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    Another pheno from Strawberry Rain (4 keepers in total collected in the last years) 3 weeks to go
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    Something with Banana Punch (Symbiotic) and Slurricane (In House) ...Very hard to describe the taste. Banana Smoothie, kiwi, ice tea kind of terps. Have the LA Kush version to. Hello Toker, nice to read you again. Cherry Bomber = Nostalgia! Yes Santero, long time indeed, but there was no other option. We never surrender right. Evolution is here now, esko 2.0 from the space station. Did not sit still the last years.
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    Hi guys headband x gorilla bubble it was a Collaboration between Tony Green Tortured beans and Karma And calyx brothers bubble monkey there at 54 days from flip
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    The hulkberry-first time I've grown her, not sure what the high is like. She has a diesel smell with a very slight berry smell.
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    well ugly needs represented too. 4 were started at flower switch on 11/26. A Killer Grape S1, a Honey Badger Haze, a Amnesia Star, one lost labeled girl, these have another few weeks, at best. I left enough space to add Mac Stomper after a few weeks. Then about 2 weeks ago put a Big Chillz in. She had recovered much better from the terrible hiding game I played with them for FAR FAR TO LONG! The LET (last tent ever) has amazing smells going on in there, buds are very sticky, very fragrant, and my GLA LED's are pulling some of the nicest colors I've seen on my HBH and she has been with me for years now!! Fantastic work prawn!!
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    It’s been a while, so I thought I would pop in say hello and show my latest project. Not really a bud shot, but it’s pretty and potent. A little Purple Mystic for your pleasure! Hope Everyone had a wonderful Xmas and New Years!! Baq
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    I was thinking the same thing been a bit since you were here Drip .
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    I really really really like the calyx bro gear frosty and sticky small tent bubble monkey 47 days
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    Dynasty ‘cherry orange’ freebie. And Basil.
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    Starting 20 strains, all my creations this week. Stay tuned.
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    Nutes were screwed up, but the buds look like they'll do the trick. Apple scented Scarlet Begonias: Apple scent is still the most prominent, but there are the scents in the background that would make you think twice if an actual apple you were going to eat smelled like this. (Hey! Who peed on my apple??) Only took 9 weeks, from seed. One of the Blueberry Butcher girls is also ready. I expect the others to come down before the end of week 10. Blueberry Butcher is (Blueberry Cookies) x Jack the Ripper F2. This one smells like blueberry-mint, which is very much the way Blueberry Cookies smells, which is somewhat disappointing. The buzz might make up for it. It's a nice scent and all, but the buzz from blueberry cookies is not my favorite — too much toward the indica side of things for me. One of the remaining girls smells like a combination of BBC and JTR. I have greater expectations of that one. Three Scarlet Begonias, two Blueberry Butchers, one Dark Hollow and one Lemon Sunrise clone to go. It's about the time I should either be rooting clones or popping some seeds.
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    This is what I like: a plant that produces, in spite of the abuse I give it. This is good ol' Scarlet Begonias #3. The scents on this one have changed almost daily. I won't guess how it will end up after curing. It started with apple and spice. More recently it had a rose-like scent. A major producer.
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    Gator bait! Funky and dense!
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    Headbanger x Gorilla Bubble bx5 Tony greens tortured beans I just love the color on this one this is coming down today I just love the color on this one this is coming down today also just wanted to say good to see you around @e$kob@r happy new year to you and yours
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    Took this Bubble monkey at 80 days
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    I started crossing for shorter flower times, I may have gone too far :/
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    Scarlet Begonias #3 got chopped about an hour ago. Kind of a wine and roses scent. We'll see after a few weeks in a jar. She definitely produced. Wouldn't it be amazing if she was also the keeper? A few buds: My Lemon Sunrise clone came down yesterday. She always produces more than I have any right to expect. The big difference between these two is that Lemon Sunrise will make you jump. Scarlet Begonias is powerful, but doesn't have any raciness/paranoia about it. I still have a couple of Blueberry Butchers, another Scarlet Begonias and another Dark Hollow to go. I doubt they'll see next weekend.
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    Sunshine daydream x chocolate diesel from Useful, filling in nicely at 49 days.
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    Sugarpunch #2 at 16 weeks. Big, loose and hairy. She’s not really ready but had to come down today. Not the frostiest or best SP I’ve grown but smells pretty good.
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    Chocolate Rain (raspberry cut) x Strawberry Syrup Chocolope (dna cut) vs Cocoa Kush (Dj) X Cherry Pie vs Strawberry Sherbet It is very powerfull. Complex strawberry/red fruit jam terps, not only in the jar but also while toking, very addictive. Hello Gardenartus, Saxo and Neogitis
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    Blue God - Bloom Day 43 Bloom 84.7 F 39.5% RH 750 PPM Buds are putting on weight and all the branches are falling over. This strain has grown like vines and can’t really support the buds without something holding them up. I’m now in the process of backing off the nutes and progressing to a full on flush. This is going to be a very big yield for 4 plants because these buds are already hard as rocks and they’re everywhere.
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    Hiya OG's, been on hiatus, now that's concluded decided to step back in the ring and maybe go few rounds with you guys! At the minute I'm running a small varied selection.. Black Scull Seeds-Tropical Nuggets (Fruity Pebbles OG) Unknown Freebee- Gelato Unknown Freebee- Bruce Banner @Silas&Jamal- Cannabella Seed Club- Grüne Brille And because the creators of one of the strains is located here I thought I'd maybe display it's attributes for all to see I wish everyone well and a successful grow for all DaStonaKatona..but katona to you guys
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    Blueberry Butcher (Blueberry Cookies x Jack the Ripper F2) Scent is pine/menthol with a fruity background. This one also has a touch of a nasty stank. Powerful, energetic and silly buzz, though the yield is no more than average. It can definitely induce paranoia in newbies.
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    Blue God - Bloom Day 23 84.7 F 41.1% RH 800 PPM We’ve got budsites everywhere and once again they look like I never touched them. These may be the largest plants I’ve ever grown and it happened fast. What’s surprising is the growth rate was even faster than the octos but I’m not sure if that’s just the genetics. All that’s left to do now is feed em and keep the humidity down.
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    The last Scarlet Begonias came down, which was a small, unassuming plant. But also, larger Dark Hollow girl (GMO x Arise): This is an indica dom with some mind energy to it. Not the sleep aid I was hoping for, but very enjoyable weed. I would guess anyone using indica doms for pain would be able to use this during the day without slowing down. Smell had significant garlic in it, but was just deep, dark, danky and skunky when I chopped it. I still have a couple of blueberry butcher girls going, but they might be coming out this weekend, amber or not. Next run will include this Dark Hollow plant, a couple of the Scarlet Begonias plants, Peyote Pancake, Lemon Sunrise, MOTHERLODE and either Motherlode Kush or a strain from a breeder called "Lit" named Cinnamon Rollz (Pancakes x Runtz). This was a freebie. The only thing I know about Lit is their seeds are somewhat more expensive than I typically pay. I don't know anyone who has grown something from them. I hate to only pop one seed and then judge the breeder by one plant, but that could easily happen. Sorry Lit.
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    New sinister babies hi indy hope you don’t mind I just wanted to show off the babies black sunshine oilspill x blk lime reserve big sure holly weed x herijuana grape earth f2.
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    I can asure you that Dynamite and Blue Dynamite are very good strains! They can still compete todays strains. I know and grow them since 15 years. You made a good choice. There is no HID light that can compete a good LED. You are right that the buds are bigger from HID grows (cause of the IR radiation). But size does not matter (LOL), its weight, terps and potency. IR radiation from HID lights make buds always more fluffy. Led lights destroy HID easy. 200% up to 400% more yield, potency levels are of the charts. With less energy = more and better. Buds that are that dense that even my Santa Cruz Shredder has some troubles crushing em. I been phenohunting for over 20 years and have seen allot in HID ops. The moment i stepped over on HLG leds, i reviewed all my collection. What an amazing adventure that was! Terp space station, had to double the carbon filter systems (in and out). Trimming buds has become a risk. For LED growing you need= Leaf Temperature surface, Air temperature and RH = VPD. Its very important data. Volumetric water dryback data = must have data. Data of Saturation Extract Ec vs Bulk EC vs Pore water EC = must have data All this data togheter = crop steering. Highly recommend it.
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    Going to put these together for Valentine's Day. Both CBD 100mg, soap and bath bomb.
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    I just did a run of oil, Amazing return, I got 18% Back! I've never gotten more than 15% before. Beautiful oil as well. Love it when the oil runs turn out so grand.
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    Yep! Those are the ones. I've nicknamed them Tristar Double Diesel for brevity. The [(TK x Chocolate Diesel) x Stardawg/SD)], (Oaxacan BX x Chewie), and (BNP x Sanfune) are all here, along with some of Hazeman's Comet Kush (The White x Stardawg) x Stardawg IX), and up front in the cups are Mota Rebel's Rebel Yell [(Strawberry Cough x Strawberry Diesel) x Sweet Tooth #4], Hazeman's LA Pure Kush, and (Hell's Angels OG x Black Triangle). The Oaxacan BX x Chewie stragglers. There's less circulation in this spot, so I use it for seedlings and rooting plants. Also sprouting peppers in the back because I'm a plant nerd, not just a weed nerd. The BNP x Sanfune, [(Grape Ape x Duct Tape) x (Black Triangle x Deep Line Alchemy 10)], Oaxacan BX x Chewie, Congo, Comet Kush, and Oaxacan are in here under 12/12 to differentiate. The "Tristar Double Diesel" lady is in the front corner, right next to her brother which I kept just in case. USC's Turkish is in the back right, Copa's Vale Tudo is there on the left, and (Motorbreath 15 x HP7) is straggling and needs a bigger pot. And a bit of bud porn! This is [(Uzbekistan x Nepalma) x (Nepalma x Uzbekistan)], F2. I'm shocked at the size of those trichomes.
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    Here's the gang in their potassium-lock-out-caused early fading glory. With help from @Hempyfan and @e$kob@r, I retraced all my actions. My troubles began when I added a high P containing liquid fert early in flower. I'm now convinced that resulted in K lockout (and possibly other nutrient lockouts, but there is no doubt about the K, which is probably the main problem). Then, thinking this was an N deficiency, I added more N, resulting in the hooked leaves. Oh well. This is always a danger when using a new nutrient line. Roots Organics is way too complicated for a simpleton like myself. But I have a bunch of their nutes, so I'm going to use them up during the next grow, noting not to use the "HP" additive. Until the point of using it, the only issue I had was from trying to make the soil in two of the pots slightly more acidic, and then ended up making them MORE than slightly more... The Dark Hollow plants (the acid-preferring ones), a Blueberry Butcher and the sweet apple scented Scarlet Begonia plant will likely be done in another couple of weeks, judging from the look of them today. I picked off a small bud of each and will give them a taste later this week. Dark Hollow smells like garlic + other savory scents. The Blueberry Butcher is blueberry-mint + some kind of nasty body odor-type stink. The sweet apple Scarlet Begonia plant smells like… Hmm, I just don't know, maybe sweet apples. Until next time, I'll be easing up on the P. And the N. And pretty much all the nutrients.
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    Hit these two (Uzbekistan x Nepalma) ladies with G13 Hazeplant and Haze pollen. This is the lower bud that I pollinated. The trichome coverage on it speaks for itself. Wedding Cake x ON Haze Blue Dream x ON Haze
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    Six weeks of veg and this is Day 46 of flower. Used urban farms veg fert at 1 tbsp every watering through 2 week of flower then switched to urban farms garden of eden. Upgraded light to a electric sky 180 and it seems to be doing the trick. One other thing I did this time was alot of stem breaking. Every couple days during veg I would go through and crush all the stems and then let them heal while crushing the new growth. As you can see the main stem on this thing is big, bigger than a quarter but not quite half dollar sized. I defoliated the last day of veg and day 21 of flower. Going to defoliate again in a couple day. Plant is starting to turn colors, get some purple showing up. My first go around with octopots I wasn't very impressed, i experimented alot with that grow so im sure it was my fault but this time around I definitely see what people were talking about. Never had a plant with growth like this and there's still a couple weeks left to go.
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    Hello Dieseldog. F2's are prob the most wild of them all. But good phenohunting, important fase. Leds are a learning curve. These are at 4,5w, the strain is Melon Fizz from Archive seeds. Thank you for the nice words Bigelbow. I still grow the same style but now it is very high tech. The flooding system and growing conditions evolved allot the last years. VPD!!! For example, i do not flood anymore every 3 days. I wait for the Volumetric Water Content (=VWC) dryback to 20%. Own nutrients from horticulture world. Independency from aero cloner to final bud. Different pfd light levels during all stages. Finetuned with help of Apogee SQ ePAR. UVA, UVB, Far Red. Version 2.0 would be a little bit more complicated ...
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    Two Scarlet Begonias phenos at 6 weeks and a day. Sweaty Armpit + fuel scent: Apple and spice scented pheno: Fading too early, but not scorched!
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    14 days of flower. Smells very loud and skunky in the room.
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    It's the end of 5 weeks of flower, so it's picture time. Here they are from the front and side window. The side window shot seems best, with those tall girls at the tent entrance. The three in the front, from L to R, are Lemon Sunrise, Scarlet Begonias and a Blueberry Butcher. Ropes and cables, galore! I stuck the far red light bar in there. Now I wish I got two, just for coverage. At this time, it's on the same timer as the main light. I may get another timer and extend the FR lighting about a half hour into the dark period when I try to get them to flower faster, next grow. One of the apple scented SB gals is changing from apple scented, and includes more stanky, kushy scents. Her heavily apple-scented sister is still heavily apple-scented. She's like a honey crisp. She also looks like a major producer. I hope she rings my bell. This SB has a horrendous stink-foot smell: Somewhat less impressive, at this point, are the Blueberry Butchers. They run a couple of weeks longer, though. Two smell like the Blueberry Cookies parent — fruity and minty. The third, which is also my whirled phylotaxy plant, has plenty of scents from the Jack the Ripper parent. At least they are reminiscent of the scent of Vortex, which I grow about 12 years ago. Anyway, I think she has at least another 6 weeks. Dark Hollow isn't doing quite as well, but this one definitely has the Garlic, Mushrooms and Onions scent of GMO. Of course, the GMO that I've smelled was from a dispensary, so this smells a lot better. This was one of my plants that wanted slightly more acidic pH, then I over-did it. Looks like too much N, at this point. Fuck it, she gets what everyone else gets. And finally, ol' Lemon Sunrise. It's hard to believe her buds will develop enough to harvest in 3 weeks. I think she'll easily go 4 or 5. I think it's the poor position in the tent. I was under the impression LS was more sensitive to extreme light from the LEDs, but it was really because she's a nutrient hog and she didn't get enough nutes in previous grows. I hope to run @smilestyle's Lemon Thai again this summer and cross a male to some of my keeper females. LT F3 is about the most intense lemon rush I've ever experienced. I think a cross with Golden Goat would outshine the Lemon Sunrise, if it increases potency enough.
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    I made this from scratch. I made Chocolate!
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    Many topped lollypopped and/or trained several days ago. Bounced back nicely. 5 days into flowering now under LED. No males were saved this time. Just didn't find one or two that checked boxes. Females: 6 X (SSSDH Mushy cut X NL) X LUIs 1 X mysteRIRI 1 X Cookies X FPOG F2 F1s 2 X Ceiling Lickers 3 X Holy Princess F2s
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    Heya Misterdirt, the fire is still burnin
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    26th of March, at the first location: On the 28th of March, at the second location: To be continued...
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    It's the end of week 6, so here's the group shot of the girls, labeled for the scent they give off when I rub a sugar leaf. I figure I can really attract some non-smokers to try weed if I explain how good it smells. Who is going to resist these? If there was a Armpit and Spice candle, they wouldn't be able to keep it in stock. The tent, itself, smells like a sweet musk when I open it. The more nasty-sounding scents I only get when I rub sugar leaves. Just for the hell of it, the view from the front: They're fading earlier than I had hoped. I seem to have satisfied the Cal/Mag demands, but I need to give them a lot more N during late veg and early flower. The Scarlet Begonias faded least — except for the one in the center of the tent, under the most intense light. The Lemon Sunrise also didn't fade much, and her buds are starting to build. Up until now, she looked like a plant full of popcorn buds. I've got a couple of HLG 65w lights on their way, to replace the 400w flouro tube light in my 2' x 4' clone/seedling tent. I might actually get my grow tents coordinated sometime soon, with plants going into the flowering tent almost as soon as others are harvested. Ha! Just kidding. But chances of it happening accidentally could increase. The clones all look great. I just wish I knew which I will consider keepers, if any. I REALLY hope the buzz from apple terp plants ring my bell. I wonder how those will cure.
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    Still stretching — end of week 3: Those shorties in the back corner are in a hole now. I'll have to find suitable booster seats for the short Scarlet Begonias and the short Blueberry Butcher. But none of these are a big deal, stretch-wise. It also helps that I seem to have nutrition for LEDs dialed in. It's been at 100% power for a few days, and only one complaint — from a Dark Hollow with pH issues.
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