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  1. just popped one or two up in three days can send more if they are wanted no probs
  2. any word pics imfo on this cross peps we found the sorter females were faster finishers and sweater tasting the medium size fems with the square buds are the ones to look for the taller fems are from sannies jack with a little sweatness can go 12 weeks plus but she is nnnnnnniiiiiccccceeee
  3. new freebies yumbolt x blockhead X jackbeery f3 germ tasted only the yumbolt x blockhead is from beanho and is a super fast tasty treat and the jackberry was from the green side lovly big seeds cheers
  4. hi guys bean off for a while these blue cheese x are beanho blockhead xl pheno x joti blue cheese i have only germ tested them but the parents were very nice i will try and answer any questions or help anyone but plz be patient i am not on much cheers
  5. hi bb i can not guess at the size or yield in those 102s :dribble: :dribble: its a lot bigger that anything i have used m8 all i will say is plz share your findings with us cheers bl
  6. hi bb the yield on the taller plants is great they do like a big pot i use 18 lt square easy three times stretch (more in smaller pots ) 11 weeks plus 12/12 the lighter plants just as good but need a longer veg time 2-3 times stretch and a little sooner 12/12 but not much cheers bl
  7. hi peps those f3 nycd diesel seeds are from my old diesel line which came from an rez alpha diesel x double strawberry diesel cross i hit all my girls with that dsd male including a love nycd from sannie there were some real stinkers in the f1 from the alpha diesel me thinks and some taller fruity plants that smelled like grapefruit in the f2 i tried to go with the sweeter taller plants as the smell from the alpha side was causing problems these f3s are again to the sweeter side but there are still some REAL stinkers in them look for the lighter colour plants with less leaves for that real diesel smell the taller plants are getting fruity but with a nice hint of diesel cheers bl :wave:
  8. bigleek

    Sour Diesel

    its been a while but i sent lots of diesel crosses in as feebies there was some real good plants come from those seeds for me and my pals does anyone have any news ??
  9. hi sheadmonster i made that heribei lui g13 cross there are some great plants to be found in that cross look for the girls with the fat fingers
  10. thanks for the kind words back if you think they stink wait until they are done try and leave them as long as poss 11week 12/12 for me porn coming to you next week m8 bl
  11. hi esko i would like to join this amazing project i will be able to grow in & out door at 55 north cheers bl
  12. new freebies HERIBEI X LUIxG13 These seeds are fresh and have olny been germ tested sorry no pics of the parents but i will post some pics of the offspring in a week or two the mother used is the taller pheno from the wonderful heribei the father was a very smelly lui x g13 that had very thick hollow stem and parallel side branching to the main stem (this is what i look for to increase yield) the idear was to try and bulk up heribei for idoor use there are some red stems in the test seedlings which look amazing pics up asap cheers BL
  13. hi satyr i,ve been messing around with home made boost for a while now and this is my basic formula 3 liters maxicrop tomato (seaweed based high potash fert) 1 liter nutrimate gold (humic/fulvic acid) 500g jar black strap molasses rince out all containers with a little warm water and mix( thoroughly) 30ml per liter throughout the flowering period water only last 2 weeks
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