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Got the red page about this site is unsafe

Posted by sunnyvale - Today, 01:44 AM -

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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by wee-zard - Today, 12:33 AM -

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USC Turkish Landrace smoke report

Posted by gimme5minutes - Yesterday, 10:38 PM -

Turkish Landrace smoke report

These are from USC, they were grown outdoors without added fertilizer. They finished big and fast. No issues with mold, weather, pests, nute deficiencies, nothing..

Appearance: Dark, airy looking buds, various sizes. Big but not dense, very leafy and looks plain and ordinary.

Smell: Very little door, slightly floral but it has become faint.

Taste: All plants share a dark, flat earthy taste. It immediately reminds me of Greek cigarettes. The experience is strangely similar to smoking dark tobacco, there's a certain generic quality to it. I have two phenos, one tastes a bit like wood glue but still palatable. The other is closer to bubblegum but without the sweet bottom, its more like a powdery bubblegum.

Effect: Its a strong Indica. There's no narcotic buzz but it has a stone. Its different, totally natural, it has a relaxing effect but it doesn't have to get you high to do it. If I have few puffs it feels a lot like smoking a cigarette, it brings you down and levels off and then its satisfying without any sickly feeling. You can feel the effects right into the bone but without the body buzz and it doesn't mess with my head. Finishing a joint makes me just want to roll over and sleep.

Overall: A great strain, very natural, there's no desire to smoke my brains out. This actually works exceptionally well at inducing sleep. An excellent medicinal Indica. Launch Full Topic

Sinister 17

Posted by indican - Yesterday, 07:49 PM -

Spaced Invader
(Romulan x Herijuana) x Blue Moon Rocks
Better than it looks.
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Hamme Hydro's Phototopic

Posted by justcozz - Yesterday, 06:35 PM -

In this topic i will post pictures and excerpts of my grows. It will all be hydro, the medium of choice is rock-wool and watering goes by ebb and flow. .

Posted Image
Sensi's Super Skunk.

At this moment i am growing 36 Super Skunk granddaughters of the best performing grandmothers from my last grow. They are in the first week of flowering as we speak.

A few days earlier....

Posted Image


Posted Image

And a few Amnesia Haze cuttings that went immediately on 12/12.

Posted Image
Esko style.

And tonight i planted another 18 Super Skunk cuttings that were a bit late with rooting. This makes a total of 34 Super Skunk and 18 Amnesia Haze plants under three times 600 watts.

Posted Image

...To be continued.


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