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    Took this Bubble monkey at 80 days
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    Blue God - Bloom Day 43 Bloom 84.7 F 39.5% RH 750 PPM Buds are putting on weight and all the branches are falling over. This strain has grown like vines and can’t really support the buds without something holding them up. I’m now in the process of backing off the nutes and progressing to a full on flush. This is going to be a very big yield for 4 plants because these buds are already hard as rocks and they’re everywhere.
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    Blueberry Butcher (Blueberry Cookies x Jack the Ripper F2) Scent is pine/menthol with a fruity background. This one also has a touch of a nasty stank. Powerful, energetic and silly buzz, though the yield is no more than average. It can definitely induce paranoia in newbies.
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    Blue God - Bloom Day 23 84.7 F 41.1% RH 800 PPM We’ve got budsites everywhere and once again they look like I never touched them. These may be the largest plants I’ve ever grown and it happened fast. What’s surprising is the growth rate was even faster than the octos but I’m not sure if that’s just the genetics. All that’s left to do now is feed em and keep the humidity down.
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    Sugarpunch X MalawiGold #7. I can smell it. Something sweet, Peach or Strawberries... I like it. To be continued...
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    Last autumn, I grew a few Malawi Gold (afropips) plants, and collected a bit of pollen from a male plant. A friend from the South was growing Sannie's sugarpunch, and had selected a nice plant, strawberrie taste, as a motherplant. I sent him the pollen, and now we have about 100 seeds each. My friend has a bit more room, so grows taller plants, at the second location, as I call it in the pictures above. Yesterday, I took clones from them, and the seedlings are moved into the flower room. In order to find the females. Using Malawi in a cross with Shackzilla gave nice results. Since Sugarpunch and Shackzilla are half-sisters, I expect similar results from this cross. So far, the plants look vigorous, and uniform. To be continued...
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    26th of March, at the first location: On the 28th of March, at the second location: To be continued...
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    It's looking like 75-85 days to finish for the last of the ladies. Not unexpected.
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    (SSSDH [OJD]X NL) X LUI #4 by Santero Very heavy, short, leafy, frosty, rubber stemmed + a wonderful LUI smell. Like weed mixed with citrus funk. She is an ugly goose but looks aren't everything.
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    Blue God - Bloom Day 36 Bloom 85.1 F 39.7% RH 800 PPM Smell is getting really strong in the tent. Still has that berry sweet smell but now there is a fuel like scent that’s getting stronger. There are a lot of chunks developing throughout the canopy with some good looking secondary growth also. Pistils and trichs everywhere with this strain continuing to be impressive.
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    Wedding Cake x ON Haze. She's been hit with G13 Hazeplant pollen, obviously. There are gonna be a lot of babies from those. The [(TK x Choco D) x (Stardawg x SD) lady got flipped a couple weeks ago, after getting put in a 3 gallon pot. The first of the Oaxacan x Chewie ladies got repotted a couple days ago as well, they're looking stout to say the least.
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    Blue God - Bloom Day 28 85.9 F 40.3% RH 850 PPM Got buds developing pretty much everywhere in the canopy. At 26” the light is a little close but it’s not a deal breaker. There’s a berry-like smell in the tent now and trichs are starting to be visible. No complaints so far.
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    YAY, now I get to show off again, TY Santero, New Bath Bomb mold
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    Made by Santero as an Eskobar Tribute. This Holy Princess #4 is a carbon copy of #3. Nice cola based christmas Tree. Lots of trichomes. My arms so sticky past the glove line. All Holy P F2 and Rhaspberry Truffle germinated 100% and fast. Sappy sweet-n-sour smell on these 2. Easy growers, low nute needs.
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    I started crossing for shorter flower times, I may have gone too far :/
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    Here are some pictures of the progress. Three different plants. I still have a total of six females to choose from. Backed up by clones. To be continued...
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    Meanwhile, at the other location: To be continued...
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    These are three of the females:
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    (SSSDH [ODH] X NL) X LUI #3 short leafy heavy very funky smell @ 81 days
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    (SSSDH [ODH] X NL) X LUI # 7 Short and leafy minx 80 days -seed by Santero
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    MysteRiri @ 78 days Buttery floral smell nice clean smell
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    Ceiling Licker #4 seed by Katsu/ Romulan at 69 days.
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    Holy Princess F2 #3 got the today @ 53 days. One of her similar sisters will get it tomorrow. Hanging dry. Then a wee cure if I can help myself and leave it alone for a month or more. Smell sharply sweet and sappy.
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    The 5 x 5 tent is lonely, so I had to start another grow. A couple of Motherlode fem seeds, a couple of Cinnamon Rollz fem seeds, a few of Dynasty's Supa Durban seeds (regulars), along with clones of Scarlet Begonias, Peyote Pancake and maybe Dark Hollow (we'll see how many seeds pop and are girls before DH gets back in there). Motherlode is, of course, available at Sannie's. Supa Durban SHOULD be available at Sannie's. I saw it on another seed seller's site and grabbed it. Cinnamon Rollz is a freebie given to me by another seed bank, from a breeder called LIT, for Lost in Translation. It is Pancakes x Runtz. I know nothing about the breeder or Pancakes, but Runtz seems to be a fad in the US market now. Maybe not to the extent of GSC, but every dispensary seems to have Runtz or Runtz crosses on their menus. All seeds looked healthy when I began their 24 hour soak, though a couple of the seeds in the Cinnamon Rollz look like they're immature and won't pop. If they weren't freebies, I'd be pissed: The birds might like them. The clones going in: Scarlet Begonias was the star of my recently completed grow — High flying sativa dom without danger of newbies having paranoid breaks from reality. Whenever I do a hit, it cuts through whatever buzz I've got — even when doing edibles. I can't say that would be true for med patients who use a massive amount of edible products. Peyote Pancake was from Sannie's, a few years ago, but the breeder never restocked. A good, powerful, no-mind-spark/cerebral activity indica dom. Great for sleeping purposes for me, but a friend of mine likes it during the day. Dark Hollow is maybe a 60% indica dom, but has significant mind-spark/cerebral activity along with a strong body effect. I like it, though I can't say I will be keeping it forever. Maybe for crosses when I start crossing LT F3 to likely candidates. I seem to prefer three kinds of weed buzzes: 1. Powerful sativa doms with edgy, racy aspects. 2. Powerful sativa doms WITHOUT edgy, racy aspects, that are major mood elevators (Scarlet Begonias, for example!) 3. Knock-out indicas. Dark Hollow doesn't fit. I may have to develop a liking for it. Lemon Sunrise is not appearing this grow. I'm thinking the Supa Durban might satisfy my edgy, racy sativa dom needs. I have a jar full curing, at this moment. I find I no longer go to my go-to sativa, since Scarlet Begonias came along. This lineup may change, depending on when clones root, seeds sprout and numbers of females in the Supa Durban seeds.
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    This is my Dutch Sheppard Dog who is very alert and protective. Lots of people are scared stiff!
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    I lost my old Amnesia Haze mothers due to the heat but managed to get her back from a friend. Here's the new cuts and the mothers. The left one is an Indica. And this is the plants yesterday from my previous post on rockwool.
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    These are my pack. 4 GSD's, the Husky, Stormy, is my friends in the pic holding her.
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    SugarPunch X MalawiGold. On the 4th of March:
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    Meanwhile, I have five female seedlings in the flower room, a male in the kitchen. I backed up the females by clones. The male SP x Mal will be used to pollinate my Malzilla. To be continued...
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    March 18, at another location:
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    March 11: March 16: 
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    March the 7th: March 10:
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    Blue God Day 50 Bloom 85.1 F 38% RH 250 PPM Crazy frosty with some of these buds approaching the size of coke cans. Very few are standing and I’ve transitioned them to a full flush. Everything I’ve read and everyone I’ve talked too says let BG go the full 8 weeks and that’s what I’m going to do. I can say now that this strain is an absolute monster! Let’s hope the final product lives up to the hype.
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    (SSSDH [ODH] X NL X LUI #4 tall and a Big yield smell a definite peppery haze funk on this one. 78 days
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    guess there is such a thing?
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    Had to try my hand at these Nerd Bites, did not make them strong was not sure how much oil taste would come through, so only 25mg, Pineapple base.
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    From last run the frosty GG4 RIL fem. by Tony Green. Now a decent cure but nearly gone.
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    Holy Princess F2 #2 at 66 days. (seeds made by Santero)
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    This is actually a water bong, so darn cute!
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    Ceiling Licker # 1 from Katsu/Romulan colab. 62 days Pardon the animal hair
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    This is what I like: a plant that produces, in spite of the abuse I give it. This is good ol' Scarlet Begonias #3. The scents on this one have changed almost daily. I won't guess how it will end up after curing. It started with apple and spice. More recently it had a rose-like scent. A major producer.
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