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  1. But the 40€ hash from Amsterdam at least looks good and was the best we smoked from a coffeshop. In alkmaar there is a shop they dare to sell ice o lator for 100€ a gram they told me it was the purest riffman hash. So I asked if I could smell it and it smells like dryed Forrest leafs and as hard as a rock talk about overpriceing lol. Happy we make our own hash so we don't have to smoke henna Dunlop tire and cow shit hahahahaha
  2. So Rhino you're now my niece good to know lol anything else you're hiding from us lol
  3. @justcozz Yup he did and you repeat a few times and you got yourself some fat lady's lol @poldergrower nice to see the lady's all filled up Greets Mr smoke a lot NAW seeds
  4. Thanks a lot I'm happy there are still some indica lovers.
  5. Hallo og it's bin a while! But I'm back and full on growing. At the moment I'm growing our tested cuttings to build up some stash. After this round I will do some indica selection But first things first so here are the lady's Euforia Hammer of dawn 3x Green manalishi So now about my indica selection. As some of you know I got ADHD and I found that I get the most relieve from indica. A few years ago Rino cbd had some ko kush from sannies shop and it blew my mind i never felt anything like that. It cleared my head like nothing did before. So my goal is to select the strongest plants with the best medicinal benefits for ADHD and sleep problems and make killer crosses for the world to share. So that is my story and here are the victims I choose Motarebels double koosh Dna genetics x 18 pure Pakistani Mosca seeds old time bubba kush Stay tuned and peace out Greets Mr smoke a lot NAW seeds
  6. Nice purple sugar pg lol
  7. Blue kust auto mmmmmm sound good 3 months sound like a long time waiting before we can buy that kush seeds lol
  8. Looking good even after You abusing her lol Keep up the good work Greets Mr smoke a lot Naw seeds
  9. What do i hear does mr G have a special 3D printing machine to make us all drool whit his perfect shaped buds lmao Great Job man want can't wait for the smoke report Greets mr smoke a lot Naw seeds
  10. @ v i just Aply some heat and 70 kg of body waight when dealling with quality you dont need a lot of preasure Greets mr smoke a lot Naw seeds
  11. Is it fryday already?
  12. Hey ozzoes ik dont know wat the taste is we gonna taste fryday. I think it's gonna be killer, if i look at it i already get a contact high Greets mr smoke a lot Naw seeds
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