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    Still checking in Toker
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    hello everybody, I wanted to log in here to my old home and see how everybody is doing. Missed the place, the new look is awesome. Hope their is still some old friends around
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    it is great to know the headz are well and keep kicking it HD was not like any other board i know. stay safe, brothers.
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    I did not know that site, but man, the world has lost MANY great canna sites in my 15 years of being on line.
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    @bird what did u do if u were HD? law has changed in NL. As I see all the big ones go back to anonimity. big respect for eskobar making seeds for the public.. here is everybody welcome... cops also have free access... maybe better to choose a new name for u... Police wont forget the highest THC contenet ever cought:) Im happy to see u here... big karma upp for the come back hidro
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