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  1. @santero I respect you. I'm not talking about you.
  2. This is obviously contrived and forced. I'll bring transparency.
  3. Facts. It seems like people are swayed by emotion. Whatever, their loss. The thread asked for quietest inline fan and you gave em the answer. Yet, they still choose a super loud fan lol Just not professional.
  4. Hi Mr Goodfellow, I'll be searching further into Cartel Haze for an elite female, and male, phenotype-selection. Nice to hear good things about it, and I appreciate the information as well. I'll keep everyone posted. Feels good to be back here.
  5. Lookin' good
  6. The Mendo Breath threw out bananas like crazy so I chopped it immediately and trashed it. It could've hermied because of being root bound or being over/under fertilized. I still have clones of it so I'll run it again properly.
  7. So far, the Black Lime Reserve seems more solid than the Sunset Sherbet, regarding stability of genetics. Although the Sunset Sherbet flowers faster.
  8. Stem rub before harvest smells like pungent peppery lime,
  9. They look healthy bro. What kind of soil are you using?
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