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    Still checking in Toker
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    I told you guys this place is as dead as Julius Ceasar. Go to overgrow You can find San there with his dead sticking ass wabbits lol Hrs always giving beans away Just hit him up I'm sure he hook all yall up
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    Does anybody have santerro or other mod's personal email that could contact sannie direct to see if he's still alive or if seeds are ever happening again?
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    Ya it kinda is. I sensed a last gasp the last update. That's when other seed sites were first advertised. But who knows, maybe it will. Been wanting a pack of killing fields to.
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    The 5 x 5 tent is lonely, so I had to start another grow. A couple of Motherlode fem seeds, a couple of Cinnamon Rollz fem seeds, a few of Dynasty's Supa Durban seeds (regulars), along with clones of Scarlet Begonias, Peyote Pancake and maybe Dark Hollow (we'll see how many seeds pop and are girls before DH gets back in there). Motherlode is, of course, available at Sannie's. Supa Durban SHOULD be available at Sannie's. I saw it on another seed seller's site and grabbed it. Cinnamon Rollz is a freebie given to me by another seed bank, from a breeder called LIT, for Lost in Translation. It is Pancakes x Runtz. I know nothing about the breeder or Pancakes, but Runtz seems to be a fad in the US market now. Maybe not to the extent of GSC, but every dispensary seems to have Runtz or Runtz crosses on their menus. All seeds looked healthy when I began their 24 hour soak, though a couple of the seeds in the Cinnamon Rollz look like they're immature and won't pop. If they weren't freebies, I'd be pissed: The birds might like them. The clones going in: Scarlet Begonias was the star of my recently completed grow — High flying sativa dom without danger of newbies having paranoid breaks from reality. Whenever I do a hit, it cuts through whatever buzz I've got — even when doing edibles. I can't say that would be true for med patients who use a massive amount of edible products. Peyote Pancake was from Sannie's, a few years ago, but the breeder never restocked. A good, powerful, no-mind-spark/cerebral activity indica dom. Great for sleeping purposes for me, but a friend of mine likes it during the day. Dark Hollow is maybe a 60% indica dom, but has significant mind-spark/cerebral activity along with a strong body effect. I like it, though I can't say I will be keeping it forever. Maybe for crosses when I start crossing LT F3 to likely candidates. I seem to prefer three kinds of weed buzzes: 1. Powerful sativa doms with edgy, racy aspects. 2. Powerful sativa doms WITHOUT edgy, racy aspects, that are major mood elevators (Scarlet Begonias, for example!) 3. Knock-out indicas. Dark Hollow doesn't fit. I may have to develop a liking for it. Lemon Sunrise is not appearing this grow. I'm thinking the Supa Durban might satisfy my edgy, racy sativa dom needs. I have a jar full curing, at this moment. I find I no longer go to my go-to sativa, since Scarlet Begonias came along. This lineup may change, depending on when clones root, seeds sprout and numbers of females in the Supa Durban seeds.
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    Hey There. Is the shop closed? Forever or just 4 maintenance? Bio sannie and sanniesshop got the tag temp. closed and ive been trying to buy buffertabs and co for a while now and last time i looked it wasnt even listed anymore on the page:(
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    There's a lot of info Though The strains are old lol Like I'm getting. So many new things pouring out of the west and elsewhere. But that's the good thing about herb, it just keeps giving and giving. I'm running all old herb now lol and it suits me Just fine but I seen the choices at the dispensers and it's like Almost to much, like when your in a candy store and just Overwhelmed hehe
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    I remember this website was pretty busy once upon a time.
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    hey guys, i should be logging in more often now, i finally remembered my password, the old email i could have recovered with is no more.lol, i had to have a lucid moment so i could remember and log in. here i am. and hopefully if everything works out the way we want it to, i will be in charge of a legal commercial grow op where we will start kind of small, and work our way up to 1000 square feet after about a year or so. Medical is now legal in Mississippi, but there are many bullshit regulations on it so i believe the people that believe in going big or going home just might end up going home. I know i said that in my title, but for me compared to small closet grows, this is going big. what i was referring to in my title are the people who are planning the huge 100,000 square foot grows and the such, with the cost of that license. I believe there will be enough of a niche market to keep us in business even with the glut of all that garbage commercial chemically grown weed.For one it looks like the legal weed is going to be around double the price of black market weed. so that right there is going to cause an even more thriving black market, and a patient can only buy an eight at a time, and can only buy 21 grams a week, and 84 a month. so i think most of these guys that are opening are not considering these 2 things and are going to go big, and then have to pay someone to destroy all their excess weed. Plus the strains i will be growing are true quality medicine, not the same garbage we get off the street. Why would you pay double for the same garbage? so we gonna do it where we run out between grows until we find that sweet spot that keeps the dispensary full, and we run out right when the new crop is finished curing. that's the goal anyway. at 1st im gonna go with what i know and use the perlite/compost/peat moss mix with all necessary additives and do this true living organics. And as time goes on more and more plants will be in the aquaponic system. tilapia will fuel that. From what i have seen , no one else in this area will be growing organic, and nowhere in the law does it say we must, but i will anyway and that will be our edge in the market. Medicine must be organic or it's not medicine right? My intention is to get these chocolate rain beans to pop, and hopefuly get the hybrid pheno that was chocolatey, and 1st grow would be that, if not we going to jamaica and getting some lambsbreath. i intend to order seeds from sannies shop too and try out lots of those looking for suitable mothers. Thanks for any and all input, i have done outdoor grows in my youth with around 100 plants, but nothing as big indoors as we will be going. im going to go with 1000W bulbs hung bare bulb since everything will be crossed with sativas, and they like growing barebulb style in trees. Thanks for any input, all is welcome. it may be a year before i can pop the 1st beans, we have to get the sight done to codes, then get the licensing. Here's the real challenge, havent grown anything in about 9 years, since the chocolate rain grow back in 2013. been smoking garbage from the black market. NONE of which was anywhere near as good as the worst strain on sannies sight. if we do get something decently potent, it is usually pollinated by a late hermie and has tiny little immature seeds you can barely see, but makes the weed harsh as hellfire. hate it. looking forward to this if it all works out, i cant wait.
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    This place is finished For now anyway. Well Now I own it hehe And you to, and anyone else for that matter. I appoint us all Moderators lol It was hacked and everyone left cause well who the fuck knows why. I guess they are all linked and shit. Im not so I say Hack Deeze lol Not sure if I care except I have been getting calls from fucking Romania lately hehe.
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    Hi All, I know this forum is absolutely dead, but thought I'd throw out the question if anybody can answer. In a northern climate and some pollinated plants need to come down this week as it's supposed to freeze, but seeds aren't ready yet. If the seed aren't ready, can they ripen on the vine while hanging?
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    Just wanted to say hi to any who may recall me. Had come here to start a grow diary on Boudica an some breeding projects im about to start. Guess ill do that on Overgrow... just made an account (Im DOOBIOUS there now too) Cheers
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    Ratz. Well nothin' to hack here either. Back to ICMag for me.
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    Only those san has not contacted to say the site is hacked and sannie and just about everyone had abandoned the site. I only come here because there's nothing to hack on my end. Yes opengrow is toast.
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    GA said, " We need to see if we have the same results with breast cancer patients, I do not dare recommend anything that has not been studied or I have experience with treating someone, so I don't dare experiment with a patient with breast cancer, we really need the medical field on board. " Absolutely agree. But, two thoughts here. It does not have to be either/or. RSO does not interfere with chemo/radiation and is effective in treating the side effects of both. And when all conventional treatments are failing, it's nothing left to lose treatment, yah? My dear friends were both stage 4 breast cancer and they were sent home to do their "bucket lists". There are different flavors of cancer of course, mileage varies. The 1st suffered organ failure from the 3rd try at chemo. She was in hospital and so was not taking the oil. Her husband will return it when he brings ashes to scatter. The second was expected to die in <6 months and was sent home with hospice help. Had access to RSO and is doing very well now. She's out of bed, and as you can imagine, she "dancing happy". Well drat! I'll miss ya. My antivirus kept giving me warnings for months. Thought Open grow was toast. Finally bullied my way back in from a sandbox and found you up. Have news on the prostate cancer but don't know who's left to share it with. Anybody still here?
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    I like the other Cool peeps It's all good and shit Too much going on for my old ass. Autoflower network was like that and thcfarmer. Im in the slow lane now. I grew the melon and kohlrabi. Ate so many melons I just eat the hearts and chunk the rest to the birds. Anyway I stay here Talk to the lurkers and fade away. I'm so fucking disgusted with broad mites I might quit growing ,bastards they are.
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    hello everybody, I wanted to log in here to my old home and see how everybody is doing. Missed the place, the new look is awesome. Hope their is still some old friends around
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    I miss her as well, ran her alongside New Blue Diesel and wish I still had both.
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    Uh-oh. Stoner Alert! All seeds germed, but for some reason, nothing came up in one of the Supa Durban pots. I scraped away soil slowly, only to find no trace of a seed in there. Then, this morning, in one of the SD pots, I see this: OK. Clearly that other SD seed made its way into this pot. But where did the 3rd seedling come from??? I use the paper towel method. I KNEW how many seeds I had taken out of the packs and germed. All germed. Now it seems that I have a record breaking 112.5% germ rate! Wait, whut? Where did this extra seed come from? Maybe that one on the right isn't cannabis. [Uh-huh, whatever you say, Mr. Dirt.] Well, now I have to grow these out, don't I?
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    While I usually avoid posting seedling pics, what the hell — for the record and science! Everyone has come up, except one of the Supa Durbans. I know it germed, as I use the paper towel method. One of the Cinnamon Rollz elongated its stem, as if it wasn't getting enough light, but that might have had something to do with a seed shell that it couldn't shed for a while. Anyway, 100% germ rate. Cold is slowing life down in the grow. Clones are rooting, but slowly. They should be in pots by the end of the week. BTW, I'm done with winter. To the snowstorm on the horizon, later this week: bite me!
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    I actually have two rooms, that is a very good idea. Right now I don't need anything and have nothing going anyway cause I am still recouping this disaster I created. Things are so slow was going to shut one room down. But I have seeds I never seem to be able to get too, that would actually work really well to do it that way.
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    You seem to always have the most intriguing strains.
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    Oregon State University - New reshearch found that 2 cannabinoids could block COVID-19. The two hemp cannabinoids CBDa and CBGa can actualy prevent the virus to cause covid from entering the human cells. (ref: Hemp Indrustry week Jan12, 2022)
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    Uh-oh, terrible news! According to the article: "We tested THC. It does not work. Furthermore, when we added THC to CBD, it prevented CBD from blocking the replication of the virus," Rosner said. Fucking great, THC! You rained on my parade! Oh, I suppose I can forgive you...
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    I emailed the gent that did the study for dosage information, hopefully, he will have information for us. Nope does not sound like THC would work, to be safe I would go with a high CBD plant. Vaping would decarb it, ridding the acid, so that would not work, not sure what temp you could safely use without knocking the acid off. I don't believe they went any farther than this study, it was eaten, they just did not mention in what form or dosage. They probably need to study it more.
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    None of the stories on the study have any info on the method of administration or preservation, or how they are keeping the A in CBDA. That would be really helpful for us selfie meds and anyone trying to make a product. So rippin rec flower all day isn't going to work. Is it possible to low temp vape these? Is there any info on the temps that get CBGA and CBDA to convert. If one could vape it below that threshold we got a tonic.
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    If this was an in vitro study, it would be pretty hard for lay people to figure out. What dosage does it take to bring CBDa concentrations up to the needed level? I wonder if directly applying it somehow to the places of entry — nostrils, mouth, throat, would do it? Well, who the eff knows. (Eff, because this is a family pothead website.)
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    Capping up Cannatonic 4 this week CBG when pulling plants early, might be hard to keep stable, that is one thing I need more info on, how to keep it from converting. I was thinking the same thing, I need info on dosing, how much do we need to use to actually keep Covid from attaching to the cells.
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    Yep exactly, juicing would work, capping up the raw herb would work.
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    Trim party for the Silver Diesel Haze - outdoor grown
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    Hello, A detailed view on the Planck cut or better known as Santa Maria. 9.5 weeks flowering, flooding hydro system. Low nute shedule. Final harvest window. Grdz e$ko,
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    Nothing is impossible. This life is nothing short of an unfolding oasis of mythic grace. The goal of ultrasonic energy is to plant the seeds of rebirth rather than illusion. Energy requires exploration.
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    it is great to know the headz are well and keep kicking it HD was not like any other board i know. stay safe, brothers.
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    I did not know that site, but man, the world has lost MANY great canna sites in my 15 years of being on line.
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    @bird what did u do if u were HD? law has changed in NL. As I see all the big ones go back to anonimity. big respect for eskobar making seeds for the public.. here is everybody welcome... cops also have free access... maybe better to choose a new name for u... Police wont forget the highest THC contenet ever cought:) Im happy to see u here... big karma upp for the come back hidro
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    is there any chance these will be preserved by you, coxnox? it would be a shame to just "waste" them on a simple bud-run. you are a smart, so i bet you will keep some males around
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    Now, not many words but pictures, 8 weeks in one flash. Week 1, most things are happening in the mapito. Roots ... The first week, always is scary. Yes it is slow, nothing much happened. Week 2 Uhm, the plants have exploded Week 3 Screen is away Each plant takes it final volume, flowering begins Hyperjump to week 5 bud produktion week Week 6 Frostbite week Week 7 Snowmonster week 7 weeks and still very clean mapito ... Week 8 Death Row week From top to bottom, tasty and snowwhite buds. Chop Chop Some buds Grdz e$ko,
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    This beautiful plant was a lot of fun to grow. Excellent breeding with vigor and strength. A hash lover's dream with the stickiest resin I've encountered in a while. Congrats E$ko on more excellent work
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    thanks all !! SOme pics from round harvest time then. #17 is the one that got selected,,,,but will be holding on to #6 aswell #17 #6 will make dry shots this weekend,,,,and some short smokereports (am a bad smokereportwriter tho) greets, hup
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    utdoor harvest some of my outdoor tribute parts this year hup
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    High Esko,,nice 2 know u pop in from time 2 time !! keeping green: I hup hup hope so ,,gonna be a long ride Some more peeks inna the closet: #6: The A5: et Neville: ciao ciao
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    Ola!! Bitta update again Day 29 today,,, thought the stretch was outta them but the Sativa types gained in on the #6 (was the tallest). Gonna be brainstorming on a way to hold them up in the coming weeks hehe But what a diffs i have in my girls ,,backgrounds are popping up majorly! This is #28 She is the tallest of the "low type" plants. The scent is very sweet and fruity. Even some of the higher fanleaves have trics on it . #8 is a low girl with lotsa thin leafs and a dense build. a interesting plant She does like the light, this empress Well cheerio
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    thnx stick m8! one of the favorite small pheno's, #37 found me a kinda morph 2: ciao ciao
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    Ola!! Welcome C.P ,,thanks 4 ur support m8 @mack10: I cant tell u wich male was better,,,,,but my favorite is the A5 (diesel pheno) OLA LEO! yeah having fun but still many weeks to come .... so Day 23 today of the 12/12 regime The more denser plants allready stopped stretching in early stage. The more taller pheno's are slowly starting to stop with the stretch. The neville and A5 who are in there to be tested stopped aswell with stretching. Allmost all of the plants have sharktoothstyle serrated edges or even more freaky Scents are still hard to discribe and it gets even more difficult as i'm having a cold hehe Favorites are emerging tho From the smaller types i love #37 ,,great structure, nodes and pistol/calix development. #26 is kinda in the middle: The larger ones have #6 as good looker ,,,,,,,,its the largest and is looking like a huge yielder 2 next 2 the great structuredevelopment . The neville is a beauty i must say she went 12/12 from clone and grew out to a tall branching stick,pretty fast 2 i must say. It is a 12 week girl,,,,,,62 days 2 go ,,,,,,the A5 can do 16 (pffffffffwww) ,,,,90 days 2 go haha cheerio
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    here is some breeders choice nycd i can't wait . here is some breeders choice nycd i can't wait .
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    Place Got hacked bro Pm me Most jumped ship elsewhere
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