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    3 Headed Dragon she got a bit to go.
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    You will be very happy with the results , so far in my small tent the Chuckys Bride is now in week 7 of the feeding schedule I boosted the PPm ‘s to 1030 using jack 1/3/3 week 8 I’ll switch to 1/2/5 npk till the end if you don’t mind here’s a quick peek paps
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    Lower bud of the same Killer Cookies plant from Sept. 29 post. This one is at 11 weeks, moments before the snip of the executioner's clippers.
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    I wasn’t expecting to have 100% germ on all the beans I popped recently. I do love choices though, will be tough culling but necessary.
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    I've always been a HPS/MH grower. Had to learn how to disassemble security lights, remote the ballasts, and add some bulb wire length to them. In 2000 a damn 1 k hps was with shipping was pushing $700.00 -$800.00 bucks a pop. Maintenance kits from industrial outlets, about $250.00- $300.00 I made the switch to digital ballast about 10 years ago. I bought a pair of 1 k's, and 3 Hortilux bulbs. One ballast went dark about 2 years into it. Hydropharm gave me a new one after it got sent back, and determined that it was a faulty, not due to getting it wet, or in a bad location. I also bought a returned LED California light House maybe, it just boils the bud out the plants. I have that with a 1 k for so long now. I had purchased a Black Dog LED to play with. Lovely growth patterns that are very obvious. It however went dark, and upon returning it, the company would not swap it, but wanted me to pay for an upgrade in LED drivers. When I spoke to them, I asked why I should pay another price for what the unit should have had in it. So that made me go out and understand the electromagnetic band and why LED is LED, going all the back to NASA files. About 4-5 years ago now, a garden I was paid to set up, with their supplies, hoods, a couple of 1 k hps, some LED's., and teach them some growing lessons. They area was very weird, but very workable. To pack it all in and to keep environmentals steady, I used a huge 10" Vortex, remoted to another room, to get it to fly proper like. Got it banging out buds, but with air conditioning running 24/7, the lights, fans, it was costing about $450.00 month in electric costs. Two years in to it running, they asked me to see about reducing costs if possible. I did the research, and we/they purchased about $3400.00 in various HLG LED's, for early veg area, the hard veg area, and the flower room. Yeah big bucks! We lost the AC totally, we reduced the Vortex from 10" to a 6", and we reduced the amount of plants we needed. So the book keeper/(growers wife) told me, she figures that by the end of this year, all the LED's are paid for by reduced electric bills, and the huge amount of buds well over what they cut regular before the up grade. So yeah, for me as an old guy, and since my sweet spot will be under major construction in the spring coming, I'm going to Phoenix everything I own as far as grow related, tents lights, pots, everything will be replaced with new tents, HLG LED's, new accessories, maybe a nice hydro set up in a dedicated tent, will be in play also. Keep your HPS if your more comfortable with them. However, LED can be on the same playing field as HPS/MH, IMHO. I love the ones I kept.
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    Killer Cookies, Killer Queen pheno.
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    I have 10 hens and one rooster..love them fresh eggs
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    Mosca's Pink Lemonade, tall pheno, got clipped yesterday. As you can see, she scoffed at the notion of needing support. She also seems to have produced a significant amount, with no special treatment or training. Super-cropping her main cola did not do much to stop it from being a main cola, though it did produce some large side colas, as a result. Here's the shapely main cola. A few lower buds: The scent is… wait for it… Lemony. Not like any of the other lemony things going on — not deep lemon, like the Lemon Thai, not Lemon Pledge, not Lemon + stanky backpacker sweat. I'll have to think about it next time I rub a trich. This plant has some tough competition this grow. The Lemon Sunrise and Storm Front are tough acts to follow. Well, I've got some trimming in my near future. Bye for now.
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    Another two bite the dust — except for the lower part of the tall one, which is revegging. These are two of the Killer Cookies gals — the first ones to finish. They had the distinction of being placed in 3 gallon pots, because I just ran out of 5 gallon pots. The tall one is a combination of scents — minty/GSC scents with some fruity KQ scents, with maybe more KQ than GSC in this one. She was never pinched back, but got a bit of a super-cropping when it seemed like she'd never stop stretching. Top bud, a little blurry: A random lower bud or two: Didn't notice the frost on those yellow leaves, did you? All the KC gals are a frosty mess (the agony). The Short one has very little GSC scent at all, and is all-fruity, with a touch of skunk. And a random, insanely frosty, lower bud: I have not tried an advanced taste of either of these two plants. The super-frosty, GSC leaning plant is another story. A branch broke, due to sheer clumsiness rather than the plant daring me, and a sample made its way into my pipe yesterday. It feels like a potent, energetic hybrid (50/50-ish, or maybe a little more toward the Indica side of the spectrum, but the energetic effect is pronounced — not couchlock shit!). Anyway, I think I'm really going to enjoy these plants.
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    That reads like a line out of the "New Age Bullshit Generator".
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    Shorty, the little Pink Lemonade gal, was chopped on Friday, without the usual graduation pictures. For all shorty fans who planned on cheering as she walked off with her diploma, please accept my apology. I decided Saturday was it (11 weeks of flower). There are a few amber trichs on these Killer Cookies gals, though I would have liked to see more. The one on the right is the frost queen of the grow, the one on the left is the heaviest producer of the Killer Cookies gals. First, the frost one. Not that the others aren't frosty, but this one is over the top. This random lower bud pic gives a better idea of trich coverage. This one seems to be the most GSC-leaning. The other gal is somewhere in between GSC and KQ, and she decided to produce a major honkin' cola. A side-branch bud: Smoke reports will begin in a few weeks, after 3-4 weeks of cure. Uncured impressions, so far: Lemon Sunrise — very potent, up buzz. All three girls are highly potent, so I have to split hairs on buzz quality to decide which I will keep. This is daytime, motivating weed. Storm Front — Only one plant tried. Very potent buzz. Energizing, but significantly more "body" than LS. To me, more of a classic, party sativa-dom. Very social, yakity-yakity-yakity-yak weed. (For me, anyway. You might now feel sorry for my wife, but don't. It has the same effect on her, and she out-yaks me, 2-1.) Killer Cookies (super-frosty, GSC-leaning pheno) Early taste was energizing, potent hybrid. Seems like a crowd-pleasing, party weed. Any one of these, due to the energy factor, would be great for depression. All are potent and energizing enough that I would say new or occasional smokers should watch out. Stoners won't have a problem. The KC Killer Queen and in-between phenos have not been tried, nor have the Pink Lemonades. The Peyote Pancake clone has already been aiding sleep for the past few days. So the tent is now a 6-pot stump farm, with a few green sprigs coming off the stumps. I put them under a 400W MH yesterday at 18/6, when it occurred to me that 6 stumps don't need 1000W. This was my summer grow, so I guess summer is officially over now. It's going to be reveg-clone-octopots, I think, for the next grow. I will miss the mystery of starting from seed, but not for long. I have too many seeds.
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    These are the last pics of the bigger plant. The cold temperatures made her stop drinking and ripening quick. She´ll stay a few days indoors and than will fall. smile
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    The smaller plannt down.First samples showed, that she produces a high that creeps up slowly, reaching the peak after 20 minutes. The bigger plant finishes inside,because of the bad weather. Her ripening has just begun and she ´ll be ready at the end of october. smile
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    Got 4 in the octopots. The other 2 will go into 1 gallon smart pots for now. Top watered 1/2 gallon at 1/2 tsp of Jack's. Added 1.5 gallons of the mix to each rez which brought them up to the 1st line on the bobber. Installed new 4" inline fan , pretty small and made of plastic not what I was expecting, we will see if it holds up when the carbon filter gets attached . Right now I just have the spiderfarmer 1000 for light, may add the mars hydro next week.
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    so, apparently it knows or assigns various facets that ring true with different people. this second spin of sorts speaks to me as well. wow By flowering, we self-actualize. This life is nothing short of a flowering network of holistic passion. Stardust is the birth of life-force, and of us. It is time to take joy to the next level. This story never ends. We are being called to explore the totality itself as an interface between inseparability and power. Imagine a flowering of what could be. Yes, it is possible to confront the things that can obliterate us, but not without hope on our side. You may be ruled by delusion without realizing it. Do not let it disrupt the growth of your mission. Only a wanderer of the cosmos may ignite this evolution of joy. It is in refining that we are recreated. The future will be an archetypal deepening of rejuvenation. The quantum soup is approaching a tipping point. Dogma is the antithesis of consciousness. Greed is born in the gap where serenity has been excluded. The complexity of the present time seems to demand a blossoming of our chakras if we are going to survive. You must take a stand against greed.
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    I was thinking about a shed for my mini mule, went a different route.
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    I saw the pics first, thought you were building a greenhouse! Such excellent work and you actually finish the projects you start! Makes my knees hurt just thinking about how much work you did. Good ideas!
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    I hope, it´s better now. Top of the plants 10 days ago and 3 days ago. smile
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    Aztec Rain, my last one and no more seed, but I was graciously gifted some Chocolate Rain f2 pollen which hit a cutting from this lady. Bud is 45 days in jar. Rotten fruit with an up up euphoric ride.
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    Looks really great, but i personally think rock-wool is much easier for small plants to maintain.
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    no,we eat it! ...amethyst deceiver in your language ...and they got special benefits (hope,they don´t see this in China.....they gonna rob our woods)
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    Looking good lots of little one there to play with. Seed plants or clones?
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    I popped these in late June - got two males and two females (the fifth didn't sprout) BlueChem chemdog (from seeds) x blueberry (esko's blue dude). they go 9-10 weeks. the plants mix well, but there are dominant phenos as well in the F1. __ Bluechem is Chemdog vs True Blueberry, average flowering time is 9.5 weeks. Tell your friend he must look for big leafed metalic bud shining phenotypes. It was first designed to give to Marshall Seeds, but they never reached the internet. That is why u can find them listened, as bluechem, on seedfinder. But there it says Chemdawq vs Blueberry Sativa .... = wrong. Blueberry Sativa, was later in the timeline, so logical thinking, excludes this one. Cause i never wanted the bluechem to be sold again, i made it freebies in sanniesshop. Right now, i am preparing to remake them, also a bx test, and some other special things.... to just give them away again. That i made it freebie, made it a bit underdog, but some years further now, my pm box is hot about this one. I cant follow the messages anymore. LOL. Grdz e$ko, __ Yes my Chem is not the dawq version, i dont want that one. These seeds were a gift from a well known international breeder, and on the pack it said Chemdog. I did the selection for him, i ended up with two wich i could not choose, finally i used CD2. Wich is allready in the BlueChem freebie with Chocolate Rain.(freebie introduction that will proove itself auto) More yields and intense sour taste. Uhm, u really have to like this hard taste and very expanding sour smoke. The Chem91 is a hybridclone i got collected, wich is softer in taste, not from the same source. I most confess i dont know allot about this one from background. __ Here's one all maled out and buzzed up Bees_0021.mov and this is the other male, showing pronounced double serrated leaves I"ll post the females soon :D
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    Well, starting next round For the GF. She enjoys indica hybrids. This tent will include the following NL5 x ATF F1 Black Lime Reserve F4 Salmon River OG Big Sur Holy Weed Cherry AK-47 (Cherry Meds) Williams Wonder x Heri F1 Gorilla Glue 4 Bx3 AC/DC x Ringo’s Gift These will veg a week or so then flip will start.
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    Ditto on the dough sunstone. love their beans
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    here is what came to me when i took the plunge. very much my wavelength too. ha The universe is electrified with chaos-driven reactions. Karma is a constant. You and I are dreamweavers of the grid. The future will be a conscious flowering of life-force. The spark of joy is now happening worldwide. It is in condensing that we are guided. This path never ends. We must learn how to lead amazing lives in the face of yearning. It is a sign of things to come. We must recreate ourselves and empower others. The quantum soup is calling to you via superpositions of possibilities. Can you hear it? If you have never experienced this oasis at the speed of light, it can be difficult to self-actualize. Although you may not realize it, you are sublime. The Goddess will be a gateway to internal spacetime. The goal of ultra-sentient particles is to plant the seeds of interconnectedness rather than discontinuity. Consciousness consists of ultra-sentient particles of quantum energy. “Quantum” means an evolving of the primordial. Joy is the truth of transformation, and of us.
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    Thanks Saxo! The twentieth day of flowering. I took the pictures right before the light went on so you can see their true colors. Not a single red stem! Something i've never seen with my hps grows!
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    No man I usually grow Indicas and a few have been hybrids 70/30 on Indicas side..lol The Mohawk has more Sat. In it than any cross i have made. Got a few huck x heri x c-99 f-5s 55 UK blue 26huckxherixroadtrip. Last 2 are new.. Stay in touch.. Oh, on hids vs any other light...I have growed old and may b too old to change..lol
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    The tent is looking a bit sparse: only 4 girls left, plus the lower portions of some plants that are revegging. See if you can guess which is which. There are some subtle clues. Wow. Shorty looks huge. She's not, she just happens to be up front. You can find an amber trich or two on three of these plants, but not much more than that. The super-frosty KC might not have any amber trichs at all. I flipped them back to 18/6 last Friday, so their days are numbered. They'll shoot out reveg branches from their buds about 2-weeks from last Friday, and they're going to be chopped before that happens. All these gals need to be revegged so I can try for another cut. After that, it's clean out and either Octopot Time (likely) or another seed run. One of the lemon sunrise girls will be kept, one of the Storm Fronts, and most likely one of the Killer Cookies gals. This was a bonanza of keepers. We'll see about the Pink Lemonade gals. I haven't taken an advanced taste of either, but the larger plant is drying now.
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    That reminds me, you and I are travellers of the infinite. We exist as molecular structures.
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    Do you really need that trailer more than a little greenhouse?
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    Here's an F2 that's going strong OD. It's about 2.5 meters tall from soil/ base of stalk
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    Hola Open Grow peeps. Things have been kinda slow in the grow room lately so not much to report. The Red IPA (Phuuu's IPA x Nepalma CBD) all turned out male so I kept one and chopped the rest. That left one lonely Green Ale (Phuuu's IPA x Green Manalishi) girl all by herself. The last time I had all male sprouts was with Santero's Poisoned Chocolate. I've been wanting to pop some more of San's handy work and this was a good reminder so I looked through my San selection and decided on NYCD x Lemon Thai. Three of those are sprouted and potted and are about a week above ground now. Fingers crossed some ladies will come from these. The Green Ale gal is an unusual example. She is short and bushy, very unlike the norm of tall and open. I'm just growing her for smoke so did not take clones. I will however be taking clones of the NYCD x Lemon Thai if I get a girl or two. We have had an incredible summer here but it is definitely on the way out lately. I've managed to get much done with all the good weather and though I am ready for a break it is good to have accomplished so much on my to do list. That I think is the only good to come from this year with the virus. My current project the last few weeks has been to build a shed to keep our new utility trailer in. For various reasons I decided to make it from pvc pipe with a corrugated metal roof. Today I will do some touch-up painting and then the roof can go on. It is 12' long by 7' wide and about 5.5 feet tall. It's been a fun but challenging project. Because of covid related shortages I had to source pvc fittings from 3 different places and their dimensions were not all the same which made it interesting trying to build two duplicate walls. In the end all worked out as planned and after 2 cans of glue and 5 cans of spray paint it is ready for a roof. Here's a look at the process... I'll level the floor of the shed with dirt and then put in some gravel to finish if off. Our little trailer will have a nice dry place to call home.
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    ok, a balnce has 2 sides just like all life on earth plane. .we need blance n some people need+ some - .? i dont believe in panderig to ego,s. , as little as is personally possibe, the less the better. onelove sunstone
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    Amen They know we know they are idiots And we dont need them Thats why imo all this...... In America our leaders are dumb as dirt It scares the fuck out of me That some rich idiot Really Most would have been kicked.out of school Had it not been for daddys money I mean No requirements A fucking moron with enough money Congress The Senate No schooling needed Your dad was a politician and you will be to. Unreal Test what i say in your neck of the woods Just what kind of education do these idiots have. Now no one freak out In Germany in 1939 Look at the idiots who ran it A corporal lol A chicken farmer Losers the lot of them and yet look what happened Anyway they know we are ready to.cast off their shackles and toss the parasites America is becoming a cesspool because of these idiots.
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    i made the double posts invisible, its not nice for the eye (and they read a bit too negative as well). imho its best to keep it to stoned ramblings about weed and harmless topics. others might not be able to sit comfortably after reading these kind of opinions. the political (and religious) stuff creates negative vibes that leads to hurt egos ect. i hear you, sunstone, but we need also to keep it together somehow. enjoy your day everyone. let's not get sucked into this spiral of desperation/negativity.
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    Rainmaker/Gelato Veg 82.8F 49% RH 340 PPM Off to another slow start with the octos but that’s to be expected. Replaced one that failed to thrive with a larger, more mature clone and it has responded well. I always like how thick the main stems get and it lets me know I’ve got a good base going.
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    DAY 54 flower Airborne Jack F3 Strawbear XL bx1
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    haze , brother,s . yes sacred plant warrior, i agree ' now ' does seem like peeps all over globe know ? something,s fishy . more n more people ,s subconcious knows all. bang on ! , sacred plant warrior ! im with you , on this the balls rolling now, rumbling through peoples sleep & dreams . onelove sunstone .....happyweed.happyhead .
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    That's interesting. Why do stems turn red, in the first place? It seems to be genetic for some strains.
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    Just finished a grow of a pack of Chocolate Rain, had five females, keeping two for a second run. Quite pleased with the pack.
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    Plant Big Pot Small Plant Hungry
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    Add some nitrogen and magnesium. This is a great resource! https://www.growweedeasy.com/cannabis-symptoms-pictures
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