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    Sugar Punch doing what Sugar Punch does, making Sugar! Straight up LOS grown no bottled nutes, water only!
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    Who's Scruffy Looking? You guys and Star Wars names. This is "Nerfherder" at week 4 It's a purple tangie, and a clean one. Delightfully frosty full thick calyxes, 9 weeks flat, nice lavender finish, and it's a tangie. Killingfields Madonna Jackhammer and Selene in no particular order.
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    The next step of PURE INSANITY has arrived... as NOW NAW WILL CREATE the best coloured strain ever! with insane amounts of potency. Thanks Ozzoes! Again i say just wait....PFFFFFF unexpected beautiful turns!!!! stay safe and Fly HIGH Greetz Poldergrower& RhinoCBD
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    Hi there, I just started a grow and decided to share it with the forum. After lots of experimenting with coco I decided to give rockwool a try. I am using recirculating drip irrigation on rockwool slabs. Light cycle is 12/12 from the beginning. I am using 2 x 400W MH for first 2 weeks or until bud sites become visible hoping to keep stretch to a minimum. For full flower I have 2 x 600W HPS. I might add a third though if temperature is under control. Area is 2.4m x 1.2m = 2.88m² Nutrients used are by bio-technology. I will give Grow nutes until bud sites are visible and then switch to Bloom nutes. Day 1 was 14.9.19 so we are a good week in. So far I have mixed 2 nutrient solutions. 1. 1.3 EC; 5.6 pH (fed every 3rd day to promote root growth) 2. 1.6 EC; 5.6 pH starting today once per day Usually I keep my EC under 1.3 but I want to try rising it a little bit. Tap water base EC is around 0.4 mS I would love feedback as I am here to learn. Here are the pictures from day 1. I will upload current ones later. RTS
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    Skywalker OG "Getting Closer to My Home" LOS grown in Octopots using GasCan's mix.
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    Skywalker OG still has a ways to go.
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    Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunderfuck. F1. F2s about to go into rooters. This is one of my SLL TIME favorite creations I've made. Pure friggin' indica
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    Hi it’s been a long time since I shared a grow with you, so: Room: 120 Light: X8 cxb3590 2 x 240w (ArtiLed) Soil/pot: lightmix biobizz / 3.5l Nuts: Metrop Strains: black afghani / Triple Pakistan Germination in a bucket: 7 days Grow 3.5l : 10 days Bloom 3.5l : 3 days / light at 75% Thanks, I'll post later ... When it'll be more interesting If you have any question or suggestion, feel you free Ciao
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    Thanks for the kind words I really enjoy opening the tent and looking at the babies. I love how clean rockwool is. @Snydgrow Watering is 1-3x per day. The first week I watered only on day 1, day 4 and day 7 to promote root growth. From now on I am watering 1x per day, in 10 days or so I will increase to 2x per day and in full flower 3x per day. I will taper it off in the end too. Last week I might not water at all after I flush the medium with pH'd tap water. My temperature is around 20°C at night and around 28°C during the day. The in- and exhaust fans never go above 60% so I really think a third lamp would be fine. Also its getting colder outside so that helps too. I tried coco slabs drain to waste too but I had my difficulties with it. Especially getting the pH and EC inside the medium to the sweet spot. With the recirculating system I have now its wonderfully easy so far. Here are some pictures of today. Day 9 RTS
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    Quick Update: I cut the Turkish Autoflowers, they all survived the rainy season without getting moldy and produced decent results. About a quarter ended up as plants that exhibit primarily Turkish qualities, similar buds, yield, smell, etc. Another quarter of them are much smaller bubblegum smelling plants, extremely pungent and gooey. Half the plants are a cross of the two; smaller buds but more branches with a heavier yield (at least 3 oz), sour bubblegum scent, good resin production. I've left a few branches on each to seed late, really looking forward to sampling these.
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    Lemon AK Wonderful weed with a very delicious Aroma. Lemon/fruity.. perfekt Daytime weed but strong too
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    Velvet Orca looks like first frost harvest for this one also, keeper cut.
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    Day 52 Orange Goji, Amnesia Haze, Raspberry Pi Processor x ChemDog, SilverFields, Shackzilla . A.H. and RPP from Hamme, Silverfields from "Cozz . Shackzilla from Papa! Orange Goji from @50state! Learning to build Bud, not leaf..................getting better at it.
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    Sugar Punch doing what Sugar Punch does, making sugar!
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    My lady hasn't been doing anything since I drowned her roots. The flushing of them worked, she was not going to die, but she was also NOT packing on any more weight, and just getting worse. Too bad I drowned her roots, she would have been stunning at the finish. So about day 50 she has been chopped!!!!
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    Yea she is a nice one, here are a couple pics of her.
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    Day 49, everyone happy. Too bad I have been mite spraying every 3 days, they would be beauty queens other wise, but it is what it is:
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    I've started a grow on soil that i'd like to share with you! Namely eight Lemon Haze seedlings and one Northern light under six-hundred watts. The containers are eleven liter pots. I've added coco and some extra perlite to the soil.
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    Those ones are easy I use infused ghee for the butter. I melted it on the stove top. I found it easier to coat them with powdered sugar, after you put them on a tray first,let them cool, then the powdered sugar. Here is the recipe, they have a lot of recipes for different Chex mix. One time I made the Chocolate ones with medicated caramel, white chocolate, and dark chocolate. https://www.chex.com/recipes/gluten-free-chex-lemon-buddies/ 9 cups Rice Chex™ cereal 1 1/4 cups white vanilla baking chips 1/4 cup butter or margarine 4 teaspoons grated lemon peel 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 2 cups powdered sugar I used lemon peel from one lemon, and the juice from it. Then I also added in some Lemon oil lol these are very lemony Preparation Into large bowl, measure cereal; set aside. In 1-quart microwavable bowl, microwave chips, butter, lemon peel and juice uncovered on High 1 minute; stir. Microwave about 30 seconds longer or until mixture can be stirred smooth. Pour mixture over cereal, stirring until evenly coated. Pour into 2-gallon resealable food-storage plastic bag. Add powdered sugar. Seal bag; gently shake until well coated. Spread on waxed paper or foil to cool. Store in airtight container.
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    Chopped at 52 days, gonna let the bottom go to develop seeds. This one looks exactly the same as above Hempy girl, very poor showing Fried girl, she would have been a beast. She is already dried.
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    New tent Yes it is precious lol and well made 24 x 24x55 inches 3 lower air vents , 4 in & 6 in opening for duct work and vent fans 3 each size ( not 3 inch and 5 in like some are made ) these also have a sleeve that tightened around your ducts , a pouch for some tools and a clasp to hole open the tent door . The material is a heavier then one my other tents and it was only 79 usd
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    These 3 (in the back) are Platinum Huckleberry Cookies x Blue Magoo from @Stankydank. Check out the serration on the leaves on the one on the right compared to the other two. It has a much deeper cut. It could be a big male. It seems bigger than the other two. Oh, and it was a twin seedling, too, and I decided to just keep them together. It'll probably fade out soon. These next five are Snow Lotus dad crossed with a mystery mom. I know the 6-7 moms it could be and the breeder will tell me later on. The only hint I got was he told me I should get my smell filters ready now! yeah! Here are the cuts that @Baqualin gifted me.. Velvet Orca from Gas at Swami Organics Blue Orca Haze by Gas at Swami Organics And Sannie's Sugar Punch (same as Baq is growing right now) It's back to making 5 finger leaves again. These are planned on all going downstairs to the new space. Thant should make a run! peace
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    Made a nice "Frenchy" style 20 gram Temple Ball from Papa's Punch trim................should be devastating !
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    Even though Amnesia Haze has been pounded with mite spray for more than a month now............................As I entered the room today....................BAM................WHAMOO ...... SOCKO......................like an old Batman Tv show rerun, lol. The smell is now FULL FUCKING ON!!!! Rose water and sweetness.......................permeates the entire room! I have only ONE of her in there! The smell with a room full of her ..............................cannot imagine, but going to find out!!!!
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    This is what it was looking like last year, not one of the better years. Doing better this year
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    Thanks, but I'm using tube light as well as CFL. The ones that sprouted are looking great. I'm moving them into the house. And will drop more seeds tomorrow. @Mr Goodfellow, I'm thinking you are right with the heat mat. I'm running 24 hrs on right now, but night temp are just too low...I thought the light would be enough heat...nope, inside the house will keep them warm until they need to go into the grow room...a few weeks in the tent will do them good.
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    Grape Earth F3. Deep grape scent. Almost a Kush scent n taste in there... Devastating smoke. I'm digging this pheno
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    Golden Wedding by Smilestyle ('72 Colombian Gold x Malawi Gold (afropip)) I gave her a little nitrogen recently with the last feeding. I have one product that I got cheap on the clearance shelf and only use it once in a plants life pretty much. It's Buried Treasure Peruvian Seabird guano powder. 12-10-3. It's perfect for when the plant first starts to show flowering. It gives the plant plenty of N to help build all of the new bud sites and also a good shot of Phosphorus to prepare it for flowering. It's way too much if you give it late and will give a plant full of green leaves with the buds. But, it never seems to burn and I found that this one time in the plants life it fit's perfect. I top dressed with some Roots Organics bloom dry ferts, too and it's more slow acting as the microbes break it down. Anyway, this girl greened up a little and it just starting to drop the larger leaves naturally. This pic is a week ago. The others are more current I think. Check out these limbs and stalk. They have gotten a really dark burgundy and the main stem is striped with it. It's a real stark contrast with the bright green.
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    Some Girl Scout cookies auto close up from Fastbud
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    Huck & heri bigun male
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    Ok, took a mad dash south to check on my lady's and pick up harvest bud samples to smoke test for the VO keeper and it looks like I've changed my mind from the last visit and went back to my original thoughts of it being pheno #1, she is a fucking beast, not as leafy as it looks, buds are huge and dense on the plant, hard as a golfball, plus it reeks with funk. She still has a couple weeks, not as fast as #3 but blows it away everywhere else. Smoke some of the 3 cut yesterday and it kept me up all night and it's no cure yet, I'm dying to try this #1 cut.
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    We finally have the answer, Why Did The Chicken Cross the Road
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    Made by Quicent I got it on amazon shipped very quickly easy to Assemble @bigun seems like it was made for the spot going to use it for moms and clones as well thanks for stopping by
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    I'm not going down without a fight...
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    The #2 Velvet Orca cut you have is in the first picture above in the blue pot, it has a nice chocolate aroma and dense greasy buds, take a cutting before you put it into flower for back up, same with the Sugar Punch. I'm letting you and K keep the temp mothers so I can run more and make selections to run and find us better stuff, upgrading the mommy's as we go. Just got a treat to play with from Gas!
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    Thanks gardenartus and mr g for stopping by now the grow area is completely done the new mom tent is all set up just need a new fan And a led light I have adjusted the feeding and watching ppm thanks @ifish and @JetDro for your advice ppm is around 600 to 700 plants have great color and seem to be growing faster and healthier Till next time not posting much these days peace paps
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    New pics flipped Monday new tent for moms males trained to fit small tent peace
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    Goodmorning,not much time at the moment, so just a few pics. Greetz red
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    Someone just reminded me I have Strawberry cough crossed with blueberry and they said it is awesome smoke. I Have too many, I forgot about it lol So guess I will grow her out, since lost the others. Got one female out of the five GDP, cloning her now.
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    Santero is all about the genetics.. so glad to have him as a friend. Just for the knowledge, but he's also been very kind and donated things to me as well as the whole site. Can't get any better than that. His gear has been a part of every grow for the last 4... some were males and never made it but he's helped me get back up to speed in growing with good genetics. It would be real hard for me if it weren't for the "passionate about cannabis" people like Santero. All respect.
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    What a awesome guy you are...Not many like you still around!!!
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    Been mixing these 2 strains this morning to get a pre-view of what Airborne XL wil bring!. awesome stuff!!!! stay safe and FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Here's some pics of JC Haze (Sannies Jack x Silverfields) by Justcozz. My pics don't capture the size of it but it's just now getting it on anyway. My camera took a crap so these are iPhone pics. Thanks bro. So far so good! Very nice looking future for this one. I'm saying maybe a 10 weeker at least and more possibly. Not sure. If the weather stays good they all may finish on the early side. peace
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    OHGA LIVES!!!! Amnesia Haze x Orange Goji........................ They need 3 more weeks, they have 3.5 weeks to go, so all is GOOD!!!!
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    wow! that is a lot of plant for such a little hempy cup! Amazing!
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    Still not much to see, but here are the pictures of twenty Amnesia Haze cuts on the second day.
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    no one needs to use them ... and you know it, brother. if you want to support the free sharing, tho ... then you will have to use one of the shops, i fear. but please support for "supports" sake. try not to fall into "customer mode" when you are actually "just" helping all of the free sharing ___________________________________ i will always send out whatever i still have in numbers for free to anyone asking (like the five lines i send to you so far) ... but i can only help, if you hit me up per- sonally, mate. i have no influence over any shop (as it's not my mission to sell !) in the end you have payed around 20€ for six lines ... and i will always send more for free anytime you ask. (that's not so bad, i hope? ) ______________________________________ any news on the pictures you wanted me to help you with, bro?
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    These two are GG#4 x BOG Sour Bubble. Not much for limbs and all the flowering will be on the stem.
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    Gorilla glue 4 Kushmints x triangle kush bx 3 Aj’s sour diesel
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