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  1. Yeah, I'm just letting them know it's time to come out of cryogenesis. "Open the pod bay doors please HAL". "I'm sorry Dave..." Lol. They are back in the fridge now. I'll be more surprised than anyone if they split or thrive, but I got a good feeling about this one... The strat was just the nearest white thing that I had.
  2. Hello grow buddies. Been a few years now. I've not grown anything since my last grow report all those years ago. I've not even smoked a spliff after my little harvest ran out. It was fun while it lasted. The Cream Caramel grow I did was pretty successful for me I think especially as I'm a total noob. Plus that weed fucked my head like nothing ever before. It wasn't just paranoia it was almost psychosis. Super super strong bud. And I still get one seed left! Kept in the fridge in a sealed marmite jar with a couple of those packet things you get with hard drives to take out any moisture. It's about 5 years off the top of my head, but I'll work it out a bit more exactly later on. I doubt they will work. Or maybe the will. This is why this is an experimental grow. The other 2 seeds I got and from the same time and stored in the same conditions are Heavyweight 2 Fast 2 Vast and Massive Midget. Don't ask me why. It's just what I had lying around. I probably bought them on a whim. Not tried to grow any heavyweight before. I've heard mixed reports where as I can vouch for the Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel (as can others by the sounds of it). I think the 2 Fast 2 Vast might even be a tall girl with a bit of Sativa in her, I'm assuming massive midget is not so tall. No idea. Don't even care. I've got these seeds ready to throw out. I don't smoke weed anymore and I havnen't grown for years. But I just couldn't bring myself to check them in the bin. I still have all the gear (and no idea!). LOL. Here are the seeds: I can't even remember what equipment I have and I can't even remember where it is! It's around here somewhere... I think I have a DS-60 and a 300w bulb run off a digital balast. You can check out my old posts if you care - it's all there. I still have my little microbox to propogate them and even though one of the fans burned out I'll get it back up to speed. The idea with this grow is to not spend any monet at all. I have a few bucks to throw at it if I have to but all my bulbs, from CFL to High Pressure Sodium and even my carbon filter are on their last legs and end of life. They have just about one last grow in them. I've really milked those CFLs and the HPS technically has one more grow before it needs to go in the bin. Pretty sure the filter only has one last hoorah as well. We'll see. Like I said, I don't care. If I need to get something in for the grow I will. This is why it's gonna be a fun experiment. AS for the earth and whatnot I still have half a bag of decent soil and a couple of bags of garden compost. That will do. I might even have more, but I'm not buying more now. This will have to do. I have a few sprinkles left of microgranules for the new gals and a load of old timer bloom and biosilicon and that's about it - bare bones - all you need really - kind of stuff. I'll make an inventory and post it before I get going. All for the learning. I'll be surprised if those pips even sprout, but we'll see... I've also got a dehumidifier since my last grow and it's a superb little thing. Should be for 5 bucks a night to run on the electricity. But it does keep the damp at bay. I won't be scrimping or cheaping out on this grow, if I need something I'll get it in. It's probably even a silly idea to even try to grow those old seeds now what with the cost of all the leccy and whatnot, but I do want to see if they will grow and how best I can grow them. If I enjoy the grow, I may even do one or two more. Or I may sell off the equipment that I have. Like I said, I'm indifferent to it all really. Not sure what I will do with the smoke when I get it, I'll probably just keep it long term for cooking with cookies or whatever. I'm not looking for high yield. If I can see me getting around 2oz per plant then I'll be happy. I still haven't decided if I will do a scrog kind of thing. I may. Or I may just tie the mothers down! I'm not going to spend long with them in the microbox - as soon as they are up and runnning then it'll be in to the DS-60. I'm not going to blast it too much with light, but I think I have a super lumens boost on my digital ballast that can take it up to nearly 300w (it's a 250 bulb iirc). Forgive me if I got anything wrong. I'll make a list of what I'm using when I find the stuff and get it out of the boxes. One thing I've considered is that not all 3 seeds germ and therefore I'll want to get some more, or maybe they will germ but not 'take' - I'm prepared for that. If so, I'll buy some more seeds. No idea from where. In an ideal world it would be Sanny of course, but just for a few pips I'm not sure and I don't even know if he's doing fem/auto seeds now. I'm going to check out what he's up to though. I'm sure the growing world has moved on in many big ways since my last little foray in to the game. One thing I guess is LED lighting. But I'm not forking out for that if this is my last grow. If I get the bug again, maybe I'll consider it. I'm not after high yield, and at the very most it would be one grow per year just for the hell of it and to have a little stash for some cookies. My place has been tested for safety and all the circuits are good, all safety in place as much as possible. I recently had an ex Royal Marine come in here and do some work on some fans for me and he busted me straight away. Not sure how. He says it was the ONA block but I'm not so sure. Old Timer Bloom and Biosilcion in the cupboard under where he was fitting the fans probably gave the game away. He laughed about it at first and of course I denied it, but he just opened up and said he was doing a grow on a 600w bulb with quite a few plants so he could make oil for his mum that was dying of cancer. I know making oil is quite difficult/dangerous - who knows, maybe he was telling the truth - anyway, still not been busted! He gave me some good tips about the state of play with LED lighting now so that was interesting as well. Growing weed is still illegal here in the UK, but it's pretty much been decriminalised by the back door especially in the county I live in. Of course, I know it may mean a life sentence technically, but I'm prepared for that. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Anyway, enough of that shit. I'm sure I'll knock up a few plants and they will be ok, and I'll eventually end up smoking/eating them in some way. And in some small way they will make my little life that much better for the little time I get to commune with them. I really enjoyed doing my last grow. I know I'm still an idiot noob, but I got ok results. I just love growing herb! It's great to see the old place still kicking along. I guess growing weed still hasn't gone out of fashion, whether for fun or profit. I always liked it here at opengrow and you experienced growers gave a silly little know-nothing noob like me a warm place to hang out. It's good to give something back. This report will be slow to start off with. I aim to dig out all the old stuff and make a more solid plan in the coming weeks. Get the electricals and the space up to speed and clean and safe. I was thinking maybe end of February as a starting point. I don't want to fuss and muck about too much. I want this to be fun. And like I said, it'll probably be my last grow and I'll end up selling off the few bits and pieces that I have left over. Then again, the joy of growing weed might just take a hold of me again and I'll maybe even upgrade to some new lighting and other bits and pieces if needs be. Definitely going to need some new seeds! I can't wait to see if these little babies crack open - they've been in the fridge for at least 5 years now. And if they do open up, I'm even more eager to see how they do in the big bad world they will inhabit, in the corner of my bedroom, in a DS-60! Update in a little while...
  3. It's nearly a week now since the chop and she's been drying quietly in the box. Very low temps of 10C and RH of 75. But she has the fan helping to circulate air. No bud rot. She's pretty dry now, but very very sticky. The smell has really died down to nothing. Put her in a mason jar to cure now. I've tested the buds and they are ok. This is a magnificent smelling plant. Sweet sweet resin. After chopping off any smaller popcorn buds and the rest of the stems, I got just under a full ounce to put in that jar. Pretty nice. I also got about an eighth of trim/popcorn buds to smoke over the next few days. I've also smoked a few Js each night this week, such is the lovely high and beautiful aroma of this particular specimen. Hopefuly she will get smoother/stronger as she cures. No reason to think why she shouldn't. I'll be drying out again soon, back to no smoking at all for a few months probably. This is a wonderful, forgiving strain in so many respects. Not really that strong once your tolerance is back up, but respectable. And that taste - it only hits now and again - but this is the sweetest tasting smoke I've ever done. Fair-well my brothers in farms. Until the next time.
  4. DAY-72: I actually finished about an hour ago which was yesterday, and that would in fact be 10 weeks to the day, so really 70 days! You know how these things go... Let's call it exactly ten weeks to the day, coz that is what it is. Her 8 Colas after being accidentally topped: Now a mugshot from each side of her: As you can see, I've been getting high on my own supply (bad boy, bad boy). But it looks worse than it is. Those were just popcorn buds and stragglers. I left them to the end to provide nutes, and they did their job, but how much bigger would they grow in the last few days? Lollipopping like this is good as well to help air flow through the buds and prevent bud rot. Ah, the dreaded bud rot. Let us not speak of it. So far so good. I could have left her a couple more days or so, but I was really liking the quite strong but still quite up high of the stone. Things to do anyway. 10 weeks is a good time for an auto. This is de roots mon: And finally we come to the chop. It was quick and painless, without emotion, as all good assassins know. The plant did not suffer (well, not until I killed it anyway). I measure 128 Grams on my little weighing scale. The tray is 30G so that would be 98G. Going by 28G to the Ounce, that would be 3.5 Oz. Wet of course, so halve that. I've got her drying in the same box with the fan on. Stuck her stalks through the twists in the CFL bulbs - easier than anything else. No lights, bit of air blowing through. Still got RH of 80 percent in the microbox though, so far less than ideal. That should come down a bit - the airflow helps anyway. She also isn't stinking too much. She seems to have quietened down a bit in fact. Nothing an ONA block can't cure in the next room. It's already a very nice smoke. Definitely got that blueberry fruity thing to it. It's not that killer strong as I thought as a couple of days of smoking it and my tolerance is back. You heads out there would probably think it quite mild. But let us see how she cures and what she's saying when she dries out. For me, I think this one is going to be between the milder more agreeable stone of a typical NL, and the mind-bending out there chaos of a Cream Caramel. Good for ideas, making music, relaxing, quietly euphoric, but not over the top couch lock or munchies. Anyway, that's just so far, so nothing to go by really. I look forward to this one being properly cured. I will consider it a victory to not get bud rot in these RHs I've had with it being so cold here. I think I've got a good ounce once dried, perhaps as much as 1.5oz. So I am happy. Quality tasting smoke. I'd be more than happy to have a go at a couple or three of these under proper lights in my tent come spring time in fact. Pretty sure I'd get a decent yield, decent high, decent ease of growing for a noob. Very impressed with what little I know about the subject.
  5. Thanks for the insight. Your're probably right. There's a few things that can be done better, but as you say, it's a tough little plant. Not so demanding really at the end of the day. She does look like she has nute burn a bit you are right. But you can see from my measurements, I gave her pretty small doses. Still, it might have been too much. She some how survived it. Lots of less than ideal conditions on this grow. But somehow she came good. I'll be chopping her down in a few days. It's a pretty trippy high, but then it goes back to kind of buzzed, but kind of couch-locked. Visuals change around the room and you go to some deeper/higher places. But then again, not smoked for a long time. I've lollipopped that little lady as much as I can now. Even with the duct tape holding her internal vessels up, she is still almost growing, at least she is flushing a bit. I can't really see deep in the crystals to say, but she has nice combo of white/red hairs and the stone is just about perfect. She really isn't growing that much more, but I put the pics up to see later on if she did a bit. Few more days. cheers. It's a bloody lovely tasting and mental/body high. Shame I don't have much more. I'd be tempted to even do a proper grow next spring with 2/3 Blue Mystics in my tent under proper lights. Pretty sure you could get a good yield, and well, the quality of the smoke is just right. I don't want mind-bending highs. I don't want opiate level couch lock. It's an inexpensive plant. It has good genetics. It is forgiving to grow and it smokes pretty good and tastes even better. I've been getting high on my own supply for sure, but I wanted to check for bud rot and didn't want to disturb the upper flowers. Good benefit of a cab this small - sure they get burned - light and heat, and they don't have enough room to grow, but somehow the plant still survives and just keeps growing. Anyway, just wanted to post them photos.
  6. Oh, they know alright. But never tell 'em. You were right about that! DAY-70:
  7. LoL at the master plan. Damn, I don't feel so bad about posting photos of my guitars now after that. Hardcore. I guess you aren't expecting many visitors? Neither am I, hopefully. Eh eh. Bless this grow and thanks for sharing.
  8. Looking good fella! Good to see Misterdirt as well. This could be one happy grow. Thanks for the excellent photos.
  9. DAY-67: Everything going according to plan, kind of. I 'kind of' snapped one of the main colas, but nothing a bit of duct tape won't solve! If you look carefully in the photos you can see it. No harm done, just a few more days to go now. She's budded up a bit more but not gone crazy. This is as good as it gets I guess. Still, pleased to see a bit more growth. Not bad for just a 100w CFL grow, in a space not quite big enough to even hold the plant. :-) She's started to smell a whole lot more the last few days, as others have noted with this strain. I can imagine her being 'trouble' when she is harvested and chopped. The buds are super dank, and I've managed to avoid any bud rot. In fact, in the microbox the RH is about 65 so it's not too bad really. One of the advantages of growing in such a silly small space. That extra 23w don't hurt either. It's low power enough not to burn the buds next to it. Unfortunately a couple of the top colas are a bit singed. Oh well. I haven't been able to get out of bed for the last few days due to my back being out, so I'm just glad I was well enough to give her the final drink tonight. About 3L of tap water, boiled, cooled. You can almost see the Blue in the Blue Mystic. It's kind of grey actually. Notice the duct tape? It was a slight crack, but it came more from the fact the string holding it down and LSTing it had cut in to the stem, more than me manhandling it. About half way, so I thought I'd see if duct tape would work - and it did! I think I might get an ounce or so from this one. One thing is for sure, the smoke is top notch! I culled a couple of lower popcorn buds last night to test, and she's good to go. It's a blitzingly strong high from just a one skinner. Disorientating for a non-smoker like me (as I have become recently). But in a good way. All the best bits of the strong stuff, unlike the Cream Caramel that seemed to have all the worst bits of the strong stuff. I've smoked the strongest stuff known to man, but there is good and bad in there with what you get. Very impressed anyway for a quick flash dried couple of buds. In fact, I still have half of the one skinner left. I've seen grows with this plant and the fan leaves are wild and bushy to the end, but that's not possible in a space this small. If anything it is testament and wonder to the cannabis plant in general that she has eked out her leaves/nutrients, right to the end. She still got a few on her as you can see, as yellowed as they are, they are holding on, so I will not take them off. They do no harm. Suck it up little lady and drink that cool clear water. It is what it is now, as they say. It was nice to have a little smoke last night with this one. Very mellow but very strong, great combo! She's supposed to be high CBD. I might have to look in to that and when to harvest her, etc. etc. I'm not in technological mode at all with this grow. She is strong enough now without being cured or dried at all, and she is definitely a notch above a typical NL high, which truth be told, is good enough for me and more my level. I wouldn't want this plant to get much stronger, but I think she will, if last nights mix of leaves and popcorn buds are anything to go by. Shame she got a bit singed at the top, but you are always flying close to the wind with CFLs. I won't use these bulbs anymore now, they are dead. I'm surprised they lasted as long. They've done a couple of grows and nursery for the big tent. I'll put them in a box as spares and buy all new next time. Need to get them fans rigged back up as well. The 'tent-fan' is doing it's job and pushing air through, keeping things cool enough. Just hope she doesn't get much smellier - she is manageable at the moment, but remember kids: Low odour is not NO odour! Damn, looking forward to sparking up that last half a one skinner, and I still have enough left for another one skinner on top tonight. Happy days/nights. She won't get much bigger now, I'll let her have a drink then harvest her in less than a week probably - so that will be around 72 days. I'd really like to hit a whole ounce dry if nothing else. And the quality of the smoke is not in question. I'm going to really look after this one and cure it properly. I have some rainy days coming up ahead, and it would be nice to have a little something in the jar. See you next week grow chums! cheers. EDIT: I just had that last half of the one skinner (small skin, blue, of course). Ahh... that blueberry moment. Could it be it is not just the colour of this plant that gives it its name? Could it be its taste as well? Delicious. Never did that before, not in ANY of my plants or grows. It was just two pulls, but it was a first. Damn, I don't want to spoil this level. It's perfect. I think I may be chopping this one sooner rather than later, then curing a little longer. I've got a real winner on my hands here fellas. Wow. This is definitely a notch up from NL level high. lt's more like the Cream Caramel in its intensity (which was fun for a while, but got hairy quickly), but much more like the NL for its chill, just be happy to be on a level, kind of even-handedness (that I look for in a smoke). I love high and I love low from Swazi to Charis respectively. [Disclaimer: I have had two beers!] This is first grow I've ever done that has yielded a sweet tasting smoke. Everything has been neutral and non-descript - harsh even. Damn maybe that was the molasses from the bloom, or was it the blueberry in the mix. Soon find out, especially after flushing tonight. I may do a smoke report follow up on this one at some point. EDIT 2: Looking at those photos just now, one thing struck me. I don't want you thinking that big cola is the main stem, coz it's just one of the branches of the other 8 colas. It was just kind of stronger than the rest and has kind of assumed 'main cola stem' status. None of the other nodes are arguing. It would be great if you could do this to a plant: Top it, then have all the other colas grow as big and strong. But while nature compensates in a good way: Taking one of the strongest other stems and making it 'main cola', it can only go so far. How to trick those other little nodes into becoming just as massive. I guess we should be lucky that it is still alive at all, after quite a few said you can not top an autoflower. Anyway, that long thing you see, she is not the main cola, which you can see at the centre of the plant, was topped (accidentally). I think these are very forgiving genetics. This plant has been seriously abused compared to her pampered cousins in grow tents across the land. It would be quite something to get the plant to yield and grow as strong as this one (cola), for all the colas. You'd have a pretty amazing high-yield plant. I wonder is it possible? Perhaps with just a little increase in the square measurements of the size of the microbox: A little higher, a little wider. Then again, A little higher, a little wider, and a little deeper, would be ideal. 3D. I really need to replace these CFL lightbulbs. And build a slightly bigger microbox. I think the time has come. 3 x 35w at the top = 105w. 3 x 23w around the sides = 69w. 105 + 69 = 174w. 3 x 6500K spectrum (blue) bulbs at the top. 3 x 2700k spectrum (red) bulbs at the sides. It's not so much the wattage but the distribution of the light in an enclosed space. There's a 123w blazing in my microbox now, not counting the small halogen providing heat (not PAR). I could take the power drain from the Halogen (which is inefficient) and apply it to the other bulbs, achieving 174w easily. I need to put in the 5" computer fans though, not the 3.5" ones (iirc). Say 200w total with the adjustable PSU adapter. And blaze it for 24 hours I say. It solves so many problems (head drops/RH fluctuations). Back to the drawing board.
  10. Best of luck with your grow. I grew some Nirvana NL and have a grow report about it somewhere on here. Can't go wrong. Very good solid genetics as far as I can tell from Nirvana. I'm just finishing their Auto Blue Mystic as we speak. One plant - LOL! As for Sannie - he's a good egg. He seems quite happy to have other seed grows on his forum. I guess his genetics speak for themselves. His will be the first I buy when I go photoperiod.. I'm a massive fan of Northern Lights - it's kind of a Gold standard when it comes to growing and smoking. So I hope this grow goes well for you. Thanks for sharing.
  11. DAY-61: Didn't get the big tent and lights set up after all. I flaked due to a bad back. Alles klar, however, as I just put my tent-fan (the little fan you use to blow across the tops of the plants, below the bulbs, so they don't get burned) outside my microbox to blow in. Got a decent airflow to prevent bud-rot and it keeps temps down a bit too. All is good. Got a new guitar for Christmas: Plant is coming along ok: She's started to Foxtail on two of the inside colas. Good stuff. Means a higher yield. Wish they all would Foxtail, but just the two of them for the moment - probably won't be any others now, so late in flowering. See this post for more info on Foxtailing: https://www.opengrow...-or-foxtailing/ Good stuff. Couple more shots of the little lady in her microbox before I pulled her out to give her a drink: This is a shot of one of the Foxtailing colas: It's pretty cold here: 12C ambient. The RH is through the roof: 85 percent. I'm more worried about bud-rot than anything else. I think it will be ok, as I have a decent airflow through the cab, and I have pruned off any dead leaves. I give them a quick tug, if they come off, good, if not, I leave them on. This is a pretty tight grow and she needs all the nutrients she can get. Talking of nutes, I gave her 1.5ML per L of tap water (2L in total) tonight, of pm Bloom. She will go another week then I will give her the final watering with a flush of just pure water. I aim to chop her down DAY-74. So, two weeks from today. I put in an extra 23w 2700k bulb to help her along with flowering. Some more shots: Another couple of shots the buds foxtailing: And a couple more: She's a bit skinny on a couple of the colas: But all in all, I think she is doing ok for being topped. The buds she's still growing are pretty dank: I've heard that Auto Blue Mystic is a very light feeder, and I've heard it is a very heavy feeder. I would say that depends on the size of the plant. These beauties can grow pretty big in the right conditions and so would need a few more nutes. Obviously such a slender little lady as I have, has got by on next to nothing. I may have even under-nuted her, I don't know. While a plant is budding up and healthy, I don't complain. The grow is here for others to see and compare. A few people have said she is very quiet on the smell front, and I would agree, she is a very low-odour plant. Not no-odour. But she is very subtle. I'll let you know how she goes in her last week or two. Some say she goes a bit wild! Some say she is quiet to the end, but then goes mad in curing! We shall see. I'm going to be happy if I get an ounce of her, but I'm hoping for 1.5, perhaps even two at the very most. I won't complain with half an oz dry of decent bud. I'm actually quite looking forward to tasting her. I've resisted temptation to try even a single bud, so apart from snapping off the main cola inadvertently, what you see is what you get. So, all in all, she has 123w of CFL in the microbox now. I don't like the fact I have 85RH and 12C ambient, but in her little world, which is so small, and so much hotter, and getting a decent blow through of air, I'm hoping she can sustain to the end. Two more weeks now... I really like this Nirvana Auto Blue Mystic strain, I would definitely grow again. The genetics are a bit of a mystery. Quite a few say there is NL in there and I would not disagree (short height, low smell, good resistance to mould), but I found an interesting chart today. Who knows? She's reminding me a lot of Northern Lights (NL) whatever. Next couple of weeks should be interesting. cheers.
  12. Bonsai and Jack and the Beanstalk! Laughing out loud at your grow, your growing skills and your magnificent plants. I'm off to shoot myself in the head and never darken this doorstep again. Just kidding, I'll probably go on a beer run instead, as my little lady is just about ripe for plucking, but would be rude at this stage of growth for her. Seriously, laughing out loud. Oh well... Thanks for sharing and taking the time.
  13. DAY-53: Came back home after xmas and got a nice little waft walking in the house. The fan PSU had blown and the fans were off. Plant looked ok and were coming along. Looking pretty healthy but with a bit of yellowing of the bottom leaves, as to be expected. Over a week now, time for a watering. Let's take off those dead and yellow leaves first though. Seems pretty healthy from the top. She isn't smelling that much actually, very little in fact. Starting to see some little crystals. Better shot of her before a bit of pruning: Took off all the fully yellow leaves. Gave her about 2L of tap water with about 1ML per L of pm Bloom - hardly anything for this stage, but she's small and I wanted to do a grow where I really spare the horses, nute wise. She seems happy enough. I left the leaves with a bit of green on them on her, for her to suck up the goodness. She's budding up a bit now. She's not going too mad about it, but she's coming along. I'm hoping she won't get bud rot as it's about 78RH here. She seems ok for now. I'll dose her one more time with bloom in a week's time when she needs another watering, and then it will just be pure water/flush for her last watering after that. I know you don't need to flush a fully organic grow, but I like to do that anyway. My thinking is, it's the last few days, and I want her to fully die, drying out, and drawing every last drop of goodness she has left in her. Voodoo thinking maybe, who knows. It's day 53 today, so day 60 a bit more bloom, day 67 flush, day 70 chopper weed! I've got another psu to hook the fans up to get a bit of airflow, which is important now at this RH to make sure she don't get bud rot. Hopefully the fans are still working and it's just the psu that needs changing, but it may be they are dead (they don't like to go slow - it burns the motor out, compared to going fast), and I need to get two fans instead. Soon see. Hell, I might even fire up the DS60 tent and get the 250w HPS d/s going on her for her last few days in this world. Just thought of it, but you know what, I think I will, fuck it. It will be a very interesting little experiment, and if nothing else, it will guarantee that she won't get the dreaded lurgy. I've got everything out and ready to go (tent wise). It won't be much more hassle than rewiring those bloody fans up again. Game on! cheers.
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