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    I grew a Blue Hawaiian from JOTI a few years ago that smelled just like burnt rubber. Not the uplifting Hawaiian I was looking for, but it sure produced.
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    Hi Some pics from @4lv1nn Ciao
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    Hopefully I haven’t steered you wrong yet. FYI Irie’s Golden Goat is going for $200 / oz at the CS dispensaries that can get it and sells out immediately, everything else $100.
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    CURSE YOU PEOPLE ! showing me weed and food. Both of which i am sans. A pox upon your left pinky toe!
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    @baqualin is making me buy more seeds again. You know, even though we've never met, few people have gotten me to buy more seeds than you. Let's see - Silverfields, Pineapple Fields, two Irie strains (to be popped within the next two weeks) and who knows what else. Now it looks like I'm being forced at gunpoint to buy more.
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    Time for another update. The 2 Megafauna's (kali snapple x ssh) and single Phuuu's IPA girls are 5 weeks in 12's now and worth a look. The Megafauna's are very different in appearance but share a similar smell that is hard to define. Number 2 has big fan leaves and large rounded buds, it is also a darker green color. Number 3 is very sativa looking and has a lighter shade of green and long slender young colas forming. I hit both with pollen from the Megafauna dude and it looks like both took so I will have more of these to play with down the road. I also hit the IPA so hoping to have some Mega IPA seeds as well. This Phuuu's IPA is showing more AK47 than is usual. I have had this pheno a couple of times already and am glad to see it back. I have 2 cuts from it that are ready to up-pot to #5's and then go to 12's shortly. Here's a look at the little IPA's Flower room. Megafauna #2 @ 5 weeks Megafauna #3 @ 5 weeks Phuuu's IPA @ 5 weeks Looking forward to how these Mega's finish up, seems there is always something special in a Dynasty cross and these two show potential. That's it for now. Hope you all are hanging in there and staying safe. Take care people.
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    Well, this WAS going to be my last grow before summer, lol, but a virus got in the way. These are Lowryder 2 F2's and and 3's from 10 years ago, one of my first grows (first was White Widow). 23 seeds, 10 no shows, 5 hermies, and seven nice females. I've always loved this plant, smells just like you barbecued a mango inside a lit rubber tire. Not the strongest, but just a great breezy summer time Brazilian sativa high. Classic totem pole bud pattern in these two, others are more Christmas tree like. I had about 50 seeds, just through the remainder behind my tomato plants, gonna try some stealth, lol. Be well, everyone. Peace.
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    Back with the PHK green pheno @ 63 days and harvest.
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    Crap...forgot to complete this!! Okay... not a fair run as I ended up making a HUGE amount of seeds to perpetuate this strain. Ive handed out about 200 seeds to local growers (I recommended this website to them so hopefully some will join and post their grows) the plants had a very sound structure... lower branches were plentiful and quickly grew to challenge the higher sites for light ( I think this plant would likely be VERY good for Scrog). The main stem of these girls seemed solid (recollection). The male's pollen production was REDICULOUS... ive had many males around before but this one suprised me at how much dust was produced when aggitated.... I was literally shocked. Im not sure how this will translate to the progeny or ifit has any releveance at all.. just wanted to make note of it as it was unexpected. I currently have a few Jalisco girls growing... they were started predominantly to verify that the seeds were viable. I intend to comment further on the lady I have currently around week 5 in Flower (and seems exactly like its parents).
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