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    oh, btw ... here are the pics of some of the dried buds (EDIT: and the smoke reports ) berry d-licious this line needs some work, imo ... she has a fuely berry smell + quite big yield. very nice comfy effect (shiska comes through here), but this specific pheno took a tad too long to ripen up for my taste (73d). the shish-mom only needs 9-ish, so i'd like to work this line a bit more. incrossing it will result in some of the traits to appear more realiably and i can back- cross to the male (or the mother) anytime to stall genetic depression/re-invigour, while stacking up on the specific parents-traits for more dominance ... if i don't want the line to "fall on one side" with each bx, i can just use one of the sister-F2lines (or F3,4,5 ect) without having to back- or outcross for new vigour too, easy (*SANthinking out loud* lol) there are a few different routes with a few different destinations that are possible for this line. the parental formula of (shiskaberry vs. sour diesel ibl) is worthwhile, imo ... silver lemon haze #2 thin-leafed pheno, satty freak, happy ot see the line express such sativa-phenos. i ususally do not smoke much satties, make me jittery, haha. but i really loved this ssh and the LT is a classic that can't be denied. the combination was my humble approach to create my own little "lemon haze"-type and i am glad about the results. the #2 was all hazey, from top to bottom, took 13 weeks, but could have gone a week longer. yields were really great con- sidering pot-size and light-intensity. the effect creeps on ya. i was overwhelmed a bit, tbh. very nice heady, but tiny bit nervous for me. i love the taste tho, it is like that "haze" from the amnesia but without the "candy"/"bubblegum", more woody/spicy (like the 80's "c5" that was used for the ssh by nevil). silver lemon haze #4 lemon thai pheno, this one is very smimilar to the strawberry lenos #4. i ronically the same number, lol. she is like a lemon thai plant, very litte influence of the ssh-mom. the tangy lenos have a hazey touch now, tho. she also takes a bit longer then LT herself, around 12-13 weeks. same effect as LT ... creative, social, sensual, perfect for listening (or making) music. silver lemon haze #5 best of both worlds, ha. this one was very nice, somewhat what i had in mind when thinking about making this, the haze is present in the taste and smell and has a candy-like addition of lemons and mint, yep, that's what i wanted. the effect is mixed, ssh is headrush first and then couch potatoe, the LT is creative "enlightement" and sensual body sensations ... this is mixed now and i ove that she still ends with a comfortable couchy f eeling, makes up for the heady ride in the beginning. strawberry lemons #3 all phenos have the LT dominating, that's no surprise. but this one has an underlaying red fruit-nuance to her coming from the mother. very nice combination to the lemon- candy of the thai-male. i let her go to day 65 of 12/12, when trichs started to go amber, which resulted in a heady rush-effect, creative and social to the max. both parents have been known to ease comfortable/sensual undergoings and the combination of both showed similar results. the taste is almost the same as the smell, with a bit mint added. strawberry lemons #4 this one is a definitive lemon thai pheno. reeks of tangy-fuely-ish lemons, took about 11 weeks and had an amazing effect, like a light going on in the head *boom* madfe me stare a lot, deep in thoughts and still not catatonic, still social and happy, very nice, some- what contradictive effect (felt like standing in one of escher's paintings, lol). spicy, fuely, tangy, but still sweet candy-like lemons. strawberry lemons #5 this one was most like mommy, sweet and red fruits with a very nice taste and creative effect. uplifting, and motivating ... it actually made me go cycling ... i never do that, lol. took 60 days, yielded not very great tho (but that's the mother asking some yield from me for the nice taste *bitch* haha). a wonderful relaxed headtrip. LT-smokers know the effect and people who grew lines with cerise d'exo planck in it recognize the smell/taste. cheetos #2 almost no diesel in smell, verrry cheesy. grinding this one makes me paranoid. balanced effect, strong potency with a heady start and rather comfy end. very similar to the #4 but a bit headier and stronger cheese-smell. cheetos #3 diesel-structure and stretch with cheese buds-shapes and dominant cheese smell, but with cheesy-fuely taste. kept a clone and hit her in a 2nd run with sour diesel-pollen. she gives a mighty headrush followed by a strong wave of comfyness after about an hour. munchie-inducing pot and red eye weed. this pot makes me confess my thoughts a lot (*mkultra-truth-serum* LOL) cheetos #4 very little diesel, a lot of cheese. especially after grinding. strong balanced effect, but a bit more on the "body"-side. i could smoke this all day *njom* same potency and very smiliar overall-profile in comparsion to the pheno #2, almost like twins while smoking. snow thrower #1 unmistakeable diesel smell, which is even stronger after grinding. original sour diesel-terps on a white-structured plant that had branches that stretched like a diesel. done in 65 days. lov'n it ... a nice mixed sour kush-pheno, showing good sides from both parents. strong effect, narco- tic if overtoked (happens very easy). snow thrower #3 white/diesel mix, more diesel on the nose, but verrry kushy in effect. nice yield, solid representation of what i want/expect the line to do. a not so much branching 8-9 weeker (60d) with good trich-coverage and exceptionally strong balanced effects. starts heady, ends comfy. #3 = yay snow thrower #6 stood very close to the light and mostly lost her terps while (too fast) drying she was diesel-ish in flower and this has translated to the bud (afaics). effect is reduced due to the trichs being burned up a bit. but her lower buds taste amazing (like sweet turpentine) and these have the same punch as her sisters. this is a real nice diesel-pheno with an initial headrush and a sensation around the eyes, that leads to a sedated effect after a while. done in 67 days of 12/12, tiny bit faster than a diesel. snow thrower #7 ooh, this one would have been a candidate for a f2-"mixed line"-keeper ... checks all boxes, from smell, to yield and structure, caked in double-layers of resin. the only pricetag is a 10w flotime, but considering the smoke, it is absolutely worth it. i am look'n for a pheno like this, but with a 9we flo-time, but this #7 was the best of the snow thrower-plants in this round, imho. she had a chemmy-pinesol/spicy-kushy profile with added sour/kerosine-funk, best of both worlds. she was the biggest yielder of them and was an even mix of both genetical contributers. the diesel-dominant flowering time was managable. (oi, snow throwers are not fast vehicles, so the name indeed fits ... *snicker*) snow thrower #10 very tasty and smelly... a sour diesel-taste with kush-nuances. took 7-8 weeks of flower (done after 50 days, but i let her go 56 days) and strong slo-mo effect. medium yield. i was surprised to find a pheno that is faster then both parents. i will look into making a fast line from this ("snow scooters", lol). this would be my personal keeper as f2 white-line candidate, if i had kept any of them around. she was 2nd best plant ... an impressive result for such a short flotime and potsize. EDIT: sorry for the delay, mates ... i hope you still enjoy the results
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    ColJam every seed is one different pheno, but every plant is very special. The one on the left is the mom for my Afghan Gold (AfghanChitral x ColJam) She smells very sour and has a taste of dark mintchocolate, the One on the right, well its the longest bud ive ever had in my live of breeding. Both took 14-16 weeks forgot it... I revegged her to produce some very extreme crosses.
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    hey @StickMan cool, haha ... i didn't know you had an account here too, bro. muchos saludos ______________________________________ the plants are done and went through my death-thumbs successfully enough *red cheeks* berry d-licious day 70 (shishka x sour diesel) strawberry lemons, day 63-70 ("santa maria" aka) cerise'd exo planck x lemon thai f1 male cheetos, day 63 (cheese x sour diesel) snow thrower, days 63-70 (the white x sour diesel) silver lemon haze, days 63-74 (super silver haze x lemon thai) smoke reports will follow later on ... (i dry and cure my smoke for at least 6 weeks before i evaluate it). hope you liked the grow next up: saint lawrence (godbud x lemon larry) snow thrower (the white x sour diesel) cheese luise (exodus cheese x LUI) and some other bits and bobs. enjoy your smokes everybody !! best vibes, SAN
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    Black Afghani, she didn't change colors for me, I think maybe because I grow perpetual, and heat is always higher I don't see colors on my plants? Just a hunch lol. Wow, she put out some nice colas and her smell is really nice She is heavy, heavy weight gal.
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    OG Kush x BLR & Blackberry Haze
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    Long John Sails (SilverFields x Jalisco Jaze) ~5 weeks 12/12
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    After two failures to try making Sugar Punch it is time to try again. I will explain what I do step by step with pictures and writing. The grow space is a tent 80 X 80 with a gavita IR 400 watt bulb. The receiving mother is the Super Silver Haze, we are using this clone for around 10 years but is for sure older as 15 year, this super silver haze clone is the real deal and has been proven to be a strong aperance in here offspring. Making clones with this SSH is here downside and can take upto 3 weeks to see the first roots. This is a plant that always needs a extra bit off attention and TLC. I start with 5 SSH clones the have been vegging for 2 weeks on 1,5 liter pots on light mix with some extra mycorrhiza symbiosis and a small bit of perfect start and first time watering with some Bacto to start soil life. They are now ready to be transplanted. The soil I am using in the 11 liter pots is a light mix so soil with as less nutrients in there as possible, acomplished with Bio-char, perfect start and symbiosis mycorrhiza, Offcourse there will be used 2 buffertablets in every 11 liter bucket to suply the soil the buffer she need during the complete ciclus and give extra nutrients during the veg periode. Soil life should take care of the rest ! After transplanting to the 11 liter pots I give a good amount of water with some extra Bacto to kickstart the soil life and the bacto solution will be absorbed by the Bio-char that gives a extra expansion for soil life. Scrog net above the plants and we are off to go On the side line is standing the pollinating factor The One, this plant comes from a selection in 2006 ( Blueberry Sativa X Killa queen/NYCD ) and has been proven herself time after time in here offspring The One can be a sensetive Bitch but the SSH has the tendency to make the offspring stronger as the original parents in this particular cross. These two plants are just made for each other ! This plant is while cloning showing roots after 4-5 days and this after 12 yeras cloning and torturering. When the SSH is growing fine into the scrog net I will put The One into flower 2 weeks before the SSH is going into flower. The last two attempts to make Sugar Punch seeds failed big time on making visable pollen, it looked like the pollination succeed but there was never seed forming, this is the reason I am starting transforming The One 2 weeks earlier. Only time can tell if it will work this time But I will keep you updated greetz sannie
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    BlackBerry Haze from NAW and DurghanCitral x BLR from @Smokey Pockets
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    Bigun´s W.Va. Mohawk ....... a nice weekend to all my fellow OGers
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    Kinky Cheese Anesthesia x Sour Cheese Anesthesia x AK 48
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    .....oh jaa ,the Dusk.......
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    This topic documents the ongoing research for the most lemon tasting strain/cross. Others, who were involved can post their trials too. It started with the crash of fusion seeds. I decided to reproduce Lemon Thai and made crosses with it. The first one was Cinderella 99 x Lemon Thai (Lemon Cindy)
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    Nice weekend Saxo! Nepalma CBD thanks @Cristalin for this freebee!
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    It's going to be a Durban Poison weekend!
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    Sugarpunch 3 at 77 days of 12/12 and harvest ...
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    C99/Santa Maria monster 2 week’s in
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    thanks, guys. some more buds here's the psychosis clone only on day 70 of 12/12 (i love this lady *njom* ... my thrips-farm is also in love with her *uaaah*) ________________________________________________________ btw, i am trying out new lights atm ... in a homebox L ( = 1 m² ) 60w LEDs, and 4 of those are supposed to be enough for this space. i am looking into saving energy not substituting the watts, so i'm curious about the results. (muchas gracias para estas luces to d.r. in bcn) i grew some plants under a LED 100w floodlight in a gl80 and was surprised of its performance, so i'll try some lights now with a better colortemp (the others were 5000k these here are 3500k- color-range = much better). @Mr. Whipple they were lemon larry f2's 5 plants of the "line 2.x³" (there are four more lines) i kept a female clone fora possible F3 but none of the males jumped at me in this round ... i would prefer using a male from one of the other lines anyhow, tbh. this grow was mainly just to check on germrates and if they bring in reliable lemon larry- results ... and hell yes, they do *woot* this is a great og/diesel-combo, imho. the f2-ladies split into two main phenotypes. with a LOT of trichs and stink on both of them ... kush-pheno, faster then the others diesel-influenced pheno, takes a few days longer, yields better tho ... same smell and effect. small ladies in 2 liter pots under 110w for six weeks and the rest under a 400w hps they are two diesel-leaners, one kushy stump, one mixed pheno and another verry kushy one ... super micro growing, lol ... *just for the evaluation of this specific line i made* they were done around day 60 but i let them go another ten days, cuz i had some deep chunk ibl-pollen on them a few weeks earlier & wanted them to have enough time to ripen for me (= LL-F2, 5 phenos x DC IBL, 9 males = "Lemon Habibi" ... *lol*) best vibes, SAN
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    And this is the mother used to make seeds. The smell is very unique. It’s a melt between mango/ litchi / red fruits. . But all sweet. No spices at all. With something afghany. I love it. And what is very special is the head buzz high that she provides!
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    Triple Pakistan is a new variety developed by USC from three strains of Pakistani landrace cannabis: X18 and Pine Tar Kush from Tom Hill on one side, and Wild Pakistan (Aunt Of Farouk), an heirloom strain preserved for over forty years, thus assuring its old-school character. This union of three typical Pakistani strains has given birth to Triple Pakistan, a robust and vigorous 80/20 Indica-Sativa hybrid with different phenotypes varying from green to more colourful purple/red flowers, giving off aromas ranging from hashish to red fruits. Planting these seeds, we will have the chance to discover a variety of plants with the characteristic features of Pakistani landrace genetics to select the phenotype that best suits our needs. With an average flowering time of 9 weeks, Triple Pakistan delivers a generous harvest and displays great weather resistance, with hardy plants that can be grown outdoors successfully. Highly rewarding and easy to grow, Triple Pakistan will allow growers to discover the aromas of yesteryear, bringing back memories of classic flavours and releasing a powerful aroma of traditional Pakistani hash that will delight more experienced smokers, in particular those that make their own resin extractions. Underground Seeds Collective Triple Pakistan info: Type: Regular cannabis seeds Genetics: (X18 x Pine Tar Kush) x Wild Pakistan 80/20 Indica-Sativa Flowering Time: 9 weeks Production: High Coming in 1/2 weeks in the shop Ciao
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    Blackberry Haze from NAW seeds.
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    MPL#4, Michigan Purple Lites, I don't have her anymore, but she sure was pretty. This was bred by Kruzty, the one who made the Kruzty buckets, he passed last year.
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    West Virginia Mohawk (pineapple skunk x C99 f5) This pheno had no smell coming from the grow and very little from the bag. Then amazingly, the taste makes up for it all. Very nice Skunk dominant plant. Weird it had no smell, but that's a plus if you aren't legal. Thanks Bigun! see the seed in the very tip of the bud? That's from the Lemon Fantasy dad from Le rat. Happy weekend all! peace mrG
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