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    Onyx Fire by Justcozz (Lemon Bubba x Kinkyblaze) (or reversed) It's getting cloudy trichs and some amber, already. Seems like it's only been 6 weeks at best. The buds are super solid and big.
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    Almost a week ago I had pulled some lower larf off of Razor, the big Orange Goji in flower room 1. Smoked some just now. Super smoke. Very powerful, but clean clear and smooth with an extremely upbeat high..............like they say of Sunshine Day Dream(SSDD) . As powerful as the Papa's Punch, but 180 degree's different! Very cool. 2 Goji X's but 180 degree's apart on effects. Papa's Punch is like Papa punched you in the head..................Orange Goji is like a smooth Ferris wheel ride, PP more like the old Wild Mouse ride. Sugar Punch brings a "narcotic" stone to the mix...................Orange Sunshine brings a "pleasing" high to the mix, and combined with Goji's clear high to start with, is very BRIGHT!!!
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    Hey EVERYONE CHILL OUT.........................................it is just rain, went to college on a 4 year free ride for swimming.................I am OK!!!!!!!
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    Sweet as all get out, JC made one that finishes up faster? Nice! chunky baby
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    That green Sugarpunch is some powerful strong gear. Live soil is the only way to go, cheaper and it gives a way better finish. I want to taste the bud, not nutrient solution or stale desiccant pack. Unless growing specifically for Instagram, feeding through flower is getting counter productive here in legality land. It's not helpful to get a bumper crop if you can't sell it all.
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    Don't feel bad, another set of Initials I had to look up lol
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    LOS = living organic soil. Line of sight! I know that one. I used to be a land surveyor.
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    Hey baqualin, Mate excuse my general idiocy, but what is "LOS"? All I can think of is Line of Sight or Loss of Sanity, which obviously makes no sense haha. Stunning shot btw bro.
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    Wilber.....................we cool!!!! I understand!!!! In the USA............."Wilber" is slang for horse's ass!!!!!! LMAO!!!!
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    Well to that BS I say God Bless America and keep the Texans Safe, Sinners or not. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Blissful sunset greenrebel male now their right
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    The finest male I ever personally saw, an orange Goji. Just sampled early Orange Goji............................just superb even young an fast dried!!! The 2 strains will compliment each other BIG TIME!!!!! the male OG looked EXACTLY like "Razor " does now.....my beautiful female OG that is flowering in both room now. I also made Orange Goji F2's.................................
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    Cool stash box I picked up for patients Christmas, gonna fill it with goodies Magnetic closure, and the lid is a rolling tray. Pretty cool, and inexpensive.
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    Who's Scruffy Looking? You guys and Star Wars names. This is "Nerfherder" at week 4 It's a purple tangie, and a clean one. Delightfully frosty full thick calyxes, 9 weeks flat, nice lavender finish, and it's a tangie. Killingfields Madonna Jackhammer and Selene in no particular order.
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    Hi Yes i must send black afghani, Ouzbékistan .... To Sannie this week, i'm little late sorry Thx for support
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    Hi Cristalin Sorry for my first post to be like this, but... any idea when Black Afghani will be available again? if at all. Would really like to try and plan around this, as a pure landrace strain (indica) is definitely on the top of my to do lists.
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    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07SR18QYK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They are China made, but very well made, I gave one to my guy, he Loves it
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    Ahh man, so cool of you.Those are awesome stash boxes. Mind if I ask where to get them? Your patients are lucky to have you. Receiving an unexpected gift is a very good medicine in itself. I firmly believe that. So many things go into healing.. way before chemicals. peace
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    I am on God's side and grew up AMERICA, APPLE PIE, BASEBALL and TEXAS........................
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    OMG Jet lol OK, I love ya all, just don't cut God please, not right or America, or Texans, or hell Anyone for that matter. lol
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    One day I will like males lol Right now I love females bahahaha That is rather pretty
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    We will have 5 Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays in December this year. What's that have to do with pot? Not a Damn thing lol
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    Nice looking plant bro.
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    Wilbur,ineen here awhile and am very familiar with the origin and llcation of OG. I HAVE 0 INTEREST IN ARGUING. I do ,however, have a belief in God and will state that fact. I have no idea where u are from and could care less. My comment was directed at my friend Jet during his terrible ordeal. I say Jet.. God bless u and praying for u all.. As far as washing sins away..that is done when a convert is babtized and then,his sins are washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ when he died on the cross for U aNd everyone else.. MY BELIEFE AND NOT TRYING TO CONVERT ANYONE..WISH I HAD THAT GIFT.. Wilbur have a BLESSED life and good luck..
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    Well.............................4.8 MORE inch's of rain this HOUR!!!!! Now my whole yard is under water, including my pool!!! Watched a 4 foot plant just "wash by me" on a tide in my BACK YARD!!!!!! THIS IS FUCKING STUPID 55 inch's of rain in 3 days!!!!!!!!! Worse than the damn Hurricane we had!!!!
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    I have plans Blissful sunset and the huck@ heri males i figure atf x nl5 x each of these should be fun but that’s a long way off
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    I just took it as exactly that Fish!!! Language barrier. As if it were not enough, just got 5.7 inch's in the last 1 and 30 minutes!!!!!! What was not dead outside yesterday, will be tomorrow...................... Do not care.......................................have SPECIAL NEWS..............................BREAKING NEWS................................. Since I have been fighting the 2 spotted fucking mites, and spraying the plants every 3 days, I of course now had some Bud Rot!!! Of course it was on the Amnesia Haze, who else ................LOL!!!! It was because her top Cola is getting so huge and fat, and her dinner plate leaf's block out a lot of light . I found 2 small spots of rot.................on a small branch that has been hiding under her main cola. It has been getting soaked when I spray, but because it is tucked in and hidden from above by Cola and huge leafs, it has not been getting dried off or good airflow to it. Checked the other plants completely, none seen anywhere else. Decide to remove it, take some big fans off, and get some light and air flow to that area. OF COURSE the branch infected WAS THE POLLINATED BRANCH....................could it have been any other branch.....OH HELL TO THE NO!!!!! LOL!!! The branch I hand pollinated with my killer Orange Goji male pollen. Only 2 small buds were affected, the Buds above or below these on that branch were fine, so I just plucked these 2 Buds........... They had magic in them.................and they are DONE TOO!!!!!!!1 Introducing OGHA..............................Amnesia Haze X Orange Goji. Tested sample of the Orange Goji says........................HELL YEAH..."Hashy Gojiness" inhale, follwed by an Orange Rind exhale...................and a SUPERB UP HIGH!!!!!!! These seeds shall be EPIC!!!!!!!!!
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    Huck & heri bigun male
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    Exactly what @gardenartus said outstanding paps
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    Neat, clean, organized, and looks very pro. But seriously, I would not expect less from you.
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    I've started a grow on soil that i'd like to share with you! Namely eight Lemon Haze seedlings and one Northern light under six-hundred watts. The containers are eleven liter pots. I've added coco and some extra perlite to the soil.
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    The LEDs should be here Wednesday, hopefully be up and running by Thursday I am excited!
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    Skywalker OG "Getting Closer to My Home" LOS grown in Octopots using GasCan's mix.
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    Skywalker OG still has a ways to go.
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    Sugar Punch doing what Sugar Punch does, making Sugar! Straight up LOS grown no bottled nutes, water only!
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    Thanks I've had years when it was a jungle in there when I was growing in pots but I think there's more packed in there this year. They're tall plants but no buds on the first 3-4 feet. You could get the same yeild with shorter plants probably but yield isn't my first concern. Trying to grow good medicine and have sustainable beds. Planning what to do with the boxes after harvest is over. I'm thinking spread my vegetable compost I'm making over the top with a little dirt and grow clover again. Keep the worms alive. Hard to check the worms, don't want to disturb the layers. Not sure if the mycos will still be there next year? Thanks Hempyfan for all the vids! Very educational, and I can't chew the cover off the books. Still a lot I have to watch.
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    This is what it was looking like last year, not one of the better years. Doing better this year
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    Wow! Never had gg go black, only my GSC will do that. Oh wait, those are all different, must be your lighting lol
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    Velvet Orca #3 pheno finished:
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    June 11th to 14th - Chop day pheno #1 @ 58 days from seeds . The real Cheese smell and taste, hyper frostly; But small plant in the 10 liters, a bit less than 20grams (well cured and manicured), the roots system was tiny. But really good end product quality Pheno #2
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    The pics above were taken on 7-4 and these are 7-19. I'm slowly adjusting the lighting but I want to wait some weeks before I go sans lights. It will probably go into flower then. I still wonder if I should use some flower nutes a little. have to think about that. These have only had water. Going to be bending the tops over, scrog type of deal. The back two boxes got planted last so smaller back there. Plants not in the boxes are WAY smaller. I think a lot of that is the microbes I chose and quality of dirt. Earthworms are a big part too.
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    Long time no been here! Got my beds finished and plants have sprouted. Long ways to go, I try and make a Summer grow so harvest close to fall maybe, have to see how it goes. Long time to be in veg. Or I might just be Bhanging. 4 beds got a lot of prep last two got whatever was left over so I"m giving them some General Organics and some Alaska fish from Home Depot. Transplanted from plastic cups to 1 gal pots the day I got them, straight ocean forest watered with B1. Transplanted into the big boxes 2 boxes at a time. Size depends on how long they been in the big boxes. Coming along.
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    Happy 420 and Happy Easter !!!!!! .........whatever you prefer to celebrate .......so here some Sweets for both happenings
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    Black Afghani This IBL offering from USC caught my eye when it was first introduced. I was lucky enough to score a pack and my first growing attempt gave me 3 females. While they were all a bit different appearance wise they all shared a definite blueberry aroma. One was intensly blueberry while the other two also added hash and coffee to their less intense blueberry smell. After a 6 week cure it is a very enjoyable smoke. It is a smooth but heavy smoke that tastes of sweet blueberry going in with a hashy, coffee mixed with berries coming out. The intense blueberry buds remained intense through the cure. Open the jar and it smells of sweet ripe blueberries. The other two are less intense but still blueberry dominate. The buds are large and fairly dense with pointy tops. All of the plants had many buds with red/pink coloration to them. The high is fast acting and intense. Unlike many indica's this one is felt in the very bottom of my head leaving the rest clear and aware though there is some visual impact as the high progresses. The body stone is wonderful, deep reaching and long lasting. This is not really a couch lock kinda smoke as the head remains mostly functional but if too many tokes are taken it may be difficult to motivate your limbs properly. I had 3 different looking BA's but in the end I do not see much difference in their smoke. They all give the same basic effect, some minor smell or flavor difference but pretty much the same intense body driven high. Now I will try to quantify this wonderful smoke with numbers... Bag Appeal = 9 - big dense frosty buds. Smell = 10 on the intense blueberry one and 8.5 on the other two. Taste = 9 Effect = 9 As you can see I really like this Black Afghani and will definitely be running it again one day. Big thanks to Cristalin and USC for their hard work preserving this and other landrace gems.
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    Im just pissed all my WORK outside FOR NOTHING!!!!! 4 months effort EQUALS NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Guess when it stops raining, if it EVER FUCKING DOES!!!! I will take down all the outside plants. Cannot see how they could recover from this, all their top soil was washed away, and what is left of them is sitting under water...................never seen anything like this weeks rain!!!!
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