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  1. Thanks for stopping by weed dude! Nice to see you again.
  2. i worked alot in the room today and took a few pics This is under the Mars II with glasses This is from the mars II with glasses as wel Uh and this picture is fucking cool. Almost looks blue with the flash on.
  3. GoingGreen


  4. I did not know it wasn't safe to exceed 70% of a timers maximum rating. Damn. Now i'm concerned. I'll take it back off the timer and put it onto the orginal breaker it was from and just set and alarm clock to unplug/plug. Thanks ReverendMaynard i guess it isn't harvest day! Edit: Tool Joke
  5. What i ended up doing was using the same timer for all of those lights.. I know that is probably a fire hazard from hell. The back of the timer says 1725W I was assuming that meant it's watt limit. So i'm concerned that i've got 2160 on it. The other fire hazard has to do with the maximum watts you should pull off of a 20 amp breaker. Which is 2400watts but should only run continuosly for 1920watts which is a safe 80% I think it will be alright was just a little concerned.. These things will be fixed as soon as i can but for now i sleep with a fire extinguisher under my pillow. Nobody messes with my ladies.
  6. Hey man, the snozberries taste like snozberries as well. haha
  7. Its the purple killing fields and the greens are the rare green killingfields
  8. LoL! Will do! Honestly though never seen a marijuana plant in person in my life before i planted the seeds myself. Isn't that crazy? Then on top of that, wtf? Crazy crystal buds and some of them are fucking purple? I'm in constant awe. I hope the many many pictures i post are not a bother for you folks. It's an addiction i have now lols
  9. Day 49. I couldn't help it. Heres some pics. My girlfriend took most of them. Me and my woman hanging out. Giving out hugs
  10. That's pretty interesting bro. I may try to do something like that in my future modifications after this grow. Thanks as always. Today is day 49 since 12/12 I think i'm going to have to chop a 12 inches off of those sticks holding up my buds. I keep getting stabbed in the face. LOL The sticks are 4 feet tall. Also i wanted to note that for the 3rd time my Ideal Air mini split has turned itself on after the 12 hours of night and the compressor( i think its called?) doesn't kick on. I went in there to like almost 90 degrees and i usually have it at 77. Just moving the hot air around like it didn't give a shit. There was also an incident when the mini split didn't come on after the timer was set LOL. I think i'm going to be looking into a different model in the next few months. Just my opinion but i feel obligated to share that.
  11. Ah now i understand. Thats pretty neat. Never seen those before.
  12. Here is a picture of the timer that failed me. I've messed with it alot and can't get it to send electricity to anything. The other one i have is identical to this one and it works fine. But for now i'm having to go in the room and turn the mars II on and off manually until i can get a new timer. Which might be a while. Not sure.
  13. Ok so i couldn't resist taking more pics. Especially since its a new page on this thread. Not a bad thing at all mind you Every 20 posts and you get new pics of some top shelf bud porn in progress. Sounds like a win win. That's personal opinion tho I encourage anyone and everyone to get into the conversation. Noob or Vet. If you have something to say.. would love to hear it. You smart motherfuckers. No such thing as a dumb ass question either alright? I'm a dumb ass. So it'll be ok. I promise. I thought you guys would think these next two pics were neat as shit. The o' switch'a'roo Here's a bunch of bad ass buds hanging around. Just chilln' This pic right here is going to show you how crazy these fucking green pheno's are. All down the damn stem. I can't contain my joy. I randomly smile while i walk around doing mundane tasks. And that is todays lazy adventure into the forest of heaven.
  14. LOL yes. Kung fu hustle up in da grow room brother. I thought of going into the room and cutting them down just so it looks better for you guys but.. what the hells. You guys know what I doin These green buds are so sticky and fat. The purple buds seem VERY dense. I can't wait to see what happens! LOL. This is fucking incredible. My life dream has finally come true! I'm so honored that any of you have stopped by at all. I'm telling you it brings tears to my eyes. I love this plant. It heals so many things for me. I use it for medicinal use on a daily basis. Sorry about the touchy shit. Damn bro. Let me see what the pay check looks like. That's legit.
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