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  1. Merry christmas charlie brown!

  2. Merry christmas charlie brown!

  3. No clue where to begin. Pheno hunting has truky paid off this round. And I am one hundred percent positive that the kf7 x kf7 is red and beastly. Choc. Rain raspberry x coljam jamaican pheno is blue purp and hues of red in there. Jahlicieus is same with white calyx. Gorgeous pheno. Gold white amd red. Hues of blue and purple. Dried same but darker more royal purple and white and green. First time ive seen white calyxes in the tent. Lol. In nature. Yes. Tent. Not so much. The mad scientist took root on thw clones. Knocked over and broke. Now saved. Other one is great. Now flowering. The kinkyblaze wasabi scented beast is flowering and stinky as it gets. The next run is mostly indica by request. Minus the sativas already there. And obviously keeping the sati. Moms going. Ko kush found is dark and has lots of reds and yellows. Beautiful christams colors. The g39 is a grapefruit monster. The jackberry is purped and blued out. More later
  4. New kinkyblaze mother. She has blue tendencies and scents range between wasabi and diesel fuel. Probably my new favorite. It has 1. 2. X stretch. Finishez at 8 weeks hydro 9 fo 10 in soil. She has a boudica-like high with a slight twist of a high from the santamaria in there. Id say over all my new absolute favorite sativa. Great sense of well being. Warm vibrations. And a zomewhat lysergic effect. Love it. This gets crossed to my chocolate rain raspberry x coljam jam. Stinkiest most flavourful speedtrip bud ive found in all my years. Thx again barrie. Also. Kf7 x kf7 is starting to flower. Excited. Jahlicieous is amazing too. Flavour reminds me a bit of kfields mixed with durganchitral. Almoat like anise and absynthe. Lots of color. Reds and purples and blues. Thx mr.
  5. Thx. Bigun. Yeah i leave a bit more on the soil plants. Just bc the uptake is a bit slower and the leaves have a job to do there. Hows the outdoor coming along?
  6. Ive been there somewhat. Id venture to say anyone whos put 20 or more years into it has. Lol. It's not the bud doing it. You found a crutch for what ales you. I went through this once. I cleaned myself out detoxed etc. Lay off the bud and eat green a while. Exercise helps too. Then. 2 weeks later. The body goes to normal. If you choose hen to smoke again. Start slow. And remember. A body at rest. Stays at rest. So keep moving. Exercise daily. In whatever way you can. Live healthy. Once your body and mind and soul are again once healthy. Try to keep it there. These bags of bones are just like cars . if you take care of it itll last a long time and run top notch. Slack off. And no matter what you put in it. Runs like shit. So cut back. Exercise. Eat right. Meditate. From there the world is your oyster. Or something.
  7. Thx bigun. Yeah. Whenever i run hydro or coco i try to cola the branches out and loli pop them for light and density. They get what they need from the extensive feeding so it usually doesn't effect it negatively. I take all but the top leaves off.
  8. Kalifornia buddddd. Shake it shake it. Kali. Out on a bail hear it smell kali pornia dreamin. As soon as she steps on the scream hear the stoners screamin. For budder n dabs and lyfe on the budside. Annd yeah. Sorry jad too. Lol. Thx for the share. Love some kali. Kali snapple is an all time fav.
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