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    Picture Blast day 46 of 12s. Mini cup challenge...still mini All the rest are labeled
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    speaking of things we have going ... i started some more of my own lines SOUR BITE = sour diesel ibl, 2006 RIRI x chewie F1-male (-> chewie = stardawg x sour diesel ... so, this is a sour BX-type) THERMITE = white fire, LC cut x sour diesel ibl 2010-male (-> kush/og-lady to a sour diesel-male ... curious if they rock or flop) KILLER COOKIES = gsc forum cut x killer queen IBL (-> this is a freebie of mine at seedheaven, an old classic meets a new hype) AFGHAN SUNSET = lavender, clone only x deep chunk IBL-males (-> soma's very own lavi-selection to original tom hill DC-males) and LEMON PIñATA = tijuana, landrace-lady x lemon thai F1-male (-> the lemon candy male went on the strawberry mexican) TAYBERRY = eskobar's BBI, F5-lady x chocolate thai F4-male (-> let's get the chocothai out of the beebee again, eh?) HOLY LOUIE = holy princess x LUI F1-males (-> one of eskobar's most amazing creations meets a true "legend" from past days) MERCURY = larry lurex, F1-lady x sanfune F2-males = (holy princess x lemon larry) X (holy princess x chocolate cheese) two of my own lines combined for an extra good yielding and more balanced effected "holy princess"-hybrid. if any of those lines is of interest = i can keep you posted enjoy your smokes, everybody and thank you all for sharing your plants with me ! if anyone feels like growing some SANgear = write me ... and if anybody wants to support all the free sharing, can do so by following the link in my signature below.
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    Sugar Punch day 54 from bud development she is fox tailing and bulking up trichomes are 75 % cloudy 5 % amber 25 % clear still needs more time thing maybe 10 plus days
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    Northern Lights #5 x Alaskan Thunder fuck.. 2 phenos. Both sticky icky!
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    There are some pics here, I have a slight issue, can't get in the rooms, don't grow in a tent, have regular size doorways with walls I can take a pic outside looking into the room. And I take lousy ass pics lol folks complain lol So I mainly just show when I chop em and can take them out of the room. But I do have a few pics of the rooms in flower.
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    Mohawk x Lemon Fantasy by @Mr Goodfellow...... Small lower bud that got broken while moving things around. Break it up, roll it up, smoke it up
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    Day 11 of flower. I also took some clones about a week ago not rooted yet and they don't look to great but hoping they survive
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    Gg4 I’m about to chop.
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    Good evening, my friends from Opengrow. Its day 49 and the weather conditions are far from ideal in this stage. Relative humidity has been through the roof the last weeks. During the day, when the lights are off, I keep it at around 50% with a dehumidifier, but when I'm ventilating with the lights on, thats not of much use. This morning, right before the lights turned off, I went in and the RH was over 70%. And to make things worse, we're gonna have a heatwave next week (the last week), with temperatures over 33 degrees Celsius. Not sure what thats in Fahrenheit, but its HOT! Last week the 2 plants in the front really started hanging. Especially the one on the left, so I used some rope to keep em up. Just my complete luck its the 2 plants in front, cause I wouldn't have been able to reach the two in the back. I feel they totally should be ready next week at the 8 week mark, but I might just wait a little longer till harvest, if that means they wont have to dry in these extreme temps.
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    Big screen days away from coming down, 1/2 of it does Friday morning Goji getting her "lean" on Veg room got watered today, NOT the A.H. she got NOTHING! MY Original Goji OG cuts are lifting a few leaf's The 2 Octo's I set up for a friend are going home tonight. I got them off to a real good start for him(his VERY FIRST grow) . They are two cuts from Papa's Punch 3 and 5 .
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    Ok here is a few pics Sp got a foxtail thing goin on and falling over their so heavy this mom hunt is cool so I just might crack chuckies bride , southern blues, and novicane
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    One of my favorites....always gets the job done and then some!! Nice work neogitus
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    Flowering plants are Sugar Punch X Goji, the bent over same's are 8 Orange Goji, then we have RPP looking well, The Amnesia Haze getting better after figuring her issue. She had a big time bath/soaking in Neem oil also. She did not much care for it, but she will soon. Alternating Spinosad and the Neem oil, I will win in the end, just not pretty during the fight. For whatever reason they have not left the A.H. she is like their mother ship, lol. I got them on the run now, like I say I will win this battle, just gonna take another measure. When she gets clean and happy, I will pull a cut off of her, and re work her one more time. Pain in the ass, but gotta do what I gotta do. Thinking if I can get A.H to give up a viable cut to me in the next week, I will take cuts from her, the RPP and the NP and let them go outside to flower. Start with small fresh cuts, I can make sure are clean, and run them in the Octopot's. I have 4 Octo's set n ready for action, the 3 just named, and probably MY Original Goji OG straight up back from Slay! $th slot is not for certain yet, NOR NP in 3 just yet, lol. My 2 Cup Competition 's are getting wide leaf's and a mite "spindly" under the wicked HPS light. The ShackZilla......................LMAO!!! This plant is something !!! Now it has self topped, and throwing mutant leaf's to one side, normal to the other, she just might make it after all. The seedling's not really getting into the HPS at a distance. Not firing up another light nor the T5's, so they gotta deal with it. I WILL devise a way to get them in closer to it. It is not ideal, but thinking if I BOMB them with the HPS, they might stop stretching to it. Napali Pink's and the Silver Fields are set to take off. I have them in small pots, and been tied up for a week. When I up pot them, and un tie them and let them breath a minute, they are all set to explode it looks like to me.
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    Sugar punch #11 (Green & uplifting) Kept as Clone (56d f. Seed)
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    Harvest day! I chopped the Sugar Punch last night. I like to stick them in water over night, seems to clear them a bit, and slows down he drying process some, as they dry pretty fast where I am, especially in the winter, when air is so dry. This plant sucked up a quart of water overnight. She's a fast finisher, I could of taken her at seven weeks, but she's about perfect now, trichs are all milky white. Frankly, she's not at all what I expected, not in a bad way, just different. I expected more of a Silver Fields kind of plant, with more stretch, height, and Silver Fields is hands down the stinkiest plant I've ever grown. Instead, she's pretty short and bushy, and GREAT structure. I did no topping or training, just let her grow. Still very little smell, musty skunk, with a touch of sweet, but not much. My only complaint with the Octo Pots is they're boring! I only used Fox Farm Ocean Forest, perlite, and just a touch of Open Sesame, but she didn't need it, mostly just watered her once a week, and voila. Next are the two SP clones and my Kali Mist I just stripped two days ago. I wish I'd taken pic of the Kali I cut down, I'll call her the "tree pheno", left for 5 days, came home, and she was ginormous! Plus, at six weeks, and five feet tall, she was barely showing pistils, and totally taking over my space, so she was probably one of those 20 week sativa's, so I cut her to make room for the two here, which are pretty classic Kali. Stay cool, dang, it's icky here. Oh!! Texas Tomato Food totally rocks, my garden tomatoes are going insane, same with peppers, and great blossom set this year.
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    All the clones took successfully. Just dipped in aloe leaf juice/gel and into rapid rooters. 12days later they are all in dirt. Thanks, G
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    Heres a Cherry Bomb (76 Maui) X RKS / Uruapan early flower, the pink is from Gas's Cherry Bomb. Only color pistils will age to is brown. Yes, bottom line is it's fire!
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    @baqualin, they are clones...so yeah, they should show pink. I expect that Dark Heart Nursery wouldn’t release a close if it doesn’t turn...so we shall see. Even the pic on there web site looks like its only another 2 weeks or so into flower than mine. I will be disappointed if they dont turn, but if its killer weed, then I can deal with no pink, I guess. pic from their site.
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    NaPali Pink, no pink, just a lot of bud sites. pic of the whole room....2nd NaPali Pink on the left center a few days into 12s @Mr Goodfellow, see that Rhino Blood in the middle octo..got more cola than coke, just for the Cozz to smoke, shit this aint no joke,
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    Well I put on my dr hat and and had to repair 3 NICE Buds so hot out the tape and preformed surgery lol one in the back of the tent I can’t reach rigged it hope for the best also rigged up a small support for the Sp buds are so heavy they are breaking their stems day 63 from flip 53 from bud development I think maybe 2 weeks or shiva dawg based on overall look and a close look at the trichs sp I think a litter longer just by what I’ve seen in the past from her but her trichs are mainly cloudy with some clear and a touch of amber heads only
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    @Hill-Billy ur right, mate ... the uzbek pink malabar is really tasty and great stock to make seeds with. USC has great luck to have these genetics in their repertoire ... big up !
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    Here's the bottom half of the plant. Cut the top half and let the bottom go another week or so. peace
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    Silverfields -clone- (67) Fruity & strong... /peAce
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    Yay half of them rooted. I have atleast 1 of each giving a few extras away to friends. I'll give the others a couple of days
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    Papa's Punch doing fine , be glad when they finish, pain to water them, lol Was Harvest day today at the Jet crib! 1/2 of the big screen came down this morning before lights on. The Cloud Watcher and the Ole Man Chucky got the Still have the other half of the screen, I shall let the 2 Goji plants go 10 days more, while the other 2 are hang drying. Will split up the trim also, which will be a good thing. Almost everyone in the Veg room was up potted this morning . Bunch went outside, it is almost manageable now. Amnesia Haze at 70 % health...............lol Outside is getting full up. All the ones in the ground are LADIES. The ones in pots are not sexed, staying in the pots till I can sex them. Males to garbage, females into the ground. Saving the front row here for the Orange Goji and an outside Napali Pink. Using what is left of my Greenhouse as a "staging" area and protection from our STUPID RAIN! Go Goji Go..................STILL packing on weight, a pretty good Pheno here! Peace, Jet
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    The pics above were taken on 7-4 and these are 7-19. I'm slowly adjusting the lighting but I want to wait some weeks before I go sans lights. It will probably go into flower then. I still wonder if I should use some flower nutes a little. have to think about that. These have only had water. Going to be bending the tops over, scrog type of deal. The back two boxes got planted last so smaller back there. Plants not in the boxes are WAY smaller. I think a lot of that is the microbes I chose and quality of dirt. Earthworms are a big part too.
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    1 hour ago i will top them in a few days
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    NO, NOT QUITE!!! RPP is STRONG! She is VERY VERY HAPPY, and starting to grow like a weed, very good plant, THANKS YOU AGAIN MAN!!!! A.H. YUP, she has turned the corner, she WILL BE JUST FINE, but still a week or so away from "growing like a rocket". Her leaf's are starting to uncurl, her new growth is no longer shriveled and "taco'd" and she is bout ready to TAKE THE FUCK OFF!!!! I NOW can SEE she WILL GROW VERY FAST N STRONG when she is healthy! Cannot wait to see the HUGE SHARP Saw Blades she has for leaf's!!!!!!! Her issues were 2 fold. The BUG'S on her drove her nuts. She CANNOT HANDLE pests(at that small size) but the treatments were not helping her much. I mean they WERE killing bugs, but also killing her. I knew I had to get rid of them 1st, or she would never be happy and she would INFEST MY GROWS. So part ONE was hitting her again 4 more times with my spray, 3 days apart, alternating Monterrey Spray(Spinosad) and Neem oil. Then I spent 5 HOURS with a magnifying glass and tweezers picking egg's off EACH FREAKING LEAF!!!!! ARGH!!!! When I got them off, she was better but still NOT HAPPY. Pulled her from the small pot, she had HARDLY ANY ROOTS, and those were NOT healthy. Thinking they got water logged in transit, and I kept her too wet the whole time. I up potted her, gave her 1 watering, and then i did a NEW THING I LEARNED....................I LITFA!!!!! Leave It The Fuck Alone !!!!!! She has been near a week in her new pot, soil drying out, fan no longer blowing on her(she DOES NOT LIKE WIND ON HER?????) and dead center under my light . Every day her roots get stronger, the bugs are pretty much gone, and she is coming back to health. I will LITFA a bit more, lol. Amnesia Haze is a total BITCH!!! She does NOT like wet soil...........................she does NOT like wind blowing on her...................she does NOT like high nutes...........................she does NOT like being too far from the light source........................she does NOT like to be jacked with ...................................what a Bitch!!! I took cuts off her on Sunday night. Off RPP, NP, and SF too. ALL but the A.H are FINE> SOON AS I CUT her, the cuts wilted and twisted, and the growing shoot appears to have died.............within minutes of taking the cuts????????????? What a BITCH!!!! lol. Not to worry, i got her almost there now, IF these 2 cuts do not take, the NEXT PAIR WILL COLOR ME HAPPY ...............................................AMNESIA Haze .............................IN DA HOUSE!!!!!
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    Papa's Punch doing well. They smell like Model Airplane Glue mixed with "funk" . Very different than what I had thought they would smell like. Cannot wait to try them. Cannot tell if my "pollination" worked or not. Certainly did NOT pollinate the others, just hope I DID get the 2 branch's I wanted to! R.P.P. X ChemDog is back to near 100% health The new approach on the Amnesia Haze appears to be working. LITFA.................................she is CLOSE to health, thinking another week or so we will be there! Barely curling now, WANTING to throw nice straight leaf's soon...................i think, lol. Her leaf's are COOL AS HELL, cannot wait to see them happy and fully extended. The "SAW BLADE" look is VERY VERY prevalent in her!!!! Bet when she is HAPPY HAPPY her big fan's could cut a 2 by 4 in half...................lol. The MUTANT Shackzilla that WILL make it!!!! Wonder what this lil lady has in store for me??? Seedlings getting out of hand, and NOW actually liking the HPS burning down on them! Orange Goji still in training, still not sexed yet either................have really not looked yet
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    Damn more breakage main cola snapped needed repair ( calling dr paps ,calling dr paps lol) so tied some more support strings should have finished their he job earlier next time I’ll install a string trellis when I set up the tent so all I got to do is just pull it forward and adjust it well better so far
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    Down to the final eight. Struggling with life issues atm and have not made headway on flower tent. Have lots of soldering to do to get control board up for the lights. First attempt at cloning and I’m 19 for 20. Used just aloe gel and rapid rooters got the win. Blumats are in at the post office, lots to do still. The old widow in the pic is the only one showing yellow tips on new growth and yellow fringe around some leaves. She is picky or rootbound I believe. Any suggestions welcome, thanks, G oh I just watered, they were a little dry in the pics
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    Bloom 34 They smell amazing. The flower looks good Indoor Zkittle#1 Zkittle#2 Westcoast OG#1 Westcoast OG#2
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    Basics Cleanliness Environment. (Temperature and Humidity) Soil temperature, around 55-60 degrees. Humidity 70% Lower to 60% as the plant grows roots. Initially the plant needs higher humidity as it is pulling its water from the leaves but as the roots gain we want the moisture and good turgor pressure from the roots to the plants. So you manage that balancing act as the roots develop. It can happen rather quickly from days to a week or two depending on overall temperature. Higher temperature within good range equal faster rooting. Temperature 70-85f or 26c higher towards 85 is generally better for fast rooting. Try to keep 10 degrees difference between night and day periods. VPD Ideally a vpd around 0.85 kPa is a general rule but range from 0.8 to 0.95 kPa If the air is too hot and dry (high VPD), plants will tend to have slow, stretched growth. If the air is too cool and humid (low VPD), plants grow slowly and are prone to problems with mold or fungus. Media (you want a light media that the new roots can quickly grow through.) I like to wic water from below. The video above shows this in several options. Rapid rooters are notorious for dry spots causing problems. Coco based ones I liked better than peat based ones. Work best for rooting cuts as others have stated. Do not over think it. I sprout based on the condition and age/condition of the seed. This is a great video that is easy to understand for way to much information and practical information that should help you not just fix a propagating problem but help you know this process from depth. Then, you can begin to truly optimize your systems and then you will begin to see plants like you have only seen on a screen. Go to around 22:00 minute mark for examples and some instruction on different types of seed preparation depending on condition of seed. 27:04 for seedling care and transplant. I love sprouting in soil with a bit of worm castings. For hydroponics I like the water in a cup until the root looks like a sperm and transplant. Another very good video for using soil, to soilless medias and seed starting. Here are some methods, I have used these all. He takes too many steps but he babies the sprouting of the seedlings and thus illustrates an optimum environment for each stage of the seedling process. Notice how the environment is altered and humidity is changed for each stage. Appreciating that is key. I disagree with the ones that drop are duds. I have always seen a good rate of those sprouting but after about an hour I will take out of water and plant into soil or even a paper towel method. Can take longer to sprout as well but do not blindly consider those seeds duds. Where he takes the sprouted seeds and into a paper towel and into freezer bag (poor mans humidity dome) I do not do that. I let the roots grow a bit longer. They will grow down and look like sperm. Be careful to not harm the root when moving. I used a good set of tweezers. Watering Section So much great information in this video. Hope that helps.
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    Hi Big thx San ... And if i'm a little lucky ... I'll move and start the "Real" work ..... But i'll speak of that at the good moment ..... Ciao
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    I only use the rooters for rooting cuts. They do a great job on that, not so much on seed germination. Too easy to get seed too deep, too shallow, they get stuck in them a lot, not the best way. I use the little seed starter kit and have had about 100 % rates on it, way better than I did in just soil. Little 36 hole Burpee Brand propagation tray. Home De Pot sells them, and for 2.80 you also get the "brick" of COCO that will fill the 36 holes 100 times over. Has this "fabric" "wick" that sits under the top tray, lays in water in bottom tray, and wicks it up to the seeds. Never had a seed hang up , or one come out with helmet on that did not come off withing hours. I really like using it. Use 1/4 spoon TVF /gallon in it, keep the bottom tray with water so the wick works proper. I soak my seeds for 18 hours in just tap water, then into these things. Make a tiny hole with a pair of tweezers, grab a seed with them, and stuff it in the hole. fill hole with tip of finger..............done. Tray will stay proper for like 4 -5 days. 90 % of my seeds have popped within 3 days using this. I DO put a seedling heat mat under it, but not a big deal if you do not have one. Trays are CHEAP, I PROMISE it works VERY well too. ONLY ISSUE is You have to get them out within 1 day of them coming up or the root goes out the bottom and will break when you remove them. I give them one day to open really well, then use this tiny little 1/8 teaspoon spoon, to "dig them out ". Down the side of one of the little square holes, and to the bottom, then scoop the plant and all the coco out and place it in Dixie cups in soil.............................easy peezy..................... Ditch the middle tray, lay Rapid Rooters directly upon the "fabric" place cuts in the rooters, dome on also works too, but I have Burpee's TALL prop tray with adjustable vents I use for cloning.
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    Missing this stuff. Been a month or so since I ran out. Feel like starting some more, had a really unique smell. Few weeks before chop
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    @Gardenartus, you're going to love Beach's Chuckys.... I have an f3 of it and only gown one plant but is was a trophy! Everything about that plant was AAA+. I was proud of it. It was the first plant I finished in this new place. I moved it from one place to this one and it was all alone in the closet. I think I have seeds to make the GA but I may hit you up Beach if it's okay. I need to send some stuff your way anyway. I still haven't gotten my IPA to go. I tried twice and driver's error forced my hand. Nice to hear that your gear is giving the gift of healing and relief! Best gift ever, I would think! Keep up the great work @BeachBud! You have to be the most consistently great grower on this site. Everything is always top notch. Happy grows, brother! peace Edit: I just have to show a couple of pics of Beach's f3 Chucky's. Some people here have mentioned that they get small buds on their Chucky's... Nothing was small about this plant. It was covered in trichs, too. Kudos and much respect to Beachbud!
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    jup ... ok, guys ... poldergrower, the rude. I. of his name. so be it, i can live with that. may this behaviour help you with this venture too again my apologies for offering anything your way. (may it be genetics, knowledge, whatever) ... i really didn't know you are not able to handle this kind of things. i absolutely respect your condition (not your fault at all) and apologize for any stress i may have done to you. my next smoke is in your honor. of course, i see it like you do that "we are one" and nothing changes that. but man ... pls learn some social skills, eh.
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    Patient request, medicated push ups I made the strawberry banana regular for the kiddos, two potency strength on the grape ones.
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    I'm so happy with this purchase. I'm glad i didn't over engineer my own the price is perfect for what you get. I am a little less happy with the operator of the press trying to ring the last drop of goo has had some interesting effects like blown bags ripped parchment and a less than happy Harbor frieght bearing press bar, ha ha a new one on the way.
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    Thanks, That's true. It hosed me up for sure and I don't know why for the life of me I'm doing another go round when the heats about to come on. I guess it's because I'm out of that delicious, stoney Sugar Punch smoke that I've been thoroughly enjoying since late last year lol. However, If I grow a full 6 as opposed to 4, I'll go with 2 x 360 watt conversion bulbs equally spaced and closer to the tops this time. That way I should be able to go the full 10 plus if needs be.
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    Yes, I am still in??????? Why would I not be?????? Still 2 Papa's Punch representing the "Mini Octopot" run. 18/6 under HPS and too much stretch. They have to deal with it.
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    Howdy @Gardener! Dude, your babies begging for light! Why so greedy on the sunshine? Are you going straight 12/12?? @Shoeless Are you going 12 right from the start - LST that early?? And, are you try´n out different grow-media on all five?? @Justcozz Please man, dry your eyes - they look way better than Gardeners @RAS-T Looks like a perfect start for you, my friend! Your girls seem to be very hard to compete with - vital as Oprah! Lucky me, we´re in the same team Is @JetDro still in??
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    Meet my Dutch Shepperd puppy! What does this have to do with growing? Nothing! But i just don't care!
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    Forgot to put stardawg finish on lol 565g off a single stardawg on soil coco mix
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    Haha thanks my friend that would be a hell of a drive just to trim I am blessed, my lady is a real trimming machine! Tradition at ourplace is when we harvest we put a stand up comedy on the computer and giggles ourselfs silly while enjoying some herbs of course!!!! here’s a little peak at the youngsters Onyx fire by justcozz Honey badger haze by dynasty Bubba lemon (clones)by santero Spiderbite by dynasty Jc haze by justcozz Silverfield x hammerhead (i made those) Sifiblaze by justcozz That is it for now take it easy guys!!
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