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  1. © All Rights Reserved © All Rights Reserved. /zODd
  2. Welcome at OG. I hope you enjoy the OG ride. /zODd
  3. Yep i really love this brand of alcohol. Shame i can only make myself to 85% but is not good to use when dabbing. We all lover gold hehehe. /zODd
  4. Hehehe sensilife here The only one i will use when making oil for dabbing. Working on a new run and already we hit gold hardcore. EA at work. And the Tincture`s are ready to. /zODd
  5. e$kob@r & santero hope 2014 will you year!! guys I will burn extra incense t in the temple`s in Vietnam and will take a moment to wish you two the best there. I did see a place where there getting Candy Kush females is that one hitting the sannie shop to? Hope you release some in the future or a cross with the same working It`s here still the best strain against depressions. /zODd
  6. @starinhazy Sorry for the late reply. I use drinking alcohol of 96%. Rewinning like that in the photo take some time the very low heat en air flow is slow. I don`t shake the first run i put it in a RVS tube and put it in the firge. Then i let the alcohol run threw it like with BHO making. The photo`s above are AHO. Hehee a colombian x jamaican dab will make you see stars /zODd
  7. Vito

    Oil Hash shots

    Some of the BHO, AHO and ice or other hash photo`s
  8. @starinhazy. Yeah for fast i do it lossy in it. For making for my self i grind it and do one run. When making for a meeting i use full flowers 1 run and grind it later for a second run. I vuc purge for a couple of hours i only make some grams so very small batch. I use a temp form 30/40 degrees. I purge the air a couple of times and let it rest for some days in a vuc chamber. For AHO i use 96% alcohol that can be use for consumption. I purge it on different ways depends on what i make. This one was make macgyver style. I work with cold alcohol and always let it rest some days there is still 4% water to purge. Purging. 3mins run. 1min run. About the Oil Slick Silicone sheets i looking into Silicone cooking sheets if that works looks the same but not the price. Hopes it help All props goes to tubbie for this way. LaVieEnRose hope you well Best wishes /zODd
  9. New alcohol extraction. Best work... here right now. /zODd
  10. Vito

    Not really something

  11. New run new style all -18 with Ms.Universe #2. 1 is 1min pass through the other 3 mins pass through the glass scale was wrung herbs. All with a 120mc filter. Hope on a nice dabje. /zODd
  12. Yep alcohol is use for a solvent (Cold alcohol).
  13. Do not know if already share this form a summer run. AHO. BHO. ICE o later. BHO form the a other part of this world <3. /Vito /zODd /Vapo Cat /BsX / BeShareX / RunRunShaw / SBunite / Hitoshirezu / Hito / damm freak long Internet history LOl forget so many more love good find AKA.
  14. Working to better the AHO making skills 3 style. Some printscreens of the shoot and oil making. Did write some reports zODd Vapo cat style. Purge The Alcohol with a air pump and get back some % of the Alcohol. The bubbles Random Screenshots. One of the run this the baddest Q.
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