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    Silverfields x sannies jack thanks to @Justcozz for the beans switched to 12/12 a month ago After that picture some light defoliation was done and the higher branches got bent
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    So I'm waiting for a ferry, minding my own business, when this chatty old fellah comes up to me and starts yakking. I noticed the leaves on his jacket and I thought for a second that maybe this guy, in spite of his appearance, is cool. Then I remembered that buckeyes have palmate compound leaves, just like cannabis! Those deceitful bastards! Weirdness avoided! I did not strike up a conversation about his favorite strain/dispensary, etc. Get legal already, Ohio.
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    I kind of forgot about this wee experiment, it was fun, but a very predictable out come......BUT, I did NOT give up on the one plant grow, sort of. I found a great thread elsewhere, called The Outlaw. It was stunning! I PM'd the guy, and ask him if he minded if I copy his system, and of course I'll give him the props for it. I ran up to the local grow shop, bought a 2' x 2' x 7" Active Aqua F&D tray, I had a F&D fittings in my personal supply box, I wanted a 20 gallon resy with lid, but had to settle for the 10 g, and it was THIRSTY all the damn time. I had a pump/bag/and fittings, tubing to connect the resy to the tray. Fit it all together, cycled some water to see where the fluid line will run at. I had a 20 LB bag of lava rock, the OG used hydroton, as a base layer. I placed mine more around the drain end. Then he used Sunshine mix, and RW croutons, for his medium. I am addicted to coco husks, Pro Mix mix, large chunk perlite, with a lava rock base. I did buy a bale of Sunshine Mix 4 for this run. I had some veg plants that I was holding for flower space, and went a few months, so they were a bit stressed, and I found homes for the others, and had a Honey Badger Haze and ON Haze. HBH I have cycled many times....not so, for the ON Haze. She went to hermi heaven about a month into flower. I vegged and screened them. I also trained and deleafed every few days. Growth was great. After the organic nutrients started to falter, I started using CNS fertilizers. The lights I used were VERY VERY small, a $99.00 HLG veg light, and the next size bigger, for $149.00 these are fantastic veg lights!! Only a damn fool would flower with them, since I have no issues with being a damned fool, or a tinkering damned fool for that matter, I did just that. I got 400 grams of bud/trim of the HBH. 215 grams of stalk/stems. I made 18 sticks of butter from it all, and kept a small bag of buds. The buds got every bit as frosty as proper grown buds, just smaller. The terp profile is just as strong as proper grown. So now I got this out of my system, and I got space invaders coming in a month, and I'm shutting down the whole perpetual set up, except for 7 plants I'll keep for restarting, and got all my genetics for the rebuild. I'll be running some of Capulators offerings, I got 5 different strains to work with, plus some others I've collected this past year. Some pics: Beginning to end cycle. The most simple grow for me ever.
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    @Toker unexpected surprise and very appreciated. an all time classic for me. not sure how many times i've watched it at least 6 times or more. Ok now, getting to business. I got dibs on the conductor and the wawa lady = yes same time same long weekend etc. honorable mention = the blonde with the braids very cute. @gardenartus HEY SISTER ARE U OK ? IF SO LET US/ME KNOW. YES, MY OCD HAS BEEN ACTIVATED AND I WANT YOU TO MAKE IT TURN OFF WITH KNOWING U ARE WELL OR AT LEAST ALIVE. IF SOMEONE HAS A DIRECT LINE TO HER PLEASE REACH OUT TO MAKE SURE SHE'S OK. THANKS
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    @KTF awhh shit Toker started some shit and now we showing weapons lol. dude i like that case u have. how old is it ? never tease a blade:) runner man by not taking the blade out to show it's awesomeness and rocking ELMAX too sweet. never had an elmax blade but i know it's a sweet steel smdh. i googled the co. though ha. you chose the same as i would have really nice cross bow, loved those when i was younger. what you have i have never seen though. super cool compound sweetness. Yes, i admit i have been mainly a blade runner from a younger age. Tanto blade profiles are my fave of all. though I'm trying to recover my price/cost info to sell some knives off my big and small tanto tag team by Jack O'neal will never be sold. only 2 pistols both CZ's of course ha. CZ P0-7 2nd gen. w/ tigger job and swapped stock sites for red fiber optic front and all back competition rear w/Decocker set up. i doubt it will need any other adjustments aside from me shooting it enough to break him in. Yes, i said him, my toys are males ha. I watched a ton of reviews by trusted shooters after it seemed like it would fit the bill. here's one of my favorite no bs reviewers Scootch. a couple of my grail knives. sorry oi don't have full pictures. will have to get that done before i put some up for sale because they just sit there looking pretty and i can fund a scooter with proceeds that will actually do something for me. 1st. is the mirror polished one off Wayfarer by Olamic's Eugene Solomonik. double bolster bad ass. Eugene doesn't actually make knives to order usually. he makes what he chooses and puts them up for sale. he does take into account the ideas and wishes of customers in his designs however. I spoke to him about a mirror polished blade with a particular handle material i saw already. that was not to be but when he contacted me he showed me 3 knives he felt i might be interested in. he was correct the blade is bad ass with an ultra smooth flipping action. it can be light switch activated or push button activated as well. My one off Gargoyle by the famous Terry Guinn = it just spoke to me with that scimitar style blade and beautiful anodized dimples. this line like his Goblin Balisongs were limited and number mine is #026 . here's a link to other knives made by him. https://www.pacificedgecutlery.com/terry-guinn/ The highly coveted and sought after Benchmade 42 Balisong ; Titanium handles and spring latch. i gave up on getting one because i refused to be priced gouged. then i stumbled over my Chris Olofson 29 Wee Hawk grail and said fuck the BM 42 . when deployed the blade using my thumb latch opening = i don't look at the knife at all. that shit flew in my hands perfectly and it was like wtf wow. i was so happy i smiled and grinned for awhile. CHRIS builds these with extremely tight tolerances. they are known for being hard to close if you have beautiful lady hands like mine that aren't that strong anymore. they/we had fun on jerzee devil with my hands assessment. Note: someone found my blade and tracked me down on IG because he wanted to buy it. after a little friendly knife banter. I TOLD HIM I'D NEVER SELL IT PERIOD ! 29 Knives is a small one man shop operated by Chris Olofson. Chris is a lifetime builder and collector balisongs and other assorted martial arts weaponry and he fashions most of his knives based on the works of the legendary custom knife maker Jody Sampson. Chris also adds in many blade designs never before seen on any modern day knives that are drawn directly from the traditional edged weapons of various martial arts schools and fighters both ancient and modern from around the world. then out of the Blue one became available at a reasonable price. then i pulled out all the stops to make sure i could tell a fake from the real deal. after it arrived it was pretty easy to confirm it's authenticity so i kept it of course. had the famous Gary Graley make me a one of a kind sheath for it as u see. we spoke to get the design how i wanted and it came out great. dude is a total gentleman and superior craftsmen too. the other blade not deployed at all is by the famous South African maker Andre Thornburn. i had wanted a different Thornburn = l36 model for quite some time. yet they were always out of reach/bad timing. Then this L50 one appeared and i looked at it and contemplated if i should get it. Well i didn't think to long about it and claimed this beautiful blade. silky smooth action and it doesn't look as dangerous as most of my knife do since i prefer tactical self defense type blades mostly. his website : https://andrethorburn.com/about then we have my CZ 75 COMPACT SDP w/ decocker https://czcustom.com/new-firearms/cz-compact-p01-sdp-black-decocker.html this one is no longer made and production stopped in 2018. Yes, they are out there after market but you will pay more than the price seen onsite unless someone is really nice to you.
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    well i started new seed off Sweet seeds Red Hot Cookies ,,heres couple pictures .mac.
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    BlueChem transparency follow-up, because that's what I do, foos! This is the other female used in making the F2 seeds, sister to the purple goddess above. All organic soil-less on a Blumat watering system. Stress-testing this plant and not seeing any probs whatsoever. I've moved the moisture down to 240 mBars,,, (normally I like the moisture to be about 80 - 100 mBars...) so this soil is dry, and although she is showing leaf curling, there's nothing else to note except that she's frosty as fuck! I'll of course post lots of bud pics toward the end
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    Thank you for clearing it up with me, @Indicalicious We had a misunderstanding - mostly on my side. Thank you for helping me understand.
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    Hi Black Afghani grown and tested by a Friend Other pheno Best regards Cristalin
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    hey ,webeblzr , props on that, impressive ,heroic, 'ghettoe styile' ha , ha , my kinda entertainment 2, bt with me its, in my head ,, & dont materiallise = idle stoned foka !
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    Ok so i was less than pleased with my cherry bomb germ rate but it could have been anything I am pleased with this lady She reeks so sweet in veg My cherry bomb mom for now If her cuts root soon in she goes to flower My ts 1000 arrives today But yes cherry bomb is stupendous Its flavour of pronounced sweet cherries is quite special Shes for tokers private stock
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    From your description wouldn't your Blue Chem be a BX1ix3 (backcross 1 in cross 3)? Simply calling it F4 isn't quite right due to there being an outcross for one as well as a backcross. Not pure Blue Chem. Just trying to make sure I followed what you wrote. Pretty sure F4 isn't the proper nomenclature regardless. The reason I said bx1ix3 is that there is a bx first prior to the incrossing. Fillial suggests pure.
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    Added epsom salt to yesterday’s feeding for a little boost under the LED’s . They are drinking 1,5 gallons approx if all need attending. No. 6 gets fed daily now since it’ drys out faster with the bigger than needed pot. odor is sorta sweet Dank with nuances I can’t identify well. I imagine the Iditarod will increase the next few weeks too. I like how little gurl no.4 is stacking + perfect little plant and structure. because I’ve only taken cuts off two of the 6, reveg what I plan to do.. so. They will go 20/4 under the 250 mh. This is when a 100w led would be perfect but not there yet.
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    Lol, The Case/Winkler collaboration started back in 2016. They have 5 pieces in the collection which includes the pack axe. The Knife I have is called the Skinner. Although it could more than cope with skinning duties being a full flat grind, it's trailing point design is actually more of a jack of all trades camp knife. The name Skinner is from the vet that designed it along with the pack axe, Kevin Holland, Skinner is his nick name lol. It really is stunning working tool. All of Winklers designs are like an extension to your hand. Speaking of Winkler, just had this turn up in the post. My new Winkler drop point spike crusher lol. The Winkler sheaths are the best I've ever seen. It's a triple layered system of suede, kidex and the wrapped in leather. Every single component is made in the USA and the knives themselfs are made in the Appalachian mountains. But being a knife nut I bet you knew that already lol. We've definitely got the same taste. Like yourself I've had a very keen interest in these things since I was a child, I just can't help it lol. The Tanto is one of my favourite designs. I remember when Cold Steel brought them to the market many years ago. I was amazed watching those demonstrations. Those early models are quite sought after now. You have excellent taste along with some fantastic blades. That bow of mine is an amazing bit of kit. The poundage, cable, string etc can all be adjusted without the need for a bowpress, and breaks down into two parts for portability. I'm waiting for my thermal scope to arrive so I can start playing properly. I'd love to be able to obtain a firearms license but in reality it's never going to happen because of the time I've spent in jail for cannabis. Very jealous of those pistols lol. I've put an order in for a few more Winklers Knives and a new axe. I'm about to move back out into the mountains within the next couple months and need to stock up on all the kit that's gonna be needed. Some fun times ahead lol. Ah and before I forget the TRC. They really do make some of the best semi custom knives out there. The level of detail and finishing is superb and easily on par with the Winkler stuff.
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    mindless greedy ( chistian worshipers, of mamon ) materialists to take their place inthe lemming que! weve got a new church were every one goes on sunday ,, they call it aldi !& slave master ,next, asda .& hisname is , legion . ? . onelove sunstone .covid corruption! etonian coksukers circle . . .srcewing the masses . tell the children the truth .! technocracy = fukin robots !
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    DUDE THAT'S AWESOME THX. now, do you know which was the mother ? @santero do u know the answer to the above.
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    Two BlueChem F2s with the lights out going on 8 weeks
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    Loathed to cut grass It smells so good Maybe i let it go a tad longer
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    Black Afghani This IBL offering from USC caught my eye when it was first introduced. I was lucky enough to score a pack and my first growing attempt gave me 3 females. While they were all a bit different appearance wise they all shared a definite blueberry aroma. One was intensly blueberry while the other two also added hash and coffee to their less intense blueberry smell. After a 6 week cure it is a very enjoyable smoke. It is a smooth but heavy smoke that tastes of sweet blueberry going in with a hashy, coffee mixed with berries coming out. The intense blueberry buds remained intense through the cure. Open the jar and it smells of sweet ripe blueberries. The other two are less intense but still blueberry dominate. The buds are large and fairly dense with pointy tops. All of the plants had many buds with red/pink coloration to them. The high is fast acting and intense. Unlike many indica's this one is felt in the very bottom of my head leaving the rest clear and aware though there is some visual impact as the high progresses. The body stone is wonderful, deep reaching and long lasting. This is not really a couch lock kinda smoke as the head remains mostly functional but if too many tokes are taken it may be difficult to motivate your limbs properly. I had 3 different looking BA's but in the end I do not see much difference in their smoke. They all give the same basic effect, some minor smell or flavor difference but pretty much the same intense body driven high. Now I will try to quantify this wonderful smoke with numbers... Bag Appeal = 9 - big dense frosty buds. Smell = 10 on the intense blueberry one and 8.5 on the other two. Taste = 9 Effect = 9 As you can see I really like this Black Afghani and will definitely be running it again one day. Big thanks to Cristalin and USC for their hard work preserving this and other landrace gems.
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    This sounds so good. Lucky I have a pack. Have been growing only sativas for a few years but this one sounds like it is worth it to grow.
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    A few closeups as pistils just initiate a change in color/maturity i grouped photos per plant. tent pic keeps pics in order ! general thought on this grow so far : *i didn't get the stretch i was looking for and i will call it user error *the fan on low, unattached to anything is sucking the tent walls in *easy to keep clean and with only 6 plants plenty of room to maneuver *stem rubs etc. are quite unique, i frankly can't put a handle on the odor aside from nice. the other night took two leaves off and they fooled me into thinking i was smelling GSC but i was wrong cause the jar was tight and no odor from it. * not picky about nutes from my short experience, no leaf anomalies anymore, plant is strong though cause a few tucked leaves said fuk that i'm going back to the light lol. * drank more than i thought and i'll make sure they don't go thirsty anymore and ignore the weight of the pots to a certain extent * easy to care for only strange thing was the long petioles which i attribute to low light conditions = my fault but a master gardener would have to chimes in to confirm. * clones taken = total of 5 from only 2 plants . 3 tiny ones and 2 small ones. i haven't seen roots yet in those or the clones of FPB that were taken in veg as normal. 1st time using root riot cubes but i think i will like them. all cuts of BLG ARE LOOKING HEALTHY still. thx. KAKALAK for this opportunity to grow your BIG LEAGUE GRAPE I REALLY APPRECIATE IT.
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    Ok so last pics I went to sleep on. Let’s see if they all load ha! All in canopy is approx 30/31” all except no. 6 = 27” away from the light. Full power until it’s time to turn it down late flower.
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    Silent but deadly. Hickory Creek inline mini along with a few other bits from the tool bag. And yes, the rumors about me in the UK are true, I'm not be fucked with.
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    Nilla Wafer/Herifields Day 57 Bloom 84.9F 44.7% RH 170 PPM With one more week to go both of these strains are still sprouting fresh pistils. Maybe they go 10 instead of 9, we shall see. One clear fact is that the NW buds are 3X the size of HF. HF are still good sized but NW looks like a forest of coke cans. Almost at the end.....maybe.
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    Hey @webeblzr welcome, I cleaned the grinder by harvesting good hash lol The high of AS is very clean but heavy, nice smoke with a delicious sweethash taste but smooth in and exhale best vibes
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    Quick update to show you pics of the Critical Mass x (G13xHashplant) x Citral just before she was chopped at the 11 week mark. She was not at all what I expected her to be but her dense sticky buds are looking pretty good. She smells of lavender and hash with a little skunk thrown in. She was only 2 feet tall after a decent veg time but looks like she will give a decent yield. All of the IPA clones are in 12's now with 2 of them going in a week before the other 2 to make it easier come harvest time. So, I have 6 IPA's in the flower room now and I started a couple of IPA #2 fems last week that are up and looking good. They should be the larger pheno with one of them equal to almost two of the smaller ones I have going now. I'll take cuts from them when they are ready and hope to build up a years stockpile of IPA so I can get to a bunch of others. It was time for maintenance on my 2 LED veg lights so I took them apart and blew them out the other day. Amazing how much crap builds up in there after 6 months or so, now they are all cleaned out and ready to go. We had 10 yards of topsoil dumped in our front yard last week. This weekend we moved a bunch of it to the back yard with the lawn tractor and a little dump trailer. The back yard use to be a cow pasture years ago and there are high and low spots all over. Our current mission it to even it out and plant new grass, gonna be a lot of work but sure gonna be nice when it's done. Here's hoping this old body holds up. Hope you all are enjoying Spring as much as me. Stay safe out there.
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    Emoji When these things came out i was disgusted A world reduced to stupid faces But These things fooking rock With women When your sitting there with no fucking clue what to say Send a smile face Lololol Or a kiss thingy Just mimic what they send you Man these things dont suck nearly as bad as i thought when it comes to women folk
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    Sounds like a nice list, that I know little of, to be honest. I just sent in my seedheaven list this am, a Amnesia Star, and a Hy-Pro Widow 13, my last beans for the year.. I got some strains from Cap, this past year, and I picked up on a bunch of the buck a seed offerings, I found over on Over Grow. I kept my Honey Badger Haze plants I've had for about 5- 7 years now, not mom plants, as I just run from cut2clone. But I got a cropper strain, a cat pissy pheno, and smaller sized very potent bitch, very terp heavy, very spacy buzz, for my personal stash. I packed away like 1 lb + of buds, and about the same for making edibles, for my shut down and rebuild, and get the perpetual cycle reestablished again. I went up to PAHydro the other day for one of my gardener friends, that needed a few items. While there, I got to check out the new Hydropharm Phantom LED that folds in half. BIGASS light source!! Like just shy of 50 lb's or so! When Gary flicked it on, it produced Celestial beams of delicious light that would make plants jump from their shells to wash themselves in it. Grow em hard man!!
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    Just come across this and thought I'd give it a little bump and add what I know. It was Silverback and his brother-in-law that made the Indiana Bubblegum. The genetics are confirmed to be Afghan and Mexican. I'm pretty sure the Afghan comes from a military connection.
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    I dont know what youre talking about any comparisons, or that I saw your thread and rename anything, that was a decision made long ago then last year october because of: for dont take something and call it like something, a tribute to e$ko thats it and as you can see on all other crosses I made. Im just a satisfied selector from bluechem, we dont reinvent here the wheel mate. Took 2 seeds from a cross for a cross you will get new variations thats it, I just wanted to say where my line is from and not try to tell anybody wich is better or worser or the real deal lol. best for you
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    Happy New Year to all. I chopped 2 of the BBS x CT a couple days ago, they were a little over 11 weeks. The remaining lady seems to be Thai leaning, she keeps on throwing pistils. Samples of all were up, up, up, cured bud should be very nice. Amnesia decided to throw me a curve, 5/5 are females. Divided between two 15 gallon bags, it's gonna be tight in there. I topped them all, I am shooting for 4-8 tops on each. Ouzbékistan, on the other hand, only gave me 1/5. I really want a male to knock up Amnesia, but I need some indica in the jars. I only have room for 2 in the tent, so I am in a bit of a quandary. I suppose I could have worse things to fret over.
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    Thanks for the Eskobar Tributes San & Zan. A real 2020 morale boost...all things considered.
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    Money, money, money. Cause "$$$" rush thriving in decent amount of people " i got feeling that earth became stopped by and telling us this is last station, for long time. Before watching this video i was eager to get hands of some of their gear in distant future, but now almost lost interest for sourcing CSI gear, at least once in lifetime. Not just because i cant afford to pay double for beans(after losing job due to covid) but also that i became aware than there is stable genetics from same or similar gene pool with for very decent price. Or just i prefer to stay with familiar in house genetics and trying to source some repros of esco or Naw, either to spend my "virtual" money to people who even gave shit to customers(non related to CSI interview). Stay healthy and positive! Ciko
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    Very healthy plants, i love such plants. Btw im having similar issues with super cropping when im breaking their necks and sometimes i snap main stem. For healing purpose im using few drops of Algae(A. Nodosum ) and then im using some softy strap for tie spot and again few drops of Algae. After 1-2 days plant continuing like nothing happened. Also im very satisfied with foliar application at least once per week in vege.
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    Exactly, ACBD means Afghani CBD
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    New Black Afghani seeds batches are incoming
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    Hi Black Afghani Hash (Ouzbékistan leaves)
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    Hi Great thing, both Afghan but of two different places, Black Afghani is from Kandahar;) Ciao
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    Ordered the BA, sent the cash off Mon 19th from the UK, received them a week later Mon 26th, amazing! oh yeah going to do a Gani run later in the year
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    Hello, A detailed view on the Planck cut or better known as Santa Maria. 9.5 weeks flowering, flooding hydro system. Low nute shedule. Final harvest window. Grdz e$ko,
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