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    Just sitting here waiting to hear a peep Out of anyone much less a "valued member" Hehe In the interm Toker got some cows And these cuties
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    This is my Dutch Sheppard Dog who is very alert and protective. Lots of people are scared stiff!
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    I lost my old Amnesia Haze mothers due to the heat but managed to get her back from a friend. Here's the new cuts and the mothers. The left one is an Indica. And this is the plants yesterday from my previous post on rockwool.
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    These are my pack. 4 GSD's, the Husky, Stormy, is my friends in the pic holding her.
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    She love's her tennis-balls.
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    I work 12 hour days, only way my dog's are cool and good is because of their "pack" They play and can amuse themselves. They stay FIT cause they beat the crap out of each other 8 hours a day every day, lol. They love having a pack and take care of each other, very cool to watch. Heirarchy for sure, but they work as a family unit. The A.H you gifted me was a royal pain in the ass. I did get her set , and made good runs with her. She is picky, but in return, she has an amazing smell, taste, and high that is really hard to match. About the time I got her going , I got this "Orange Goji" and fell for her! LOL! Made by a friend on another site, you should have heard of him, 50State. The Goji is fantastic, many great pheno's to try, my keeper "Razor" was bad ass. Grew like a monster, not sensative to much, yielded big time. Great smoke, equal in my mind to your A.H . Different to be sure, very "dark and muddy" compared to A.H, not a "clean" beautiful high like the Haze, but a really really nice velvet hammer! So, found a really nice male out of 20 or so, dusted your A.H and a GG4 Josey Wales cut with him. Got lot's of OGHA seeds (O.G X A.H. ) from your lady, ZERO from the GG4 lady????? Grown out 12 or so of the A.H Orange Goji cross. 50 % were HARD to tell from your A.H. Mom, 50% were hammers exactly like the Goji . Very stable, showed hybred vigor and grew well. Both were on par with my best O.G, and your A.H. Mom!!!! Only time i ever made something really good...................lol!!!! Havent been growing since making good $$$$ at work, too easy to just buy an OZ every 2 weeks or so, and I really enjoy the variety. Getting California weed here, back door of the growers, fresh, well done, and cheaper than the electricity I'd need to grow my own. My light bill here just doubled!! From 7.5 cents a kilowatt hour to 15.5 cents!!!!! Thinking about setting up 6-8 Octopots outside and just let them run. If I do Ill run the cross, and some Space MonkeyX Orange Goji I made. Seems the site here is DEAD..................banned, lol, at the other site, so hadnt been posting anywhere. Miss people like you and Ifish!!!
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    Should have plenty of these seeds
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    i love THE gOJI X a.h. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS .
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    Good to hear all is well and cranky cause i can relate to that! So our Amnesia lady likes to travel and lay on her back i guess. Good to hear you dig her!
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    Old and cranky lol all good here my friend glad you got the mom back I m going to run that gogi x amnesia cross by jet next run I seem to have been running different versions of amnesia I seem to love them lol
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    Thanks pal! I am fine and how are you @Papalag ?
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    @Hamme Hydro hi bro the DSD is beautiful how you been bro
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    Here are some pictures of the progress. Three different plants. I still have a total of six females to choose from. Backed up by clones. To be continued...
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    How many animals do you actually have SPW? I am down to one cat, I don't want to bring another in might upset her too much. I am not sure if I want to invest my heart in another animal, this is a tough decision for me I have not come to terms with yet. I find that irritating as hell when folks let their cats mate like that, ignorant IMO.
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    The Russian Blue (my wife's cat) passed on last year at 16. The tabby female is the newest kitten. 3 female cats 1 male chihuahua
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    4 weeks approx for tropicana and fruit salad Cheese auto has 4 more weeks approx Orange punch autos around 60 days more.
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    The mothers are doing well and can soon supply me with more cuts!
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    Continuing... Gelato i chopped not long ago. 3 tropicana fast version photo 1 fruit salad 1 dinafem cheese xxl 2 Dutch passion auto critical orange punch.
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    Thank you and nice to see you here again bro! Her name is Benthe. When i see how much fun four dogs are i wish i could get me another. But Benthe doesn't like other dogs so i cannot be distracted by a pup.
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    Silverfields 12weeks
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    Howdy guys and gals, it's been a while! How have you been? I'm growing ten Afghani #1 and two Northern Light (left front and middle) seedlings on construction rock-wool. they are in the second week 12/12.
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    Here is my male SP X MG: I used it to pollinate my Shackzilla X MalawiGold. To be continued...
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    Sugarpunch X MalawiGold #7. I can smell it. Something sweet, Peach or Strawberries... I like it. To be continued...
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    These are three of the females:
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    Meanwhile, I have five female seedlings in the flower room, a male in the kitchen. I backed up the females by clones. The male SP x Mal will be used to pollinate my Malzilla. To be continued...
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    Last autumn, I grew a few Malawi Gold (afropips) plants, and collected a bit of pollen from a male plant. A friend from the South was growing Sannie's sugarpunch, and had selected a nice plant, strawberrie taste, as a motherplant. I sent him the pollen, and now we have about 100 seeds each. My friend has a bit more room, so grows taller plants, at the second location, as I call it in the pictures above. Yesterday, I took clones from them, and the seedlings are moved into the flower room. In order to find the females. Using Malawi in a cross with Shackzilla gave nice results. Since Sugarpunch and Shackzilla are half-sisters, I expect similar results from this cross. So far, the plants look vigorous, and uniform. To be continued...
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    Hiya OG's, been on hiatus, now that's concluded decided to step back in the ring and maybe go few rounds with you guys! At the minute I'm running a small varied selection.. Black Scull Seeds-Tropical Nuggets (Fruity Pebbles OG) Unknown Freebee- Gelato Unknown Freebee- Bruce Banner @Silas&Jamal- Cannabella Seed Club- Grüne Brille And because the creators of one of the strains is located here I thought I'd maybe display it's attributes for all to see I wish everyone well and a successful grow for all DaStonaKatona..but katona to you guys
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    While researching for cancer, I found some great info on CBG, it actually repairs nerves, gives an appetite, is anti-nausea, better than CBD, no info if it keeps cancer from metastasizing so could not sub out CBG for CBD for cancer treatment, but could be added to it. But not at the same time, should be given a few hours apart because it can negate some of the benefits of CBD. I had known a few of these things, but had never read about how well it heals nerves. I have never found anything to treat neuropathy pain, I think mine is a bit more complex due to MS and diabetes, but cannabis so far has not touched it. CBG is supposed to treat it really well. Got to talking to a friend here, and I told him like CBD used to be so hard to find so is CBG. He came up with 30 pounds of it for me to process! I am hoping it does actually work for neuropathy, nerve pain is the most difficult to treat, we might have a new line of defense in the cannabis world.
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    https://www.marijuanamoment.net/germany-will-legalize-marijuana-and-promote-drug-harm-reduction-governing-party-coalition-officially-announces/ I'm eager to hear the details.
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    At least one state in the US attempted legalization that would have benefited exactly 10 families who would be the only ones permitted to grow it. That attempt didn't work. In the meantime, Malta, of all places, legalized a bit. What I heard was you can have up to 7 grams (gasp!) in your possession. Growers can have 4 plants and up to 50 grams of dried product at home. It would be very difficult to stay under those limits.
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    Right Fruit Salad SBR center Mindless left Veg tent
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    You are right and we had discussed that topic, entre nous. Only humor helps. Adsurb,absurd german cannabis politics: - The official group. German companies cooperating with foreign companies to produce medical weed in germany. For pharmacies. For patients. NO patient has the right, to grow his/her own weed, even if he/she is an official patient. The price is very high. It´s a good deal, for the involved companies, for the pharmacies, for the state (taxes). But, there is still a "small" problem. Ill people don´t have much money. You have to be serious ill, to get a prescription.Statutory health insurance pays for it.If you´re halfdead, because your pain is killing you since years and the other prescripted pills didn´t help. You have to find a " marihuana friendly" physician. No big deal in a big city.....but in small villages...nearly impossible. - Rich people. They "buy" the physician. Problem solved. - " dangerous homegrower". Return to santeros post. smilestyle
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    Technically I own sweetie pie the American Bulldog bitch and the rest are just neighborhood mother & 2 daughter cats I’m looking out for. i have to get my money up to buy another dog and a $300 security deposit too for it. need a scooter too so sell some collector knives and some flower to try to make that happen.
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    Let’s see if I can find pictures of Baby Gurl = neighborhood cat that chose me as her human smdh. She’s the one who looks like she’s not missing meals lol. She left left the house moments ago. she had back to back litters before she was even grown herself. Two sisters from 1st litter are in my house and need to be spayed before release or adoption.. mom is in the house currently now too. ghost aka ghosty ghost is the blue one and Serval aka formerly slippery is the Mackerel type Tabby. They love each other tons and their stalking antics and ripping around is cool imho. Not too nerve racking lol. if u see a black cat, he’s Panthro = ass hole never who should never own any animal particularly cats. Once I was ready to kick his ass cause he kicked his cat that is dead now. He hadn’t seen the cat and only asked about him two weeks after he was missing. He’s a piece of shit hustler. Liar/slickster … some IG pictures sphinxes and Bulldog chupey = short for chupacsbra seriously cool little guy and as unique as his looks are I still think he’s cute and adorable. my other buddy with issues is Mortimer aka Morty = my main little dude. He has a condition that cause him to twirl around as you see in his awesome videos. he’s worth following on IG as when u see his post it’s an instant heart pick me up white German Shepherd is Zeus cousins dog. I met him on Juneteenth didn’t see photo of Panthro = beautiful and if he walks into a shadow you can’t see him as he invisible
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    Show 1 country where the elites don't take advantage of the people. . I wait
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    New soap mold, I think I will have fun playing with this one.
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    copy and paste from og Didn’t do the blavender glue justice but I like the smell of all of them and the high is pretty nice too. I had a couple bananas on a lot of my plants this grow likely due to heat +water stress and possibly a few other things but I liked all of these plants more than I thought I would. They’re pretty ugly but they all smell pretty nice. Another fun strain from san fucked up by me Blavender glue 1. What I can only describe as “spicy thai” (bunch of shit mixed together, bit of wood,bit of dark berry, bit of licorice maybe a few other things) blueberry and a bit of fuel. B;avender glue 2. This one is the hardest to describe. Spicy, savoury (bouillon??), garlic/ onion like, sotolon, slight fuel Blavender glue 3. Spicy, berry, very heavy fuel Blavender glue 4 nice blueberry smell, very slightly minty, bit of gas. Blavender glue 5 similar to number 2 but with more gas.
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    that's not a group (afaik?) ... chewie is a friend of mine since the old seedheaven-board days we have swapped stuff since years. f.e. the lemon thai in his original sawa-seedline came from my LT-IX derg corra-seedline and the MACF2#6 and jäger punch-clones that i greatly enjoy were selected by him ect. i highly recommend his gear to everyone looking for seeds made with an honest heart. you can find him and most other seedmakers from SH over at seedshare.club. i am not sure if the place is still "invite only" or if they opened the board for everyone. in case it's still restricted, then hit me up via pm ... i can try to get people in.
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    Hey San, can you give up any info (non threating of course) on the Hyp3rids group. I'm salivating over each of their offerings.
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    Can I steal your dog lol so darn cute, cuddlebugs
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    hehe, lemme guess ... there is someone of the old crew that will bring on seeds to sell soon i was made aware that rez is back too (?) i think it to be interesting how they now all of a sudden remember everything to the dot after 25 years of silence, while people were asking all the time about its origins without anyone having a clue ... it was the same with og kush, imo. and suddenly: knowledge (right in time for the new seedline/s in a few shops. overpriced, of course because its the "original" *yadayada*) i have to admit that the history of her is not so important to me. love the plant, though. i am gonna work on my own "sansara" for a while. it's a personal project (just like the "alchemy"-chemline). looking forward to what they'll bring up, tho ... sours of any kind = i like !
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    Chop day, look under the sunshine how they bright like a diamond!!!!! Super sticky and stinky!!!! Thanks god i live in a good area where the smell flies fast away from home!!!
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    for sure has got more aroma then it was in mapito. when drying i have to be very careful. this is a must for the amnesia lovers. When it was in mapito the first run, the buds were even bigger, the second run the buds same as this time in soil. My next run will be pure amnesia core cut, i want to see the differences. But as Hydro said, this AmnesiaCC X L.Thai. is better then the amnesia core cut. The smoke is also very very strong. Two bags of volcano and it will awake your pineal gland!!! hahahaha.
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    Nice one. Hidro and me made a good decision to bring them together. smile
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    Interesting projects San ! I have my eye on those Lemon Larry-crosses cause I got two running myself (prepping to be pollinated) It's not clear to me but did you made a selection of Larry's from an F1 batch from Elite Genetics or did you receive her as a clone ? And coincidence or not but I also got a lady running found in this lil' treasure chest If you're curious I can throw some pic's (Or maybe I have to start myself a diary) Keep up the good work
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    My first run of her. Day 60-64, lost track. They will come down in 7 days. 2 different plants. Vegged different, but here at 8 weeks they cannot be told apart. The smell is fantastic, starting to color up too. Easy to grow, buds FAST (faster than my old Girl they are in with). I have them on 11/13 which makes them go LONGER........I bet under 12/12 this pheno would be already done. Appears to be a REAL 8 weeker!!!!! I have heard so much good about this strain, I am looking forward to smoking some of her!!!!! Peace, Jet P.S..........if Esko happens to see this...........YOU R RIGHT my friend.............Choc Rain REEKS of Raspberry big time!!!!! Took her down 4 days ago, my WHOLE house REEKS of FRUIT!!!! lol... I hope the smell translates into the smoke! I threw down 6 more CR Fems a few days ago, wonder how prevelant the "Raspberry" pheno is..................
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