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    BTW — quick update on the two girls I grew: I chopped one at about 9.5 weeks, the other at about 10+. The one chopped earlier was neither here nor there. The second one lives up to Koma's claims. I have not sent a sample to a lab, because this was my smaller plant in a 3 gallon container, stuffed into a 5 x 5 with 18 other girls. I just won't spare any for destruction in a lab, at this time. I would guess it's at least 25% THC cannabinoids, based on the stuff I've tried recently with lab data, but that's just a guess. The buzz is pure body for me. No cerebral effects. When smoked at night, it's lights out. If I wake up at 3 AM and can't get back to sleep, it does the job with one hit. If I wake up at 4 AM and do a hit, I'll still be quite stoned when the alarm goes off at 6 AM. I can't do that anymore. It can be a decent producer if given a larger container. The one in the 5 gallon container produced about 3x as much as the one in the 3 gallon. As luck would have it, the one in the smaller container was the keeper. It produces colas full of buds. I'll do a smoke report eventually, but it might go like this: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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    Not so lucky this time lemon kush project seed @douglasfurtrapper Turned out to be a hermi (on the left, right is silverfields) and in the small tent a nice smelling sanfune f2 male(back left) @santero and also in small tent 2 huckleberry kush f2 male @BeachBud take it easy guys!
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    A week later this is how they look. So far i haven't watered the seedlings since i planted them. The tensiometer read 110 mbar meaning they won't get any water yet. I'll let it run up some more. The day before yesterday my buddy cranked up the dimmer a little bit so the lamp is now the equivalent of a 1000 watts hps like i wanted . And that's all the news!
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    Hello OG!! The world is lightening up a little and not so paranoid... Starting a new journal for 2020. I started with Sannie and Dynasty in 2013 and joined OG in 2014. I got some Casey Jones X Green Manalishi freebies in 2014. I crossed the CJGM with Huckleberry Kush from professor P. still growing out the seeds today and all are amazing. Strong berry, pepper, skunk, fruits and gas. haven’t posted or commented a lot—but I’ve really appreciated everyone’s grows and journals. organic no-till —same soil for 5+ years top dressing and adding as needed. Lots of worm compost and crab shells. Water and sometimes malted barley powder, kelp meal, alafafa, or coconut Pics are 6 weeks CJGM x HK crosses: CJGM x HK = DayDream = DD#5 Pic 1: DD#5 x Cookies&Cream (Exotix) Pic 2: Tahoe kush x banana OG Pic 3-4: DD#5 x CaliO Skunk
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    entering the final weeks of flowering approx 50 days flowering right now. #1 #2 Stay safe and fly HIGH
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    My indoor plants are almost finished, just two Killer Cookies X GSC left to go. Each takes after a different parent plant. All the others are drying.
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    Hello guys! quick update. the plants grow mighty fine. "satt grün und glücklich" as we say around here. all three are growing vigorously. I'm pleased by all of them and expect some nice flowers. I switched on Sunday so we are at flowering day #2 today. the ccb male is in full flowering mode under a window, I collected some pollen today and will continue for the next days. when I have enough and before the girls start growing flowers he will be transformed in a nice tea. the first cuttings to root were the acb. ccb will show roots within the next few days. the silverfields x headcandy I replaced with an autoflowering cbd plant. I never grew autos indoors so I thought "why not ?" I'm looking forward what she'll show me. the headcandy get their chance at another spot.
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    Yesterday I watered the plants severe. This time by holding the pots with the bottom into the water (pH 5.5 and Ec 1.3) until the medium was fully saturated. And this is how the plants look today. The plant in the middle right looks a little awkward. Never seen this before, at least not to my recollection. Than again, i never seen a ufo in my grow-room neither, but does that prove anything?
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    So, it´s the very last grow report from you? That´sad. I hope you change a lot in your grow room. It´s the best chance to see more "last" reports from you. smile
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    My friend gave me some of his purple peanut butter breath maybe. Looks good. I was impressed by the amount of tricombs on the bottom of the bud.
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    after shaving acb; ccb #3; ccb #2; silverfields x headcandy
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    Back to the future Haze F2#1 a (true sandalwood HAZE madness) and Back to the future Haze F2 #2 the (Molokai/Hawaiian dominant one) fly Stay greetz and HIGH SAFE
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    Thanks @MiNdLesS Pic 1: this grow was started from 12/12 at 3 weeks from seed all CJGMx HK crosses Pic 2-3: 2-3 weeks 12/12 4 weeks Clones: Lemon Chiesel GG s1 Snow Cone (Tahoe x banana OG) and new seeds: space monkey (3 sprouted) cherry vanilla cookies x platinum huckleberry kush (4 sprouted)
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    Trying a new thing (for me) this year, netting. Hopefully It will hold things up so I don't have to do so much string tying.
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    Ok, these are just so so pics Ijs.
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    Today we go to one of the many orchards surrounding us, to pick raspberries today, some red's, but mostly black raspberries! $2.99 a pound. We have not have decent raspberries in ages. A nice place well back off the beaten path. We stopped in last week, to see if some were ready. They could be picked, but seemed very small to us, and when talking to the orchard workers, they suggested this week the fruits would be better. We got some decent rain, a few days go, so that should plump them. There are SO many small farms, in our area, we really do not buy vegetables in the stores much. I found a small scale, butcher shop, riding away from town, up in the hills. It's been there since the late 1800's. I get there early in the morning, open with no one there. A nice once a month visit, tops off the beef we get from a local farmer. Got some new beans a cracking, got some delicious buds packed away, everyone is happy and healthy, in our world. All I can do is wish the best to all of you, however you feel about todays health score card. Party On!
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    Thank you smilestyle! And you are right! I am currently updating my last grow report and my first with led here so be welcome to check it out and perhaps it makes you smile!
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    Too much is politically driven, during something as harsh as this, we need the truth, not politics. Once again, folks like me can not pretend this is going to go away, and I will wear a mask. The proof is in the pudding, those countries who did not allow folks to enter establishments without temp checks, and quick fact-checking symptoms, social distancing, Wearing MASKS< had stopped the spread in other countries. I will Wear A Mask. We need the truth since half Americans will not wear a mask, I don't dare go out, others are in the same boat as me. Do the right thing, wear a mask, if not for yourself, for your loved ones, you could bring it home to them.
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    A final update concerning the two remaining Amnesia Haze plants. Yesterday i harvested them both. But it was such a disappointment that i decided to make hash from it when it's dry. It wasn't even worth the trouble of trimming. Failure is also part of growing. You win some, you lose some. Twelve worked much better for me, so that's where i'm back to. Today, the ninth of July 2020 i planted twelve fresh Amnesia Haze cuts, that i am going to grow the same way as shown in this topic. After this round i will switch to led in this grow-room too. So, no need for a topic since it would be more of the same.
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    it's great to read you (also) want to use/enjoy the "sanfune". the SF usually brings in very lovely strawberry smells/tastes and reliably shortens the flowering times quite dramatically. (other seedsmakers also use SF to boost their strawberries.)
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    Hello Friends! time for a little update. the plants look great, adapted very well to the new soil. first I thought it will be a little too hot but as you'll see no signs of overfeeding. today I shaved the ladies and removed everything from the first third of the plants. what i discovered then was a total bummer. one of the three ccb is also a male and got the axe. what to do with the now free space? I took a look in the vault and decided to sow two seeds of silverfields x headcandy. if they sprout they will grow 12/12 from seed. let's see if I'm lucky and maybe get at least one girl. the ccb started to flower and is in full flower mode. he's standing outside of the box just in the room. the acb male doesnt show any signs of flowering. on Monday they will be put in the 3x3 tent. the cuttings are still not rooted but look good. I'm certain they will grow roots soon. group shot: (front left is the male)
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    From some tester beans given out at AFN by La Buena Hierba. These are guerilla grows. This is sub-tropical summer, temps are up to 37C during the day, down to maybe 27C at night. RH down to maybe 50% during the day, up to 75% at night. But have heavy afternoon showers every 3-7 days, each time is 20mm-80mm of rain, very hard. RH will spike up. The rain here is also acidic, due to nearby industry, pH is like 4.8 to 5.7. So the Thai Gold is a very yellow, acidic lockout (until I added dolomite lime), but the Jack had dolomite from the start. They can handle the high heat and heavy rains. Harvested a nice little Jack a few months ago, that sat in flower during the spring rains and high RH of 80%+ with no mold. Thai Gold (Thai Landrace X Guerilla Gold), day 69, flowering day 40 Jack Herer Auto, day 40, flowering day 3
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    Cannabiogen Durban males (3) x oregon kids banana og shes a frosty bitch at 35 days flower
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    You are very wrong! 1.7 million [1.2 million–2.2 million] people became newly infected with HIV in 2019. Now shut the fuck up!
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    So tell me, have you compared the transmission rate of aids and coronavirus? Have you ever heard of a hospital being overrun by aids patients? Has there ever been a world wide shortage of PPE and ventilators because of aids? Do you ever bother to think before you post? You traffic in false narratives and silly conflations that feed your bias and stroke your ego but bear no resemblance to reality. Why do you waste your time in such a way?
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    hey fellow OGers, it's been a while! how are you? after a long time I'm happy to post something on here again. also it seems pretty quiet lately. so my current project is something I wanted to do for at least 2 years now and finally got my lazy ass to begin with. since feminism and tranny stuff is the thing now I decided to go with it. I plan to make males out of females and then let them knock up some sisters (or themself, depends..) some years ago me and a friend made 2 lines of cheeseberry f2s. with the male I had chosen I also did several other crosses. the ones for this project are amnesia x cheeseberry (acb)and chronic x cheeseberry (ccb) the amnesia i chose because..well...its amnesia and should go well with almost every other strain I was gifted some clones by a very generous member on here around 5 years ago (thank you again my man!!!) I was so happy and kept her as a mother for about 4 years. last year i decided to let her go as a huge outdoor plant. i regretted it shortly after...(she did wonderful though even here) the chronic was a very nice plant, structurewise. sturdy, small, fat stem, thick leafs, very good yielding. it was also the only one I had, I can't even remember where the seed was from. the flowers were huge but fluffy, had a nice colour, very little odor. the weed itself was plain, no remarkable smell and taste, the high was a good daytime smoke but nothing special either. but it was the structure and looks that got me. very beautiful. so my idea was that the cheeseberry adds a little density, aroma and vigour. i started 11 ccb and 10 acb. i kept 5 ccb and 4 acb, they are at 10 days veg now and have two litre shoes on. they took of some serious speed in growth and look very good, the vigour part is achieved^^ I fimmed them around 5-6 days ago and pruned them today, noticed the following: both crosses have a similar growth pattern. side branches grow vertical, leafs look very much alike, hight is the same. on one acb and one ccb I found a branch with a triploid growth on the second node. Im kind of excited about that. a friend who got the other plants is kind of a newbie who was interested in making his own seeds and didnt know how. i figured that this would be a nice project to get into all this seedmaking stuff. would be great if he had some triploid too. the next steps are to let them grow some more, take two cuttings of each plant. the ladies go in flower mode while the clones can grow. when the favourite ladies are chosen I will use the cs method to create female seeds of each cross. i'll get up some pics soon. it's easier to do with the laptop than the phone somehow. happy growing!
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    Cookies, pink lemonade, pancakes. You musta been hungry when you ordered these...lol.
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    Think I am gonna pull this Chocolate Marshmallow this week, finally got cloudy. The other three in that room, still clear and white hairs. This one pulling will be 14 weeks! The others it is gonna be 15 or 16. This has been the longest dang grow I have ever done. Beautiful fall colors in there, but can't get in there to take a pic.
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    These little critters come into my bedroom. Especially leaf hoppers. They are fucking attracted to me. I only kill them now cause I don’t want them to migrate to the plants. all these little creatures come and land right on me. Walk around chilling with no fear in complete comfort. Somehow they sense I don’t want to hurt them. I still don’t feel good when I do smdh.
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    Last year i made so many crosses that it turned this into a summer of exploring my own seed stash. Mad Chem x Critical is at 28 days. These buds started to become thick after 3 weeks. I can't wait to try it.
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    28 days Its an absolute fact that cuts are quicker But cuts of cuts are quicker still lol Im wondering if i can push these to 42 days The taller ones tend to self pollinate when i push them and thats the last of the tall cut All my cuts are from the shorter but greasy cut Gooslings are 4 weeks away from processing So they think... Fine im pussying out and all i want is pets and eggs They are so smart and greet me everytime Fuck em Thats my gaggle of geese and no ones fucking with them lol 20200710_083422.mp4
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    beautiful sativa,s plase put me down for a pack! hey cristalin i cant wait to grow out a real sativa legend from early 70,s
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    Thx. I consider it the only one because the broad mites ruined my 1st comeback attempt grrr. And just before this the light leaks hit me hard making herms and tiny micro popcorn. I had never had either of those issues before, so a normal grow was all I wanted to do. I pretty much do KISS grows, nothing fancy . The 3 seedlings are ok except the baddy lol. Yet, it’s still holding on so will let it determine own fate. been putting the fan on oscillate pointed at them more often . some of the buds are weighing down branches but no need for me to hold them up at those stage. the branches won't break so i'm good to go. the last pig that was put with her older sisters is approx. 30" i guess and is frosting up some now. i do want to drop a couple more seeds but hesitant. with that said i'll likely shot glass something idk cause i sure don't want to kill good genetics. i think i'll bomb a hiding place for them just in case the mites live up there. the pig that's just chilling under the shop light looks good still in veg. don't want to transplant her and make her grow. thinking to take 2 cuts off her. rather flower her though because of her nice structure but i can't have it both ways . ijs
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    in my humble opinion y'all need to shut the fuck up about this shit
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    Megafauna #3 @ 75 days and harvest
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    i receved a letter with just 1 pack of romulan &1 nl/romulan wich was od causethose were my main intrest & when the bulk of the order £200~ was confiscated i was a little sus@ first but he is good as his word onelove sunstone
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    Time for a quick update before I chop Megafauna #3 this afternoon. Megafauna #2 was chopped last Wednesday @ the 10 week mark, the Phuuu's IPA was chopped on Thursday. I gave Megafauna #3 a few days more but now is her time. Here's a look at the flower room. And, a look at the vegging IPA clones. The one on the front right I am treating with silver thiosulfate in hopes of making some fems on this pheno. The other 3 IPA clones will get up-potted in a few days and then to 12's in about 10 days. Phuuu's IPA is in my opinion one of the best looking plants structure wise. She is kinda graceful, kinda sexy and always frosty. My kinda girl. OK, on to the star of today's update, Megafauna #3. She is rocking the SSH side of this cross, so much different looking than the #2. I let her go 75 days and she could perhaps go a few more but my schedule says today is the day. Here's some pics before she goes. There you have it. From here on out for a few months it will be an all Phuuu's IPA show. Keep your fingers crossed the silver thiosulfate works and I get a bunch of fem pollen to play with. Stay safe!
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    Hello guys! how are ya? here's an update of my little project. little fits pretty well because I have four plants left. I chose three ccb and one acb. there were at least two more acb but I gave'em to a friend who will have his fun with them. the acb pheno I kept is the most appealing one to me. nice sturdy structure, a pale green colour and a very intensive stem smell. my guess is that it will grow and flower towards the cheesey side of things. all three ccb look quite similar, not much difference. sturdy plants, tight nodes, slower growth than acb. number one has the most intensive stem smell though, quite lemony. here are the girls. acb in the back on the left, next to it ccb #2, front left is ccb #1 and ccb #3 on the right. the two in the front just got uppotted therefor the droopy look. cuttings will be taken today and then they will be lst'ed to get them bushier. i think after around a week to 10 days further growth they will be transferred to the 3x3 flower tent. cuttings should have rooted well by then. i will upload some pics of all plants solo when I transfer them.
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    All this ranting on a weed fourm Fine... But does anyone fucking grow anymore? Lol So moving right along Cindy reload Cindy clones Cindy hangin My shit arrived for other threads Who's got a gaggle of gooslings? Toker does hehe And my welshies are to fucking cute
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    Hey guys! time for an update. the plants are about three weeks old yet and grew very good. they are now ready for taking cuttings. two of each will be taken this evening then they get a defoliation. I think I will put them in their final shoes by the end of the week. they will be flowered in 3 gallon fabric pots in a 3x3 tent under a mars ts2000. if some of you is looking for a lamp I can totally recommend them. i use already two ts1000 for quite some time now and am.more than happy the back row and the middle one are ccb and the rest is acb. I'll add some more pics when the work is done. greetz
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    Be sure to get your hands on this beautiful strain, cause it is a joy to both grow and smoke.
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    I am once again living in interesting times. My outdoor garden is full up, no room at the inn. Everything's in the ground, even the Critical Sours. The rain's been coming down and I've had to tie everything to stakes. I looked outside this morning and everything was flattened again, just tied it up and the next day its all down again, bracing and bandaging, over and over. The forecast is calling for plenty of rain this month. I'm out hunting slugs just about every day. Today I learned slugs don't eat my slug bait. Found a big ten inch monster on the top of my tallest plant this morning, I picked it up, gave it a mean look and launched that thing into space. The indoor plants are in their final stages. The Blue Angel was cut after 45 days of flowering. She came out great, lots of smell, the buds were popping full of developed flowers, some blue hues and sparkle. All in all an impressive yield of fattened buds finished in under 7 weeks. Oh the smell! Starts like blueberry and finishes like grape, I cannot wait to try her out. The Mighty Grape is in her final week or so, the dense little buds look like deflated soccer balls. The grapefruit smell is really coming out now. Looked really shitty a few weeks ago but is much better now, most buds have doubled in size. The flowers themselves are tiny, pistils and flowers less than half the size of all the other plants. She had all the the indicators of a runt didn't end up that way. She was listed as finishing in 40 days but I'm going to put it at closer to 55 to 60 days. I figure the fast flowering OGKZ will be done around the same time. The buds look exactly like HSO's stock photo, not gigantic but dense and so heavy the plant can't possibly support it. Its leaning on everything, they smell like Coffee Crisp. There's something about it I don't like, the buds and the plant structure look very...autoflower. Super buds and all but it looks like a big autoflower. All the Cookie hybrids are distinctly resembling their parent plants now. The ones that were made from the Killer Cookies with the Blimburn GSC have produced two distinct types of offspring. She produced a few short kush plants, slow to develop, very resinous and reeking of OG Kush. They didn't stretch much and have remained that way. The other kind were taller, not by a lot but notable. They filled in the gaps better with much larger buds that actually smell like vanilla cookies, looks like Green Crack as well. There is the potential for a big harvest with these. This one is a delight to behold. The big winner this time round will have to be the Killer Cookies crossed to LaSAGE. It also produced two types, tall ones and stubby ones. The smell is the same in all plants, pungent lemon Skittles. I've smoked a lot of Zkittles lately, the fragrance is identical if not even more authentic. Its just so good, I don't have the words for it. In the short plants the nodes are all full up, plants have smaller leaves with greasy fans and buds look a little kushier. The tall ones are the real eye candy, the buds most resemble their LaSAGE mother. These buds, however, are better in every way. Bigger, whiter, tighter, fatter, smellier, shinier, everything box checked. They are resin bombs. Its taken a great plant and made it even better. So good, like I said, I am living in interesting times.
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    Here's the outdoor plants and young autos. The photoperiod plants are between two and half and four feet tall.
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    Well, all the older autos have been chopped; two out of eleven were decent in terms of bud size and resin production, the rest were substandard. The new homemade batch of autos, nine of them are outside now too with a couple still inside. Most of the clones are outdoor plants now, there's eight weak clones that are still being cared for. The young Seraphs and all the feminized seedlings are progressing nicely. I started four Critical Sour as a last minute entry as well, It should be alright. The indoor selection look good. The OGKZ are already gooey and the cookie hybrids have lots of sticky thin fan leaves that give off a strong lemon/mild pine fragrance. The Blue Angel is miles ahead of the rest, lots of fat delicious buds forming. The smell is a perfect blend of blueberry and grape, its just heavenly. I am so glad I made lots of clones. Here's Blue Angel after less than a month of flower: And here's one of the Cookies:
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    Back left onyx fire, back right huck x destar f2 front left spiderbite and front right sanfune x silverfields
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    Hi Col'jam ans black afghani are on the road ... This week into the shop .... Double jam, CG72 and others will be made in 2020, i think in "limited edition" .... But BECAREFUL: One guy email me to ask if i want bought a "Double jam" reproduction .... I don't know who is he ... AND i don't work like that ... When i work with someone (like ACBD) i tell it ...... So the guy is telling me that if i don't buy his seeds stock, he will sell them to another "seed bank" . I'll make myself this reproduction, i don't buy "bulk seeds" ... I prefer to have a lot of "out of stock" than doing whatever ..... OFFICIAl Reseller: Sannie (NL) , Alchimia (SP), Regseeds (UK) I'm sorry for that, but i must tell it, thanks for your comprehension Ciao
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