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  1. Ahhh....see. I knew he would be back.
  2. @Coxnox: I have sent him a pm. Sometimes he comes online int the dutch forum where RW and I are active.
  3. Tune

    Tune here

    Thnks for the warm welcome.
  4. Tune

    Tune here

    Thnks robogro & saxo
  5. Hello here. My name is Tune and i've been on the Dutch forum for quite a while now. I'm looking to learn more about the american and canadian strains. So i hope that this is a good place to start.
  6. Hope Hupla is well. Cool dude and hope he can get Fusion Seeds back up and running. I met him last year in May, we chatted for a while and he gave me some beads (Blue Choc. and Libanhaze). Still got them....was planning on growing them this summer...but we had others in our tent (Black Widow by Mr Nice). Maybe next year. Gonna drop in here from time to time.
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