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    Sinister’s Junky Munky week 7
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    Ok, I'm at day 60 of veg. I'm flipping them on Monday. Had to chop 2 more males this morning, one Sultana and one Rhino Blood. Looks like the room is officially boy free. Another pic after removing a bunch of fan leaves I am down to 13 girls in reg pots. And here are the octopots, I tying and twisting the Pinks around a bit. I want to see how they like bondage. and last but not least, Rhino Blood sex????
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    A wee update on this one, everything is looking good, I got my clones going in coco, got about 5 more week to veg them so I might get a bit overgrown in veg but we will deal with that when we get there ;) The veg tent The clone I'm most interested in #3 This is the flower tent about week 5 The bubblegum Bubblegum top Cherry vanilla cookies #1 #2 Cherry vanilla cookies #3 Plant #3 is my pick out this fist grow of cherry vanilla cookies, The big tall ones might bulk up a bit if I give them 5-6-7 more weeks? ...lol... Its good to see lots of familiar names still here on opengrow :) Hope all you guys been having fun ;)
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    6 days into the flip : ip: Mom screen 1/2 way through :
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    Rainmaker Day 36 Bloom 84.6 F 41% RH 400 PPM Ladies still going strong and I believe they’re getting ready to start showing a little color. I love this time in the grow where the strains begin to distinguish themselves. Beginning to slowly bring down the PPMs until the flush which I plan to start around day 49. Buds getting heavy and starting to lean a bit and the trichs make them look snowy. Really curious to test the potency of the finished product.
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    Made a big change from 1000w hps to diy Samsung led strip spyder type light.
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    Apollo 13 x Blue Moon Rocks... With Sinister beer coasters
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    Well I flipped the girls yesterday i start with 12/12 and in a few weeks I’ll change to 11/13 with some Sativas I’ve gone to 10/ 14 in a few weeks I’ll start some new seeds and hunt for a mom I just my buy a new tent a small one just for the moms and some seedlings
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    Flower 56 Part harvest Crystal Candy#2 Could be few more days but looks good. I have some little Popcorn Nuggets but Sticky and hard.. Aroma is really amazing! Sweet like candys..Strawberry/Watermelone really nice and special.. i like it. My climate is good (27 degrees on the Top - 24-25 degrees in the area below) But i have to renew my setup. I think something isn't perfect. Two Plants looking little bit bad. But the qualy is great. I smoked a sample and Crystal Candy is strong.. I will report later.. Part harvest - A few Days more
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    I decided to cut BA#2 yesterday. She was at 58 days, so a little short of desired chop. She was having issues with mold, I found a couple more spots after cutting out the previous offender. I washed the plant in lemon juice/baking soda, washed visibly affected bud in h2o2 bath. I found rot in only a couple buds, they are trash. BA#9, front left, joined the party after pulling Ms. Moldy. She is rather big, hopefully the added fan will help. The BBS buds are filling in, I guess they have another month or so.
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    Here's my Sugar Punch a few days later in these slow growth Octopoots, or whatever they're called. And look at the roots growing right through these el cheapo grow bags. I'll be expecting a full refund. Hadn't even put her in flower yet, sigh. You guys told me these things worked!
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    Update on the recent Harlequin harvest. Final dry weight: 64 grams. A new personal record. The old record was 60 grams from Master Kush.
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    Here's how my R.P.P. x Chemdawg field looks.
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    Yeah, hope they are not all he-she’s. The top right corner is Silverfields and the bottom right is G39. Both have nice open structure. I only removed a few lower leaves, probably didn’t need to take any. Should be some nice buds on them. Yes, I cloned all three. The first that got pulled didn’t show pistils, but that was a week ago. I will be keeping a close eye on the girl. Hope it stays ball free. So far it looks good.
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    2 days into the flip they seem pretty happy. Having a tough time keeping them under the screen, they are also starting to PUSH on the screen............. I gave up trying to move EACH top, instead, I lay on the floor under the screen, grab the branch's down low by the main stem, and just "PULL" them all under in 1 fell swoop.......lol...works well it seems, and only takes a minute or 2 to do. I imagine when they get bigger n older I will have to start doing 1 top at a time to get them spaced out right, but that will not be for another week or so. I will keep doing it this way until 10-12 days into the turn. When I grab Goji stems, they are pliable, bend easily, and are easy to "work" . The Chucky's have "floppy" stems, that go EVERYWHERE, making a huge mess on her part of the screen. They are also MUCH more fragile and very easy to break. CHUCKY WAS NOT the BEST strain to throw in the screen................in hindsight!!! The CW/SD feels like TREE TRUNKS when I try to bend and shape her................very tough to manipulate this plant. Another POOR choice for my 1st screen. I am going to let the 2 Goji's run wild on the screen. IF they run over the CB and or the CW/SD so be it!!!! I KNOW what the Goji ladies will throw down in the end....................no clue of the CW/SD, and I KNOW CB will be wimpy as she always is. Papa's Punch(Goji X Sugar Punch) being readied for a small screen. Soon as Mom's finish, they will get that screen. They are going to be big by then, well, not BIG, but much larger than the Mom's that are in the screen now. From the looks of plants, she will be a STRONG grower, and have no issues filling a screen. Still say there will be a winner in this batch!!! Thanks much Papalag!!! Peace, Jet
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    Hi all OG’s the clones are in flower about 4 weeks from flip here’s a few pics of the micro grow
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    Update to Mother Funker... Yielded like a mofo. Dense rock hard nugs, maybe hardest non giving to a squeeze bud I've ever seen. I know this one is gonna goo up some grinders lol...
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    Papa's Punch doing outstanding. Have 2 different pheno's of it for sure. The "Tuck" is getting serious on my big screen now, such a mess when they are all "under"......thye went 2 days since last tuck
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    in 2 days this girl shall meet the guillotine. lovely Lemon G-13, caused by the use of my Green manalishi G male, Green manalishi F3 will have even more growth power, structure, lemon taste and effect. JUST WAIT!.lol Stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    My Mother Funker Mother Firefly (Psychosis x Huck Kush) x Cluster Funk by Bodhi...
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    Flower 55 Aroma is amazing Crystal Candy Sweet Cheese
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    I’ll try to post some pictures on Monday or Tuesday but the ladies are in beast mode and exploding across the net they pushed it he net upwards in the last couple of days glade I flipped when I did
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    slowly the weather is getting better .. no 2 degrees celsius at night more. I will start with 2 Seeds Zkittle more.. is better, i want a perfect start. The plants are only outside.
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    Silverfields for the win!!!
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    Hi all In the octopod room it’s now 6 days from the flip and the ladies are beefing up min the group shot the shiva dawg is filling in much faster then the sugar punch on the left side of the net the sugar punch in the back left has an major cluster of bud sights it’s getting thick in there I may just thin out some of the little popcorn ones but that position on the net I can’t ever get to , too far to reach and to old to try their now trying to push their way up and their taking the screen with them i think I’ll let the water level drop is the rez a bit so when they start to bud I’ll switch to the Texas tomato food the rez in the octopots are all on level 2 . The urban farms vegetable food is a must have ,I see no signs of any deficiencies at all Ok now for my micro grow it seems to be moving right along the group shot is at week 4.5 of flower i also have a few shots of the pollenated buds and we have seeds a makin and last but not least are the moms the room were the moms is under attach once more by thrips I thought I killed them off and it’s been months but I will win I first will attach with sprays of nuclear origin, if that don’t work a small explosive charge , then finally fire fire and more fire unfortunately I may have to find a new home but they will die hahahahaahahahahahah
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    This is an ad basically for a companies product. But thought some would be interested in the chart.
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    This morning i was cleaning and preparing my grow-room and when i went downstairs i was shocked to see the following: How the hell can my grow-net be on the living-room floor? I am here all by freaking self and i know i didn't put it there! Do i have uninvited company again? Or is my house haunted? A little later i realized it was non of the above .... My cat Wifi dragged the net downstairs! I just had to share it with you all, the others just wouldn't understand!
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    HAHAHAH awesome interstellar gathering is causing true madness! in BlueShaze XL i need to look out!!! so i don't bring back to much interstellar vibes causing the logical world to collapse hahahaha.lol incredible stuff and i am just getting started getting fully dialed in to retrieve the best of the best.Just wait!.... accompanied by the other selected clones for the re-test: Shaze x aj #1,#2,#3, GG4 x aj, Mexican haze x aj pfffff jaw dropping stuff!!!!! Stay safe and FLY HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Well, after one of the tightest winters I ever spent, money wise, I had a couple of pretty nice days on the cannabis front. A couple of days ago I got a couple of packs of Bodhi f2 preservations seeds, Dragon's Blood Hashplant and Jungle Spice f2s. And another friend sent me some Bokking 14 Comfrey to get started in my yard and garden system. He also sent some super CBD seeds, the (Cherry Wine x Otto) s1, 10:1, 20%+ CBD & 3% or less THC. And in addition to a couple of others, a cross of Thai x Stardawg.... going into a pot tomorrow. heh Then another friend comes by tonight and gave me all of the rest of the mexican landrace seeds he shared with me last year, along with the old Panama Red seeds. He says he doesn't think he'll get around to growing them. woot! He tried one mexi landrace and said it grew super lanky but it smelled skunky and you could smell it from all over the place outside on his property. he lives in the mountains and in no way a good place to grow sativa outside. So.... fun adventures to come. He also is hooking me up with a fellow grower who is getting out of indoor growing for his new family and is willing to lend out or partner up with his equipment. It will fit right into my new plan to grow produce and edible and medical mushrooms downstairs as well as a large cannabis test center...heh. I have a few people willing to be involved in the labor and possibly the grow operation and one who wants to partner money wise. Man. I'm excited now. Things are starting to look very possible! I needed that sort of treat atm. Good timing. Just felt like sharing! peace
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    The end of an era tonight...............................going to be SAD!!! Sending the show out with a face melting combo joint, should do the 3 of us in that will be watching. 8 gram big joint, 2 grams of 3 diff Bud, 2g's of bubble mixed through it. Bye Bye G.O.T. Thank goodness for Gomorra ...................... Hamme.....................POS Ciro killed Don Pietro, then Rhino Boy sets him upon Malamore who he also kills. That wife killing, child beating, shark hearted SOB needs to fucking DIE!!!!
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    Hello there growers and smokers, Time for some outdoor Atomic Jam
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    I love the Mexican people and I love their character and work ethic. I've worked with so many through the years, people who came here to work hard. 99% of the people I ever encountered were AAA character. They always invite you to eat with them, even at lunch where they usually prepare their tacos and burritos fresh every day under a tree right on the job site. Lovely people. I'm like you in that way, Toker. I judge a person by his character, not what I'm told to see. I hate racism and bigotry. There is no place for it, ever. peace
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    Mine have done the same thing, pushing on the net, hard enough to bow in my pvc pipes.....................lol! I think a full screen of Sugar Punch is going to be a sight to behold..................cannot wait!!!!!!!
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    I learned a lot from skunk pharmacy over the years I became disabled at a fairly young adult age, and was on the pharmie med bandwagon for many years. Just kept getting sicker, so started to dabble in herbs and the like, a decade ago I started to get more serious, dumped most all pharmie meds and went to cannabis and naturals. I study up for patients now, so kind of on hunt for info most days. I have a lot to learn, but sure have learned a lot that has improved my health and others as well. Spread the knowledge, it will make the world a healthier place.
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    Lost in Space nice n ready for a sample. .. Apollo 13 x Blue Moon Rocks
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    Yes but they so short... I have to harvest something xD one of them is smelling like candy All seeds I have found yet werent fully matured... a lot of green seeds and some brownish soft seeds mazar is really good smoke... orange tangerine chemical tang smooth head creative while quite relaxing on the body
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    That smoke will make you forget where you live True story
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    Lost in Space Apollo 13 x Blue Moon Rocks
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    ........ Stay safe and fly FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    I had to pull out the seeds to see what I have and what I need...ok, what I want. Man, I sure hope I live long enough to grow them all. Also have a bag of seeds to share in the shop for freebies. I will get them in the air on Monday. I haven’t even flipped the ones in the room and I’m already wanting to start more seeds....I think I need an intervention.
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    Definitely hit me up, I have a bunch of blueberry stuff
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    THAT WAS EXACTLY how my Goji MONSTER looked before she exploded and took over the room. LOOK AT THAT THING!!!! NOW you KNOW why it appeared to be doing nothing above, she was, she was busy below. NOW below is all set...............................hang the fuck on...........................That is a beautiful sight there man! That plant could be a true monster if you want it to be. Veg her much longer, whether you want one or not, your going to have a beast. The Octo's may be a few weeks time slower on the front end, but as your going to see shortly, they will more than make up for it with vigor, health , and production on the back side of the slope. My Goji that went WILD looked close to that. She was a bit wider I would say, but all in all very close structure wise to this plant of yours. I think I let her get 20 inches before the flip. It went insane(good root to the rez, like yours has) and ended up taking a whole Gavita DE light for herself, sucked 4 plus gallons per day from the rez in full on bloom week 8 or so. You let that thing go much longer, you will SEE what I am talking about. She finished at like 7 feet tall, 7 feet wide, and was stupid yielding. What is she, like 14 inches???????? Turned right now, she will need more room then she has in that pic on 2 sides. Sorry I reco them and they aint working for ya...........................................
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    In all walks of life you have asswipes But the mexican folks impress me I paid a man 20 bucks to cut my grass He did a great job . It took him 15 mins and i payed him well because i want him to return. Anyway i paid him 20 bucks in advance for this week sorta as a test Of most folks around here the mexicans i relate to the most. They have not forsaken their culture. They have a lot of pride and work hard No bitching Folks told me i was crazy But i know how mexicans think The good folks like most of them are. For him to fuck me over would be a disgrace to himself. They dont readily disgrace themself as other folks around here do. Anyway i was right , he returned and did my lawn On a handshake..... Man thats my way The old way The right way
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    Hi @dieseldog381 I have silverfields and it always gets pushed out as dose shakzella not any more I do believe I need to finally run that one I’ve been hearing a lot about those @JetDro I just started hanging on to moms I think I’ll keep anything new around till it is either bested or doesn’t have the right qualities I have limited space so I can’t keep many or too big
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    that sucks indeed!! i´m realy hope,the girl is a true girl !! did you clone all 3 Sulta´s? is this the only one with hairy balls?
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    Here are a few pics of the boy clones, the Sultana has balls and pistils. The RB is the 2nd pic.
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    T5 still impresses! Goo factor is as good as any light I have run over plants, at this stage. Buds are setting up nice, if they get big it is going to get crowed in here. The DAMN Cloud Watcher x Star Dawg looks frosty, smells great, and is already getting frosted.................................WHY the same plant in my big screen looks like crap is beyond me. Maybe this Mom looked like shit in veg too, cannot remember. Barrie84's Boudica smells of Orange rinds Someone in there stinks of gas/fuel...............not sure who 3 Goji's, all from seed, look to be identical, cannot tell them apart. 6 weeks to go, looks like the T5's are going to pull it off. Be cool to pull off a LB from Mom screen, BUT, that would be gram/watt, do not believe the T5's can swing anywhere near that number. Thinking anything over 8 ounces will be ok...............had I not trained these Mom's, and just let them go on their own, at their small size and small pot when turned, they would have been 1 oz dried plants. So if the yield is that or better, Im happy. Actually I am happy anyways...............there is NO crap I will have to trim, nothing below the net, everything above the net is nice. Will be a delight to trim this run Peace, Jet
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