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  1. Saxo not ignoring you buddy, just haven't been by in awhile, thank you. Today, almost the last of my studio pics from last fall. Here is Relentless Seed Cherry Cookie again showing off her resinous content, enjoy and Happy new Years..see you next year..DD
  2. DoobieDuck

    Fall Flowers DoobieDuck

    Images captured each fall so I can share them here with you at OpenGrow..enjoy..DD
  3. Here are some fresh bubble images, yes i'm doing the bubble. I think the key to getting better images of it will be a slower gentle hand mix, I'm using a drill for these. Enjoy....
  4. Found this link today and am sharing where I can. Worthy of reading by Dennis Peron: http://151farmers.org/2016/08/19/prop-64-aumaanalysis/ This November California voters will be asked to vote a bill that which would legalize marijuana for recreational use. That bill, known as AUMA has asked voters to decide if it’s time to legalize marijuana for recreational? When phrased that way the majority of people tend to be in favor of doing so as they they don’t see anything wrong with cannabis and how it’s worked in medical form for over 20 years now. But AUMA is a complex, 62 page document that, even if you’re a lawyer, is difficult to get through. And since there are many issues in AUMA that will affect how we grow and access marijuana we really do need to understand what exactly it is we’re voting for in this bill. As the old saying goes: ‘the devil is in the details’ and to make an informed decision on this matter we really need to explore what is in those details.
  5. Damn Saxo..nice pics friend. And the bush spot looks very peaceful..cheers...
  6. How about I share some gooey Breeder Midnight Snow I don't think I've posted yet?
  7. Guys been busy, sorry for no updates in awhile. Here's Relentless Steve Urkle..happy summer and grows to all of you...
  8. Doobies' Cripple Creek..not to be confused with Toms. These some fresh images shot last November never before published. Rock hard nuggies...cheers.
  9. Thanks guys for your likes, Hempy thank you for the post. I'm only a couple images short of 100 in my macro gallery now https://www.opengrow.com/gallery/album/4722-doobieduck-macro-cannabis/ hope you all are enjoying this free show. Many thanks Open Grow for letting me share on your site.... Relentless Seed Purple Bomb...
  10. @saxo..it's so nice to know someone is still here looking brother..thank you..Relentless Blackberry Rose (Blackberry Kush x Black Rose) enjoy....
  11. Another month gone by..whew time flies when you're getting old. If it weren't for likes I'd have no communication at all...cheers..thanks for those. A new girl showed up in the studio the other day, dropped her clothes, and asked nicely that I shoot pics of her. She says "Ken Dog sent me"- I replied "lay down here and hold very still honey-I'll try my best" She's has a fairer skinned side and other's a real grape...enjoy... Ken Dog Grape...
  12. Hemoy Papa..always great to see you guys! Here are some macros from my predominantly purple grow, something going this spring. These Gooey Breeders' Midnight Snow with a little digital enhancement by me..peace...
  13. No one has a better lock on purple genetics than Gooey Breeder IMO, here's his Purple Mayhem from my grow. I'm not getting this type purple from any others yet, I might give thwm a cold night out or two. The challenge here for me is to capture images with the pistles remaining white and not picking up some sort of color from the digital process, lighting, etc.. Enjoy as always...
  14. Let's stir things up a little with something new? I certainly will NOT take all the credit for this as there are some fine breeders work displayed in my new poly-hybrid. I grew out for the first time this summer, only one plant, possibly more next summer. I've rarely released photos of her but have bunches to add in the next couple weeks..peace.. The low down on the genetics.. Chunky Moonshine =Deep Chunk x Menage a Moonshune (Menage a Moonshine is a creation of mine, Mist of Destruction (MOD) Seed Ménage a Trio grown from a breeder pack by me in 2012, crossed with pollen from an Old Moonshine F2 male I grew out also in 2012, the original F2s OMs seed direct from Bohempian) ..DC is Deep Chunk Menage a Trio is: (Dreamweaver X Godbud) X (Arjans haze X Cinnamon) The mom was a Dreamweaver. all indica. Mod crosses it with a Godbud male. all indica. So there's a bunch of 'DreamGoddess' seeds. But a nearby Cinnamon Haze (Arjan's Haze x jack Herer cinnamon pheno), tossed some pollen and it got on the Dreamweaver moms. So there's also some CHD (Cinnamon Haze Dreamweaver) seeds. So there are two strains of hybrid seeds. DG and CHD. Old Time Moonshine A true Hashplant, selected for its outstanding production of large, clear gland heads. This mostly indica hybrid really packs a musky/fruity punch with a medium height producing large, dense buds glistening with trichomes. She is more musky than fruity with a burgundy/earthen flavour at cure. Top notch Moonshine! DC is Tom Hills Deep Chunk a breeder pack given to me personally by Tom. Breeder description: Deep Chunk Deep Chunk This unique broadleaf from Afghanistan was introduced to Northern California in the latter part of the 1970 A fast flowering plant with thick stems, short internodes, and excellent resin production of the highest quality. The smoke is thick and full-bodied. Flavors range from skunk to Hashy pine, from grapefruit, to chocolate, to coffee. Deep Chunk breeds true for many traits and has earned a solid reputation as a valuable tool in many breeding programs.
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