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  1. Oh sorry i forgot to write it there... first is Black DOG...other pics is Starwawg "nag champa cut"
  2. first i have to apologize for pics quality Blackberry Kush x Emerald Headband Stardawg "iluminaty"
  3. lovely...always pleasure to look inside your cabin keep it growing
  4. Mounika. - Jamoun' Timewrap - Smoke Miash Spectateur - Sorry
  5. they didnt germinate because you forgot to get them out of the pack joker smoker midnight toker LOL
  6. KUSHERELLA " Periphery cut " HeadSeeds (SFV OG x C99)
  7. some microgrow buds happy weekend all
  8. well im glad i scored some packs for myself. Thank you Whazzup for them. Glad you are still holding those gems cheers
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