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    Selene F2 made by Indican. She went 77 days and has been drying for 1 week.
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    Great pic, shoeless. Buds on sticks. Not knowing, what I see, I would say it looks like an old wig of Marge Simpson. smile
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    Silverfields day 55 ish. ol’ flat top. Cheers
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    I bred dogs for years. Trained them I will tell anyone A fog is a lot like children,YTHEY WILL DO WHATEVER U ALLOW..LOL When u get your chickens ,put them in a cage so the dog k ow they are yours by when he gets close to the pen,..Tell it NO NO with a scolding boice. I bet u guys will b amazed at how smart a dog is..
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    Haha cool man well I’ve got a yellow Labrador and also a golden retriever cross, who happens to be black coated. The Retriever cross is my boy who is obsessed with hunting/killing anything that moves in my backyard. I can’t tell you how many birds he has eaten. Partly instinct but partly boredom maybe too, I need to run him more. I love them both dearly. cheers
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    Hey now SPW. The light is a 480w Bavagreen 3000k LM301H with Osram 660nm/730nm Deep Red and LG UV 385nm, drawing about 510w based on Killawatt. The pot is 15 gallon bag with Coots mix, first run, so medium will get better with age. Height at finish about 20", she went in at about 12".
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    @Shoeless what height was it at flip and height at harvest ? pot size and how much light. looks incredible almost forgot about selene. nice photo come back
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    Yeah Shoeless that looks exceptional man. Easy trim too by the looks haha.
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    Hey olsqueak, I would prune out some branches from each plant to open them up. If you top them the problem get worse I think. Good luck.
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    Hello,I keep my clones too much long times 18/6 veggin box.I plan to put them in 25 liters pots.Know they're in 8 or 9 liters pot. first time I have this problem and I don't know what's best to do ??? Fix a net and attached plants or cutting some top ?? I need your help please. Video and pictures speak more than words, especially with my bad English. Thanks before for you're help. Have good vibes One Love. VID_20201130_235512.mp4
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    If anyone interested, they have the distiller as I use for a really good price at eBay right now. For reclaiming alcohol when you make oil. Super price. US 4L Easy Electric Countertop Water Alcohol Distiller Purifier Moonshine Boiler
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    Looks great bro. I will have a grow of your beans in a short while away. Got 4 rooms going now. Like u my males was 50% . I had 88 nice seedlings ..44m..44 f. Since then i.have culled 3..lol Take care..
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    I've got a couple of question for them: Who's a good dog? Who?
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    Malzilla top at 47 days 12/12. Shackzilla x Malawi Gold or vice versa; bred by F.O.T.H. smile
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    Did you ever want to shake some shoulders, maybe clunk some heads together, Three Stooges-style and say to a bunch of fuck ups, "Hey, I'M THE STONER HERE, not you!" I am an enviro-consultant of sorts. I have some idiot clients with a huge, expensive project they seem hell-bent on fucking up and I had to actually SCOLD THEM today. WTF is the world coming to when an old stoner has better management skills than the people in charge? I did manage to avoid trying to shame them that a stoner had it together better than they do. That would have been a stoner move.
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    damn i totay missed ur post and had to back track from the good news i heard about him. it's nice to catch up and have him doing much better. i had the shit scurred out of me as They rushed me to the ER straight from a cortisone shot. at first they were checking possible allergic causes but then i could tell they were looking at covid as the cause. had to take a covid test prior to the appt. and self isolate until i went in. i stayed calmed and said i don't have covid and all will be well in short time. i'm sure he'll feel mighty greatful once this is all behind him dude. give him a warm hug from me please and puff a doober with him if he gets down. yup congrats on the outcome mos def
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    The Datura Metel was out in the rain, and I forgot to check for a few days. The flower bud was wilted and fell of as soon as I touched it. But I put it indoors now, and hope still to be able to make some seeds. I moved my pepper plants indoors a few weeks ago, when the temperature dropped. The plants are in the kitchen now to let the last fruits get ripe. And I hope to keep some alive during the winter, to get a head start next spring. Like this grafted composite plant: It's the Jalapeno scion on the Bell plant. The Jalapeno grows very well on the Bell roots. The Peruvian scion does not seem to thrive on the Annuum. So I might dump this one after the last pepper is ripe. So I can still harvest some ripe peppers every now and then. The Jalapeno's are heavy, compared to the other hot peppers, that are thin skinned. And the Jalapeno's get more sweetness after being cooked in the oven. But their heat is unpredictable.
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    Never heard of them, but that doesn't mean much. There seem to be at least a hundred seed makers I've never heard of.
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    [ Now that smacks me in my ugly mug, good and hard! Damn, I'm getting addicted to the long lanky ladies.
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    hail all some more rare old heirloom landrace hybrids (recentley purchased) green mountain seeds (vermontman)zacatacas tribute(oaxacan/big sur holy weed) green mountain gold =(oaxacan_skull79)/hawaian(federation seeds hawaian sativa(kona gold - derivative) purple satallite -oaxacan( same_skull79)/h.l.nepali(baglung.lol) mountain grape oaxacan/propriety strain(blueberry ? )7-8wk bloom the other2 10-12wk bloom these are f1si dont think he will allow the pure mexican out of his circle but im sure it could be isolated later also tropical seed co have a 1990-91nlhaze 50\50sativa \indica haze dominated 16week! bloom!!! very other worldly potent trippingtackle & this has also been crossed to old timer haze(called extreme haze) same bloomtime15-16wk blacksour =(pre98bubba/sourdiesel)@tropicalseedcompany thai fun horizon(swissproject12wk bloom_blue hemp seeds aparantley massive(too much)potency??? alphabud( herbal viagra )pure indica old hemcy seeds would love to repro one for freebswillhaveto look into it one big love only one!
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    I started a triple pak to get to know the strain, cause I love me a hashplant! And this little girl is showing off its potential! I cant wait till the one I let veg starts flowering. This one is a result of about 2 weeks veg and is only a 1ft high but just covered in flowers and trichomes.
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    An oldie, but a goodie, Sensi Seeds Mother's Finest F2's from 2012, at 9 1/2 weeks. One of those grows that turned out MUCH better than you were expecting. Just wanted something old school for the summer, she has a killer high. Peace.
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    hahahaha "IT"S" priceless ha ha ha
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    [fool is a fool when it comes to being sympathetic or just plain kind to people, LOL. but that's ok, i like his projects and his knowledge. all good stuff comes at a price.] Yeah the lousy demeanor is why I read very few of it's posts. I'm sure I've seen some of it's work, but I ignore most posts by it.
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    Is it? Once you upload a picture to this website, it does not belong to you anymore.
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    I had someone steal my photos, so I showed up and claimed them lol He looked like a fool
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    Just a phone cam, it's really that frosty That's what it all really looks like, this here is Scrodingers Catnip smells like fresh orange peel
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    We Showing off?> lol GG4, White Widow, G13/BW-santeros, GGxPink-indica's
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