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    Sugar Punch, 10 weeks from flip Bug porn
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    The first harvest of SFF is looking to be in the 72 day range. We will see. Picture number 5. Also defoliated fan leaves that were ready for it after these pictures were taken during the maintenance period.
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    Holy Princess F2 male rip Gorgeous structure very branchy. He was possessing a slight Sweet skunky smell.
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    I found this pic online. Lol
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    Day 7 of harvest. Another bud from the same plant.
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    All transplant to 3 gal. cloth yesterday. Leaf pics are examples of fan leaves each of the 3 female Holy Princess F2s. Lovely.
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    After 2 weeks of stretch, the tent is beginning to look a little jungle-like, but not out of control. The vine-like lemon sunrise was moved to the corner, where she can be monitored. I get complaints from the other plants, "Lemon Sunrise is touching me! Tell her to stop!" I've threatened to turn this tent around, but they know it's an empty threat. So LS has been tied and pruned. That back corner has a couple of shorties in it — my whorled phyllotaxy Blueberry Butcher and my short Scarlet Begonias. Both looking good: The tall phenos are playing well together. Here they are with their bound-n-gagged Lemon Sunrise sister: Everything is going well, except fungus gnats have never been worse. The nematodes are not controlling them. I think I'm going to try both Bti and a predatory mite. No real pests, though, just these nuisances.
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    This is an example of the 3 Rhaspberry Truffle males. They looked like clones of each other. But one was skunkier smelling. With the other two smelling sweet (for lack of a better word).
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    Day 70 of flower. SFF finished up quickly on the earliest pheno. A couple buds are ready.
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    San, you are one of the few who I know who even know about what and who you mentioned. So much gets lost in lies and bs martial arts politics westerners have no idea just how bad it can be. Took me over a decade to wait from info via China to finally set taijiquan history on a more legit reality yet still no iron clad founder documentation thus far. yet, just like I tell the new folks. It’s not so important to waste time hunting what’s not their. Better to train ! i just passed on the book list of manuals connected to the video. YiQuan method is very good for fighting but like most players they will be satisfied with their use of Yang energy to overcome their opponents. So, most won’t go deeper to the yin energy of YiQuan or Taijiquan. He’s one of the best China ever had and his distillation of qigong and martial skill are contained in those 8 postures. they are my number one prescription for folks who need to rehabilitate, go to a higher level of health or seek out deeper martial skills. Great foundation for folks to do who have yet to choose a martial style that suitable for them. At least that’s what I tell folks. xie xie
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    Intense flavor, strawberry, banana, and orange, makes your mouth water like a fountain 80mg
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    @Sacred Plant Warrior yes, standing meditation i do that too (altho it's not a part of wing chun). i combine it with qi gong and iron palm-techniques ... meditation in general, as well as breathing and other pranayama-exercises, i like doing very much. i love the internal ways of tsui shon ting and his exploration of the siu nim tao. moy yat has a great third form, samuel kwok was teached by ip man's son's (although i am not really a fan of some of their interpretations when it comes to the mook yan jong) and william cheung payed great attention to the first form and filled in blanks for the rest of the system (some like it and some don't). "obscure" lineages in wing chun i like too, yuen kay shan and the vietnamese lineage (via his brother yuen chai wan) are of high interest to me, as well as yiu choi's snake style which came also via yuen chai wan and was preserved by the yui-clan or pan nam's interpretations and the gu lao san sik (seperate techniques, with no choreographed forms but all concepts still intact). ip man was indeed not the alpha, nor the omega ... the people training at dai duk lan had huge influence on him. the "eternal spring"-lineage in general is mainly the main- source for the whole "reciting spring"-lineage, we got to know outside of inner circles. but don't get me started, brother. it's indeed an endless topic, haha ... supercool to know that you also train. canna-brothers crossing arms russian systema (and indonesian silat to an extend) is also an integral part of my training. i don't copy any other culture, tho, soy latino & i do my training vato-sytle, LOL.
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    My Hungarian peppers Esko told me in good conditions they never die. I already made seeds from them but now I banzai capsaicin Will the flower get pollination ? Or should I aid Tokers got some reading to do
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    Day 121. Day 68 of flower. Day 6 of harvest. Three more DSR buds are ready. So far all from the same plant. You can see in the bottom picture. SFF is coming on quickly.
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    TY, no they don't get you high, great for skin issues like psoriasis, eczema, itchy skin, really helps. I am all into the medicinal with this plant and try to utilize it for anything I can think of.
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    These are so cool, very pretty indeed. Sorry for stupid question but will you get high if using them gardenartus?
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    Hey @santero good to see you. I still haven't sent you or almost anyone a pm on ss. Need to change that. It is good "seeing" you online and know you are still around. Like a cross of slender man and Bruce Lee when it comes to creating dank F1s. Thanks for the good vibes. Wife is home now and recovering. Thank you.
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    I had DJ's blueberry, wow was that a nice one that made my whole house smell like it. I got raided, was not arrested Thank God, but thought I was overcount and dumped some moms, DJ was one of them. When I calmed down I realized NO I was not overcount lol. I miss that one a lot, loved her smell and taste.
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    Cheer gardenartus, yeah I do like the blueberry stuff. I had a vividly purple madberry outdoors just once that was the first plant to ever really shock me with its smell. Just straight blueberries, I couldnt believe it haha. I miss that plant..
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    your "myste-riri" may be one of the ones that i hit with gwidow. the leafshape gives it away and the double serration on holy princess & rhaspberry truffle indicate santa maria-influence. it's good to see you up and about, brother. i asked meself how you are. best vibes to your wife ... hopefully she recovers fast and completely !! in case i can help you out with some of my humble hacks, then just hit me up. nothing changed, i am the same = free beans for everyone who 'dares' to ask
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    Growing fast. 2nd pic is Riri Sour Diesel mystery female.
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    if they are siblings (both from the same generation) = then yes, "f2". if the male is her son, then i'd rather call it "incross" (as in "crossed inside of the line") or "backcross" (as in crossed back to the mother").
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    So, a couple veg section shots then re arranged after the Big Poppa was taken out. Man how beautiful these males can be. 28” tall w/pot 35” tall. No need to tip that taller branch growing into the light like it’s brother branch did a few days back. He’s with the 4 bbw big league grape ladies and I’m just going to have to watch Big Poppa so I catch him before he blows his load
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    The light intensity difference is apparent in this next picture. Notice where the cut is. That next bud on that side limb will go into super finish mode and get super oily and hard. I never touch buds until they are cured though, always keeping a piece of the stalk intact for holding on to, for trimming, etc. , so the hardness of the bud and the complete unadulterated stickiness won’t be verified until it’s time to smoke. Keep that stickiness where it should be, on the buds. Depth is difficult to tell, but that next bud on the sidearm is above the top scrog as well. The way of the old school, overlooked in today’s world with legalization and staying on timing schedules, to maximize profit. But this method of taking individual buds when ready will produce some of the finest connoisseur weed for the true lover. But as always, to each their own, whatever works in your context.
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    Day 115 overall. Day 62 of flower. It won’t be today. But soon, very soon, I will begin picking the fruits as they become ripe. They look super sugary and super oily. Enjoy the shots below. 1. DSR 2. The purple pheno is so damn oily looking. Exxon Valdez. She stands out above the crowd in beauty. It’s a rare sight, but I always enjoy when I see her in all her beauty, right before first cut. 3. Side bud from the purple pheno at top scrog level. 4. Very oily underneath between the nets as well. They are waiting for their time to be the star attraction. 5. Shot below the top net from above. 6. Another shot between the nets. 7. Here is the SFF. She is looking super sugary. Very foxtailish. Weight won’t be as high as DSR but I think the smoke will be outstanding. 8. Shot of DSR fox tailing.
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    lets hope they finally let people grow their own meds and tokes.
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    KC 42 Indica leaning pheno. Topbud of the same plant.
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    Fudge and second is amie haze x vanilla frosting
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    Afgaan 90 Bubba Hash G13 Hazeplant
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    Blue God Veg 83.1F 55% RH 250 PPM A couple days after I transplanted wedding cake they died out on me. Been a while since this has happened to me but it happens. So I called an audible and went with Blue God thanks to a grower buddy of mine. The plan is the same so let’s hope these thrive.
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    aiding indeed helps (and reading is never wrong ) very beautiful peppers, masterly bred together by one of the best !! good vibes your way, toker !
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    Ok, so last branch clone deserves a group picture with her sisters. 1st picture. Keep in mind those 3 potted clones were once a single branch that was originally rooted in plain water only ! leaf Fulsom Prison Blues green pepper/flower stem rub. I don’t put much faith or attention in stem rubs frankly. remaining cuts in cloner only waiting on two to get good roots to pot up. Best one gets donated to a comrade if he wants it. You know who u are !
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    Technically I own sweetie pie the American Bulldog bitch and the rest are just neighborhood mother & 2 daughter cats I’m looking out for. i have to get my money up to buy another dog and a $300 security deposit too for it. need a scooter too so sell some collector knives and some flower to try to make that happen.
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    yeah, duh. that's why i said "lets hope" (i don't believe it either.) they will especially persecute the ones trying to grow their own. its not a legalisation, its a 'marketisation', like everywhere else. (as if it would change anything for us who never needed anyones permission )
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    Did u have the outkastt cut that joker, myself, FFC, wpw and others were running? If you had that one u fuked up badly. But fear often makes folks make poor decisions when in a hurry/Emergency situation so I get it. my mind is wacky as fuk but under fire I’m cool as a cucumber and surprisingly lucid and fast too lol. I’m still working on getting certain Blueberry genetics/flavors for a combo project sorta like the Northern Lights combos of 5,2,1 etc. i still need to grab the pure blueberry to anchor down the breeding experiment. Also trying to get Fraser Valley blueberry if possible pure! as long as it ends up tasty and the stoned effects are nice I will consider it successfully even if I don’t get the blueberry Terps I’m after
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    Day 116 overall. Day 63 of flower. Day 1 of harvest. First bud ready is a DSR end bud. Let the games begin.
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    Day 113 overall. Day 60 of flower. 1. Purple DSR. If you look closely at the top you will see a massive foxtail that came out right in the center of the cola bud. It’s most noticeable from the change in girth as you look from top to bottom. I really enjoy watching foxtails develop. 2. DSR 3. SFF. May be tough to see, but this strain foxtails a lot. Very cool to watch develop. Looking like it’s gonna be a fine smoke. Leaves changing colors as it works towards a finish. 4. SFF in front and DSR behind. 5. Shot from between the scrog nets. Buds looking very greasy and getting full between the nets. 6. Weight of the DSR drooping over. 7. Fox tailing DSR with flash on. 8. Multiple small fox tails on the SFF with flash. 9. Same shot without flash. Nice colors here. 10. Same as picture 7 without the flash.
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    Blessings you made it through. Just want to let you know I had several major strokes, mine came from blood clotting disorders. My memory was nontrackable, took me 6 months of rehab for the physical aspect, my last major one, but my brain was fried. CBD really corrected the damage. I guess CBG actually creates new neurons and CBD repairs them. So many odd symptoms you get from strokes docs don't warn you about. Big hugs, so glad you are OK.
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    The last Silverfields nug. Such a good smoke. G13 Hazeplant. Also a fantastic smoke. And Santero's (Triangle Kush x Chocolate Diesel) x (Stardawg x Sour D) got their own homes today! They're the 5 in the lowest pots.
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    The Riri Sour Diesel mystery is a big boned stinky female. Double checked.
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    Day 106 overall. Day 53 of flower. 1. DSR 2. DSR in the back. 3. DSR not far from first harvest. They are focusing energy into swelling the buds. They look super oily. Leaves starting to turn in color as the focus gets to finishing and looking for pollination. You can see the rare purple pheno. It has never disappointed for its beauty and potency. Expect the purple to make its showing in the buds at the very end. 4. Weight of the DSR making the top scrog work. 5. SFF stignas are turning orangish brown. They look like they are going to be lighter than the DSR on weight, but are showing a lot of crystals coming on. I see the top bud wanting to foxtail in a couple different spots on the cola. Out the side and the top.
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    Green Ale (green manalishi x phuuu's ipa) @ 72 days
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    Sorry to see you go, but the place isn't what it used to be.
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    From a maintenance standpoint. It is my suggestion that you have replacement parts for as many of your components as you can afford and/or have room for. Quick troubleshooting and counter measuring can be vital to your success. If you aren’t a maintenance man/woman or engineer. I would suggest learning as much about your components as possible to aid in your troubleshooting. You can drop the ball at any time, anyone who says they have never dropped the ball, has never had the ball on their hands. It’s a process. Hoping not the drop the ball, looking forward to seeing SFF in all its glory.
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    Strawberry Starburst bred by Rasta Jeff of Irie Genetics still a bit to go, keeper out of 10 females. She reeks of Sour Strawberries and is a huge yielder.
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    I use mason jars, but they can be a hassle unless you have some big ones. Most of mine are about a quart, which is often too small. I like to put all of a plant's buds in one jar.
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    Hello Mucker4you, I try to be short but infomative.. with autoflowers indoor u cant make faster turnover than photoperiod clones.. if u choose to start from seeds the stupid proof method is planting them into soil ( you can transplant them to mapito.. but never flood up to the soil level) never ever flush mapito with tap water.. IT ACTS LIKE A BIG SPONGE. if u fill it with water...u need to dry it.. to make it possible to hold any nutes (please make a test...if it is wet and u water 1 liter of nutes... all will drain out) (so it is waste of time) ( Esko topic is old... and people can easily missunderstood the reason and process of the flush) If u have to flush because of the high EC.. you should do it with low EC and PH 5.4 ur seedlings stems are purple ...it might be the problem of ph... moisture.. or nutes allways plant well rooted seedlings or clones to the crates till clones or seedlings are small they dont have too much water uptake....so waste of energy and nutes watering a crate. If I will have time I will try to help you more. save this 4 seedlings... water them from top till they dont have roots at the bottom dont put water to the the stem... better around it. BUT If u can get some more clone or fem seed...I would start them in the same tent to practise... wasting 10 weeks with a bad grow is a pain BUT TAKE IT EASY.. AND U WILL LEARN IT!! hidro do u have holes at the bottom of the crates? it is a must!
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