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  1. Woah I'm kinda honored xD Well he's a turd! Hope all my dudes are well!!! Love all o yaaaall! And def you sansan <3
  2. maaaan i'm not a lot on here anymore because after my shitstorm but i'm so glad I now get to follow this.... this makes everything fine keep on truckin', San as you'd say one love opengrow!
  3. great acoustic version for peeps who dig the reggae roots
  4. yes it's the opposite of getting stoned or high they say, that's why they give that to sick kids
  5. hm i might try this way one time.. but you make it look like you let it sit for a couple months in that bottle from when its green(an freshly made)? solventless is the way the go but this is nice, and so is this shatter i bought for fourty humble euros lol
  6. as they say, beautiful line up! i'll be following dis ya one
  7. woah ganz geil 300%!!! keep it up 100%!
  8. gnar gnar gnar beautiful
  9. Hey Karma looking good!! is it from USC yes? got a whole plant picture? YOU'LL LOVE IT
  10. adventure time is awsome animation and so is brickleberry anddd rick and morty too!
  11. hmmmdaaamnnn cbh... please let me or us know how she smokes!!
  12. hey guys i don't know what season you all saw last but i just recently watched the last whole season (that wasn't available a year ago or somthin yet) h yeah i'm talking about trailer park boys ofcourse
  13. now I don't think this was my first plant but it might be my first CFL lady fo show hindu kush it was but i don't know how trustworthy qua genetics as you can see i had a lot of leaf lol but also a lot of larf, and you rather have less larf usually this was the bud up close def not bad but i guess maybe the weakest in my series of plants now my spamming stops lol
  14. you amend your soil with something when you repot? they look good but your lighting isn't to strong I think, (I say this because I started my very first grows with CFL's too, in my bedroom lol that was hell but gladly it was enough to spark the fire for me((i think it would have come anyhow the spark)) but you can never expect huge or let me say decent yields? in growers terms, but because it is probably your first time(s) to, you'll just (and you should) love anything you get from your plants you should have allready started flowering (as a tip) maybe a week preferably or something after sprouting if everything goes well and a little bit on (the right) speed. I think I'd recommend to lollypop them a little bit down on the bottom because the light def doesn't reach that far, unless you have CFL's from top to bottom all around your plants lol I must find pictures of my first times i'll look them up and put a few on here if you don't mind peace brother enjoy the growing
  15. ledfoot i think they'll do that for their own safety so if you ever had to, wouldn't you? or you could go to another forum, but opengrow feels a little bit like home
  16. why would you skip the wonderful work of USC? i only tried their amnesia IBL and sold immediatly, and that was one seed i tried got a couple of others of them in the 'vault' to but yet have to try them i don't think they aren't as worthy as the rest on sannies shop peace ! edit: ps holy princess is very awesome indeed beautiful flavours to be found in there
  17. interesting thoughts but i don't know nothing about this and these I do suppose most EU commercial growers (that would buy this equipment) don't show to often on forums, or on this one at least what I would like when I'd get back to it is just a little airconditioning system so i can re use the water the airco sucks up or something like that
  18. i don't know how long you let them go Saxo but if you like sedative you should just let them go another couple days maybe week or so, and that will def help peace and enjoy growing
  19. this is 2016 Indi got to keep up with the time
  20. send your bitcoins to sannies wallet buy bitcoins with money (it's easier when you got BTC ofc) and than you can send them from your wallet to his for europians there's this easier site called bitonic, maybe it works outside EU to but dunno on that site you buy btc with your card and you can send 'm to your wallet or straight to sannies wallet
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