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    hi guys, like on every xmas, SANta clause has gifts for all you. hit me up if i may share and you allow me to send you a gift there is enough crosses of holy princess, sanfune, choco deez, sour diesel ibl, m39 (=1987 nlsk) and a few more for everyone. please hit me up with a pm that reads "SANta clause" until christmas eve latest to get included into this share. ____________________________________________________________________ furthermore: i started some GDP for repro (derg corra) and also have esko's (reclining buddha x lady cane) almost ready for the esko-tribute ... my "snow thrower" (the white x sour diesel) will make an appearance after 2.5 years of continued work on this project = kushframe + fuely terps, 10w. plus, i'm selecting a pure sour diesel-line = SDriri x sour diesel ibl, that i made few years ago. maybe this "sansara"-line (sounds like 'SANsour', lol) makes an appearance soon ... i need to test it a little more. until then ... here's a peek of some of the plants i have been enjoying lately there's a few of my own and some of others genetics mixed, enjoy. Gorrilla Glue #4 ... i like the chemmy taste and her big yields. great smoke! one of my "Snow Thrower" plants ... grown from the (White x Diesel)-seedline Grape Stomper x (The White/Stardawg), made by hazeman ... wonderful tangy/sour grape-trichs, very good yield, strong punch. WOx (v2) ... this is an australian cross. it is one of the best smokes i have around. 11 weeks, nice yields. hazey-woody-lemony smell from the (Oax/Mullum x NLHz) and the taste has also some of the typical og/ kush-ish 'dankness' going on which comes from the WiFi-mother ... effects are strong (!), head and body! Sour Bubba = ECSD x P98 BK, made by Katsu just amazing ... it's everything you'd expect from melting these two groundbreaking cultivars. i love that the bubba made room for the sour in the taste as well, as she usually dominates much of the smells and frame (still does) of her offspring. MAC (F2 Pheno #6), gifted via a fellow seedmaker/grower ... (thank you a LOT !) amazing cookie-terps with a dash of woody-colombian and lemony-starfigher in the back. my own "Groot" = Grape Stomper BX (mother) X GSC Forum Cut (which hermied) just an accident, but the trichs on her fanleaves make her stay in my cabs (for now). again the "grape white dawg" ... i love those sugary trichs, she stings my nose without touching her. bubba's sis, made by katsu ... chem sis hit by reversed pre98 bubba kush. toffee-chem with a sweet kush afterglow, effects send me on the couch (!) Bubba's Breath, made by Katsu ... OGKB hit by P98BK = coffe-ish cookie smoke with very strong effect *sleepytime* This one is one of mine... It's one of the "Berry Nice Plants" (= Esko's "Santa Maria" BX1) Pure strawberry/rhaspberry smell and taste, balanced effect and good yields done in 8w. a different pheno. this is the BNP #6, my current keeper from this run. (i will keep working this line, until i have the "sm" reliably in seedform) Alien Tech x Sour Alien Dawg, bohempian's cut. she's done in 9weeks. she is kinda gassy/fuely/sweet-ish ... a bit hard to describe, haha ... (rotten cherry dipped in lawnmover-fuel ??), very strong body effects NL/Haze S1 from a cut grown out in 1989, found by rimmeo (in nev's NLHz). this one is special (to me). i love her appearance and very creative trippy effect. She takes 14 weeks, but is absolutely worth the wait. Sour Diesel x Chem91SkVA (reversed), made by DocGreen Wow, these do what one would expect from this combo !! Sour and chemmy ! Veeery strong effects and heavy yields. the smells are mixed, superstrong fuel and rotten earthy fruits mixed into (to me) canna-bliss. DocGreen did also hit up the Bubba Kush (Pre-98 Cut) with the (STS-reversed) Chem91SkVA clone. Sweet coffee-ish/toffee-ish taste mixed with strong Chem in the back. The effects are bodaaaaicous. he hit the "Animal Cookies" too = (GSC Thin Mint x Fire OG Bx2) X Chem91SkVA Chemmy smells dominate, but the plants took on a more Cookie-ish appearance. and here's an overview of one of the LED-tents, close to chop (many of the plantjes i just showed here are in there too ) _______________________________________________________________________ big thanks go out to katsu, docgreen and a few other fellow seed- makers for sharing/swapping their wonderful creations with me. i hope all of you are safe and healthy, happy and busy growing. let me know if i can be of help to anyone wit'sem of me beans. many greetings, SAN
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    Purple Punch x Dos y Dos
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    Megafauna #3 @ 75 days and harvest
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    Well, now that is all sorted out, I can post again... sunset sherbet
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    Do Si Dos Zkittlez I could not get a pic of her leaves, so I just took a pic of them, I love the colors.
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    Con Leche from Swamp Boys Triangle Kush x White Og
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    Blueberries and Chocolate almost there.
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    Hope everyones been well. Here is Putang, she has the most wonderful tropical aroma with a fantastic Sativa high.
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    that realy looks white as milk......just yummy !!! .......enjoy @Smokey Pockets some Auto-Gelato ........
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    Lemon Thai stud and his lady
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    Phuuu's IPA @ 71 days and harvest
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    Just some random shots hgk x gogi jet atf x nl5 @Indican lemon gas greenrebelfarms
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    Heath Robinson's Black Rose F11
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    Hey all, Just pulled five Sugarpunch today here is a picture of a couple of tops. Quick dry test run resulted in a hard hitting cerebral buzz, I think I will love it!! Be Cool and Peace Billman
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    Almost finished and it's going to be my last grow report. Sorry guys and gals, but updating feels like playing in front of an empty bar.
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    C99 start of week 5 bulking up nicely.
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    Truck (train wreck x huck kush) @ 10 weeks
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    Which one is my potential keeper (same cultivars)? I will make a second run to confirm.
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    Wedding Mint, check out the gloves from taking off the fan leaves! ha so darn black, sticky mother
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    Sorry @Sacred Plant Warrior I had to show the keeper cut one more time before I cut it, she’s finished and pretty. Blueberries and Chocolate from Useful Seeds.
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    Wedding cake, Foxtail city
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    Hey fellas, here is my nicely smelling Motherlode. It's a mix of lemon Killing Fields and hints of Diesel. Happy Weekend OpenGrow
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    A few pictures of the Silver Fields pheno i have(sorry i 'm not proud of them, i will try to grow them better on the 2nd round):
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    Grüne Hessin before chop. Warlock x Jack Flash. Drying now. Intimidated by the extreme haze smell..... oh oh Two sisters cuddling.... So much bud it didnt know where to grow...
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    Why do I even have Scissors I never use them That is beautiful pot Indi
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    Velvet Orca Haze from Swami Organics... This is the clone mama @Baqualin. It grew much better than the Blue Orca. I have clones of both though. I just finished bud washing the plant.
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    Resurrected Anesthesia Heri Saxo Edition Seeds provided By: Saxo and She is not a great yielder but fuck that. She is so damn frosty that we double check everyday just to believe our eyes. Just zoom in and check the fan leaves. Redicioulus..... This is ANESTHESIA! This is WHAZZUP!!!
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    Just a few chuckys bride and Petolia pink, blue moon magoo, damage case
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    Mel Franks Skunk96, skunk d and skunk a plants, ready for bud snipping. Very different phenos, with similar tastes and the A plant seems more flavorful. I filled 3.5 quart mason jars. With some training, and extra veg time, those number would be way better. This was just her, how she finished out.
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    Ultrashack, I call her "Sourwurscht" Pheno, intense soure smell and at the end something like "wurst
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    Do Si Dos Skittlzes is sparkly! She is a keeper, smooth as smooth, and quite potent.
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    Chuckys bride F2. I can't trim for shit
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    Megafauna (kali snapple x ssh) @ 8 weeks Two phenos.
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    Clones from Sannie Jack-ssh pheno mom sprouted from seed early 2015 ( i think its F7 or F8). I found this mom in 5 seed pack and 1st batch of clones was ready in 9 weeks but after few generation of cloning and properly dialing environment, soil and timing, they were ready in 8-8.5 weeks at top. Those on pictures are old 7 weeks since flip, with mosyt cloudy trich and 20% amber. One more week and they packed 25% in size and weight and trich went 70-80% amber. Fantastic haze smoke, heavy yield and most important no lost of vigor, or any other department since 1st batch clones taking in jiffy pellets and sprouting average 8-10 days. Sadly my dogs eat her but lucky for me cause after shortly i was "ratted" out by my brother stupidity. Btw i grow them in SOG 5.5 liter pots 5x5 rows in tent under 600W gavita and "veg" them under 2x 150 led, real 2x150 from wall. 2 wks veging to adapt after cloning and flip to 12/12. Sorry for average picture quality, in real they looked fantastic. Hard nugs, different from other SJ pheno i had, and no foxtails, but other pheno need at least 11+ week to fully ripen. Grow with organic composted soil, 30% castings, little bat guanno, comfrey tea, Egg shells and unavoidable 2 times foliar per week Brown Algae(A.Nodosum) only on leafs. Gzz and best vibes.
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    I have some of Indy's (UK Blues x Heri) going now, two of them at week 7 of 12/12.
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    Petrolia Headstash F2. Made F3s.... These are pure diesel when u squeeze a nug. Intense diesel.... Gonna cross it to Woodhorse Herijuana males next round. Sort of a petrolia bx.
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    Day 3 of flower saw the very first pistol on one of them. They got a bit dry yesterday but hey gave the roots a workout to go look for water I guess. Started cleaning under the net and I tuck every second day or so
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    @Phuuu Ad GG2 IPA AK47 at 26 days . beautiful looking plant love her bud structure sorry for the yellow lights
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    I hope everybody is enjoying there evening. Indiana Bubblebum X Lavander (Somas cut R1) Ticked all the boxes this one.
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    Hi, Serious Happiness: 9 Pound Hammer:
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    Or lack of colors... Here is a Wedding Cake x Gelato x Dosido from @SamwellBB at Baked Beanz. I think @santero has this one. (it throws hermies around week 4 but I was able to remove all of the lower limbs and they never came back. The limbs below started growing all wirey and viney and tiny mutant bud sites were forming everywhere and a herm would develop in that spot. I removed all of the mutant limbs and never saw anything since and the plant has really changed for the better, too, yield is looking better than before) edit: (growing in the frozen cave is good for the colors at least!)
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    Thought I'd toss in an update. 1. Two of the Pineapple Fields plants just got to the cotyledon stage of growth and croaked. One had no true leaves, this one started on true leaves, and then decided the world was too cruel. 2. and 3. The other 8 PFs are looking good. They're kind of all over the place, as polyhybrids tend to be. The one on the left has kind of weird, crinkly leaves. Others have long sativa leaves and still others are quite indica looking, but it seems like indica looking leaves when plants are small doesn't mean much. 4. & 5. By comparison, @KomaKreations Peyote Pancakes all look similarly indica. They're also the shortest plants I have, so far. They might need booster seats. You can see the early Ca/Mg deficiency in the lower leaves. All better now. 6. & 7: These are the Blueberry Quintessa plants. Traits are somewhat variable, but they look like they'll be tall, sativa plants, at this point. 8. & 9. These are the Lemon Thai F3s, by @smilestyle. Toothy little babies of various heights. I assume at least one tall one is a boy. 10 & 11. The Miss U Jacks are all uniformly tall and sativa-looking. 12 & 13. @santero's Lemon Bubba all look like they have indica-like leaves, except maybe for one that looks more hybrid-like. One is taller than the rest. I'm not sure if all these pics will come out in the order I dragged them into the little window. If not, I'll be back to try and straighten them out.
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    Oaxacan Fem from Esko I burned her a bit with the nutes but she's still looking good!
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    One grow winds down and another begins. It's the circle of life. A tear comes to my eye. This grow is starting out slowly. About a week ago I started two Irie Genetics strains: Lemon Sunrise and Storm Shadow (5 seeds each - one Lemon Sunrise didn't sprout.) Yesterday, I started soaking 5 Killer Cookies seeds that Santero was gifting about a year ago, along with 3 Mosca Pink Lemonade seeds (I was going to do 5 Pink Lemonades, but somehow a couple of seeds escaped into the carpet. If I don't find them, I'm going to soak down the carpet and get them to sprout so I can find them. I'm sure my wife won't mind.) Depending on male/female ratios, whether one of the plants from my last grow turns out to be so good I must grow it again right away, or whether I go into a seed germinating frenzy for some other reason, more could be added to this mix. Silverfields is a good candidate. Anyway, more as things develop.
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    Just thought I'll share my grow of Sannies Jack. I started a 5 pack of fems about 5 weeks ago they were all topped twice, I selected 4 out of the 5 to go into 20l fabric pots. The one I am going to move outdoors it looked more lanky than the others. Just gave them 3liters of water with some biobizz bio heaven and acti vera. I will be doing a scrog hope to not veg for very long
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    Velvet Orca Haze I guess there is one advantage to growing in a dungeon. The cold makes for nice colors. I think almost every plant will be showing some sort of added colors. Some are very subtle and others have really been changing. Happy Weekend!
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    All this rain has limited my outdoor activities so I spent a little time in the kitchen the other day. I took the 4 gram ball of rosin I made and turned it into 120 soft candies that taste like pomegranate. One gives a nice buzz, two is pushing it and I haven't gotten to 3 yet. There was a good mix of sativa and indica in my trim bag this time so it is not a heavy high but it definitely impacts SOP. Now I have lemon candies made from Nepalma CBD oil and pomegranate ones from rosin. The lemon candies give a very good up high, very motivating. It was all my arthritic fingers could do to cut and wrap all those in wax paper. OK, on to grow room news. The elder girls in the flower room are approaching 8 weeks in. Looks like the Purple Hindu Kush will take another week and the Truck girl will take 2 or so. The 2 truck clones are 8 and 24 days in 12's. I upped their N intake compared to Mom and they seem happy so far. Their Mom has bulked up pretty well this last week and her buds are uber frosty. Still vegging the two PHK clones. I can get another few days before they get to tall for the space and then they will go to flower. Should time pretty well with the PHK harvest so space will be tight for only a few days. Here's a look at the flower room. Truck @ 54 days. Truck # 1.2 @ 24 days Truck # 1.1 @ 8 days PHK #1 @ 54 days PHK # 2 @ 54 days Here's a look at the veg space. PHK #2 clone on the left, PHK #1 clone in the middle and PHK sprout right. I like having the flexibility of the 3 light sets in the veg space now. My little buddy Jonesy wants to say hi to everyone. He just got a haircut so now you can actually see him. We will have had him for a year this next week. Throw the damn ball would ya.
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