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    Strawberry Kush. Day 49 of flowering. I wanted to share some photos before hacking a branch off of the plant. Running low on dried herb. The plant needs another week. Maybe two.
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    That looks a lot like the male I used for the dad. How’s it smell? The dad was starting to smell like cat piss about that time.
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    Think I have it functionally sound. 6” carbon filter one side 8” intake other side. Fan top left corner over enough to hang light pulley with string straight. Blumat bucket about 3-4ft high. Time to start wiring lights and control panel!
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    Dug out the link, it's only an hour and a half so you can sit through that puppy. Also this is the product I bought after watching the video: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00WKQK7KK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The boxes have a tough shade screen on the bottom. I put a layer of sphagnum moss followed by a layer of good high carbon dirt we bought. About 2-3" thick layers. Then I sprinkled the myco mentioned above on top of the dirt of each layer. Then a sprinkling of vermiculite with the myco. I think we repeated that about 5 or so times so the dirt is down 5=6" from the top of the box which is 20" tall. 4 boxes had red clover (worms were added when clover was really going) grown in them then the last two boxes were finished and just got hay on them. The first 4 got hay that squished the clover down. Those boxes show the biggest results.
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    It is incredibly good to see you! I look forward to your grows.
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    i got lucky and met him thru a back channel I would recommend his stuff highly!!! five out of five stars,the real deal. I never worry where my next keeper is coming from not one disappointment including testers... still batting .887 germination after twelve to 15 packs of a dozen seeds. i came from putting your cash in an envelope and sending it to europe and if you did see something weeks /months later they normally weren't what was advertised. once i got some LED seedz my out look became what next not when will the next one come? seriously cant thank the guy enough.
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    Whats up my like minded friends. hope everyone is doing well. Lets see whats going on shall we? Wedding cake getting used to the surroundings. green crack taking off just planted autos getting mauled by the bunnies some are getting bigger. back inside darling nikki by led seedz Black Azad Zamaldelica x REM Green crack a cross of mine red light x sk1 x argo 3 A pollon chuck i did LA Shooting x Royal Blood Darling Nikki San Fernando Valley O.G. X Durban mixed pairs wet green crack squish.
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    Looking forward to growing out Lemon Bubba and Killer Cookies this fall.
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    Welcome to OpenGrow! Greetings SiCKNeSs
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    Hey everyone, thanks for welcoming me to opengrow. I was anxious to introduce myself, but i wont be posting again till i set up my new room. The gear is in place, but i need some time to set up, it should be good, And im looking forward to sharing, but it wont get off the ground for a couple of weeks......
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    Hey sacred plant, thanks ! Its yo thing , do what you wanna do.....love it
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