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Sanji's Journal

Posted by saxo - 8 minutes ago -

Hello Opengrow! :whistle:

It's been a long time since I been around here, but I sure am happy to be back.
I wasn't able to grow or even hang around here for a long time. I lost all my mother plants, most of my seeds, and all my equipment a few years back and was sent to jail for growing.

It was truly not fun times. But it thought me a lot about myself, and what I want to dedicate my time to. I decided, like I have for what feels like my whole life; to not let "big brother" force its ways and beliefs on me. And so I decided to move myself to a place that was not so hostile towards Cannabis. I planned for a long time for a way to return to my home country Uruguay, which ironically happens to be the only nation on earth to legalize Cannabis. But how? Uruguay is so far away from Sweden where I lived most of my adult life. However I stayed determined.

I now live in a different part of Europe where Cannabis consumption is socially accepted in society and the laws and regulations surrounding Cannabis are not as strict as they were back in Sweden. Here people don't get sent to jail for growing, unless its quite big. It might not be Uruguay, but hey its a start right? And I'm still not old and wise so I still have a lot too see and learn :).

I feel relaxed for the first time in many many years, and it feels great to be back on track.
I'm glad to be back on Opengrow with all of you, and it makes me really happy too see all the threads, and things that been happening here while I was away. Not to mention all the excellent work that has been done by Sannie, Knutsel, Escobar, Poldergrower and all the other people here on Opengrow with their amazing freebies. There's just so much talent here, and I'm happy to get a chance to meet all these great minds! :wave:

My new grow tent is up and running, although still kind of in a test stage.. I'm still waiting for some parts (like my variac and intake fan) But the area is at least capable of vegetative growing without observed problems. Temperatures fluctuate a bit, but are overall within acceptable parameters.

Right now in my grow tent I have :

5x Shackzilla (Super Silver Haze x Shack) - Sannie & Knutsel
2x Casey Jones X Green Manalishi - Polletje
2x Madness (Brazil x {Cinderella 99 x Matanuska Tundra}) - World of Seeds
2x Lady Cane F3 (Super Silver Haze x G13) - Escobar
3x C99 x Big Buddha Cheese (I'm really sorry, I don't know who breed this... If someone can enlighten me I will be grateful)
2x CheeseDawg (Big Buddha Cheese x Chemdawg 91) - Big Buddha Seeds

They have all been planted in 6Liter airpots a little more than a week back, except the Cheesedawg which is only 2 days above soil.
The medium is Bio Bizz Lightmix Organic soil with 3grams Sannie's Symbiosis mycorrhiza fungi and 1xBuffertablet per pot. After Transplanting my seedlings I watered with Sannie's bacto.

Here's a picture from yesterday

Posted Image

There are some strange leaf mutations here and there and a bit of unnecessary stretch, but the only one to blame for that is me for leaving them in the window for over a week as seedlings because of stupidity and reasons (was waiting for the equipment to arrive :rolleyes2:). My theory is that they were probably getting ready to flower, but then got forced back to vegetative state by the sudden jump to artificial 24/0.

Today I had some misfortune when my brand new Secret Jardin clip fan jumped of the pole of the tent and attacked my poor feminized friend Shackzilla No.4 .Geez why cant we all just get along? :rofl But I'm sure she will come around and become a beautiful flower :)

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Phuuu's IPA Project

Posted by saxo - 27 minutes ago -

Hello and welcome to my current project. :)

After a year of running as many beans from my stash as I could I have chosen a different course for this new year. I plan to concentrate on the one cross I have grown to date that has been most effective for my chronic nerve pain. That is Phuuu's IPA, a wonderful cross made by friend and OG member Phuuu Ad. This cross of a AK47/Northern Lights mother with a Super Skunk dad has produced a cross that smells and tastes very much like an IPA beer. The resemblance to beer comes from Myrcene, a terpene present in Phuuu's IPA bud. In fact, the sample I had tested showed Myrcene as the only terpene present which is a bit unusual.

For whatever reason Phuuu's IPA bud gives me superior pain reduction compared to any other cannabis I've tried. Since I began using it as my main medicine via infused glycerin my quality of life has really improved. I have read with interest here on OG and other boards the stories of folks and the different crosses that have helped them with their conditions.

One of the names I kept seeing was Green Manalishi, a g13 based cross from Motarebel. The dudes at NAW seeds have made good use of GM in some of their crosses but they have concentrated on the female side. I am curious how Green Manalishi pollen might impact the Phuuu's IPA.

So, that is what I intend to find out in the following months. I currently have four IPA females that are 4 weeks into 12's. They came from the short pheno of IPA and are all under 30" tall. I took a cut from each of those and they are waiting in the veg area. I also planted 5 beans from the tall IPA pheno and they are just now coming up. I plan to ultimately choose one girl from each pheno to be hit with GM pollen. I have a small space to work in so I will run the IPA's first, make my selection and keep clones of the winners until I can grow out a nice looking GM dude.

I'll get some pics up and better introduce you to Phuuu's IPA in my next post. Cya then. :D Launch Full Topic

Preserving Apollo 13

Posted by dieseldog381 - 38 minutes ago -

Got some Apollo 13 beans from mota F4.If i do an open pollenation will that make a F5 gen? I dont know that is why i a asking. Launch Full Topic

High 5 Rosin Press Review

Posted by gardenartus - 39 minutes ago -

So my JetTech 690 kept failing. No matter what I glued the plates on with, they eventually came off. I could also not put enough pressure on the Buds with the hair straightener. Yield was ok, product was EXCELLENT, but it was a royal P.I.T.A to work it with the plates loose. So, I checked them all out, and instead of a 3 grand auto machine, I bought the High 5 manual one at 299 buck............GLAD I DID!!!

Posted Image

YES, I KNOW it is a 59 dollar H.F. Arbor Press, but it was done WELL!!! I could not have bought all the nice parts, IE, the plates, the heater control, and other nice touches for what I paid.

It is NOT a production machine, lol, NOT even close, lol. After running experiments yesterday with TEMP, PRESSURE, and Bud quantity,
it turns out she is a 1-1.5 gram at a time machine. Higher amounts can be used and certainly fit, but she looses pressure with larger amounts. 1 to 1.5 grams of Bud at a time is PERFECT!!!!

So, set at 250 degree's, with a SLOW press until "crunched" (yes, I am pre squashing them) and then a 55 second HARD AS I CAN PUSH
run, she yields WELL!!!!! More pressure(i shall remove these plates and heaters, and place on a 12 ton jack) will yield more, but as she is, 1 gram runs are amazingly good.

6 grams of Gogi OG. produced this:

Posted Image

And it is SUPERB...................tastes of Tangerine and Orange's.............no doubt a 2 hit n quit grade................

For 299 bucks, you cannot do better than this machine...................2 big thumbs up!!


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Pinned Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

Posted by rooftopstoner - 42 minutes ago -

Let's have a word to start it off. Launch Full Topic