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    Some Girl Scout cookies auto close up from Fastbud
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    Gorilla glue 4 Kushmints x triangle kush bx 3 Aj’s sour diesel
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    These were originally made by our very own @BeachBud. He's modest but this strain kills it. I don't have access to outdoor but that doesn't mean I don't know people who don't. I made a large quantity of f2's of this strain with Beachbud's permission. Here they are a few days back. Located in lower VT. That's 4 TRUCKs. Pushing 9' tall. Just wanted to give credit to the original maker. Thanks again BB!!
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    I picked up USC Turkish Landrace when it first hit the shop years ago, best seed purchase I ever made. Tried her outdoors in a very inhospitable location and she outperformed many long-trusted local strains. Since then I have crossed it to everything. Here are some of her offspring currently lurking in my garden. Turkish Skunk Turkish Outdoor Autoflower Double Turkish Maury Povich Turkish God's Space Needle Turkish Truck Turkish Special Indica
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    Sugar Punch doing what Sugar Punch does, making Sugar! Straight up LOS grown no bottled nutes, water only!
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    kush mints x triangle kush bx3 kush mints x triangle kush bx3 Grasshopper from my seed project this season. gorilla glue 4
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    LA Cheese< I Love this plant, she had nice size colas all over. Smell is so nice on this one, and quite potent. One of my favorites.
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    Velvet Orca #3 pheno finished:
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    Mt. Girl, she smells like sweet menthol, sticky sticky
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    Durberella (C99 x Durban)
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    C99 solo cup grow 38 days Yeah Buddy 66 days
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    Atomic Jam, green pheno Atomic Jam, purple pheno smile
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    Who's Scruffy Looking? You guys and Star Wars names. This is "Nerfherder" at week 4 It's a purple tangie, and a clean one. Delightfully frosty full thick calyxes, 9 weeks flat, nice lavender finish, and it's a tangie. Killingfields Madonna Jackhammer and Selene in no particular order.
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    This is Goji x Blue Magoo from Stankydank. So far, it's the clear winner in smell. peace
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    Grape Earth F3 Quick dried a bud or two in top of the closet. Smoked some omw to the restaurant to induce munchies. Well... That worked but I'm in the restaurant in a fuckin' half way coma
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    Yeah, it just recently made me think it might be hungry, too. I'm going to give it something tomorrow I hope. It's in a 3 gallon pot but I want to move it into the 7 gallon pot when I move it downstairs. It'll be able to use a feeding. Putting bud sites on and I want it to develop a larger root mass. It's been a bright yellow green from the start though. I have some leaves turning on the bottom of the plant so I'll clean it up tomorrow, too. Or tonight,,, got a million things going. And so I can remain legit, here's a shot of Sinister's Folsom Prison Blues (UK Blues x SFV og)
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    Things are doing great at the end of August, but i will make an update tomorrow 8 & 9 full weeks of flowering of these two babes, so just a little teasing :p
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    The next step of PURE INSANITY has arrived... as NOW NAW WILL CREATE the best coloured strain ever! with insane amounts of potency. Thanks Ozzoes! Again i say just wait....PFFFFFF unexpected beautiful turns!!!! stay safe and Fly HIGH Greetz Poldergrower& RhinoCBD
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    Ha, I just now noticed you actually have the same wheels, lmao. I thought your were just talking generically about my ride, heh. This truck had everything already done to it and one reason I bought it. I do like the wheels a lot actually. Let's get some damn pics up in here! Things are rocking and rolling outside. Things have started flowering and a few are very serious about their flowering, ha. Mainly JC's Onyx Fire.. it's building bud faster than anything else. It looks near finished, lol. I have a lot going on so I'll try and start. First up is Maui Sunshine (Sunshine Daydream x mr Greengenes Cherry Bomb IBL(maui wowie)) Next two are my CBD plants. First is Sebring's Revenge (Cherry Wine x Otto S1 (Patch Adams)) This is the Perkins Cut bx1 from Shoeless. It's the sweet orange pheno and it's already developing that sort of smell. I'll keep adding till I catch up. It's hard to stay in the house during the day. It hasn't rained forever. I need a good rainy day to sit inside on the computer. Heads up everyone! it's bug season... caterpillars coming and then the aphids. plan now! peace
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    I had to make a quick run south to check on the mothers (sorry @Mr Goodfellow a last minute quick trip), mainly the Velvet Orca's and here's what I saw. Velvet Orca #2 pheno: This the one I gave you @Mr Goodfellow, it has a nice hint of chocolate to it. Velvet Orca #1 pheno Velvet Orca #4 Pheno: Velvet Orca #3 Pheno: This looks so far to be the keeper, most sativa structure, nice fruity real old school smell, high resin production, the fastest finisher and nice fall colors yellow with dark purple leaf edges. will know for sure when I smoke em all. I couldn't keep my nose out of this one, kept going back to it!
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    Hi all ! I am 4lv1nn, a designer from France. I am working with Underground Seeds Collective. Start a new grow since my comeback from California. Here are few pictures of my indoor with Black Afghani and Afghan CBD under LED Vivosun 600w, and my outdoor Cookie Kush. I am glade to join OG community.
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    Day 21 of flower. Looking good so far.
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    Aloha, time for a sign of life :-]. I'm just ten years clean from melanoma with metastasis, that's great news. But the last six months i had two operations for a squamous cell carcinoma with aggressive behaviour. This is the reason why i'm barely active here at the moment. It's nasty crap, but i'm gonna fight like a devil, and win this battle! There are still four lady's in the garden, in order of appearance; Frisian dew Durban poison Hollands hoop Critical + 2.0 Greetz to all, red
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    Had to tie a day off her noting for a birthday. Figured I’d share a few pics from my game camera. Though they are not “black” they are black bears, the blonde one in the first pic is my favorite One decent size bear, that I’m waiting to see in person before I decide if he’s big enough, from the pics, I’m guessing 200-240lbs the others are small with cubs, so they will live at least one more year..... Got to love the babies...I have about 85 pics, but only a few were very clear. One the cubs were playing with my camera and all you see is dark shadows with the momma bear in the back ground. I will have to set the camera to take video for you all to watch them play in the water hole.
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    Strawberry bars 75mg each Made from scratch with fresh strawberries
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    A good Bergfest to you all. The Blue Magoo is dried and in jars. Just under 3 oz. of bud from both of them, not bad for 28" tall plants. The Green pheno had a bit more yield and her buds are tighter but the blue pheno looks and tastes soooo good. Both give a very nice high with the green being a bit more potent. I put the IPA clones into flower today. I'll take a couple cuts from #3 tomorrow but I also plan to pop some Green Ale beans in a few weeks. Here's a few picks of the BM's just before the chop and some of their dried bud. Blue Magoo #3 - blue pheno @ 70 days Blue Magoo #1 - green pheno @ 70 days
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    Here's my JC Haze (Sannies Jack x Silverfields). It had a rough start but bounced back like a champ. She's just starting to flower and is my largest plant this summer. I may still stick my Onyx Fire in the dirt in the raised bed. It would help to let her spread out and will finish in plenty of time as it's already farthest along.I have to go and take a pic of the OF today.
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    Things are getting wicked! Skywalker OG tall ones, Sugar Punch the rest. Sugar Punch frosting up and reeking Blueberries, smells similar to Birds of Paradise from Prof. P, probably finish first of October. LOS holding up well so far in the Octopots.
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    2 x Colombian Gold 1972 (left & right) Old Congo (Oldtimers Haze X Congo pointe noire) Blueshaze ( Blue Hammer x Shaze (Silver Haze selection)) Cinderella 99 f3 smile
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    Hi there, I just started a grow and decided to share it with the forum. After lots of experimenting with coco I decided to give rockwool a try. I am using recirculating drip irrigation on rockwool slabs. Light cycle is 12/12 from the beginning. I am using 2 x 400W MH for first 2 weeks or until bud sites become visible hoping to keep stretch to a minimum. For full flower I have 2 x 600W HPS. I might add a third though if temperature is under control. Area is 2.4m x 1.2m = 2.88m² Nutrients used are by bio-technology. I will give Grow nutes until bud sites are visible and then switch to Bloom nutes. Day 1 was 14.9.19 so we are a good week in. So far I have mixed 2 nutrient solutions. 1. 1.3 EC; 5.6 pH (fed every 3rd day to promote root growth) 2. 1.6 EC; 5.6 pH starting today once per day Usually I keep my EC under 1.3 but I want to try rising it a little bit. Tap water base EC is around 0.4 mS I would love feedback as I am here to learn. Here are the pictures from day 1. I will upload current ones later. RTS
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    Skywalker OG "Getting Closer to My Home" LOS grown in Octopots using GasCan's mix.
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    Skywalker OG still has a ways to go.
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    Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck. F1. F2s about to go into rooters. This is one of my SLL TIME favorite creations I've made. Pure friggin' indica
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    Hi it’s been a long time since I shared a grow with you, so: Room: 120 Light: X8 cxb3590 2 x 240w (ArtiLed) Soil/pot: lightmix biobizz / 3.5l Nuts: Metrop Strains: black afghani / Triple Pakistan Germination in a bucket: 7 days Grow 3.5l : 10 days Bloom 3.5l : 3 days / light at 75% Thanks, I'll post later ... When it'll be more interesting If you have any question or suggestion, feel you free Ciao
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    Approx 14 days to go Some a tad more Smells like a fruit bomb went off in here]
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    Killing it with the new lights. Nothing but water this run!
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    heres one of my bigger plans in my garden....i have 5 more around the same size and a few smaller ones
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    Hey G5,here some of my crosses....... AleAnatolia (GreenAle x TLR) TulaBerry (ChocolateRain x TLR) ........this one was grown by BeachBud !!...... there are other crosses as well,but not tested yet!! oh,Sultana(Boudica x TLR) was grown by Mr.Goodfellow & Justcozz......
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    That's overdose cake! It would be hard to not eat two.. I guess it's probably a good idea to keep a box of Twinkies around to take care of any leftover sugary cravings so you don't eat the whole batch on one sitting. @Toker, this is last night at sunset. I was just running to the store and got these on the way back home. Lots of crazy colors and light and it kept changing.. Sunsets are really nice here this time of year. Looking East.. Looking West after driving over the hill a little towards my house. peace
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    This room is pumping!
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    Yeah Buddy is at 57 days, fans are starting to fade. She is very low odor, I can't tell what she smells like. Blueberry Sativa is coming down in the next few days.
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    Orange goji from 50State(maker) in the Octopot about 10 days. BEAUTIFUL structure on her!!! Amnesia Haze in the Octopot.....................happy and ready to rumble!!! Mr. Sparkles(maker) Fem Auto "Dark Spark" 4 little babies in their final pot already...............autos do not like to be jacked with From a serial numbered 1990's pack (sensi) of AK47's.......................just now showing me sex . The flower room @ 29 days in . Amnesia Haze, RPP X ChemDog, Silver Fields, Napali Suck, Shackzilla (stinking it up!) , Orange Goji, my Cup contestant in 18 oz cup(tallest one on the left side)
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    Hi all pic is after lights out the 2 in the Octopot in the back have hit the Rez and will be topped tonight ( lemon gas x 91 chem ) the 1 in the front right side is a seedling and is looking great( madberry fem ) roots were lone on this one so she may hit the Rez soon the 1 on the left is a younger clone and I believe she hit the Rez as well all the plants in the center are females ( what a dilemma I have 4 atf/ nl5 girls only one can stay same all around this run I never get this many females so I need to choose the the best to keep the 4 sickly plants have come around a shot of cal mag and a quick flush seems to have done the trick so all good crazy at work so if I promised samples to anyone they’ll be out this week fly high and stay safe paps
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    Bloom 71 The first Zkittlez smelled slightly of Banana but also had a "green" smell at first. It has disappeared now and it smells better and better. Especially the bang is violently. But the last Zkittlez that still stands has a really special nice Aroma as described. It will be delicious. The Lemon Ak is incredible. Her Mainbud is almost as thick as a Coke bottle. Her Aroma is perverted. Go in the direction of Lemon but not so lemony. The resin development looks great. A branch has broken off and is dried for a few Days. The buds look very tasty. White crystals ... Real good varieties! Can also cope slowly ... Zkittlez Lemon AK Bloom 48
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    Hello I'm coming to announce some good news about the USC team many improvements are coming: - a new logo - a new official packaging - an online sales website (current 2020) - a move to a production site where it will be much easier to work in good conditions and offer you the best of genetics ... I also strengthened the team by integrating: - a communication officer: cara.marketing@underground-seeds.com - a web designer (here 4lv1nn): alvinn.webmaster@underground-seeds.com for any technical questions or on USC thank you to address these people, for the rest nothing changes .... And finally, I think in the future, once the new bases laid give back its meaning to the "Collective" of USC ..... if you have questions or comments do not hesitate Thank you
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