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  1. The Mendo Breath threw out bananas like crazy so I chopped it immediately and trashed it. It could've hermied because of being root bound or being over/under fertilized. I still have clones of it so I'll run it again properly.
  2. So far, the Black Lime Reserve seems more solid than the Sunset Sherbet, regarding stability of genetics. Although the Sunset Sherbet flowers faster.
  3. Stem rub before harvest smells like pungent peppery lime,
  4. They look healthy bro. What kind of soil are you using?
  5. Black Lime Reserve: Left = Mendo Breath Back-Right = Sunset Sherbet Front-Right = Black Lime Reserve Sunset Sherbet: Left = Black Lime Reserve Right = Sunset Sherbet Back = Mendo Breath
  6. After only 8 days in 12/12, the Sunset Sherbet is already showing nugs:
  7. indigenouS


    I just planted 5 Chemistry seeds. I'll clone all the females.
  8. indigenouS


    Chemdawg X Mystery strain = Chemistry I got it as a freebie. Does anyone know anything about this strain?
  9. By the way everyone, I'm experimenting with 4 4-ft LED light tubes for this grow. I might try flowering 10+ small plants under these lights and see how it goes. All together, it is emitting 7,400 lumens and using only 84W. The color temperature is 4000K cool white. On second thought, I'll probably just end up using regular HID lights. I'm stoned..
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