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    that what i think too, was just not sure... good germ ratre for 8years old beans, almost 90% have opened in 48hours, now they are in soil...we will see.
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    afaik, he never used a different male other than the #10 MsU. i believe this one was just a mere change of names. he matched the name according to what the line does.
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    Hello,I want know how much watts I must use with new LEDs light ? I can see grow with 2000w hps for little space with very good harvest in SOG. For a 4*4 size how much watts is best with LEDs ? A LEDs sellers say me than 500 watts new LEDs it's best because he say me too much leds light can do more bad than good. My setup 240 watts Quantum board V4 Samsung LM 301h + Cree xpe2 + UV lg. 240w puck v2 rapidleds total 480w. I can add 180w Cree cxb3590 but if not give me more harvest it's waste of money. I just want know what's do you think about this ? Thanks before for you're help, have good vibes One love.
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    Keep the tomato wars but leave the Bulls alone unless they allow them to be unaltered/drugged in anyway to face the matador !
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    Today the 20th of September i commenced another grow of twelve Amnesia Haze cuts on soil. Everything is the same as my previous Amnesia grow, except now it's 800 watts of Samsung led strips instead of 1200 watts of hps. Since i've grown this strain a couple of times before, i am curious to see how it yields with led.
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    Every day is a battle! But it's rewarding. The weather is still good, more fruits are getting ripe. I'm training a Peruvian as ornamental. In a slant style. It's the only plant that still has it's ripe fruits on it, now. I sliced the Peruvian peppers in half, and pickled them, along with the twenty dried ones. And I used most of the Jalapenos for the stuffing of the next Bell.
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    The fifty-fourth day of flowering. The most recent watering i gave them only acidified water (pH 5.5) and they are already entering the final stages! Time flies when you're having fun! And might i add i find it quite alright, to note there's not a spider-mite in sight! Bye!
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    yee & there are a few private seemakers out there with their own versions too all of them bring in the same traits that yours have as well, like the creative/sensual effects and this fuely/tangy/limey lemon and really huge yields. motas had some intersexed problems (and useless also mentioned that here and there), but so far nothing of concern. i really love the uniformity of them and their reliable outcome. you have good taste, my man
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    Mutant leaves and additional bud on the LT f3 mother. smile
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    The forty-fourth day of flowering. I poured 75 liters in the tray, pH 5.4 and Ec 1.2. Since i leave the water in the tray for the plants to drink, i keep the pH lower then i would watering from the top because it runs up. Anyway, enough talking, here come the pictures!
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    The thirty-fifth day of flowering. Since i'm growing three different strains in the same leaking tray, it's inevitable that some yellow out a bit. In this case it's the Super Shiva Skunk. Every four to five days i fill a tank with seventy-five liters of water, add pH minus until i reach pH 5.5. Since i leave the water in the tray and the pH runs up, i go a little lower then i go when watering from the top. After that i add Floranova bloom until the Ec is 1.3. Then i pour the water in the leaking tray and i am done!
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    I put the cuts from the best performing Stardawgs outside because they were infected with spider-mites and some are too good to toss. After some heavy rain, wind and some cold nights i took cuts from two of the three clones this morning. They appear to be clean but i put them into quarantine anyway for a couple of days. Every day i inspect the leaves until i am sure they are clean.
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