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  1. One more + on Fuck Combustion forum, it is IMO much better source for infos and comparison than common "website review". The critics are more honest from a multi-user experience which bought the vapes themselves than a blogger who got some vapes for free. There is no best vapes and any cannabis afficionado deserve proper tools for suited needs. This can be a long way of research and trials, like growing I would say... Personally I understand the people who have a hard time quitting smoking. Before I tried my conversion, I have read a lot and I mean really a lot of return on experiences. All this led me to that fact : I had to stop smoking for a few days to give a real chance to vapor and I'm glad I did follown those advices today ! Maybe that was easier for me since I've never (or almost) smoke tobacco on it's own, but I was smoking spliffs and sometime getting tired of it. After 1 week giving chance to vapor I couldn't handle the taste of spliff or even a pure joint. I stopped smoking +2.5 years ago and even my own weed I can't taste it if burned. The switch was done in 1 week for me but of course I had some days when it was harder, mainly getting used with the new ritual/routine and the new kind of effects. I agree the effect are much more different vs smoking but also I will add that every vaporizer deliver different effect as well ! Some are really "1 hitter" style and you can get all your tiny load done in 1 puff to have a full coverage.. or dial it down and sipp' for more flavor and "clear head" effects. Having tried and buyed different vapes considering my needs really helped me, thus why FC is such an amazing tool and community ! If I smoke now it is unless I have no other choices and I can count it how much it happen in a year : I feel the weed is wasted that way. Of course I'll get some kind of "slapping" effect, but I find it won't last that long and the awfull feeling in the throat makes me guilty of having smoke getting in. Vape on !
  2. Welcome to OG Brother Urb ! I'm not here often lately but i'll be back for good as soon as I move out to my new place. Will be able to grow with a better light and get more load of trim to process ! Of course you are welcome to share here I As I stated above, I wish I could change the tittle of the thread so it would read more as a "general bubble hash" thread. I'm looking forward !
  3. Nice man ! I'll be following since the intro looks yummy as a cookie. Thumbs up on the DBV !
  4. Welcome ! I was also lurking around way before to sprout a seed too. May you have the ability coming to you in the future !
  5. Right ! Thanks for your comments. I'll be able to give more love to the garden soon and will probably through everything left away and restart from seed after some hard cleaning. Better than loose some time if it come back again. Yes indeed, I should keep the fan 24/24 at least at the end. I can sleep with it, just hard to fall asleep sometime. Now that I'm sleeping alone , that should be easier. I can't stop myself to upgrade and get some small led panel. But then reason tell me I should wait moving out and get a slightly bigger space... Hmmmm will see.. I've been advertised about humidity. It's the most difficult to deal with in our living area.
  6. Same here...only miss the pics ! Like the fact you can resume your report so we are straight into flowering. What are your lessons for watering ? I tried a mix of coco/all-organic-mix/perlite lately and have realized i still have difficulties. How regularly and how much do you give water ? What are you tips I mean ? With my previous light-mix I was generally giving 2 turn of water waiting for a small drain and adjusting the quantity accordingly through the grow.
  7. So here is what I got in jars. Smell is earthy for most. Probably dried a bit too much. I'll have to focus more on both of them about the taste. But I recall some earthy/kushy and sour on some sample tested. I saved 3 HK's but I don't know what to do with them since I got mold in the tent ? They look dwarf and only restart to get healthy leafs since I had problem with my veg' space, they are all "reveging" => the timer has screwed the light cycle weeks ago. I cleaned the tent but don't know if that is enough ? Cause I have also 2 autoflo with the 3 HK, and some pistil & small part of bud on one auto seems to get "early signs" of mold. Is there something I could do to save the situation ? Or the best would be to throw everything away (3 hk's + 2 autos) ? And I suppose I should clean with a lot of "chemical" product ? Thanks for help...I've read on the subject about cleaning but wonder if I can keep what I have ? It is only vegging but it wouldn't be a big loss since they still look small and "weird".
  8. Some update even if nothing crazy to say. Had to deal with problems and couldn't focus on the grow. I'll only get back to take care of next session this week. So about rot : a pity I wasn't more strict on airflow since I was so closed to the end. Seems that I shouldn't have to touch buds or to "space" them as this probably made it worst ? Probably had to much humidity at night when my exhaust is off (need to sleep). Well I saved what I could and toss probably 4-5 g of bud. Most of them were only lightly affected but didn't want to risk anything so I did it "large". End up with 13g on each. So 15 would be a nice bet for the next time and putting 4 of them would pretty much satisfy me. Here is some picture just before "the cut". It is all in a jar now since few days and smell start to progress nicely. Ill picture some buds later on. I'll give news on the following on this same thread. For now the vegging is more of a surviving plants test-area which doesn't really look like cannabis. I'm going to buy some worm-compost and mix this and the soil with perlite and coco. Seems this soil isn't light enough. Hope that's the real issue cause they were not looking perfect before too. What I've noticed is the roots didn't developed much so that should help at least. Lesson learned
  9. Nothing better to say ! I envy your nose and your sticky fingers Beautiful colours ! Enjoy your work ! Better to cut earlier than to get rot as I did
  10. Official ! I got bud rot (botrytis). I did cut the top of #1 and through to garbage a few buds from the top. A few others small buds which were looking to get it are also drying ... I tried to space up the buds as much as I could on the other and put a fan straight on it. Hopefully they will go till the end without being affected. I'll be looking carefully everyday to cut if needed. I'm also going to buy a larger fan for the flowering stage. Should have done it way before...Buds seems to be so hard/dry that I thought it would be ok and in just 2 or 3days rot was there.
  11. Yes, come on everybody ! I'm waiting for your amazing pics @Cat Do you know dab-a-doo events ? Next one during the cup at CS prix d'ami. Never been but it seems to be a nice event to attend for dab lovers ! If a mod can tell me how or change the thread tittle to "Ice-o-lator bubblehash thread". This would be more in accordance. Thx
  12. Best recovery possible to you and good vibes for it ! I'll be following since strains/cross to help with neuropathy pain interest me !
  13. I get the "continuous flow". Much easier process, that's on the list ! I suppose you dry your trim like your buds ? And of course you are curing it in jars ? For how long more or less ? I suppose it is more brittle than "fresh" and need to be extra gentle and maybe less time mixing. Next time I'll do dry trim but with only 2 bonsai-plant it could probably wait the next session. And then I'm thinking if this won't be "too dry" or to mature ? Thanks for posting it back. That's what I (we) want to see. Once my technique have a general setting, I'll do something similar.
  14. Hi there, I think that drying is the most important ! You can see hash getting out of bags so light and it become so dark if dried some way (not good). In your case @starinhazy I would think it is "too dried" ? Maybe too fast ? I can't be certain, just supposition. There seems to be a "room" for the ideal drying environment so it must be cold and not humid. But too cold and/or too dry could be bad as well. About material there is different state possible : Fresh Frozen (freeze right after trimming), Freshly dry (not cured), dry (cured). None of them is bad, they are just different and have different pro and cons and this can change with some strains and your environment (temp and humidity). Considering the material state, the content of moisture left before the separation (chopping, sieving or planing) is important. I recall having read a bit of moisture is better for sieving and dry material while fresh frozen should be microplaned (really fine) not too moist (cause frozen). Like @madmaster it seems to be a general rule to freeze everything before the run if the material is dry. Of course the quality of the material is the most important and it is important to note it ! My material was in freezer since a few weeks as well. (I would say less is better) I also use my hands to stir. It is only for a few minutes and need to be gentle so it won't kill you. For large quantity a portable washing machine is a must. Once I pull the bags I try to be as fast and efficient as possible. Less contact with water the better. I don't really press anything ! Just scoop after rinsing/spraying with RO water (to get all the hash in the center from the side of the bags). Then I'm putting the bag (no pressing screen yet) on some "towel" layer which as paper towel under it. I put my fingers to make the bag's mesh tight and I rub and slide on the towel. Then on a plate and to the freezer ! Later you can try to get it in as small pieces as possible ( microplane, sieve, chopping, ..) This is what I did for my 1st time (except the wicking (rub technique which I found while doing a friend's batch). That's all I can remember for now. Youtube as a lot of videos from different hash maker. For facebook users there is also a group "water extraction drying technique" full of sharing and infos ! I was thinking it might be great to share between us, here...as we all love sannie's shop breeders and thus which strain give amazing result ! @madmaster : when you talk about continuous flow you are talking about the stirring ? @ starin : I just thought about this : do you mix with bags in the bucket ? Might find easier to mix in a bucket and pour it afterward in another one where the bags are.
  15. I could bring my bags for some Ice-o run if you are willing to . I'm never the last for some homegrown taste-test seshing !
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