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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by misterdirt - 11 minutes ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic

Whatcha smoking,smoked or are about to smoke?

Posted by misterdirt - 14 minutes ago -

Some lemon slightly floral tulip icookies x Star Fighter this should get me to sleep Goodnight friends.

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Phuuu's IPA Project

Posted by bigun - 26 minutes ago -

Hello and welcome to my current project. :)

After a year of running as many beans from my stash as I could I have chosen a different course for this new year. I plan to concentrate on the one cross I have grown to date that has been most effective for my chronic nerve pain. That is Phuuu's IPA, a wonderful cross made by friend and OG member Phuuu Ad. This cross of a AK47/Northern Lights mother with a Super Skunk dad has produced a cross that smells and tastes very much like an IPA beer. The resemblance to beer comes from Myrcene, a terpene present in Phuuu's IPA bud. In fact, the sample I had tested showed Myrcene as the only terpene present which is a bit unusual.

For whatever reason Phuuu's IPA bud gives me superior pain reduction compared to any other cannabis I've tried. Since I began using it as my main medicine via infused glycerin my quality of life has really improved. I have read with interest here on OG and other boards the stories of folks and the different crosses that have helped them with their conditions.

One of the names I kept seeing was Green Manalishi, a g13 based cross from Motarebel. The dudes at NAW seeds have made good use of GM in some of their crosses but they have concentrated on the female side. I am curious how Green Manalishi pollen might impact the Phuuu's IPA.

So, that is what I intend to find out in the following months. I currently have four IPA females that are 4 weeks into 12's. They came from the short pheno of IPA and are all under 30" tall. I took a cut from each of those and they are waiting in the veg area. I also planted 5 beans from the tall IPA pheno and they are just now coming up. I plan to ultimately choose one girl from each pheno to be hit with GM pollen. I have a small space to work in so I will run the IPA's first, make my selection and keep clones of the winners until I can grow out a nice looking GM dude.

I'll get some pics up and better introduce you to Phuuu's IPA in my next post. Cya then. :D Launch Full Topic

The Lemon Thai mystery

Posted by bigun - 32 minutes ago -

Lemon Thai mystery... unknown mom x LT
Mother can be 1 of the following:
* lemon Thai
* lemon thai/c99
* malzilla
* silver fields

I'm thinking silver fields, LT, or LT/c99

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This is a very very special plant. I will try and reveg her and get some clones...huge huge yields, big giant sativa buds, can't explain the smell to much but I can say it is more "grown" smelling, or "mature" idk ... slight lemon but not plain lemon, and not 100% lemon, like a back drop of lemon...very nice and way different smell from the usual fruity indica.

This is very special plant with much Style to make you Smile =)
About 6-7 weeks more flower left Launch Full Topic

Diary dates

Posted by bigun - 38 minutes ago -

A diary to help me keep dates.

Veg - 150 mh soil on dripper 2 x riri, 1x iru (rooted), 1 iru cut taken 24/11/14. Ionic soil feed

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Flower - 400w hps 180 led soil on dripper 2 x riri switched 12/12 on 22/11/14. Ionic soil feed

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