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    Honey Badger Haze Amnesia SanFune Killing Fields
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    Tartar Kush F2 (Dark Mother) x Huckleberry Kush 2012
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    hello guys! lt looks OG has changed a lot... but I cant hahah.. for me amnesia core cut is still a great plant. with these pics I wish all of u happy growing!!! hidro
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    The new Sanniesshop is online ! This was probably the hardest project I have done the last 13 years, I have designed and re wrote all pages in Dutch and let a professional do the English part. My photography is now a big part of the shop and in this way the two hobby's emerge. New breeders New product pages Big discounts to celebrate the opening 5 Skunk Afghaan X Jackberry feminized freebees with every seed order Free shipping when ordering 3 packs of seed or more I hope you guys like it greetz sannie
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    Cobra (agfhanchitral x coljam) Mother pollinated for next genereation beans, colors and smell from afghanchitral with sativabuds, nice offspring, heavy shortend flowering time, also for the coljam leaning phenos: AfghanChitral selected F2 (codename: Darkchitral) very nice colored and resinous, mother pollinated for the next generation: more greener AfghanChitral, very compact dense and heavy buds:
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    Huckleberry Kush @ 50 days
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    SanFune Selene F2 SiFi x Selene Honey Badger Haze Amnesia Amnesia Double Jam
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    Sour claws (ecsd x bear claws) by mycotek seeds
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    to celebrate my 10th OG-Anniversary...... .....some AutoMandarine -Bud and some Nepalese(Thanks Buddy!!) and Morrocan Hash Happy Weekend all OGers
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    Sugar Punch on rock-wool in week six of 12/12 going into week seven.
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    Sugar Punch and Skunk Afghaan x Shack at day 53 flower.
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    The original topic was from 12 years ago and was getting a bit big to be a good read so thought to make a new and fresh topic about the progress what we are doing at the moment and what to expect in the feature. All seeds from Sanniesseeds are made by Sannie and Knutsel. Knutsel is my right hand and was not sitting idle the last few years, in his search for the perfect plant he made a real nice find and did some selections on the follow cross : Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields ( name for this strain will come later ). This combination was bulls eye for Knutsel and decided to do a proper selection on the seeds he made and found some winning pheno's to work with. The plants stand out in narcotic effect and allround aperence. The winning plant is used to make two new fem crosses : Madkush X Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields and Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields S1 seeds. Madkush selected pheno from regular seeds The plants are pollinated at the moment and should start producing seeds soon. Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields Buds are pollinated and seeds are visible already and hope to have them ready in around a month or so This is the reversed Hashplant / Double strawberry diesel X Killingfields Sannie's jack feminized are going fine and we expect to pollinate the plants in around 2 weeks Killingfields regular seeds are in week 2 of flowering and need another 3 weeks before pollination Chemdawg X Heribei will be pollinated soon We are also in the progress of making Madscientist fem seeds and a new batch of Sugarpunch seeds to ensure enough stock . As you can see we are working hard to get new strains and fresh stock. I am also working on my photography skills with super macro pictures and will show some work in this topic once in a while I will keep this topic updated regularly greets sannie
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    Tartar Kush F2 (Dark Mother)
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    A few pics from outdoortje 2018. Frisian dew and Durban poison (purple)
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    Epicgenetics Ultrashack, full in smell with sweet tropical fruits and a real heavy hitting yielder: peace
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    a few of the best pictures Dynasty Genetics Cherry Vanilla Cookies
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    Shackzilla my favorit strain for Saniees, really good harvest weight. This one is 150 cm tall,12 weeks flowering time
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    OG Kush #18 Indoor grown, picture taken outside.
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    Killing Fields Amnesia (core cut) SiFi x Selene
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    I know there are a few of you sickos who like "prego porn" lol Miss Lemon Bubba x SiFiBlaze
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    Huckleberry Kush #2 @ 62 days.
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    Zuckerslap cut Sanfune 1 Amnesia 1 Amnesia 2 Purple Heartt Killing Fields
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    Sunshine Dream, 2 hits in and look at that resin build up, smooth smoke this time around and Potent S
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    oh, btw ... here are the pics of some of the dried buds (EDIT: and the smoke reports ) berry d-licious this line needs some work, imo ... she has a fuely berry smell + quite big yield. very nice comfy effect (shiska comes through here), but this specific pheno took a tad too long to ripen up for my taste (73d). the shish-mom only needs 9-ish, so i'd like to work this line a bit more. incrossing it will result in some of the traits to appear more realiably and i can back- cross to the male (or the mother) anytime to stall genetic depression/re-invigour, while stacking up on the specific parents-traits for more dominance ... if i don't want the line to "fall on one side" with each bx, i can just use one of the sister-F2lines (or F3,4,5 ect) without having to back- or outcross for new vigour too, easy (*SANthinking out loud* lol) there are a few different routes with a few different destinations that are possible for this line. the parental formula of (shiskaberry vs. sour diesel ibl) is worthwhile, imo ... silver lemon haze #2 thin-leafed pheno, satty freak, happy ot see the line express such sativa-phenos. i ususally do not smoke much satties, make me jittery, haha. but i really loved this ssh and the LT is a classic that can't be denied. the combination was my humble approach to create my own little "lemon haze"-type and i am glad about the results. the #2 was all hazey, from top to bottom, took 13 weeks, but could have gone a week longer. yields were really great con- sidering pot-size and light-intensity. the effect creeps on ya. i was overwhelmed a bit, tbh. very nice heady, but tiny bit nervous for me. i love the taste tho, it is like that "haze" from the amnesia but without the "candy"/"bubblegum", more woody/spicy (like the 80's "c5" that was used for the ssh by nevil). silver lemon haze #4 lemon thai pheno, this one is very smimilar to the strawberry lenos #4. i ronically the same number, lol. she is like a lemon thai plant, very litte influence of the ssh-mom. the tangy lenos have a hazey touch now, tho. she also takes a bit longer then LT herself, around 12-13 weeks. same effect as LT ... creative, social, sensual, perfect for listening (or making) music. silver lemon haze #5 best of both worlds, ha. this one was very nice, somewhat what i had in mind when thinking about making this, the haze is present in the taste and smell and has a candy-like addition of lemons and mint, yep, that's what i wanted. the effect is mixed, ssh is headrush first and then couch potatoe, the LT is creative "enlightement" and sensual body sensations ... this is mixed now and i ove that she still ends with a comfortable couchy f eeling, makes up for the heady ride in the beginning. strawberry lemons #3 all phenos have the LT dominating, that's no surprise. but this one has an underlaying red fruit-nuance to her coming from the mother. very nice combination to the lemon- candy of the thai-male. i let her go to day 65 of 12/12, when trichs started to go amber, which resulted in a heady rush-effect, creative and social to the max. both parents have been known to ease comfortable/sensual undergoings and the combination of both showed similar results. the taste is almost the same as the smell, with a bit mint added. strawberry lemons #4 this one is a definitive lemon thai pheno. reeks of tangy-fuely-ish lemons, took about 11 weeks and had an amazing effect, like a light going on in the head *boom* madfe me stare a lot, deep in thoughts and still not catatonic, still social and happy, very nice, some- what contradictive effect (felt like standing in one of escher's paintings, lol). spicy, fuely, tangy, but still sweet candy-like lemons. strawberry lemons #5 this one was most like mommy, sweet and red fruits with a very nice taste and creative effect. uplifting, and motivating ... it actually made me go cycling ... i never do that, lol. took 60 days, yielded not very great tho (but that's the mother asking some yield from me for the nice taste *bitch* haha). a wonderful relaxed headtrip. LT-smokers know the effect and people who grew lines with cerise d'exo planck in it recognize the smell/taste. cheetos #2 almost no diesel in smell, verrry cheesy. grinding this one makes me paranoid. balanced effect, strong potency with a heady start and rather comfy end. very similar to the #4 but a bit headier and stronger cheese-smell. cheetos #3 diesel-structure and stretch with cheese buds-shapes and dominant cheese smell, but with cheesy-fuely taste. kept a clone and hit her in a 2nd run with sour diesel-pollen. she gives a mighty headrush followed by a strong wave of comfyness after about an hour. munchie-inducing pot and red eye weed. this pot makes me confess my thoughts a lot (*mkultra-truth-serum* LOL) cheetos #4 very little diesel, a lot of cheese. especially after grinding. strong balanced effect, but a bit more on the "body"-side. i could smoke this all day *njom* same potency and very smiliar overall-profile in comparsion to the pheno #2, almost like twins while smoking. snow thrower #1 unmistakeable diesel smell, which is even stronger after grinding. original sour diesel-terps on a white-structured plant that had branches that stretched like a diesel. done in 65 days. lov'n it ... a nice mixed sour kush-pheno, showing good sides from both parents. strong effect, narco- tic if overtoked (happens very easy). snow thrower #3 white/diesel mix, more diesel on the nose, but verrry kushy in effect. nice yield, solid representation of what i want/expect the line to do. a not so much branching 8-9 weeker (60d) with good trich-coverage and exceptionally strong balanced effects. starts heady, ends comfy. #3 = yay snow thrower #6 stood very close to the light and mostly lost her terps while (too fast) drying she was diesel-ish in flower and this has translated to the bud (afaics). effect is reduced due to the trichs being burned up a bit. but her lower buds taste amazing (like sweet turpentine) and these have the same punch as her sisters. this is a real nice diesel-pheno with an initial headrush and a sensation around the eyes, that leads to a sedated effect after a while. done in 67 days of 12/12, tiny bit faster than a diesel. snow thrower #7 ooh, this one would have been a candidate for a f2-"mixed line"-keeper ... checks all boxes, from smell, to yield and structure, caked in double-layers of resin. the only pricetag is a 10w flotime, but considering the smoke, it is absolutely worth it. i am look'n for a pheno like this, but with a 9we flo-time, but this #7 was the best of the snow thrower-plants in this round, imho. she had a chemmy-pinesol/spicy-kushy profile with added sour/kerosine-funk, best of both worlds. she was the biggest yielder of them and was an even mix of both genetical contributers. the diesel-dominant flowering time was managable. (oi, snow throwers are not fast vehicles, so the name indeed fits ... *snicker*) snow thrower #10 very tasty and smelly... a sour diesel-taste with kush-nuances. took 7-8 weeks of flower (done after 50 days, but i let her go 56 days) and strong slo-mo effect. medium yield. i was surprised to find a pheno that is faster then both parents. i will look into making a fast line from this ("snow scooters", lol). this would be my personal keeper as f2 white-line candidate, if i had kept any of them around. she was 2nd best plant ... an impressive result for such a short flotime and potsize. EDIT: sorry for the delay, mates ... i hope you still enjoy the results
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    Greetings, Cannabis fans! I'm back and seeds are a sproutin'. I opened up my time capsule of a seeds stash, and chose strains by: 1. the kind of weed I think I've been missing and 2. the age of the seeds — The "youngest" seeds I have are over 4 years old. So far I started: 10 Holy Princess (all popped, but one committed suicide by jumping from my hands when I was planting it in media, and likely fell through a wormhole and is now in another galexy) 5 Cheeseberry — this was half a pack, leftover from a pack I bought around 2012. All popped. 10 Nepalma — so far, 7 have popped, one committed suicide, like the missing HP, two more are left that I still haven't given up on. 2 Shackzilla — 2 left from a 5 pack I bought in 2012, both popped. 5 Sweet Spot — This is a Santero creation (line 4.3) that was produced in February of 2014. All popped. 5 God Bud (JOTI) — I had these since about 2013, never tried them. I need an indica in the grow, and may add a few from Indican, that he sent me about 4 or 5 years ago. 2 Willie Nelson — These are the oldest. They are Reeferman's original WN — the stuff that takes 18 weeks in flower — and I purchase them before Reeferman's total meltdown, but that still makes them around 9 years old! So far, neither one has popped. I don't expect them to, but I had to give them a shot. When I grew them in the past, they took 4 days after soaking to pop, which is rather long. It's now been three days — I'll give them through the weekend. The HP and Shackzilla are two strains I feel I've been "missing," even though I never actually tried HP. The description's final words, "Like red fruits on speed," made me realize I miss racy weed. Shackzilla is a longer-flowering sativa dom, which you just can't get commercially in dispensaries. The WN is one of the speediest weeds I've ever smoked, plus, it's ancient and I need to see if it's still alive. The Nepalma was put in there because I feel I'm missing Nepalese hash, or something remotely related to it. I realize it's a hybrid. I also never grew a USC strain. Cheese Berry has an exquisite body buzz, plus it's pretty damned old. Santero's sweet spot is in there because… because. I'm always harkening back to days of popping Esko strains, and this remix of some Esko work just might be fun. God Bud is in there because JOTI does have a talent for indicas, and I always wanted to try it. Also, it's about 5 years old. What didn't make it this time? Smilestyle's Lemon Thai F3. I started thinking I was too sativa heavy, and since these are relatively young seeds I don't expect to be keeping any males, but who knows. Madmaster lives nearby, and he said something about doing an open pollination with the HP, but I might just hold onto the males and cross them with the best female I find. The "grow room," or grow region, as it is in this house, is still under construction. I have so many options that I've never had before in my infamous attic grow, that it might be a while before I'm satisfied with it. Yak atcha later, ladies and gents.
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    Sugar Punch @ 61 days flower
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    Hei all!! Been growing this one individual I kept from 7 Girls. Its got extreme thricome production. Huge yealds And all over A very good hazey expression of this strain. Peace to all fellow growers!!!
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    Sticky Icky on slabs, week nine 12/12.
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    Atomic Jam Purple pheno smile
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    Finally the real deal Blue Dream, not a large plant but smell is really nice, dank berry ha ha
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    I found some 12 year old Sanniesjack buds that I kept cool and dark loaded with seeds. Good to see the change in color after twelve years of curing Pictures are made from around the 125 stacked photographs to create a bigger depth of field greetz sannie
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    some iced out shots of G39 F2 #1. @elDuderino great looking plant with strong healthy roots. awesome stuff!!! STAY SAFE AND FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Happy weekend Saxo and rest of you all ——————— “Purple Heart” a strain from @Collie Weed. It is very stinky/fuel with compact hard buds! Thanks bro!
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    Tartar Kush F3 Tartar Kush F2 (Dark mother pheno) x Tartar Kush F2 (OG Berry pheno)
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    Scoutmaster almost done
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    @Sunnyvale Thanks my friend!!! And I have to say that SANFune look 100% perfect:)Indicalicious @Indicalicious your girl looks like my old Chronic clone from Serious Seeds @Trichohisme LTD beautifullll:) gsc forum cut (in the middle smaller one)
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    Ellen getting use for a stop motion still rendering the background of Adam street scene. Have some freddy`s to LOL cant wait for Neo and make a shooting nug stop motion matrix style
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    Killer Malawi x White Cherry Truffle
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    Black Afghani, she didn't change colors for me, I think maybe because I grow perpetual, and heat is always higher I don't see colors on my plants? Just a hunch lol. Wow, she put out some nice colas and her smell is really nice She is heavy, heavy weight gal.
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    OG Kush x BLR & Blackberry Haze
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    Hello In view of a new "limited edition" variety at the 1: 1 ratio of thc / cbd made in collaboration with a friend, I will be launching genetics donations while working This will aim to have grow and smoke report coming from outside The variety is already stable, but the work continues because we arrived at the ratio of 2: 1 thc / cbd The strain I am talking about is: Afghan cbd x black afghani So if you are interested in a package of 10 you can give your name here, I think I can give here 10/15 packs ... So do not hesitate .... ON THE CONTRARY, in exchange you will be asked (yes if you have received them ... Not like some). To launch them very very soon .. A grow report (a few lines on culture, 2/3 tofs) A smoke report (like a few lines of your feeling / taste ...) There is more than and if you have questions .... Feel free Edit: I'll leave the week to have several shipments to do and not to do one by one .. and i'll give an email here when it'll be finished
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    BlackBerry Haze from NAW and DurghanCitral x BLR from @Smokey Pockets
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