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    I won't be seeing it from my place. Snow storm is in full swing. Guess I can grab a flash light, shine it up into the sky and pretend I'm Luke Skywalker flying though space.
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    Order issues are to be directed to Sannie, NOT discussed on the forums. Play nice boys and girls or else the hammer must come out!
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    Green Crack Day 28 Bloom 83.2 F 31% RH So I decided to swap out the 800 for the 1000 on Friday and my desktop fan for 2 monkey fans. Plants seem to have responded well with no stall or obvious stress. Nute mix is up to 900 PPM with no signs of burn. Buds are starting to stack up really well with trich production getting going. I thought GC was supposed to be a tall plant but maybe all the defoliation and topping kept it down a bit. Let’s hope these buds keep it going.
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    I’ll be doing some Zombie Kush and Critical+ this year indoors and later Amnesia Auto XXL with ye good ole White Widow auto XXL.
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    Just let that sweet kitty in bed bro and she'll be quiet! Enjoy your trip!!!
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    And here's yesterdays bubbleator yield with the 220 - 70 mc screens. I haven't weight it yet, but i'm guessing it's about 20 gram. No too shabby right?
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    scissor-day, the last two weeks only water, very smooth smoke.
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    Thanks Saxo . Likewise here, spring is what we want! I checked out your guerrilla grow topics, really beautiful respect! Greetz red
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    This morning it was looking more green, so I think this is a normal one. The lower leaves were showing that speckled appearance of early Mg deficiency when I noticed the reddish color. That's been taken care of. I wonder if there were other issues, like maybe a slight problem with P uptake or something to give it that color. Whatever the case, if it turns out to be colorful, it will be featured big. She's in a "5 gallon" grow bag now, which actually took about 7 gallons of soil.
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    My most successful method of germ over the years and grows has been soaking the beans for 24+ hrs, then into soil / medium. I've done germination at high 20s+ many times, never a problem. Sometimes used the tissue, but... not a big fan, really. I read them stories about Jack Herer and Ed Rosenthal. ;-)
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    I am sorry to see the seeds are not germing. Just a few thing that be kept in mind while germing : It is important to put the seeds not to deep into the spongepots, make the soil a bit loser on the top and be sure the seed is laying lose in the soil and not pressed in. Cover the seed with a little bit of lose soil. Use a heating mat or more simple a fuo bulb and keep it on for 24 hours a day to keep a stable climate. use a bit of soil or perlite on the bottom of the propagator to get a high humidity, temp should be around the 23 celsius. It is always difficult to judge what you are doing from this seat but it is weird that 3 strains are not germing, I have made the sannie's Jack seeds myself and popped 40 of them 3 weeks ago with great result. I would start all over and do it again but maybe without the spongepots ? If you are coming short on seeds just shoot me a pm and I will send some extra. Hope the next try will go better greetz sannie
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    Killer Malawi x White Cherry Truffle
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    And now for the rest: The size and potency might disappoint but I have not been as attentive to these plants as I would have liked. I have moved to a new city in another province and therefore I cant be home as often. a little group photo with a grey-ish fall sky. a photo of the different plants in the pot And after a few clipping sessions these two are left for another week and two respectively As you can see they are not very big but they are pretty. Hopefully all of these will yield at least 100gr dry as I want to have a go at making hash or rosin. My plans for next year are as follow: 5 Smartpots 15gal each(mixture of 2/3 light mix and 1/3 coco and bacto, mycorrhiza, supermix and a few products off the guanokalong line to enrich the soil. For the roots I will be using bionova roots and during veg and bloom organic feedings I will use B.A.C with bionova pk13/14 for fat buds. Watering will be done by drip hoses if the summer looks to be as hot again in NL. For this I will connect a 150L tank to a pump and place 3 drippers in each pot. The LST techniques being used will be SCROG on 1m2 mesh and mainlining like the 707 Truthband with green mesh on the sides to encourage a very tall and bushy plant. Strains have not been decided but I am leaning towards some Humboldt strains and maybe a few OG user strains if I can find them(I have seen quite a few interesting ones by outdoor growers) I have not yet decided if I will invest in a pH and EC meter as I have not encountered many problems in the past relating to feeding and nutrients. Tips/questions and comments are very welcome. Thank you for reading and until the next time, Vasco de Gama
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    Hey man, you might wanna try something like c99. I'm growing 1 now and it is doing great in the heat and is flowering pretty fast.
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    It is good to see people are looking closer to the pictures The One on the picture is indeed a reverse female The SSH seems to be polinated and now it is a matter of keeping a stable water gift and for this start of making seeds I give some extra organic nutrients with the Bac bloom and bacto. In this stage the seeds are in the make and plants need a strong soil that provide everything she needs to get strong healthy seeds. Sugar Punch on the way ! greetz sannie