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  1. Last Friday.... Ballot Language OKd for Ohio Medical Marijuana http://www.abc6onyourside.com/shared/newsr...vid_13994.shtml And yesterday... Medical marijuana backers to gather signatures http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/lo...signatures.html Hoops have been jumped! Feeling like it could happen!
  2. Damn... seems like there was a lot at stake for this dude. Someone should start on this movie script before he tries to copyright it ... He was juggling some big balls.
  3. Hmmm... getting Juicier!! This is all getting pretty fucking weird. There's a hell of a lot out there to say that Rezdog got busted, and not very much to say that he didn't. Krznovski. Polish peoples are proud of their names often cause they're the only ones that can say them, it's not very surprising if he thought he was being sneaky by using the phonetic E in there! Ever wonder why the dude so was despicably dickish and uncontrollably cocky? Maybe it was because there was 10 layers of bullshit between him and you, and he and maybe a couple "business partners" were the only ones that knew it. To some people, the Chemdawg clones story sounded like bullshit to begin with. Probably one of the 10 layers of bullshit, and a great fucking way to make money. The clones never had to be a true '10,' just a 9 with a story. It even seems that the fanbois on icmag are somewhere in between the sadness and the acceptance. Believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see! I hear Rezdog and Chemdog are different... but you can see that they're both gone? WTF. With all the quotes I don't know who said this but it's funny I was taking this little episode as the opposite. This Krezdawg character was a class-A dick in the way he handled customers and people in general. A little reminder NOT to be a greedy bastard? For the insta-karma lovers!
  4. This is juicy. If anyone needs a cautionary tale about greed.... here it is. It's a shame that a man with "rezdog's" character is in a position to talk to the fuzz Shady as fuck in public = exactly how shady behind closed doors with LEO threatening him? Stay safe people!
  5. JohnLocke


    Phenotype is the most relevant term for smoking. Genotype is the most relevant term for breeding. http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/bc/ahp/BioInf...Definition.html http://www.brooklyn.cuny.edu/bc/ahp/BioInf...lationship.html
  6. JohnLocke


    People aren't saying the opposite for sport.. they're just opinions, sometimes they're different I think mind state when engaging the herb, tolerance level, and dosage level are going to have a much bigger impact on how you perceive the herb. Everyone else already posted the good counter-points... weird bursts of energy out of nowhere, giggles, more acute senses, a soaring above the world euphoria... Here is another way to look at it... the 60s and 70s and all that imported "Sativa," because of this import and the impact on the U.S., it is now part of the stoner lexicon to attribute the positive effects everyone just described to "Sativa" herbs. Like smoking a doobie of sativa on the beach, listening to music, and just feeling happy. Science kept disagreeing on what to call what, names change, it's supposedly all Sativa now, but still... Sativa and Indica has distinct meanings to growers and smokers nowadays as a description of the high. You can find a lot of people saying some Afghans or Kushes have a more "Sativa" high... and that it's a good thing because they can still function without feeling zombified. Somewhere along the way there were a lot of positives associated with "Sativas" and it probably wasn't an accident!
  7. JohnLocke


    Hey Phazed, I don't think a self imposed absence will do anyone any good. You're a good dude with a sense of humor we don't get a lot of in the U.S. If the message is good you don't have anything to worry about But you realllly don't need to worry about shit like this. As tempting as it is to make fools of ass-hats, just remember they were already ass-hats and leave it at that
  8. :rolleyes: Things aren't going so well... http://www.toledoblade.com/State/2011/08/0...s-rejected.html What this means: Not much. The "OCMC" has to start over and collect 1,000 valid signatures. Not a great sign, though, when they are failing that hard at something as simple as following directions There are requirements to make a signature "valid"... hoops to be jumped through... These are the petition instructions taken from the Ohio Coalition for Medical Compassion group's website http://ohiocompassion.org/downloads/instructions.pdf **** The rejection of this petition is in no way final, it is NOT a judgment on the issue itself. This is an issue with collecting valid signatures. That's still all that needs to be, and can be, done at this point. There is a second group who hasn't even submitted their petition yet as they iron out the last details. They're going to be submitting it within the next couple weeks (I think). If their petition is validated then this rejection for "OCMC" is a big ol' non issue. The only real "deadline" is to have a final petition submitted and validated by May of 2012, from just one of these groups. The "final petition" is the one that must have 385,000 valid signatures. The original petition is really just to establish that there's legitimate interest. The sooner the issue is given the OK Stamp by the Ohio Attorney General, the more time is available to collect the 385k signatures.
  9. No, it didn't come across wrong I think every pot smoker on Earth is feeling the frustration of these failed things. But we are hoping this one doesn't fail! And this particular amendment and process is reminiscent of the ones that HAVE worked in other States here...so we will see! Federal vs state... the great debate... what you say is fact, the Federal Government has the "final say." If they want to prosecute you, they can and will; and these State amendments will do nothing to protect you. The only saving grace is that the Federal Government seems to go for picking off the "low hanging fruit" in the states that have some kind of MMJ laws. It is complicated and of course each situation influences the outcome but you get the gist of it! No. The oligarchy existed before John Locke! He had some good ideas, some bad ones, they all came from somewhere else... some of them influenced history. But we don't have to admire him to learn from him. Although, I will admit I admire the idea that ideas can be so powerful to stick around as long as they do. I'm attracted to Philosophy because the practicality of it... Universal truth is universal truth forever and ever, even if the person who said it is a racist, contradictory elitist It would be much more practical for us to hold on to the wise things he said and discard the unwise with all the other ignorant ideas throughout history. "My opinion is that in the world of knowledge the idea of good appears last of all, and is seen only with an effort; and when seen, is inferred to be the universal author of all things beautiful and right..." - Plato I don't "admire" John Locke any more than any other philosopher through time but they all had something to offer if you look for it and make it yours
  10. :rolleyes: The frustration is understandable Phazed. This topic is specifically about the happenings in Ohio though and where the state is at in the process of changing its laws. Up to this point the citizens of Ohio haven't done much but wait for the State Government to pass a MMJ law. For many years now (almost a decade!) Ohio MMJ laws have been introduced by the State Government and they die in the committee they were introduced to. There is one sitting there now, rotting away, actually. Ohio House Bill 214 This bill, too, will die What is changing? They are finally making real efforts at a voter initiative. The same process that many states, California being the first one, have used to get these types of law passed. This is a new avenue for Ohio, but it is a tested strategy. There is nothing "Pipe Dream" about the new "industry" in states like California, Michigan, Oregon, Colorado, and on and on... If you're alluding to a much larger oligarchy over the plebes scenario, that's possible too but the writing on the wall says a new industry is coming to Ohio in 2012. Whether the people make it happen or they are made to believe they did, it doesn't matter to me
  11. http://ohiopatientsnetwork.org/ Not one, but two groups fighting to get MMJ on the ballot in November of 2012! Both new laws sound promising... But I reallllyyy like the way "Safe Access Center" is rolling off the tongue!! I guess it's time to get politically active
  12. Sounds like you should go ahead and apologize to Sannie anyway... Did you expect to him to personally fly first class from the Netherlands with your seeds lodged securely in his pooper? You've already been comped over $100 of merchandise... plenty of threads abound to say Sannie delivers when he says he does, and always comes through in the end. Did he recently start lying to customers? Probably not. Go to USPS.com and start some shit! (only about half serious)
  13. Hey Bod, I know you're not getting hugs, kisses, and well-wishes like you thought you would... but don't take it as attack, try and take it as observations from perspectives different than your own. You seem to have gotten the full range of responses and now we're at an impasse. If you want to improve your quality of life from the point you are at now, all you're going to have to do is make a choice. If the choice you choose requires that you accomplish a long list of tasks, then the ONLY place to start is at task #1 and then go on to #2, etc, until the original choice is "chosen." Pursuing something then changing your mind is a choice too, and making that choice will bring about a new range of inputs/surroundings/variables from which you have to make a new choice! Right now, you're choosing to look for life wisdom on a pot growing board. Surely your frustration is a manifestation of the fact that we can not change your life like YOU can? QUIT MAKING YOUR CHOICES HARD ON YOURSELF. QUIT WASTING YOUR EPIC HUMAN-CHOICE-MAKING ABILITIES! Choosing to rebutt this reminder of the power of choice (fundamental of existence) is also a choice, and will only keep you further from making a choice that is going to change your inputs/surrounings/variables. Choosing to concentrate too far into the future (aka: I can't wait to grow more pot! 'while two buns are in the oven') is a choice that's going to eat up brain space while all these other opportunities to improve your inputs/surroundings/variables fly by. Choose what matters... ie, your own health, your girls' health, your woman's well-being....you need to just forget pot, any and all injustices surrounding it, any and all positives... and just choose to concentrate on what matters right now, in the surrounding you are in with the variables that apply to you. Joker obviously went through some shat with a drug addict guardian that gave him the perspective of your future daughters. One you seeeeemed to pick up on. May have went a little far with the Partnership for a Drug Free America blurb, but if you read what he's writing and take the sting out... it is a fucking challenge and a lot of suffering to be 'raised' by a drug addict! Don't do it to your girls!! Girls are even MORE emotional and MORE sensitive than men, remember that too! A Man Named Truth gave you the gentler version I think Both are right on the real important parts. Fuck.... No. Your parents have supported you, your partner has supported you (much to your bewilderment), we are as close as we can get.... bro, the only thing the universe is waiting on is you now get out there and go make an interesting choice
  14. Hey c'mon man, we should always ask! Don't ever regret asking... and if it doesn't answer the question you really wanted answered, or doesn't make sense to you, then reevaluate what you were you trying to ask and ask again! Here it is bare bones and simple: An F1 hybrid with hybrid vigor is preferred to the parents that created it. But not all F1 hybrids show hybrid vigor! Some F1 hybrids are worse than the parents they came from. Hybrid vigor is not a RULE, it is a phenomenon that happens when the right genes combine with one another! SO yes, an F1 hybrid WITH hybrid vigor is preferred to the parents... but not all F1 hybrids are superior to the parents, get it? Where it is legal and easily tested like with vegetables, they can find the right gene combinations to make proper F1 hybrids, like defined in textbooks, and like what you were originally reading about... what you were reading just borrowed the ideas and applied them to cannabis. With cannabis it is illegal and not easily tested like other areas in selective breeding... for example, we just breed together lines that we think smell very well with lines that we think have awesome growth structure and hope for the best, hope that it works out like we wanted... a funky smelling strain with great growth stature... but due to genetics and whether or not traits are dominant or recessive or whatever combination, cannabis hybrids sometimes don't turn out like we all dream for. We can't really grow out 1000 plants and then test 100 of them, it is much easier for a breeder to be intellectually dishonest and sell an F1 hybrid knowing that he never tested to see if it was the best F1 hybrid he could come up with, or that it showed hybrid vigor. So to answer your original questions I'll just send you back to what Joker said... the proof is in what you grow out. If the descriptions meet what you are looking for.. then grow it and find out! Do not spend so much time on worrying if it's an F1 Hybrid, an F3, or an IBL.... cannabis breeding is not the same as the breeding that gave rise to these terms like F1, F2, IBL, etc... You weren't wrong to ask your questions, this shit IS confusing!
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