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  1. good early crystal production. @RhinoCBD
  2. Yes, NAW seeds, The Connoisseur Co.
  3. Strong Genetic Lineage selections made by PolderGrower & RhinoCBD bred by PolderGrower & RhinoCBD Prosper & Flourish Preserve Beauty in Nature
  4. Sorry about that. My recommendation is: 1)Hire a good lawyer 2)Fight for your inherent right
  5. How do I delete some, not all, of my old Gallery Folders?
  6. Happy Holidays my friend. Cheers to our past, present, and future.
  7. good work Polder. You are a mad scientist
  8. Hi everyone Happy Thanksgiving, especially to those celebrating alone (You're not alone). And shoutout to the LIVING LEGENDS, and friends, Sannie, Knutsel, Poldergrower, Rhino, and e$kob@r. Here are some shots of our beautiful Blue Shaze XL & Strawberry Blues. Let's stroll through the good ole' Library. Proof is in the Pudding.
  9. Trophy season? maybe eh?
  10. Indeed Rhino, that is real 24k gold. The Blue Shaze XL and Strawberry Blues from NAW smell loud even in VEG (before flower)... FACT!
  11. absolute sickness..living legends...FORREAL
  12. Fact = NAW genetics are even more FIRE and connoisseur quality than before.. P.S. and I've compared many different breeder's seeds
  13. @santero I respect you. I'm not talking about you.
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