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  1. My experience with HSO beans has been pretty damn good actually, enough so I bought packs of the strains I enjoyed when I ran these freebies. The desert diesel I posted pics of somewhere here and on other forums and was a bit picky being grown if i remember right. Faded early and a few issues (prob me) but the buds were pure sour funk! potency was there and more importantly the racy high of sour d was there...straight paranoia haha. The bubba kush (not version 2) was an outstanding representation of bubba if you ask me. I also have pics posted here or online somewhere of it and you can see for yourself. No wasted space on that lady as she was maybe 2 ft tall and got nearly 2 zips of solid coffee hash golfballs from her. Now the blue dream I must admit I thought was fucking trash but 1 seed hardly will tell the tale especially since I have seen so many decent looking ladies other people have gotten from that line. I also popped an amherst sour d and took her to the first week of flower before I ditched her because she was such a runt. I kick myself now for it but I should have at least finished it. I popped all these with such low expectations that I did not take clones of any! The desert d pheno and the bubba were definitely both worthy of a few runs in anyones if not even more so overall that's my personal experience with HSO. Sure there are better out there but I dont often purchase a pack of bans after running a freebie & bought a pack of the bubba and desert D so take it for what its worth. I prob wouldnt have shelled out a hundo a pack to find those phenos again but 30-40 is a steal IMHO
  2. I am a seed whore, but I set my limit at 100$ usually & even then I better be enticed by some kind of free shipping & or discount freebies etc. Not that I do not believe there are certain genetics worthy of more because there are, I just also know there are plenty under that 100$ mark that If not better will rival those few 150-200$ packs I personally would like but am too stingy to pay for. If I was a cash cropper for sure I would scoop them because it makes sense for return on investment.
  3. And that's why you are who you are, because even though it was not necessary you CARE enough to come in here and explain yourself.
  4. Looking good Archie & welcome to overgrow.
  5. P has Earned my respect through a small sampling of what he has to offer. I would like to think though I am quite the seed whore I am also very picky as to what I will actually pop. I have no problem paying a little extra if P says it is worth it because I know what I got from his lesser priced gear and it was worth any price I have paid for a pack. I know of at least 4 other reputable vendors of Dynasty gear that I frequent and all are fairly priced
  6. just looks like she needed time to recover after her topping. looks like a plant that was cut in half pretty much..healthy looking for sure. I have a cck journal finished on here somewhere if you wanna check it out as the buds look similar to yours
  7. dynasty can be found at a few other places for the same money sannie vends them for. plus those magoo x's are all set around the same price any other gear I have seen listed from the older strains is pretty eual cost everywhere P vends
  8. I have not but speaking of Heri I hear Mota is bringing THE heri out to play
  9. Thank you I was very pleased with it & can't wait to get to the rest of the pack when the time comes....so many damn breeders out here so little time and space
  10. looking good brother! Can't wait to see your jars full of that OGK! Heard good things about the D-cure recently.
  11. if my exhaust is causing too much negative pressure I use the passive intake vents as well as i tie a rope or string around the poles inside the tent too keep the sucking in down...FYI I do have a fan speed controller but don't like it..If you plan on getting one of those cheap 20 dollar activeair fan controllers...dont bother.
  12. final Smoke/Grow Report Dynasty CCK. So after over a month in the jars and having smoked a jar of the CCK I thought I should come in and end this grow with a few dried cured nug shots and a description the best i could. First the plant is a GEM to grow. I gave some cuts to a friend of mine and twice now he has called to bitch that he took no cuts and that it is the healthiest looking plant in his garden right now. I told him it would be a good time to learn how to reveg! As for the smoke itself I would say a solid 9. potency- indica all the way. real stoney duh type high is the best way I can describe it. I pack a bong take a toke and 20 minutes later I am still holding it. taste- nothing super special here but nothing bad either. slight kush coffee earthy taste. smell- This is where she shines to me the most! Overwhelming smell of onion/b.o. smell even before breaking open a bud. Not to many jars have made me gag while burping. It mellowed out a litle after a long cure. Appeal- as you will see in the pics the stuff lacks nothing really in the bag appeal department. Loaded with trichs and very very dense! wasn't an 1/8th of larf on this lady with minimal trimming. Here is the pics before I up and smoke all this shit!
  13. Your being too kind rev. Marketing geniuses running multimillion dollar seed companies are very much aware of what they are doing whether intentional or not. IMVHO haha
  14. harvest pics from day 63! she is hanging day 3 today and looks like 2 to 2.5 on her which is a nice bonus considering I goofed and only flowered her in a 1 gallon (thank god for air pruned pots) and only thought 1 - 1.5 at best sooo on with the pics. Thank you professor P for allowing us to enjoy this amazingly easy to grow frost machine, and the price you let them go at even though you put in more work then most does not go unnoticed.
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