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    Emoji When these things came out i was disgusted A world reduced to stupid faces But These things fooking rock With women When your sitting there with no fucking clue what to say Send a smile face Lololol Or a kiss thingy Just mimic what they send you Man these things dont suck nearly as bad as i thought when it comes to women folk
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    Money, money, money. Cause "$$$" rush thriving in decent amount of people " i got feeling that earth became stopped by and telling us this is last station, for long time. Before watching this video i was eager to get hands of some of their gear in distant future, but now almost lost interest for sourcing CSI gear, at least once in lifetime. Not just because i cant afford to pay double for beans(after losing job due to covid) but also that i became aware than there is stable genetics from same or similar gene pool with for very decent price. Or just i prefer to stay with familiar in house genetics and trying to source some repros of esco or Naw, either to spend my "virtual" money to people who even gave shit to customers(non related to CSI interview). Stay healthy and positive! Ciko
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