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    Grüne Hessin before chop. Warlock x Jack Flash. Drying now. Intimidated by the extreme haze smell..... oh oh Two sisters cuddling.... So much bud it didnt know where to grow...
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    Hi indy Nl5 x atf f 1 . Frosty and colorful Closeup
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    Silverfields "Green Pheno 78" hanging out with his mommas sister "Purple Pheno 84" Delicious berry influenced haze with a comfortable stone.
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    Not sure maybe dry 1/4 oz I did it for shits and giggles and just to see what they may be like the clones will find their way into the Octopots in 2 weeks when it finishes up I’m going to re use the old soil ( last grows soil in garage safe ) hope all goes well can’t get out so this little project is fun keeps me busy going to start veggies soon for the garden hopefully need to order seeds for some here’s the flowering tent
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    And now the Peyote Pancake girls. The two of them are relatively short, especially next to their sativa dom tentmates. The shorter one is branchy. The taller might not have produced a clonable branch without being topped. And now the Miss U Jack sisters. One of them is well behaved. Here's plant A, or Little Miss Well-Behaved: Plants B, C and D seem similar, but C especially looks like trouble. I may see about enrolling her in UConn's women's basketball program.
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    maphial's aka. santasmoke chocolate diesel is good smoke the line i used descends from the one that made the glue (hence my cross to gg#4 = choco d bx). the CD-crosses i made turned out great too, but with too many males. i made a triangle kush x choco diesel (50% of what made the glue and 50% of what made the cookies). this one i have just f2'd using a tk-dom male and the 'zartbitter' clone that i have been growing for two years now. gonna test them soon and use males from that to the tk (and others too). this is gonna be fun! gg#4 bx is also almost done, BUT next up for me is more eskobar-repros. i need to check what i have ... maybe i can do a little list and you guys pick the next line? anyone up for that?
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    There’s some pretty colors in there I really like the new feeding schedule seems to work well for me still figuring things out
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    I meant to say DCC, or Derg Corra Collective :D that beauty above can be compared to this, what I'll call the other, more common expression of the Chocolate Diesel F2 I have two like this, both about 1.5m tall. The bud structure on these is more Diesel, compared to the one on the previous post. All three of these plants have a pungent lemon-fuel aroma. Very nice!
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    Howdy folks! Frankly i am growing sorta hydro style on soil, but since hydro technically ain't soil i'll post my current grow here. Yesterday i planted twelve Amnesia Haze cuts into 18 liter pots with light mix. This is how they look after twenty-four hours of 600 watts. I gave each plant about three liters water containing GHE pH minus powder (pH 5.5) Floranova grow (Ec 1.4) and Fulvic Acid 2 ml/ 1 l. It's my first time using Fulvic Acid and i am curious to see if it's all that it's cracked up to be. Also it's my debut adjusting the pH first and then the Ec. After watering severe i added mason sand to the top layer, which is a preventive method against any pest that accidentally came with the soil. I checked every plant with a magnifying glass and treated them several times against spider-mites that were on them. Then i flushed them with water and checked them again. I repeated thus process again a few days later until i couldn't find a single spider-mite. So, fingers crossed!
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    Leg quarters are not my favorite Still much can be done Im making soup out of some to. I grabbed 50 lbs a month ago lol
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    fuckin' miss you guys - being a dad and working full time takes 25 hrs a day!
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    Bloom 12 The glueberry had to go out because she had herms.. happened too often lately with me. I left an Orange Punch (# 4) outside the Box for a few days, she just came in and started to bloom now, but she will take a little longer than the others, they look very strong and good! #1 #2 #3 #4
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    Its beautiful Im drinking lol I got choirs done and honestly is so nice i just decided to call it and get my relax on Prolly bbq chicken soon. Let yall in a little closer Hell the worlds on fire and what we do im sure Few care now so fuck it. I am truly grateful for where i live But i never was a snot nose Snot nose see this and not know what to do. If i were 20 years younger me and my shovel A few cows and chickens Land that has no fucking forever tax on it Oh hell i never need anything i could not bater for. Embrace this simple shit I know it sounds dumb I always been poor so the simple stuff kept Me going instead of crawling. 20200403_153135.mp4 20200403_153308.mp4
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    My new patients are having good results, they are both losing weight, which they wanted too. I am going to try something new and give caps with turmeric and black pepper, boswellia acid, and ginger, to sub out for ibuprofen. I know the CBD tincture I make with these in it works quite well, but with cannabis being expensive, want to bump up anti inflammatory properties with the other herbs., that way able to use more, without added expense of cannabis. I'll let you know if it works.
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    Five days later, this is how they look. Some are nice and other could have been bigger. Luckily there still is room for improvement otherwise growing might bore me. I am happy that i am finally switching to led during my next round. Remember her? TIme flies brothers and sisters! Peace out and see you soon!
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    I wish. The harvest was very rushed and hurried. I had planned to chop the plants and hang them with leaves and all in the scrog net. But it was taking too much time, time which I didn't have. An executive decision was taken on a novel drying method: The pipes were drained, reservoirs emptied, pumps turned off, lights off. Without any water like that, the plants die in a few hours. This is novel only because, normally, you'd like to clean the pipes and put the next batch of clones in. But I don't know when that kind of commitment will be possible from my side. They will sit there for the next 10 days or so as they dry. Didn't get many pics, due to the rush I was in. Police routinely check these industrial estates to ensure that there is no activity during lockdown period. If they see air conditioning running, they ask to open the site to make sure nobody is working inside. We have an arrangement with them but it's still not good to be the only warehouse with running air conditioners. Draws attention. The critical jack #7 before crop: Closer: She had another 2 weeks to go, easy. If I had given her another 2 weeks, I would have seen magic. Even my winning amnesia wasn't quite done. Another week or so, she had. But I'll definitely run this amnesia (#8) and the critical jack #7 again. I will also rerun amnesia #5: Closer: everythjng is looking very wonky as I was unable to visit for about 6-7 days. the critical plus row was unaffected as they were at that stage where they weren't drinking much apart from water. I saw the root health, not very happy with how this turned out. I think I will get rid of the pipes and just use multiple 200L plastic tanks fed by a central master tank with nutes controlled by the intelligrow controller. I think if done right I should only have to empty the reservoir once or twice throughout the cycle. It will be totally 6000 - 7200L of water. The other option is to build metal tables with maybe a foot of wall at the sides, making the top of the table essentially a big tank. Line it with pond liner, set up a feed and drain pipe, and I should be good to go. Could also just have it welded directly to the scrog structure I have already and I'm in business. However, at a 30cm wall height, each "table" would be 30cm x 140cm x 730 cm in volume - upwards of 2000 litres per row and 12000 for the full room. That's too much, I think. So will probably go ahead with the tanks. Best vibes at bad times El chupa
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    I don't say that lightly but it is what it is. I wish health and peace to all Anyway one way or another shit must go on right? 2 auto NL by Pyramid and a Cindy in veg Then a cindy in a 10 and 5 and a 2l with a cherry bomb. The other 10 has mindlesss Sugar PunchxMapleleaf indica. Hope boy girl but we see. 3 more cindys in tent on 12/12 Cindy clones lol And a shitload of tomatoes and peppers For garden. Soil is fairly rich. Remember The show Must go on.
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    Hi guys was wondering if anyone knew anything about these guys or the beans
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    i had very few ladies in my grows. the one i kept has a dark-sweet choco/og/cookies- kinda smell and taste and takes around 9we (i call her 'zartbitter'). hopefully you can enjoy a lady same as nice from these, brother. sam is a true gem for sharing with you. choco kush f2's will be tamed, because the trait is not dominant. next generation will have a balanced ratio of expressing genders. this one i will use to find a male for my little tk bx-onthesideproject.
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    Flipped to 12/12 yesterday, 3/28/2020. For the massive number of girls in a 5' x 5' tent, this is going to be a mess. I am going to have to go medieval to keep some of the sativa doms from taking over. All the Miss U Jacks, the Lemon Bubba and one of the Blueberry Quintessas will be trouble. But that's for another day. For now, here are @smilestyle's Lemon Thai F3 plants. The first is a little bushy one that had a severe iron or other micronutrient deficiency, the second is the crazy-leaf pheno, , the third is the "normal" pheno, that looks like… a pot plant. I believe the one with the deficiency (symptoms not very visible here, it's an iPhone camera) is also a "crazy leaf." These three are the Blueberry Quintessa girls. The one on the right was getting way too tall in the seedling tent, so was topped weeks ago. BTW, ALL were topped. The other two are "well behaved," as sativas go. I'm going to have to run in a minute, but this last one is my only female Lemon Bubba, from @santero's breeding experiments. She is one tall, strong lady who definitely wants to flirt with the light. I'll post the Pineapple Fields, Peyote Pancakes and Miss U Jacks later. Stay high, healthy and 6 feet (2 meters) away from all other human beings! Bye now.
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    Happy hump day to all. Back with an update on a sunny day at the beach. Time to start on the next run. After looking through the seed stash I decided to start some Kali Snapple x Super Silver Haze, all three have sprouted and looking good. I also dropped the last 2 Holy Princess freebie seeds I had. I had dropped 3 of them last year but the never sprouted. Sadly the same happened with these. Really bummed to miss out on that one. Anybody else have issues sprouting them? I also sprouted 1 Phuuu's IPA fem, time to make more medicine. Just above the seedlings I still have PHK #3 vegging. She ready to go to 12's but I am waiting until the elder Truck girl comes out in a few days. In the flower room Truck #1.2 is going on 10 weeks in 12's and her little big sister is 7 weeks in. The older PHK is @ 45 days and the younger one is @ 33 days. Smelling pretty good in there right now. Purple Hindu Kush #1.1 @ 33 days PHK # 2.1 @ 45 days Truck #1.1 @49 days Truck #1.2 @ 65 days Be sure to check out the post just before this one if you would like an Arizer Solo vape for the cost of shipping it to you. Great little vape that needs a good home.
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    Finally found some fricking beans, Yeah!!!
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    Northern Lights/Rainmaker Day 7 Bloom 84.2F 48% RH 380 PPM Some minor stretch from both strains is about what I expected. NL has some very tight internode spacing which should make for some very dense buds. Rainmaker is definitely a more leggy strain which will definitely require a net. Not very eventful in the first week which is fine by me.
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    Agreed, and sadly, I believe the US is in the lead... Hard to tell right now. The race is a heated one between China, Russia, and us....
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    There hasn't been much truth-telling by any of the governments.
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    Plan for the worst hope for the best Since i dont have shit to do the garden Is a biggie I suggest everyone does one. It takes you away lol So i 300 lettuce plants in and just planted 100 onion plants, red and whites. I have 100 yukon white potato plants im fixing to get in. Garlic as well today. I have my herbs ready Basil parsley oregano lemon thyme I have started a lemon tree and im getting ginger root. I have corn squash watermelons tomtoes and peppers to get in to as well as raddish and carrots. Sheesh Tasty looking summer. I show it soon when there is something to see. Im hoping i can catch the farmer and get him to turn over a half acer for me.
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    Hay Indy I just had to tell you I tried a tester bud damn skippy I just found the cure for this virus it nl5 x atf shit nearly killed me lol this ones a winner big time peace bro
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    Santero, A little list of eskobar-repros would really give a lot of us something to look forward to.
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    Here are the other pigs in veg still. 2 WT”s & 3 CB’s took single shots of 4 and 5th I forgot . Veg area is full. I’m considering setting up the tent and put the 600 in use that way . if so that would save me time, no need to wait for others to get done. Really need some buds, especially because of the pandemic unknowns. Got to figure it out ASAP because of timing.
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    FYI = be very careful who you order products from these days especially sites geared to growers. i got a refund on the cordeset i thought i was going in response to sending me a socket w/cord set that was not even possible;le to use based on plug configuration that was/is totally different making it unusable. i told her that that's not how you do business. you do not send or substitute a product without contacting the customer period. not to mention the fact that Tristan lied in her response. how the fuck do u offer a replacement for a product with a product that won't work. and it's obvious that it will not. smdh i wish i could hear her say it to my face so i could slap her as son as the lie had stopped. I ALSO wrote back and TOLD THAT HUZZY THAT SHE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO APOLOGIZE . FYI = TODAY THE COMPANY HAS A NOTE = WHICH STARTS WITH A LIE. THEY DON'T VALUE CUSTOMERS BECAUSE F THEY DID THEY NEVER WOULD HAVE DEALT WITH ME ;LIKE THEY DID AND NEVER APOLOGIZE ONCE FOR DOING WHAT THEY NEVER SHOULD HAVE DONE IN THE 1ST. DAMN PLACE. never deal with this company if they come back. fuk em A message to our valued customers After careful thought and deliberation in the face of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, and in what we believe is in the best interest of our employees and local communities, NationalHydroGroup.com has suspend operations until further notice. All open orders will process as normal. We will work directly with our customers and will provide refunds to those who have open orders if they would prefer. Our phones are currently unavailable but you can email us at support@nwgsupply.com or use the icon in the lower right corner to submit your inquiry. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this short notice will undoubtedly create. We look forward to welcoming you back as circumstances improve, NationalHydroGroup.com on (National Hydro Group) Mar 30, 10:37 AM PDT Business hours are only during the week Mon-Fri and currently on limited access with the Coronavirus pandemic. If that will not work we will get over a return label, as that is the replacement piece that our site offers for that Vertical Cordset ordered. Trystan Customer Support xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I WOULD ALSO BE CAREFUL ON SENDING MONEY TO BUY THINGS WITHOUT CHECKING AHEAD TO SEE IF THE COMPANY IS FUNCTIONING AND IT'S PLANS TO OPERATE OR NOT IN THIS PANDEMIC. THINK OF WHAT will occur if you need to sue a company now. might be good to check paypal to see how they will operate as well. Post office = i don't want to go to the post office. i'll explore having postal items sent to me and then hand it off to the mail carrier to mail if need be. Budget and spending now has to be restricted now. no i didn't buy the seeds i just saw pop up even though i wanted them. playing for seeds now in my situation makes no SINSE literally lol. i've got to make sure whatever essentials i need i can pay for if i can get them. have to get ahead more with dog food/cat food as well cause u never know. i usually stay ahead by a bag for both. i'll be making grocery lists based on cheap long term items to include food stuffs i don't eat a lot of like Pasta, cheap canned meats, have some now but will go back to the slightly higher treet which is like spam but not as good. dollar store had gnocchi and grabbed 3 for a $1 each. = 2 meals for ea. package or enough for 4 sides. black folks don't know wtf that is usually so i was happy to see them. 8PM QUARANTINE IN EFFECT , SO LET ME GO TO THE DOLLAR STORE AND SEE WHAT THEY HAVE NOW. SEE YALL.
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    I LOVE my MV1 — and it's about half the price it used to be, just last year. Also, you can get incredible hits off wax with it, though I'm not big into extracts. I have a Volcano as well, but I never take it out anymore. With social distancing, it's pretty much my wife and I now, with an occasional brother thrown in. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.
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    Yesterday the weather was beautiful. I sat outside and enjoyed all of the work I was able to accomplish. 16 plants grown together in four pots. The plants with the white plastic 'horseshoes' at the base are the females. Most of the males were cut away. By day 42 none of these was showing pre-flowers. So i put them in a dark closet for four nights. Now, these four are all confirmed females. The two plants in the pot on the right are Harlequin x "Strawberry Backcross". The plants in the middle and on the left are Critical. After potting them up: This other pot has four plants. One is a confirmed female. The others are still not showing any pre-flowers. So, i decided to just pot up the entire root ball and hope that they are female. They haven't shown male parts yet. If there is one in there, i can live with cutting it out. (All Harlequin x "Strawberry Backcross") Strong root system. After: And then, after tying down the stems. They will need a week, at least, to establish their roots.
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    When I saw it stays on your shoes up to 5 days, all patients forewarned, curb side service here, ran some out to a patient yesterday. Everyone can come in their jammies if they want, they don't have to get out of the car lol I Had to pay for and preorder soil, they are going to do curbside Pick up tomorrow.
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    OMG! So far, my favorite dispensary has stayed open. It's all online or call-ahead ordering, and they bring it out to your car. Too bad their parking lot is gravel. We could put skates on them.
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    I am experimenting with air-layering this spring. Trying to get some rhododendrons from my neighbors, and doing a regular layering and an air-layering experiment with my Forsythia. Also trying to air-layer a schefflera I have indoors. We'll see if I was successful at removing that so-called "cambium" layer. Got some rooting hormone gel from Element Nutrients in WA. I hope it wasn't contaminated with COVID-19! EDIT: Hmm, this was the 80,000th post in this sub-forum. Woooo! I'll see myself out, now.
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    I posted a link to an article before from a magazine, Maximum Yield, that was about pot being the next super food. It’s packed with everything. The flowers are supposed to be the best part.
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    @baqualin — The lizard lights? Yeah, you can't burn the plants with those. You can put them just an inch or two away without problems. I used the 10% without issues. It's the t-5 HO UVBs that can burn the fuck out of your plants. And now for the Pineapple Fields. It seems like I have a decent spread of phenos. I'm hoping for at least one pheno A and one pheno B, which is the roadkill skunk pheno. It doesn't seem like I have a pheno D this time, which is OK by me, as its effects were of the slow, dreamy sort, which isn't what I'm looking for. Anyway, here's 5 of the six. As a dedicated stoner, it didn't occur to me until after cloning almost all of them that I had six PF girls. plant A Plant B Plant C Plant D Plant E Plant F — this is one of the plants that got over-fertilized early on. The yellow leaves are now removed. If any of these phenos look familiar to anyone who has grown PF, by all means, toss in your opinion of what they might be. When I know my clones have made it, I'll be removing all the lower branches and growing points. There will be about enough room this time around for each plant to give me a few top buds. No point in letting it go to give me a billion, fluffy popcorn buds.
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    Happy isolation Sunday. Camera play. Well, it's almost harvest day for Jilly Bean, the pictures don't do her justice, she's finishing amazing. This is 9 weeks, 2 days, and I'll let her sit in the dark for a few days before chop. The scents are intoxicating yield looks like it's going to be great, nice colors on the short one. Mother's Finest is now in my flower closet as of this morning, at 6 weeks flower, really needed to move them into the sealed room, as they are starting to stink. A lot fruitier than I remember. MF's trademark was always golf ball shaped nugs, which I tried to get some pics of. Due to having more time before I shut down for the summer, I thought, what the hell, let's run out 20 ten year old Lowryder 2 seeds. Still got 75% germination. I just always liked the high on the Lowryders, good Brazilian sativa buzz, and sweet burnt rubber scent. Ahhh, the old days. Peace and health to you and yours.
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    @sunstone Thanks man and welcome to OG. @oldschoolsg Thanks.Here's a few more pics of the Truck. Gonna chop her tomorrow.
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    Check it out, I get a mention in the intro. Check out the fourth video, it's the first in the series with the intro. https://www.instagram.com/octopot_growsystems/?hl=en
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    Nope, that’s one I never heard of, it’s getting tough anymore with everybody and his brother selling seed.
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    Hi bro she’s a beauty that’s jets holy grail kush x GoJi Go stinky too
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    Ok here’s a few pics clones getting ready for the Octopots and a solo cup of the same clone at 6 or 7 weeks into flower gives me a little insight on what they should be like This was a fun project I’ll do it next time but will collect pollen on a fee Male’s and do a seed run
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    The "crazy leaf" pheno is new to me and I never had the micronutrient problem. But I had a Nitrogen defiency in my first grow. In my later Lemon Thai grows, I started earlier with "bloom" nutrients to avoid that and it worked. The leaves turned yellow either but slower and later. All your plants are looking healthy. Good luck with your "mess". smile
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    After much deliberation I bought myself a new portable vape last week. I went with the Ghost MV1 Stealth Edition and after a few days use I am pretty pleased with it. It gives good vapor consistently and I love the crucible system for loading it. It's a tad on the heavy side but otherwise I like everything about it and look forward to being able to take it out and about. My old portable vape was OK but was not very convenient to pack around. It does give pretty good vapor but it is a radiant heat type so you have to give it a little time to heat up. The old vape, a Arizer Solo is less than 3 years old and still works well. I hate to let it sit in a drawer and go to waste. So anyone of you OpenGrow peeps in the U.S. who is interested can have it for the price of postage. They are still being made and parts are readily available for them. Here's a look at the one I have. If this looks like something you can use just let me know. I've got it all boxed up and ready to go. It weighs just under 1.5 pounds so you can see what the postage would be from 98631. I'll do up a review on the Ghost MV1 in the near future.
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