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    I take the almost pure CBD about 7 to 8 weeks, the Toro who has a lot more THC in her, I go by trichs and finish like a THC plant.
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    Based on the advice of others that are keen on CBD plants, they are best taken on the earlier side. Without lab testing, I gauge effect testing buds at 7 weeks and go from there. One problem with that, imo, is a true feeling for the effect comes only after a good cure. Hey now, organically challenged. These seeds are untested accidental pollination of Huckin'Heri by Perkins Cut BX. I have not grown them, but you should have very frosty ladies, heavy buds, 8-9 weeks. I figure the effect to be stoned pain relief. Hope that helps. You've convinced me, I'll be running ^^^ next.
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