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stoned ramblings, say or post anything you want.

Posted by sacred-plant-warrior - 29 minutes ago -

My GF asked me to roll a hash joint tonight, you may have seen how I do it, I roil a little log of hash and put it in a joint.

We just harvested some blue dream and it seemed a bit too damp to put in the grinder so she asked me to roll a hash joint with roaches in my little box. I rolled the piece of hash into the shape of a little snake (as MrDirt calls it) and put it in the papers. I tore up some half smoked joints and a couple of them had a hash snake inside of them already. So I put the snakes of hash of those two joints into the paper, and then the new snake of hash and a little weed in to keep it burning. The joint was pretty big, it must have weighed over a gram. I handed it to her and went to wash the resin off of my hands. I come into the bedroom to see her pulling on that big joint and blowing out big bellows of smoke. She did that old cough cough cough cough cough thing for a few minutes, but still managed to get about three or four hits. I took only one, which is sort of usual for me. Oh Man did I get high. It is actually the first smoke I had in a few days. Anyway, one hit and I am loaded. Next thing I know she says she is going to throw up, She gets up and moves around, gets closer to the bathroom and starts talking all this sicky shit. I say you took like 4 hits and that thing was filled with super fire hash. Anyway, she will have a drink of coke or a cookie and be fine in a few minutes I imagine.

I have been on the computer all day. We did leave to just drive around town a little, look at some garage sales. She seen a set of ladies golf clubs, almost brand new and she bought them for almost nothing (Golden Bear, whole set, bag, irons and woods $10). Clubs look like they may have been used once. I never get deals like this.

So we drive around town some more and come to this Giant field where we run our dogs and I hit golf balls with my pitching wedge. She wanted a lesson. Since she is just starting I put the ball on the tee for her and had her use a 8 iron. After a couple tries she starts to get a little air and starts to really like it. She tells me she is on for golf now. She did seem to take my instructions pretty good, head down, arms straight, so on. She is kind of strong too, from walking huge pit bulls around on a leash every day (for years). I may have created a monster. I no longer have the golf course as a place of peace and solitude anymore.

She was good at using her irons off the tee, there are a lot more elements to the game. She will probably do well at all of them though. I seem to have a way to teach people stuff fast. I taught my brother to ski in one day for instance. It is not like I am a pro at golfing or skiing, but I have had lessons for both and remember what was taught to me. Maybe tomorrow I will have her use her driver.

We ran the shit out of the dogs too. I love to see them run at this park. My pup turns 1 year old today and we have been wishing him happy birthday for three days. He runs like a bull! I like the idea of wearing him out so that he will sleep well, but in doing this we are building his body. We took him to the vet for a weighing and check up (86lbs) and the doctor noted that he was pure muscle, something that I already knew. This year has been challenging and it don't look to be getting any easier. He is the most needy, greedy, forceful, powerful, vocal dog I have ever seen. He wants everything I have and don't let up. While I am making hash today he kept crying and scratching on me. I had to keep handing him ice cubes out of the bucket to shut him up. I compare growing my pure Colombian Jamaican Sativa to having a pup like this at my age.
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My girl has been sort of upset the past couple of days, she just heard her father was in the advanced stages of cancer and I find her crying when I catch her alone. I need to be good to her, better than usual. Launch Full Topic

Which HPS is the best ?

Posted by corners - 59 minutes ago -


at the Moment i use the OSRAM Plantastar ( 600 W ) and i like this ! Before i used the Sylvania Growlux BUT after 2 runs this bulb must renew.
With the PLANTASTAR i think the Buds have more resin...

What for bulbs you guys used ?

My box is 90x150x200 and at the Moment i used 1 * 600 W HPS.
What can i do for the the best illumination ???

greetings Launch Full Topic

Autozilla COB cree cxb3590 400 watts

Posted by olsqueak - Yesterday, 11:19 PM -

Hello,all friends growers around the world.I'm happy to share my new grow.
I just start autozilla they're 2 weeks old.I use light mix + 30/40 percent Coco,2 Liters Home made airpots.Homebox size is 1 meter * 0.7 meter.
When I see females I transplant in bigger airpots 7/10 liters.
Now the Light is at Low dimmer 200 watts for 4 COB cree Cxb3590 3500K.
When plants start to flower I use max power 400watts.
Video Link

I make new Pictures soon,thank's for comments.
Have good vibes.
Friendly,Olsqueak. Launch Full Topic

Cannabis IS Medicine, Any Questions?

Posted by dukea-1 - Yesterday, 09:43 PM -

The Miracle of the Plant, The Miracle of Cannabis Oil!

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Trapper's corner

Posted by mr-goodfellow - Yesterday, 09:18 PM -

Starting a general grow thread.

Got two tents going right now and a closet.
At the moment I'm growing:
OG X Pineapple Express
Big Leeks Blue Cheese
Herijuana x Shiva
Chocolate Rain Fem.

First Tent.
Posted Image

From back to front
OG x Pineapple Express Blue Cheese OG X Pineapple Express

Chocolate Rain Fem. OG x Pineapple Edxpress Chocolate Rain Fem.

Blue cheese Herijuana x shiva Herijuan x shiva

They have just flipped to 12/12 and have been vegging for a few weeks. Maybe 4?

The other tent is closed right now but I'll take picks tonight.

As always super soil organic. Launch Full Topic