mostly grapey/lemon/sweet pine and a bit of gas type smells. My dumbass accidentally dumped some of the lemon chiesel so was confused about how the smell somehow changed lol. Luckily I noticed eventually/have an eye to pick out random buds that don't belong. I must accidentally poured 2 bowls into the same bag while trimming or something. #3 is funky grape/lemon jet fuel. This shit smells insanely strong. Kind of stuff that you can smell in someone’s pocket from 100km away haha. #4 is very similar to #3. Both these are probably my 2 favourites. All the snow throwers smell strong but these 2 are even stankier. What I remember diesel to be like when I first started smoking. San did a great job with these IMO. Every time I open the bag puts a huge smile on my face. I’d say number 3 is a bit more heavy on the fuel and the number 4 is a bit more on the weird grape/lemon. Both very similar though. Finally #5. I’d say this is the most well rounded of them all. Plenty of weird grape lemony candy and gas but not quite as much gas as 3 and 4.
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    Pamelina #1 - Forum Cookies x OG Party Foul #2 - GMO x Birthday Cake Back to Cookies - Forum Cookies x Birthday Cake (Cookies x Cherry Pie) - Cookies BX1 Amnesia - getting purple under LED @65 days Super Lemon Haze seeded x Pineapple Gold male = Sour Lemon Haze seeds T3 seeded x pineapple gold male = Orangina/Arranciata peace
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    Bright Moments at 71 days of 12/12:
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    LA cheese almost ready
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    The end product. Cheers All.
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    Bebop at 5.5 weeks. This one has a horrendous fuel/garbage/OG-chemical stench. Another is sweet berry, a third is sweet berry + mint.
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    707 Nuclear Chem ( Chem D x Chem 4 IBL) This picture was taken from the smallest lower branch.
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    Not many bud shots (flash and no flash)but I did grow this Folsom prison blues myself and u can bet it will be run in earnest in the future. Got the last pack last year from Indy but not sure when he might make more. then kief shots via magnifying and light oops those are boobs not buds
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    Silverfields- different pheno, this one smells sharper, fruitier.
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    Blueberry Quintessa almost ready to chop. This one stinky MFer! I really like this cultivar, it works wonders on my gut problems. I’m mostly a satty guy, but as I get older I like the healing, anti inflammatory and calming effects of CBD. Great job @KomaKreations
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    Afgaan 90 Bubba Hash G13 Hazeplant
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    Sherb breath oregon purple diesel x cookies and cream laser tag mountain wizard 3 oregon purple diesel x cookies and cream
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    4th run of my keeper cut, Punchy Blewster and love it more everyday (Banana OG / Purple Punch x Blue Bonnet), I can’t keep my nose out of it, intense blueberry candy and Banana Terps. I have it outdoors this season and can’t wait to see it finish.
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    Next is the lemon chiesel. I have 2 indica leaners and 2 sativa spears (which my dumbass thought were sanfune at one point :p ) or bld and nld. Looks better in person. #1 is the plainest smell of them all. Mostly lemon with a barely noticeable touch of gas. #2 has a stronger smell. Hard to describe though. Like funky floral lemony urinal cakes(which apparently have the same smell chemical as moth balls but I’ve never smelt them) and a slight touch of fuel, more than #1 #3 is a sativa leaner, If I wouldn’t have thought these were sanfune phenos I probably would have let them go a bit longer than 10 and a bit weeks but they were sharing a trellis and tray so untangling instead of chopping it all would have been a pain. #3 and #4 both have smells that are hard to explain but I really like because I’ve personally never smelled weed quite like it. Dark artificial grape, orange peel. bit of fuel, sour powdery candy and maybe a touch of licorice. Pretty happy high too. Seems to put me in a better mood. #4 is very similar to #3 and I also really like the smell. This one is a bit stronger smelling too. Similar high. I’m going to be disappointed when these 2 are all smoked they aren’t pretty in the traditional sense but they smell great and it’s nice to smoke things that don’t send you to sleep after too much sometimes. Still hasn’t finished curing but I’m hoping that smell translates into a bit of taste. In the volcano first bag has some of the flavours, then second bag tastes completely different. Pretty interesting. up next will be the snow throwers.
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    Pineapple haze barneys
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    USC Amnesia at 58 days
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    The Bebop girls, about 8.5 weeks. The Blueberry scented one: The Texas chemical plant fire scented one: The perfect blend of Blueberry Cookies + Texas chemical plant fire scented one: Trich-wise, at least another week to go.
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    Australian Dead Head buds, snipping to jars. Honey Badger Haze 3 delicious stinkers!!
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    Salutations Bug Bangers, I gave out these Honey Badger Haze plants (clones) to other gardens maybe 4-5 years ago. I asked to have some copies made, and totally had forgotten that godawful cat piss smell, that plumes from them, as you happen to brush against them in deep flower. And a shot of the Australian Dead Head top that fell over. You all have the best new year you can!
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    Some Raspberry Truffles... the first two are more strawberry (which San had pre-sorted within the batch = Strawberry / Raspberry) and the third is the more Raspberry. It's interesting to note that the more Strawberry plants have 9-finger leaflets, and the Raspberry has 7. #1 Numero dos and the third These are all at Week 4 Happy growing
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    Small bud of Cannatonic #4
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    A couple better pic's today........... both in a 4 x 4 space each under a single Gavita LED.
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    Skywalker OG x Black Lime Special Reserve, early flower still over a month to go.
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    Ouzbékistan cut at 77 days.
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    NYCD x Lemon Thai (Santero)
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    Seeded bud, open pollinated, Punchy Blewster ( Banana Punch x Blue Bonnet ( old worked DJ Blueberry). Reeks of Blueberry with a heavy Banana background. If it holds in cure, wow.
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    Panama haze x Lebanese Lefthanded seeds lobe the purple also usefulseeds blackened oranges
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    NL#5 x ATF by @ indican at 8 weeks
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