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    Honey Badger Haze Amnesia SanFune Killing Fields
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    Tartar Kush F2 (Dark Mother) x Huckleberry Kush 2012
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    Cobra (agfhanchitral x coljam) Mother pollinated for next genereation beans, colors and smell from afghanchitral with sativabuds, nice offspring, heavy shortend flowering time, also for the coljam leaning phenos: AfghanChitral selected F2 (codename: Darkchitral) very nice colored and resinous, mother pollinated for the next generation: more greener AfghanChitral, very compact dense and heavy buds:
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    Huckleberry Kush @ 50 days
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    Sour claws (ecsd x bear claws) by mycotek seeds
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    to celebrate my 10th OG-Anniversary...... .....some AutoMandarine -Bud and some Nepalese(Thanks Buddy!!) and Morrocan Hash Happy Weekend all OGers
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    Sugar Punch on rock-wool in week six of 12/12 going into week seven.
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    Sugar Punch and Skunk Afghaan x Shack at day 53 flower.
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    Tartar Kush F2 (Dark Mother)
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    Sugar Punch @ 61 days flower
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    a few of the best pictures Dynasty Genetics Cherry Vanilla Cookies
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    Shackzilla my favorit strain for Saniees, really good harvest weight. This one is 150 cm tall,12 weeks flowering time
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    OG Kush #18 Indoor grown, picture taken outside.
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    thanks for that, beach S.Punch x Black Lime R
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    I found some 12 year old Sanniesjack buds that I kept cool and dark loaded with seeds. Good to see the change in color after twelve years of curing Pictures are made from around the 125 stacked photographs to create a bigger depth of field greetz sannie
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    Huckleberry Kush #2 @ 62 days.
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    Zuckerslap cut Sanfune 1 Amnesia 1 Amnesia 2 Purple Heartt Killing Fields
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    Uzbekistan X Killing Fields at 11 weeks
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    Day 44 oh the jungle on the right @santero ‘s shiva dawg on the left side is @sannie ‘s sugar punch
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    Sticky Icky on slabs, week nine 12/12.
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    Atomic Jam Purple pheno smile
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    Finally the real deal Blue Dream, not a large plant but smell is really nice, dank berry ha ha
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    some iced out shots of G39 F2 #1. @elDuderino great looking plant with strong healthy roots. awesome stuff!!! STAY SAFE AND FLY FOOKING HIGH Greetz Poldergrower & RhinoCBD
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    Happy weekend Saxo and rest of you all ——————— “Purple Heart” a strain from @Collie Weed. It is very stinky/fuel with compact hard buds! Thanks bro!
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    Tartar Kush F3 Tartar Kush F2 (Dark mother pheno) x Tartar Kush F2 (OG Berry pheno)
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    Hello In view of a new "limited edition" variety at the 1: 1 ratio of thc / cbd made in collaboration with a friend, I will be launching genetics donations while working This will aim to have grow and smoke report coming from outside The variety is already stable, but the work continues because we arrived at the ratio of 2: 1 thc / cbd The strain I am talking about is: Afghan cbd x black afghani So if you are interested in a package of 10 you can give your name here, I think I can give here 10/15 packs ... So do not hesitate .... ON THE CONTRARY, in exchange you will be asked (yes if you have received them ... Not like some). To launch them very very soon .. A grow report (a few lines on culture, 2/3 tofs) A smoke report (like a few lines of your feeling / taste ...) There is more than and if you have questions .... Feel free Edit: I'll leave the week to have several shipments to do and not to do one by one .. and i'll give an email here when it'll be finished
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    here is a tiny little update for the ladies growing in the HBxl going to just show the ones falling in this cab from here on out. this is sannie's way of growing: just mycos and tabs in soil, bactos in water evry 2 weeks and a tiny bit of biobizz bloom on weeks 5+6 ... the only real addition is topmax (half strenght of the bottle's recommendation) starting on week 4, used it up to week 7 and since then tapwater only until chop (= some are more yellow than others in result). afghan sunset (lavender x deep chunk ibl) pheno #2 day 47, she smells like lavi & looks like dc (mission acomplished) i'm fairly eager to know how she kicks, love how she looks for sure. holy lui (holy princess f1 x lui f1) pheno #3 49 days of 12/12, very sticky (stems & leafs too) she reeks strong of melon-pineapple-hash taste buds (larry lurex x sanfune) pheno #1 this one fell on day 50 smells like red cherry cough drops (em-eukal für kinder) taste buds (larry lurex x sanfune) pheno #4 sweet & danky tropi/choco-pinesol combo took only 43 days of 12/12 so far the fastest lady ever for me i left the spot open and just leave the light out on that spot because there is no perpetual growing in this specific cab. from here on out they stand under only 4x 60w COBs. i sure like these energy-saving LEDs very much *woot* same power as the 400w HPS, but much less cost anyhoo, enjoy your smokes best vibes, SAN
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    Here's how the above looks dried. R.P.P. x Chemdawg, a.k.a. Sticky Icky, a.k.a. Diesel Deluxe a.k.a. Rocky Purple Power 2.0 (R.P.P. 2.0).
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    Hi, Using the Cobs for the first time (just ordered 3x3500K). I'm growing indoors for 30 years now and this would be the first time I don't have to worry about high temperatures (I hope:). Still a conservative grower and not totally convinced regarding auto flowers. In my opinion what we grow needs time to develop and it will affect the yield, taste and high! So as soon as I have my Cobs will set up a old fashion grow without the fancy stuff ..! Starting a new build as my old set-up is broken down due to renovations of my property also down-scaling! Air is coming from the bottom front of the wardrobe channeled behind the storage compartment passing the tube heaters (and this is light tide). Due to no heat coming of the lights I suspect I have to add some heat into the wardrobe to reach the preferred temperature. Normally the silencer goes behind the fan now it have it in front to damping the electrical hum coming from the extractor fan... And it works reduced the hum about 60% of what it was without. It's really silent... My Cob wardrobe is almost ready only some small things to do like the mounting 2 fans on a rail so they can move up and down. Have 2 tube heaters if the temp, goes to low when the lights are off. Will need to calibrate the wardrobe and dial it all in for the best, temperature and have to seal the doors as it like to be light tide. Installed a fan controller able to set temperature and * low speed. My attic is vented and exhaust is going out. Air intake can be mixed or (outdoors (summer)) or (indoors (winter)) (all filtered) Just an observation, I've ordered 3 x 3500 K (flower red) and 1 x 6500 K cobs (veg blue) You can clearly see the difference in color after color correction in PS (photo below) Dropped 2 x Skunk autoflower Ten days later Made 2 telescopic aluminium rods to support the PVC coated wire mesh panel, adjustable in height without using screws/nails. Topped right Lady left one is 3 or 4 days behind Here some shots More updates will follow soon... Grtx Growboy AKA Rainmain, Raincheck
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    I took a few pics of some of the other strains, then ran out of time so they're not all accounted for. The first two are of a Nepalma that took an injury to its main stem early in life, so it has 4 main tops now. The third pic is another Nepalma, who wasn't abused as a child. She shared a pot with another, which turned out to be male, so she seems pretty happy. The fourth pic is a Holy Princess. The fifth pic is a Nepalma and a Cheese Berry, sharing the same pot. The Nepalma is taller. Finally, a couple of Sweet Spots, sharing a pot and smelling very sweet, so far. I spared some lower branches, because I may have to re-take a few clones when I get back. Until then… see ya.
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    Gorilla glue 4 Kushmints x triangle kush bx 3 Aj’s sour diesel
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    Forgot to put stardawg finish on lol 565g off a single stardawg on soil coco mix
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    Here is a RTHH = Roadtrip x ( Heri x Huck Kush ) by Bigun at week 6 of 12/12
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    1st is C99 # 1 2nd is CCK #1 3rd is C99 #2 4th is Sannie's Jack F8 5th is Goji OG X Holy Grail Kush #1 6th is CCK #2 7th is Goji X HGK #2 Monday will be the end of week 10......................getting close now.....................:)
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    Cobra, a bit messed up because of my fights against the cold temps but lovely right a Darkchitral on the left the Cobra, ColJam at its best: Parents definatly came thrue, what I like is the small one, looks like the ColJam mom for the f1, but now with colors and more resin and buds, flowers short compared to the other 3 and smells like a darkoilberry hard to explain. Ive used her to make a semibackcross to DarkChitral, cant wait to grow more n more n more best vibes
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