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    Killer Cookies, 8 weeks:
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    Durban Thai High Flyer x 68 Afghani purple pheno. This is one of Indy’s newer crosses and it’s bad ass, this particular one went 15 feet and full of bud, expecting a couple pounds plus off her.
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    Sorry it's been a while, I've been very busy, all is well!!
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    Aztec Rain, my last one and no more seed, but I was graciously gifted some Chocolate Rain f2 pollen which hit a cutting from this lady. Bud is 45 days in jar. Rotten fruit with an up up euphoric ride.
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    77 on 78...not bad for seeds from 2012, from left to right, Miss U, Solilo Q, Dess'tar and Kali G aka PF:
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    3 Headed Dragon she got a bit to go.
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    You will be very happy with the results , so far in my small tent the Chuckys Bride is now in week 7 of the feeding schedule I boosted the PPm ‘s to 1030 using jack 1/3/3 week 8 I’ll switch to 1/2/5 npk till the end if you don’t mind here’s a quick peek paps
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    Good morning, Open Growers. All kinds of crap in my life right now. The sewer pipe from my house broke. There's a work crew in my front yard digging a ditch. Had to have some trees cut away. Hospital procedures have been cutting into my time. I'm okay, but doctors are investigating some swallowing problems. But, everyone has crap in their lives right now. So, no big deals. Instead of a harvest picture (I have several harvests yet to share here) I thought i would show the most recent pot of plants to begin flowering. The first new entrant en about five weeks. I have been finishing up a bunch of flowers. This is what I am focusing on cranking out now. Pots of clones. This one has three. Each clone has between six and eight branches. These plants are a cross between Ice and Strawberry Kush bx. The photos are six days old.
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    Every day is a battle! But it's rewarding. The weather is still good, more fruits are getting ripe. I'm training a Peruvian as ornamental. In a slant style. It's the only plant that still has it's ripe fruits on it, now. I sliced the Peruvian peppers in half, and pickled them, along with the twenty dried ones. And I used most of the Jalapenos for the stuffing of the next Bell.
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    Lower bud of the same Killer Cookies plant from Sept. 29 post. This one is at 11 weeks, moments before the snip of the executioner's clippers.
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    I wasn’t expecting to have 100% germ on all the beans I popped recently. I do love choices though, will be tough culling but necessary.
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    I've always been a HPS/MH grower. Had to learn how to disassemble security lights, remote the ballasts, and add some bulb wire length to them. In 2000 a damn 1 k hps was with shipping was pushing $700.00 -$800.00 bucks a pop. Maintenance kits from industrial outlets, about $250.00- $300.00 I made the switch to digital ballast about 10 years ago. I bought a pair of 1 k's, and 3 Hortilux bulbs. One ballast went dark about 2 years into it. Hydropharm gave me a new one after it got sent back, and determined that it was a faulty, not due to getting it wet, or in a bad location. I also bought a returned LED California light House maybe, it just boils the bud out the plants. I have that with a 1 k for so long now. I had purchased a Black Dog LED to play with. Lovely growth patterns that are very obvious. It however went dark, and upon returning it, the company would not swap it, but wanted me to pay for an upgrade in LED drivers. When I spoke to them, I asked why I should pay another price for what the unit should have had in it. So that made me go out and understand the electromagnetic band and why LED is LED, going all the back to NASA files. About 4-5 years ago now, a garden I was paid to set up, with their supplies, hoods, a couple of 1 k hps, some LED's., and teach them some growing lessons. They area was very weird, but very workable. To pack it all in and to keep environmentals steady, I used a huge 10" Vortex, remoted to another room, to get it to fly proper like. Got it banging out buds, but with air conditioning running 24/7, the lights, fans, it was costing about $450.00 month in electric costs. Two years in to it running, they asked me to see about reducing costs if possible. I did the research, and we/they purchased about $3400.00 in various HLG LED's, for early veg area, the hard veg area, and the flower room. Yeah big bucks! We lost the AC totally, we reduced the Vortex from 10" to a 6", and we reduced the amount of plants we needed. So the book keeper/(growers wife) told me, she figures that by the end of this year, all the LED's are paid for by reduced electric bills, and the huge amount of buds well over what they cut regular before the up grade. So yeah, for me as an old guy, and since my sweet spot will be under major construction in the spring coming, I'm going to Phoenix everything I own as far as grow related, tents lights, pots, everything will be replaced with new tents, HLG LED's, new accessories, maybe a nice hydro set up in a dedicated tent, will be in play also. Keep your HPS if your more comfortable with them. However, LED can be on the same playing field as HPS/MH, IMHO. I love the ones I kept.
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    Killer Cookies, Killer Queen pheno.
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    I have 10 hens and one rooster..love them fresh eggs
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    Mosca's Pink Lemonade, tall pheno, got clipped yesterday. As you can see, she scoffed at the notion of needing support. She also seems to have produced a significant amount, with no special treatment or training. Super-cropping her main cola did not do much to stop it from being a main cola, though it did produce some large side colas, as a result. Here's the shapely main cola. A few lower buds: The scent is… wait for it… Lemony. Not like any of the other lemony things going on — not deep lemon, like the Lemon Thai, not Lemon Pledge, not Lemon + stanky backpacker sweat. I'll have to think about it next time I rub a trich. This plant has some tough competition this grow. The Lemon Sunrise and Storm Front are tough acts to follow. Well, I've got some trimming in my near future. Bye for now.
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    One of the Storm Front girls faced the Grim Clipper this morning. This is the plant that had the mysterious web-like threads, but no visible mites or mite-related damage, mentioned over in the pests and diseases section. (I'm still going to clean out and spray down the tent and other parts of the grow area, after harvest.) Here she is, in front of the Backdrop of Death, pleading for her life. Storm Front needs very little support, until later in flowering, when the whole plant tends to lean. Main stalk cola: Assorted side and lower buds: At maturity (chopped at 9 weeks, 4 days) the terps were predominantly fruity, with undertones of pine and fuel. The other Storm Front, which looks like she needs another week, is a heavier producer and her scent, at this time, is mostly a citrus-like scent. This is one of my plants that lost a branch in a clipper-related incident, where the plant dared me to cut a floppy branch off. I said no, then she said something about being chicken… Who did she think she was, anyway? But anyway, at that time I was deeply impressed. Hopefully she maintains a bit of the very "up" nature of that buzz. It was very much like an old-school sativa dom buzz — all-purpose, except for inducing sleep. She's an easy, carefree plant to grow, medium-tall. This plant's cutting didn't root, so she's revegging now. I might flip the whole tent to 18/6 again right now, because a lot will have to reveg. The only plant stopping me is the super-frosty Killer Cookies gal, who shows no sign of finishing.
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    Last but not least. Photo quality lack is all me ooops bottoms up folks
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    DAY 54 flower Airborne Jack F3 Strawbear XL bx1
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    Thanks guys Coming along getting closer to harvest for some.
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    The first pics are from today and the last one was made two days ago. smile P.S. they were started in the middle of march, not in april.
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    So after reading so many great grow reports featuring octopots i had to give them a try. bought a 6 pack of the 3 gallon. so after thumbing through my seed vault, buying more seeds and generally having no idea what i wanted to grow i finally decided to go with Sannies jack and USC Uzbekistan. the 4 jacks have germinated in the towel and the 3 Uzbekistan are just starting to crack it looks like. im going to start them out in a some small garden plant containers till they get their first set of true leaves before transplanting to the octos. bought a new 2'x4' tent that should be here thursday. For fert i will be using Jacks dry fert. Thinking im going to make a attempt to mainline these plants. They will be under a mars hydro ts1000 and a spider farmer SF1000
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    Another two bite the dust — except for the lower part of the tall one, which is revegging. These are two of the Killer Cookies gals — the first ones to finish. They had the distinction of being placed in 3 gallon pots, because I just ran out of 5 gallon pots. The tall one is a combination of scents — minty/GSC scents with some fruity KQ scents, with maybe more KQ than GSC in this one. She was never pinched back, but got a bit of a super-cropping when it seemed like she'd never stop stretching. Top bud, a little blurry: A random lower bud or two: Didn't notice the frost on those yellow leaves, did you? All the KC gals are a frosty mess (the agony). The Short one has very little GSC scent at all, and is all-fruity, with a touch of skunk. And a random, insanely frosty, lower bud: I have not tried an advanced taste of either of these two plants. The super-frosty, GSC leaning plant is another story. A branch broke, due to sheer clumsiness rather than the plant daring me, and a sample made its way into my pipe yesterday. It feels like a potent, energetic hybrid (50/50-ish, or maybe a little more toward the Indica side of the spectrum, but the energetic effect is pronounced — not couchlock shit!). Anyway, I think I'm really going to enjoy these plants.
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    That reads like a line out of the "New Age Bullshit Generator".
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    I hope, it´s better now. Top of the plants 10 days ago and 3 days ago. smile
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    Olive eggers are just that They lay olive green eggs I think i have a pink one here They are just starting to lay (easter eggers) Called that because they lay like.i said Pink blue and green eggs My legbars and marans and americuna Will begin in a few more months This pic i pinched off the web But its what i will have Thomas my turkey turned out to be a thomassina lol Welshies all grown Geese huge Pekin turned out both males Spoiled asses Chow hounds But i love them and they follow me lol No my birds are therapy and egg birds to me And i dont care who likes it They give me joy Theres 50 plus chickens out there to lol
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    the male selected from 10 or 12 cant remember right, he is like amnesia is, not a very heavy budder but smells extreme citron/sour and without a good filtration you cant grow him or youre crazy busted motherf.... Green Mojo is a nice strain, impressive plants, very fast budder and heavy rooter G13Widow f5 seems to be a slower budder, same for the sensi stars, fat fleshy leaves sshg13, compact plants, very uniform, nice smell sour/earthy, cant wait to try All together, true haze love in tent lol best vibes and keep growing
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    Hello,a New video from the first flowers... The 3 little plants are clones from the 2 bigger. Thanks for watching and comments. Have good vibes, One Love. VID_20201004_235420.mp4
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    And this is how they looked a few minutes ago with the led-light on. And the humidity decreased a little with the lights on! See you next week!
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    Today is the beginning of week 10, and to my surprise, two of the Lemon Sunrise gals were done (about 25% amber trichs on calyxes, most of the rest are cloudy). I was figuring these two needed at least another week, and a Pink Lemonade and Storm Front would beat them to maturity. So here we are, having pictures taken in front of The Backdrop Of Death!! [EEEK!]. This one is the Lemon Pledge scented girl. She's long and lanky. I tend to let seedlings veg until I can identify female flowers, because I'm too cheap to transplant males into large pots. So plants with sativa growth patterns, like LS, get tall. A few of her buds: Lower, rank and file bud: This is the other LS that found herself hanging upside down this morning. I guess you could say this one often depended on the kindness of strangers for physical support. Once I took her out of the back of the tent, she looked like this: This one also has a Lemon Pledge scent, but the "pledge" part is not as prominent. It also has some sweetness to it, and general citrus terps. The buds are similar to the previous one: The first of these two plants was the one I took the advanced taste of. The cuttings are looking good. More when they're dried and cured.
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    Thanks a lot Pops! I always enjoy your comments on them too! The third day of flowering. Not much action yet, but i took a picture anyway.
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    Soon the Datura Metel will open it's flower. The grafted Datura and the capsicum on the Datura refused to grow. Plenty Jalapenos coming, they are productive, ripe soon. But the Peruvian Purple steals the show.
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    Growing season is not over yet. Outdoor plants are doing fine, a little extra for the winter. Huxtrema (I think) plant 1 plant 2 Some random hippie's weed Autumn colors
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    The Killer Cookies frost queens, 7.5 weeks — Two seem to lean most to either the mom or the dad of this cross. What I love about this site since the upgrade is that you can upload full-sized pics, and people can zoom in if they want to. If you have a pack of these freebies, definitely zoom in. This is the Killer Queen leaning plant. This was with a flash under HPS, so the leaves are NOT yellow, but apple green. If you look at the color near the base of the leaf, in the shade of the bud, you'll get the idea of the true color. She's also frosty as hell, with a fruity scent. This one is a GSC leaning plant. She's darker in color, and maybe a little more frosty. Among other terps, the most noticeable is whatever terp or terp combo gives it the minty scent. The Killer Queen leaning one is short, but looks like she could produce decently. This particular GSC leaning one doesn't look like a big producer, but another GSC leaner does. I also have what I thought was a GSC leaning plant, because she's tall. But she has the apple green leaves and more fruity scent of the short Killer Queen leaner. The GSC gals seem to be the furthest from finishing, at this point. Other plants have some amber leaf trichs (none on calyxes) and some cloudy trichs on calyxes. I can barely keep from drooling when I tend the tent. This is the point in the grow where I want to go down to the grow shop and buy any supplement with the word Miracle! on the label to cause them to finish faster. Maybe a time machine — I can go ahead in time 3 weeks and rip myself off!
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    that what i think too, was just not sure... good germ ratre for 8years old beans, almost 90% have opened in 48hours, now they are in soil...we will see.
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    Today the 20th of September i commenced another grow of twelve Amnesia Haze cuts on soil. Everything is the same as my previous Amnesia grow, except now it's 800 watts of Samsung led strips instead of 1200 watts of hps. Since i've grown this strain a couple of times before, i am curious to see how it yields with led.
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    Rainmaker/Gelato Veg 82.8F 49% RH 340 PPM Off to another slow start with the octos but that’s to be expected. Replaced one that failed to thrive with a larger, more mature clone and it has responded well. I always like how thick the main stems get and it lets me know I’ve got a good base going.
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    A few mug shots magnified or zoomed in a small mason jar. Flash and full in light on the darkest natural mugs shot.
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    I just did a few one hit bowls of the dried-but-not-cured Lemon Sunrise (this was what I was calling the Lemon Pledge pheno). Holy fuck. This is very potent. And when I say very, I mean like totally holy fuck very, not your average very. Judging from high potency weed I've bought from dispensaries, with known THC percentages, the claims he makes on his website about this strain seem to be true (25-30% THC-A). In conclusion, I'd like to summarize by saying this plant might get a 10 on the holy fuck scale when I do the official, notarized, professionally edited and peer-reviewed smoke report, which will be in about a month or so. I am buzzed. FUCKING BUZZED! Ok, just so you know.
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    I'm still waiting for the Metel to open it's flower. The fruits on composite Capsicum #1 (Bell pepper scion on Peruvian rootstock) are getting ripe. The Bell is only half the size of a normal Bell. The Bell on composite plant #2 is still green, but the fruits on the Peruvian scion change color now. The sunny weather is over, the challenge starts now.
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    @baqualin I wished him a happy birthday yesterday on ig he look well @Mr Goodfellow I spoke to on a thread 2 days ago on another site he’s well peace paps
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    Hi Ouzbékistan has a Big stretch, you can have good results with scrog, supercropping ... Best regards Cristalin
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    Yesterday the 25th of September i set the clock to 12/12. Which is a day quicker then my previous round with hps, The plants were already bone dry so i gave them a severe watering with only acidified water. I divided forty liters over twelve plants, trimmed the bigger ones and switched. Pictures will be taking soon as the action begins.
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    Beautiful work @Sunnyvale great to see some old peeps around
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    Two plant haul from above WT 1at two pics same jar flash and no flash next two one plant haul small left over hairy fluff and last boveda plastic jar
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    The fifty-fourth day of flowering. The most recent watering i gave them only acidified water (pH 5.5) and they are already entering the final stages! Time flies when you're having fun! And might i add i find it quite alright, to note there's not a spider-mite in sight! Bye!
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    Short Update: Week 9 of 12/12 - the ladys are beautiful, smells intense like musk and lilac with sweet hints of fruits and some peanuts (I guess, hard to describe). I will rename the Strain, Ultrashack sounds a bit hard for me, thought it was a good combination of kultranustra and shack, but who cares really about them, so the F5 will be relabeld as Lilac F5, thats what most of the plants are intense smelling, not compareable to other strains, but who know them all Something to test: I will let them go one week more then they will get harvested, the I need a bunch of dry Ice this time to make nice kief. Directly after harvest I will start a few new projects, thanks to usc, SAN and many others, I think I have now a dreambase of strains for killercrosses, you will see next few weeks here and later on seedheaven Best vibes and stay save
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