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    EDIT: no idea why the pics are all blurry/blank but if you click on them it seems to work. Hopefully they're just loading but not sure. Appreciate it @gardenartus and @webeblzr Interesting info @santero That makes a lot of sense because I actually had to kill one of lemon chiesels early from one of them being a hermie. Not just one banana but basically the whole plant. I was stressing the hell out of them like usual though. I knew the risks when growing something with thai in it and I still think it's a worthwhile line. I really haven't had anything that has smelled like that before and I've had plenty of weed in my "weed career" :p I've always wondered how to pronounce the sanfune whether sanfoon or sanfoonay I've been going with the first one but could be wrong haha. Here's my copy and paste of the snow thrower/sno troer. I actually sent a picture of one of the buds when I was trimming to my sister who doesn't really smoke weed much and she said it looks so snowy and I laughed and told her it was called snow thrower. Last but not least the snow thrower. Meant to get around to taking some pics sooner. Don’t mind my shit pics it actually looks nicer in person. I think this strain is my favourite out of all that I ran. Glad I have another pack #1 smells lemony with a smell I can only describe as funky/stale grape soda candy of some sort with lemon and fuel. Some smells are really hard to describe. #2 edit: I noticed after posting this and looking at the bag that i somehow mixed 2 strains together in one bag that’s why I was mistaken with the smell. This one was the most “kushy” mostly grapey/lemon/sweet pine and a bit of gas type smells. My dumbass accidentally dumped some of the lemon chiesel so was confused about how the smell somehow changed lol. Luckily I noticed eventually/have an eye to pick out random buds that don't belong. I must accidentally poured 2 bowls into the same bag while trimming or something. #3 is funky grape/lemon jet fuel. This shit smells insanely strong. Kind of stuff that you can smell in someone’s pocket from 100km away haha. #4 is very similar to #3. Both these are probably my 2 favourites. All the snow throwers smell strong but these 2 are even stankier. What I remember diesel to be like when I first started smoking. San did a great job with these IMO. Every time I open the bag puts a huge smile on my face. I’d say number 3 is a bit more heavy on the fuel and the number 4 is a bit more on the weird grape/lemon. Both very similar though. Finally #5. I’d say this is the most well rounded of them all. Plenty of weird grape lemony candy and gas but not quite as much gas as 3 and 4.
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    It has been awhile so guess I should catch you all up on life at the beach. You may have heard the west side of the country is experiencing very high temps. We usually escape the hot stuff here but a few weeks ago it came with a vengeance. For 3 days straight we had temps at the coast over 95 degrees topping out at 109 one day all with humidity in the 70-80's. Of course very few here have A/C so we were miserable, especially at night. It took a week for our indoor temp to get below 80 degrees. It was awful. I had to turn my ballast down to 75% to keep it barely under 100 in the grow room. Happily that has all passed and not so happily we have been stuck in an onshore flow for a couple weeks bringing low clouds and drizzle even as the temps 50 miles inland are still in the 80's and 90's. Such is life at the beach. I have been very busy this spring and summer filling in and leveling a big piece of our back yard. It took 14 cubic yards of top soil and a whole bunch of elbow grease to get it done. I planted grass about 3 weeks before the record hot spell we had so it was a challenge keeping it watered in 100 degree weather. I planted it in several sections so some has come in very well while some of the more recent areas are still getting there. It turned out to be more of a job than I anticipated and I really glad to have it done. A few more weeks and I can remove the temp fence and the dogs can have at it. I am have been growing Phuuu's IPA's for a couple of rounds now trying to build up my supply. I have 2 of them in the flower room at 7+ weeks and I had 2 clones from each in the veg area until today when I moved the clones from #2 to the flower room. The clones from #1 will veg awhile longer. I also have another IPA fem sprout and 2 Green Ale fems (green manalishi x phuuu's ipa) sprouts coming up. Here's a look at the veg space before and after the 2 clones went to 12's. and the flower room...#2 on the left, #1 on the right. Phuuu's IPA fem #1 @ 50 days Phuuu's IPS fem #2 @ 53 days That's about it. Thanks for stopping by and stay safe and sound out there.
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    the little support i recieve via seedheaven/glg and hempdepot just helps me with sharing and to cover (a part) of production. which means: if anyone wants some beans from me, just hit me up no need to spend cash, i share as much as i can for free. = please don't be shy & send me your wishes. i'll try to match it.
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    My plants are getting so big, kind of scaring me for what will come in the fall. It is like a scary excitement ha! Black Cherry soda, this baby had thrips, sprinkled DE all over her and the soil, no more thrips. Cannatonic #4. I was gifted this plant a decade ago, no one had CBD here and what they wanted for clones was crazy, so I gifted it all over this state. Love this plant. Almost at hemp level for THC. This crazy Amazon mama outgrew my rooms, so put a nice bend on her, she is about 9 foot tall or more. Maltezerz, Sativa dom. I had just watered her so a bit droopy.
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    KC 42 at 51 days flowering Buds smile
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    A couple better pic's today........... both in a 4 x 4 space each under a single Gavita LED.
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    I picked up these power strips from Amazon, a bit on the expensive side but liked the cords and they are long. They have GREEN light instead of red! That is cool for the grow rooms.
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    Damn fine work right there.
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    Amnesia and blackened oranges
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    Took the leftover dough and made mini pigs in the blanket. 25mg
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    I swear this is my little thread. Apple Turnovers 100mg
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    That is very kind of you, I feel the same way with the medibles I make, but shipping them is a bit risky, and none go overseas, wish that part was different. Course your seeds are the gift that keeps giving, mine are one and done ha!
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    Here you go, the gavita above is around 42 inches by 44 inches.
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    All good here I do miss our chats Got a few things going min the small tent some Mel Franks skunk 1 in the big tent back row left ,Joti Black delato, back right , sinister’s mazer x herijuana, front row left mamosa evo dinafem , front row right blackened oranges useful genetics ps those Octopots rule last run skunk and oranges the buds were the size of base balls and hard as rocks all bud no popcorn peace to all GA talk soon paps
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    Hey GA, I see you use garden wire for support. One of the ways, I moved my bigger floppy girls around, was to use a section of 4' tall section of garden fence, but I would use my saucer as a form, if you will, then using a cheapo ratchet strap, I would cinch up, out around the the wire, pulling it tight to the pot, and closer to the top of the pot. Some I drilled a wee hole in the side of the saucer wall, and poked the wire ends through it, so the saucer follows you easier. If any of that makes and damn sense, LOL! Now they can be moved, with out breaking them. OR if a big blow comes by, they topple over better. Dang, I wished some of my floppies could have blown in the wind like that.
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    I went to a family gathering yesterday, my wife went and picked up her 90 year old mother and her 85 year old auntie. I rode over on my scooter. It was a kids birthday. My wife's sister family, have totally swallowed the path of fear. They were all huddled together across the lawn, from everyone else, and I thought that was a good way to be there but keep their health space. I was sitting away from most, I always tend to hang with the dogs anyway, when I got a nature call went to lav, as I'm coming out I over hear a conversation going on, about how scary it is being around un vaccinated people, how terrible, it is for my wife to be driving around with her mother and aunt, and to come around children! I twisted the mini blinds open, so they could see me, and said, they are both vaccinated, how does she give it to them? Deer in headlights!! They got the I'm sharting look and scuttled off to the compound across the yard. I texted my wife, I was going home, I did not I went for a beautiful 80 mile scooter ride, out through mountains, by a couple of lakes, by all kinds of beauty to see. Well to my way of thinking. In the air, in a sun pocked cloudy type day, that is in and out of possible rain showers that never fell. Lovely day.
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    the current fune is = sf f3 crossed to a 'big'-f2 fune male and then hit to each other three times = sanfune "ix1-f3". (the "sf f3" females were made up from 'fat'-f2 females crossed by 'fast'-f2 males = different f2's to keep the line from bottlenecking) ... it's quite confusing for others a this point, haha ... it's hard to name it correctly, tbh. the shop calls them "sanfune f3" which is not really correct, but it helps to understand a little bit what has happened so far. (altho it's a somewhat "reduced way" of describing the current combo). blablabla (look at san babbling again, lol) ... anyhoo, the genetics have been stacked so often and transfer reliably to their kids as well. the fune dominates crosses at this point. i love the pics, mate. you had almost the full range of phenos ________________________ lemon chiesel, hehe ... yeah, i liked that one. the LT had some intersexed issues (like all lines including thai), crossing them to a sour-derivate does not make it easier, lol ... but so far they seemed to play nice. your descriptions are amazing, very detailed. thank you for letting me know how these did for ya. i can't wait to see how the "snow throwers" treated you. the name "snotroer" is an hommage to drip-n-wet (a former member here), that stays a huge inspiration to my strain-names. he was a super funny dude and a great person. i had years of chatting with him and hope he is well/healthy/safe/happy btw, "sanfune" was named by drip directly, he was a "witness" to me creating the line in 2012/2013 ... he named it after me: san and toshiro mifune = the dude in my avatar, i don't know anyone more witty with names and funny expressions like drip. he was one of the coolest persons online at the time !! your fune #2 is the one i would settle with. i love the berries with slight tropical nuances accompaning the experience. but i'll keep the range intact, so that all the phenos pop up regularly. most grows cover all aspects of fune, without being repetitive, took me a while to get that into seed. i still do not consider myself a breeder, tho ... i just play around a bit
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    Next is the lemon chiesel. I have 2 indica leaners and 2 sativa spears (which my dumbass thought were sanfune at one point :p ) or bld and nld. Looks better in person. #1 is the plainest smell of them all. Mostly lemon with a barely noticeable touch of gas. #2 has a stronger smell. Hard to describe though. Like funky floral lemony urinal cakes(which apparently have the same smell chemical as moth balls but I’ve never smelt them) and a slight touch of fuel, more than #1 #3 is a sativa leaner, If I wouldn’t have thought these were sanfune phenos I probably would have let them go a bit longer than 10 and a bit weeks but they were sharing a trellis and tray so untangling instead of chopping it all would have been a pain. #3 and #4 both have smells that are hard to explain but I really like because I’ve personally never smelled weed quite like it. Dark artificial grape, orange peel. bit of fuel, sour powdery candy and maybe a touch of licorice. Pretty happy high too. Seems to put me in a better mood. #4 is very similar to #3 and I also really like the smell. This one is a bit stronger smelling too. Similar high. I’m going to be disappointed when these 2 are all smoked they aren’t pretty in the traditional sense but they smell great and it’s nice to smoke things that don’t send you to sleep after too much sometimes. Still hasn’t finished curing but I’m hoping that smell translates into a bit of taste. In the volcano first bag has some of the flavours, then second bag tastes completely different. Pretty interesting. up next will be the snow throwers.
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    Majestic Lemon Headbud at 45 days flowering. smile
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    Ok so the Orange punch One on right nearly filled a gallon jar I can fit 6 zips in of tight hard flowers These are not so tight but still appox 4 Zips give or take a few g's Needs a final trim but im pooped for now. Cant wait to see what the big cheese On left gives Im guessing approx 100 grams
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    Well, the led will help makes things more doable. I’m going to figure out how to better utilize my small closet area for veg/clones/small mothers. I was just looking at storage cabinets again as well. Getting them used is my 1st option though. I do need a drill MOs def to be able to make some shit happen if I build a cabinet. i just used the syringe from you I kept for surprise application. under the tongue Funny how u forget you took it and then wonder later why you’re stoned lol. Did that the other day and also got some good sleep that night. I still have the last Warriors tonic jar. Been smoking roaches of that too with a few regular thc roaches . Nice a d relaxing and helps negate pain. I can get shit locally but I’m getting away from that because of sporadic quality etc.. my legit plug is 40 away but need a car to get to him. If it’s just fir me I have to pay the gas etc. his prices are like 350 avg but all quality finished etc. once I offer quality indoor it will stay at $300 max but sfv $250. Usually. I got a clone connection thats legit now. I’m going to save to get “the white” been wanting to grow that after smoking it more than a decade ago. Plus I want to make crosses with her. Cut is 250. I missed an opportunity earlier in the year on a big discount but I had shit going on so … $200 SR71 purple Kush Durban Cherry Pie Oregon grapes Golden Ticket ( Subcools cut ) SSH $250 Chem 91 Chem D Giesel Triangle Kush The White G13 Trinity $300 Dogwalker og Mom Gooey aka Nor cal Gooey Orgnkid skunk tangerine East Coast Sour Diesel Sour diesel ( skunktek’s cut ) Apple fritter I just got a cortisone shot the other day. So, feel a lot better and can walk without the cane too.
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    I wasn't doubting you, it's just a matter of perspective. Those pots look pretty big, with 4 in a row and space in between, but the dimensions of the light are known.
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    Hey GA, I throw our spent Keurig pods in my tea tote, for the last bit of acidic goodies to leech out, to compliment the PH needs. I honestly, I'm not centered on PH with organics, but I do like to include Dr. Earth Acid mix, with some kelp in my tea ball strainer, at any point in their timeline, IMHO. I'm with Toker on this item, your loupe never fails to show you when is now or a bit later on. I have had to push out some strains more than a month past their due date, as I did see the cloudy/red ratio, that I have come to know as finished for us. I did not get to really understand this until the wee circle of growers, that I have helped over the last 20 years, we are all running some of the same strains, most I secured and either traded/bartered/gave cuts to them. The one stand out Honey Badger Haze. We will all swap our stuff with each other, and to taste the same strain, from different growers,, different nutrient management styles, some are organic, some are salt users, some use juices. They all bash you for sure, pretty much the taste, I find and like the deeper stoning effect from more cloudy/red tric's, as compared to the *quicker elevator* from a more clear/cloudy cut. Some seem to tickle my throat more so, and make me cough a bit more, but not out of my comfort zone. NOT like the old days, between 1971-1980ish, weed sucked in our area, taste was left in the field, and harsh ruled the roost. But it was what it was.
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    Inspection pass without her coming in but it’s officially in the system. Only one more possible independent inspection. Yet, seems no way to check on them. I wonder if I have email or letter from last one. If letter forget about it cause too much time to look . So, I’m already thinking to set the led on it’s side and let the plants enjoy the needed light like that, better to do it instead of risk losing them imho. I figure if I do that I can start the mystery beans. Will have good light for young ones the 1st time ever right since growing again. I know that makes a huge difference for better results. Mine are always so much smaller and underdeveloped being held back with no choice at the time. I do the best I can with my limitations. Thankfully some of those limits are solved because of the led. and ability to have two flower areas. I need buds like a big needs slop. I’m serious as fuck. That lets me use my budget to make progress in other areas like my bulldog APBT’s T- shirts goal I’ve been holding on to for So, the mystery beans are in a shot glass 10 seeds. Seeds will be made if possible ! And pollen will be collected and stored as well. ambient temp 1st fl 85 deg’s glass placed in hot water bath of tap water since these seeds aren’t that fresh.
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    most people start counting when they change to 12/12 (which i do too), and others count when they see that flowering begins, sometime after the stretch (but that is too unprecise, because this changes from plant to plant and can express differently with the same clone as well, due to different environments/setups ect). there is no rule written in stone, though. i hope this answer helps you a bit, GA. sending you best vibes !! stay safe (and awesome )
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    I think I have some of those seeds from Santero, sounds nummy as all get out.
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    Two 4 x 4 sq. ft. spaces, in the same room but opposite sides. I always seems to have to take a pic from above showing the LED to prove it. So many doubters, lol. I’m heading to the dentist, but I’ll put something up later today to prove it.
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    Wow! We need Love and Wow reactions. That is a stunning room.
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    My brother you have out done yourself AMAZING
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    Ok so One branch broke a few days before chop. Its dry nuff now to smoke in a joint My plant was u underwhelming seemingly If one watches dinafem own vid on this Strain it seems not full Big yes Not any or few red hairs I have seen others grow it with buds as big around as 24 oz beer cans Anyway i have the thiner version Exaxtly like dinafem shows Few red hairs Not a lot of amber anywhere. The buds though thin are hard and tight And this plant will provide 3 zips or more no doubt. So Omg its my new favorite lol Dutch passions Dinafem Jeez these dudes kill it Its cheesey lol Duh And sweet most excellent 1 /4 joint and im ripped More up and flying ripped that orange punch it seems But OP was covered in red hairs and had Some amber. I have 4 more seeds I sure Hope They work out the issues
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    The Root Beer Float smells and tastes like grapes. Either they can't smell or I got an odd pheno. Cabernet or Chardonnay or Zinfandel would have been more appropriate for her. She smells and tastes awesome, but not like Root Beer.
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    Hi @gardenartus amazing work hope your well peace paps
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    It has been since July 3 I started to use air layer pods. The pics are pretty self explanatory, as one branch is losing leaf, the other seems normal. I do not think a rooting process as taken hold, where the leaf is falling....but maybe. I water the pods, once a week, once a tea of Recharge, once a bit of Hormex added to the water. I think my next pod try, I'm going to cut a view window into each side, then glue a clear bit of plastic over over the cut out area, and then simply black tape across the window. Then a few weeks into my next attempt, I can pull the tape, and get to see internally to what's UP, with the rooting process. I got so much on my plate currently, I did not yet start ALing what is left of my cannabis plants yet.
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    Yo tacman i just zoom on leaves pics and it spider mite my man look at the web on the leave seration
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    Sannie and Knutsel ,you guy's did a great job on the madscientist x motherlode. I alway's grow the free seeds and can't say I have been disappointed, but these are real good old school stuff. The yield was good, and potency was great, thank's for this old school gem.
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    Both sides of the room, day 43 in flowering. The buds didn't get as big as I thought they would, but that's because there's loads of branches............
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    @gardenartus i am with you there. screw the shamers. stay safe, GA. you are needed
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    I am not taking it, I have a good reason, not an anti-vaxxer, antiscience. I don't feel like it is right for me, with 17 diseases, 5 of them being Autoimmune, blood clotting disorders, history of DVTs, and strokes. I talked to my doc and he agrees, we don't know enough about how it would affect someone like me. The bad part, I am getting shamed lol People are so judgemental and a few outright freaking nuts. I wear a mask and do not go into stores, I have really isolated, screw them that shame me, this has really dampened down my life, and I am scared of Covid, but I am also scared of the vaccine, so we just do what we need to do to stay safe. I have not had anyone in my home for over a year. This all sucks, but what are you gonna do when you are someone like me. Damn Covid needs to dampen down.
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    just wait until enough people catch on to the "nano chips via vaccine"-thingie
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    Alright so I have to correct myself a bit lol. I harvested half my room last night and was able to finally see the plant labels on some of them and found this out: The plant I thought that could possibly be the Choco Fudge was actually a pheno of snow thrower that ended up on a diff tray. When I was getting this flower room built I had to move all my big plants out of the room for a day or 2 and them move them back in so they just got all mixed up. The super tall spears and sativa looking ones I was mistaking for phenos of the Sanfune f2 but they actually ended up being the lemon cheesel which makes a lot more sense to me now. They all seem Lemon Thai dom. If I would have realized this before chopping them I would have let them go much longer than 10 weeks but they were tangled in the trellis with the other Sanfune plants so had no choice. Sorry for the confusion. Been smoking some 4 day quick dried lower nugs of the snow thrower in the volcano and I've been really liking the pheno I've been smoking. 3/4 of them are plants that remind me of gorilla glue a bit in the look and a lot smell wise which is awesome and kind of makes sense considering GG4 has sour in it. Getting really fuely smells with a background of earthy lime/lemon
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    I am not sure the coffee grounds will do the trick, but the ferts seem almost spot on, so don't want to risk burning them with too many nutes. As I say not sure if nitrogen or magnesium, leaning toward mag because all over loss of color, no yellowing on the bottom leaves. Did not lower PH, I am running about 6.2 so they could handle a touch lower, but coffee did not take it too low, seems to be about the same. Give it about a week and see if it makes a difference. Seems when it rains it lowers the ferts, so I am having to feed more. All so new to me growing outdoors in nature, new learning curve.
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    That sucks not legal there. You need some friends to carry you through when you don't have enough, too bad you aren't my neighbor Hope this works for you.
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    Tacos anyone? They look like they've been through it. So far, in our area, climate change means massive amounts of rain with chances of septoria leaf spot.
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    Yacky today These need more Cinnamon next time, they are so cute, and fit right in the tin. 4mg each
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    I found air layering many years ago, when I first found Mother Earth News, from Rodale, sometime in the late 70's or 80's. Ever since then one failure after another, left me hating on it, or my poor attempts at it. When I found my cannabis hobby and realized how bad I needed to make clone's, as I had no room for MOM's. Things went well, for a couple of years and all of a sudden I hit a rooting wall, and could not get even well known cut's to root. Like WTF happened all of a sudden? I never did find that answer, lots of maybe's and could be's , but I still do not know! A month or so ago, one of the gardens I help established, came to me seeking some rope, to hang himself, as he had purchased 2 separate Gro Cloners, each one the first run, rooted all but a few sites!! He goes through their suggested cleaning, sanitizing procedure, and packs it away for while, so the new green can find their spot in the perpetual cycle. Once he set's the thing back up, he gets about half of the previous rooted cuts, enough for now....the cycle turns without waiting. He comes to me, I full fill his needs, he relates his story, and goes out to get GC2, as all failed the next try. I'm all but shut down, got space invaders for a few months. He comes to me, with sever hang dog, fighting back tears, tells me about the fail after fail attempts to root some damn cuts. I'm still sticking mine in 1oz cups, with a few pokies, in a compost/perlite mix, and keeping a solid 50% rooted. I give him another cycle worth. He gives me one of the GC's. I start to try to unlock this GC rootless wall. I found ad nauseum, huge amounts of stuff posted up about the GC, it's biofilm, it's bad Clonex, it's PH, it needs Cal/Mag, it needs steam cleaned, H2O2, Phan San, Sulpheric acid is needed.....WTF? Mind Blow!! So, I've been running this damned contraption, recording each step, recording each cleaning/sanitizing step....and still my 1 oz plastic cups kicks the roots out as fast and more with my mix. Then I remember air layering. I wonder, what is new in that world. Descriptions of the photos: The air layering pod or ALP, then my mix of vermiculite/compost/a bit of Sunshine Mix #4/some perlite/a few drops of Super Thrive and a few drops of Rapid Rooter, watered to field mix. The test branch that will be removed this winter as it's a nuisance branch now. I used the pod size to see how much bark gets stripped off. Then simple closed the pod and snapped it shut. I then zip tied it shut, as I felt that a strong storm may blow it off. Then the 2 pods I installed and now we wait. I think it will be a month or more (if at all) the rooting starts. I'll add some water once in a while, or make a IV drip line LOL! Next will be a cannabis plant, and I'm seeking out a smaller ALP for that. Have a great day everyone!
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    All one strain, Ethos "End Game"........
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