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    Next is the lemon chiesel. I have 2 indica leaners and 2 sativa spears (which my dumbass thought were sanfune at one point :p ) or bld and nld. Looks better in person. #1 is the plainest smell of them all. Mostly lemon with a barely noticeable touch of gas. #2 has a stronger smell. Hard to describe though. Like funky floral lemony urinal cakes(which apparently have the same smell chemical as moth balls but I’ve never smelt them) and a slight touch of fuel, more than #1 #3 is a sativa leaner, If I wouldn’t have thought these were sanfune phenos I probably would have let them go a bit longer than 10 and a bit weeks but they were sharing a trellis and tray so untangling instead of chopping it all would have been a pain. #3 and #4 both have smells that are hard to explain but I really like because I’ve personally never smelled weed quite like it. Dark artificial grape, orange peel. bit of fuel, sour powdery candy and maybe a touch of licorice. Pretty happy high too. Seems to put me in a better mood. #4 is very similar to #3 and I also really like the smell. This one is a bit stronger smelling too. Similar high. I’m going to be disappointed when these 2 are all smoked they aren’t pretty in the traditional sense but they smell great and it’s nice to smoke things that don’t send you to sleep after too much sometimes. Still hasn’t finished curing but I’m hoping that smell translates into a bit of taste. In the volcano first bag has some of the flavours, then second bag tastes completely different. Pretty interesting. up next will be the snow throwers.
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    EDIT: no idea why the pics are all blurry/blank but if you click on them it seems to work. Hopefully they're just loading but not sure. Appreciate it @gardenartus and @webeblzr Interesting info @santero That makes a lot of sense because I actually had to kill one of lemon chiesels early from one of them being a hermie. Not just one banana but basically the whole plant. I was stressing the hell out of them like usual though. I knew the risks when growing something with thai in it and I still think it's a worthwhile line. I really haven't had anything that has smelled like that before and I've had plenty of weed in my "weed career" :p I've always wondered how to pronounce the sanfune whether sanfoon or sanfoonay I've been going with the first one but could be wrong haha. Here's my copy and paste of the snow thrower/sno troer. I actually sent a picture of one of the buds when I was trimming to my sister who doesn't really smoke weed much and she said it looks so snowy and I laughed and told her it was called snow thrower. Last but not least the snow thrower. Meant to get around to taking some pics sooner. Don’t mind my shit pics it actually looks nicer in person. I think this strain is my favourite out of all that I ran. Glad I have another pack #1 smells lemony with a smell I can only describe as funky/stale grape soda candy of some sort with lemon and fuel. Some smells are really hard to describe. #2 edit: I noticed after posting this and looking at the bag that i somehow mixed 2 strains together in one bag that’s why I was mistaken with the smell. This one was the most “kushy” mostly grapey/lemon/sweet pine and a bit of gas type smells. My dumbass accidentally dumped some of the lemon chiesel so was confused about how the smell somehow changed lol. Luckily I noticed eventually/have an eye to pick out random buds that don't belong. I must accidentally poured 2 bowls into the same bag while trimming or something. #3 is funky grape/lemon jet fuel. This shit smells insanely strong. Kind of stuff that you can smell in someone’s pocket from 100km away haha. #4 is very similar to #3. Both these are probably my 2 favourites. All the snow throwers smell strong but these 2 are even stankier. What I remember diesel to be like when I first started smoking. San did a great job with these IMO. Every time I open the bag puts a huge smile on my face. I’d say number 3 is a bit more heavy on the fuel and the number 4 is a bit more on the weird grape/lemon. Both very similar though. Finally #5. I’d say this is the most well rounded of them all. Plenty of weird grape lemony candy and gas but not quite as much gas as 3 and 4.
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    Trich goo Chocolate chip cookies with black cherries, made in an air fryer. Not only is the cookie medicated, so are the chocolate chips.
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    I am not taking it, I have a good reason, not an anti-vaxxer, antiscience. I don't feel like it is right for me, with 17 diseases, 5 of them being Autoimmune, blood clotting disorders, history of DVTs, and strokes. I talked to my doc and he agrees, we don't know enough about how it would affect someone like me. The bad part, I am getting shamed lol People are so judgemental and a few outright freaking nuts. I wear a mask and do not go into stores, I have really isolated, screw them that shame me, this has really dampened down my life, and I am scared of Covid, but I am also scared of the vaccine, so we just do what we need to do to stay safe. I have not had anyone in my home for over a year. This all sucks, but what are you gonna do when you are someone like me. Damn Covid needs to dampen down.
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    Skywalker OG x Black Lime Special Reserve, early flower still over a month to go.
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    All the outdoor plants but one are as tall as me.
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    wow, these look really beautiful, thank you a TON for showing them and also thanks to running water for making them visible to people that don't want to leave the site as well. my apologies to everyone, i have been mighty busy in the last few weeks, but it will pay off i have been growing a lot of my own gear and am looking for clone keepers that i want to share out to anyone interested in the future (for free, of course!) enjoy your smokes and the best of vibes to everyone
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    I need to lay in some supplies before rolling the dice on another seed run. Peyote Pancake is my go-to lights out strain, Lemon Sunrise is my go-to lights on strain, and Golden Goat is wonderful. This was the scene back in May, after they came out of the cloner and went into pots. They were looking rough, and were forced to slum it by sharing the tent with tomatoes, peppers and celery seedlings: The Lemon Sunrise are the four on the left, 4 Peyote Pancakes just to the right of them and the rest are clones from the three golden goats. Here they are on the last day of 18/6. I flipped them on June 18: The Golden Goats were whittled down to 4 plants — two of the longer-flowering pheno that doesn't give me micronutrient/calcium problems, and one each of the troublesome ones. The most troublesome is the light colored one near the center of the tent, but to the right. The Lemon sunrise are quite obvious, having pre-emptive stakes. She was in flower and now all the clones are revegging. The Peyote Pancakes are the pretty little wide-leaved plants, very uniform (mostly in the middle-left row, one in the front of the middle-right row). The rest are GGs. And here they are, two weeks after flip: Golden Goats and Peyote Pancakes played a little musical chairs. The big stretchers — the Lemon Sunrise — haven't quite doubled in height yet, and seem to be slowing way down. The Peyote Pancakes didn't seem to stretch at all. The GGs only stretched slightly. Some are on booster seats, at this point, and will probably remain that way. These HLG LEDs really seem to reduce stretch. And it's at about 50 or 60% power, to keep it from baking these gals. And the two-week-old buds: Peyoted Pancake: Lemon Sunrise: Two phenos of GG are behind these. The short-flowering pheno is at about the same stage. It will be great to have all stellar weed when I harvest, but not having the surprises of a seed run hurts. I need to add that extra circuit and put up another tent.
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    It has been awhile so guess I should catch you all up on life at the beach. You may have heard the west side of the country is experiencing very high temps. We usually escape the hot stuff here but a few weeks ago it came with a vengeance. For 3 days straight we had temps at the coast over 95 degrees topping out at 109 one day all with humidity in the 70-80's. Of course very few here have A/C so we were miserable, especially at night. It took a week for our indoor temp to get below 80 degrees. It was awful. I had to turn my ballast down to 75% to keep it barely under 100 in the grow room. Happily that has all passed and not so happily we have been stuck in an onshore flow for a couple weeks bringing low clouds and drizzle even as the temps 50 miles inland are still in the 80's and 90's. Such is life at the beach. I have been very busy this spring and summer filling in and leveling a big piece of our back yard. It took 14 cubic yards of top soil and a whole bunch of elbow grease to get it done. I planted grass about 3 weeks before the record hot spell we had so it was a challenge keeping it watered in 100 degree weather. I planted it in several sections so some has come in very well while some of the more recent areas are still getting there. It turned out to be more of a job than I anticipated and I really glad to have it done. A few more weeks and I can remove the temp fence and the dogs can have at it. I am have been growing Phuuu's IPA's for a couple of rounds now trying to build up my supply. I have 2 of them in the flower room at 7+ weeks and I had 2 clones from each in the veg area until today when I moved the clones from #2 to the flower room. The clones from #1 will veg awhile longer. I also have another IPA fem sprout and 2 Green Ale fems (green manalishi x phuuu's ipa) sprouts coming up. Here's a look at the veg space before and after the 2 clones went to 12's. and the flower room...#2 on the left, #1 on the right. Phuuu's IPA fem #1 @ 50 days Phuuu's IPS fem #2 @ 53 days That's about it. Thanks for stopping by and stay safe and sound out there.
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    My plants are getting so big, kind of scaring me for what will come in the fall. It is like a scary excitement ha! Black Cherry soda, this baby had thrips, sprinkled DE all over her and the soil, no more thrips. Cannatonic #4. I was gifted this plant a decade ago, no one had CBD here and what they wanted for clones was crazy, so I gifted it all over this state. Love this plant. Almost at hemp level for THC. This crazy Amazon mama outgrew my rooms, so put a nice bend on her, she is about 9 foot tall or more. Maltezerz, Sativa dom. I had just watered her so a bit droopy.
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    Both sides of the room, day 43 in flowering. The buds didn't get as big as I thought they would, but that's because there's loads of branches............
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    @gardenartus i am with you there. screw the shamers. stay safe, GA. you are needed
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    Here's a little shaver at the halfway point (5 weeks) Lemon Sunrise
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    copied from elsewhere hopefully the pics work and aren't glitchy. Alright will try to get started. First up is the sanfune f2. I separated them into 5 different bags. One might just be a branch but don’t want to mix atm just in case. The smell is a bit hard to describe but most of them are tropical or berry smells or a mix of both. Some of them look better than others so don’t mind my crispy burnt leaves or mids looking buds :p I also ended up with some microseeds in some buds but so far I haven’t lost too much so hoping they burn fine in a j later on when they’re cured. Been trying them in the volcano lately. This is #1. This one is the most tropical smelling out of the bunch with almost or no berry at all. Reminds me of tropical gummies or something. Buds are pretty dense. Smell is medium strength. #2 is the most berry smelling IMO. Hard to describe the smell but reminds me of frozen strawberries/berries, sweet pine/herbal and a bit of tropical. Kind of reminds me of a strain called nuken which is a 2 way cross of shiskaberry x god bud. Smell on this one is pretty strong, shame this one was in rough shape. #3 is a decent mix smell wise between number 1 and 2. A little extra on the tropical side but some berry in there too although more mild than #2. Buds are pretty dense as well. I’m pretty sure this plant was the one out of the entire grow that started going downhill first (crispy browning leaves and other shit) but before that this bud was my favourite looking one in the entire grow. I imagine if I didn’t screw up it would be some sexy looking stuff IMO. #4 is similar smell wise to number 2 but instead of leaning on the berry side it is more tropical but still smells pretty strong. Has something in the back I also cant describe, maybe a baked good of some sort. Finally number 5. More on the berry piney side again but still has some tropical as well, another good mix smell wise of all the plants. This one doesn;t look quite as bad and is very dense so I’m hoping that it’s smokeable [image] So far looks wise number 1 and number 5 or 4 are my favourite I think. I’ll know more when I smoke more. Will post some more strains soon enough. I can see why this strain is so popular. I can only imagine how these would look coming from a more experienced grower. Glad I have a few more packs to grow in the future. Next up either sometime today or tomorrow (I hope) will be lemon chiesel (cheese/sour d x lemon thai) pretty sure I got the seeds back in 2017 nice to finally grow em out.
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    Cinnamon Altoids 1mg each. One and done, off my bucket list, too hard will not make it again, but at least I did it once!
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    Hi hall, 11 years later, Madonna is still alive, yeaahh A friend bought a pack in 2009 and gave it to me few months ago.Germination was difficult and only one plant survived, this beautiful lady ! Smell is amazing, smoke will be too. It was one of my favorite smoke for years, i'm so happy to find her again 62 days of blooming, grown in soil with organics nuts All the best ! ++
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    Blueberry muffins, 100mg, made in an Airfryer. I don't dare bake in the oven in summer, with the airfryer I can bake, just smaller batches.
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    No. 4 baby gurl the smallest one would make a great sog plant
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    Every time it rains the plants grow like crazy. I am going to run across the same problem as I do indoors, gonna run out of room to be able to take a pic ha! Gonna be a jungle out there.
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    the little support i recieve via seedheaven/glg and hempdepot just helps me with sharing and to cover (a part) of production. which means: if anyone wants some beans from me, just hit me up no need to spend cash, i share as much as i can for free. = please don't be shy & send me your wishes. i'll try to match it.
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    At least the check today says the buds are headed in the right direction. Drying wise
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    IMO no pot is worth 250 an eigth or 1k clones, that is insane. But if folks will pay that price, it will sell.
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    Hey. Seems like week 4 is over. I kept them short this time. So far, no signs of scorching them with the light. I ramped it up slowly. Yesterday, the tallest plant showed a little stress from the light, so I dropped it back a hair. The Fox Farms Ocean Forest vs. Coast of Maine battle is on. CoM definitely provides the extra Mg plants seem to need after the flip (Lemon Sunrise is especially Mg hungry at flip). This is a Peyote Pancake with FFOF, followed by one in CoM: The leaves sure are darker with CoM, but bud development is similar in both. The Lemon Sunrise shows a different story, probably related to the Mg that CoM must be supplying. The first is a FFOF plant: Seems like more calyx development to me, so far. It isn't obvious in these pics, for some reason, but the FFOF Lemon Sunrise plants are lighter in color, too. One of them shows slight Mg deficiency. I doubt I'll go with CoM, given the price, but this might be much cheaper for Northeastern US growers. I will have another look at the ingredients for CoM and see what I can find to add to my own mix. Lobster compost is probably hard to come by in Michigan, though I've seen some kind of crab shell product sold at my local grow shop. Whatever the case, I love the way this stuff supplies Mg. Until next time...
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    For the record (this site has become my record of past grows, more or less) a few pics at the end of week 3. Stretch continues to be minimal. The "holes" in the canopy are places where a Peyote Pancake plant is sitting. They're going to have to get booster seats soon. Lemon Sunrise about doubled in height, and everything else had a lesser stretch.. I thought the nutes in the soil were about depleted now, so I gave this LS a dose of nutes. She seemed to be wanted Mg. I must have overdone it slightly, because her leaves started to slightly hook. Hopefully she'll forgive me. Buds are tiny, but normal for the end of the 3rd week. The above pics are LS, PP and GG-fast pheno, in that order. The LS is already lemony, the GG is already tropical fruity. This is the long-flowering pheno, which I HOPE will get down to 10 weeks, as a clone. I'm seeing the fast pheno as the momma for Lemon Thai crosses. Why inject 11-12 week genes, when 8-week genes are readily available? While this one is powerful AF, the fast one is, too, and I think people would sell their souls for the scent of the fast one. One drawback — it's a tiny fucker. It doesn't grow quickly and probably didn't even root out the pot it's in. Irie also sells a backcrossed version of GG, which likely has greater vigor than the phenos I've gotten from the feminized S1. I might try that cross in the future, but I have way too many other seeds, patiently waiting their turns to germ.
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    Alright so I have to correct myself a bit lol. I harvested half my room last night and was able to finally see the plant labels on some of them and found this out: The plant I thought that could possibly be the Choco Fudge was actually a pheno of snow thrower that ended up on a diff tray. When I was getting this flower room built I had to move all my big plants out of the room for a day or 2 and them move them back in so they just got all mixed up. The super tall spears and sativa looking ones I was mistaking for phenos of the Sanfune f2 but they actually ended up being the lemon cheesel which makes a lot more sense to me now. They all seem Lemon Thai dom. If I would have realized this before chopping them I would have let them go much longer than 10 weeks but they were tangled in the trellis with the other Sanfune plants so had no choice. Sorry for the confusion. Been smoking some 4 day quick dried lower nugs of the snow thrower in the volcano and I've been really liking the pheno I've been smoking. 3/4 of them are plants that remind me of gorilla glue a bit in the look and a lot smell wise which is awesome and kind of makes sense considering GG4 has sour in it. Getting really fuely smells with a background of earthy lime/lemon
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    So I guess I'm growing 14 plants this year. It was upsetting at first but I'm enjoying the grow just as much. In previous years we HAD to have a good harvest so we had enough meds to make it to next year. I've really been enjoying the roma tomatoes, beefsteak not ready yet. Some plants are drinking the cool aid and really got going some having trouble getting over early trauma.
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    KC 42 at 51 days flowering Buds smile
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    A couple better pic's today........... both in a 4 x 4 space each under a single Gavita LED.
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    I picked up these power strips from Amazon, a bit on the expensive side but liked the cords and they are long. They have GREEN light instead of red! That is cool for the grow rooms.
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    Damn fine work right there.
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    Amnesia and blackened oranges
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    the current fune is = sf f3 crossed to a 'big'-f2 fune male and then hit to each other three times = sanfune "ix1-f3". (the "sf f3" females were made up from 'fat'-f2 females crossed by 'fast'-f2 males = different f2's to keep the line from bottlenecking) ... it's quite confusing for others a this point, haha ... it's hard to name it correctly, tbh. the shop calls them "sanfune f3" which is not really correct, but it helps to understand a little bit what has happened so far. (altho it's a somewhat "reduced way" of describing the current combo). blablabla (look at san babbling again, lol) ... anyhoo, the genetics have been stacked so often and transfer reliably to their kids as well. the fune dominates crosses at this point. i love the pics, mate. you had almost the full range of phenos ________________________ lemon chiesel, hehe ... yeah, i liked that one. the LT had some intersexed issues (like all lines including thai), crossing them to a sour-derivate does not make it easier, lol ... but so far they seemed to play nice. your descriptions are amazing, very detailed. thank you for letting me know how these did for ya. i can't wait to see how the "snow throwers" treated you. the name "snotroer" is an hommage to drip-n-wet (a former member here), that stays a huge inspiration to my strain-names. he was a super funny dude and a great person. i had years of chatting with him and hope he is well/healthy/safe/happy btw, "sanfune" was named by drip directly, he was a "witness" to me creating the line in 2012/2013 ... he named it after me: san and toshiro mifune = the dude in my avatar, i don't know anyone more witty with names and funny expressions like drip. he was one of the coolest persons online at the time !! your fune #2 is the one i would settle with. i love the berries with slight tropical nuances accompaning the experience. but i'll keep the range intact, so that all the phenos pop up regularly. most grows cover all aspects of fune, without being repetitive, took me a while to get that into seed. i still do not consider myself a breeder, tho ... i just play around a bit
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    just wait until enough people catch on to the "nano chips via vaccine"-thingie
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    Majestic Lemon Headbud at 45 days flowering. smile
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    After I saw NJ reported 50 fully vaccinated people died from Covid, I went to the CDC website. This is what they report for all deaths after the vaccine. Reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination are rare. More than 339 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered in the United States from December 14, 2020, through July 19, 2021. During this time, VAERS received 6,207 reports of death (0.0018%) among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine. FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause.
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    Meanwhile. Gelato. With a cup of Sumatra coffee. Has a great taste and a very nice high. Buds are thick and break up big. Seeds also came from a visit to Colorado.
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    4th run in this LOS / No Till pot with a top dress only. One each, Strawberry Starburst (Irie Genetics)back half, Punchy Blewster (Riot Seeds) left side and one of my chucks, a Skywalker OG cutting I’ve had for over 4 years x Black Lime Special Reserve front.
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    Santa Marta Haze 40 days 12/12 KC 42; 40 days 12/12 Majestic Lemon 40 days 12/12 All plants are healthy. Majestic Lemon is the most impressive at the moment, but that may change in a few weeks. smile
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    Whole shindig... Cherry bomb trimming 20210716_173200.mp4
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    Day 66 may be 70ish days This one is fat fat fat
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    I bought this mold thinking it would be thick enough to put caramel in there, no way lol each is 1" by 1/2", sweet little pieces of chocolate. Nice for dosing though. 40mg each. The mold makes 6 candy bars like this.
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    All good here I do miss our chats Got a few things going min the small tent some Mel Franks skunk 1 in the big tent back row left ,Joti Black delato, back right , sinister’s mazer x herijuana, front row left mamosa evo dinafem , front row right blackened oranges useful genetics ps those Octopots rule last run skunk and oranges the buds were the size of base balls and hard as rocks all bud no popcorn peace to all GA talk soon paps
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    Sannie and Knutsel ,you guy's did a great job on the madscientist x motherlode. I alway's grow the free seeds and can't say I have been disappointed, but these are real good old school stuff. The yield was good, and potency was great, thank's for this old school gem.
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    Plants coming along, so I have 14 but 2 are in the bed with the Roma tomatoes. They don't look very good, well have 3 like that. The Roma tomatoes ripen early waiting for the beefsteak to ripen, both have a lot of fruit. There's 3 big plants in with the beefsteak and they're doing well. The plants in the Roma not doing well. Have to do some detective work there. I usually put 5 plants in a box. It looks to be like 4 or even 3 might work well. These plants have a lot of airspace with missing plants etc. and only being planted 4 to a box to start with.
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    Purple Punch........
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