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  1. Nothing much to report. need to pick up some guano powder and palm tree ash, been very lazy in this cold weather. Now 20 days of flowering, another 50 days or so to go. running out of head room, so hoping they don't stretch much more. http://imgur.com/akxY2KB
  2. The light leaking corners. Http://i.imgur.com/V9NTuyn.jpg http://i.imgur.com/TgiTOAu.jpg The tent http://i.imgur.com/jE1jvDo.jpg http://i.imgur.com/HloCC99.jpg Day 1 "Clones" transplanted http://i.imgur.com/UNwzDeM.jpg Day 3 now they are settled start to bend http://i.imgur.com/p1RU48G.jpg Day 5 nothing new http://i.imgur.com/xeCftYz.jpg Day 14 bushing out http://i.imgur.com/vTnRyDK.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ozCISXs.jpg Time for feeding in a few days.
  3. Setup flowering. Secret jardin lodge 90 x 60 x 135 ( 60 x 60 flower + 30 x 60 grow) Lumitek 250w dimmable (flower) Secretary jardin monkey fan x 2 Vents TT inline 125mm 285m3 Prima klima filter 240m3 3 x 11L square pots Guanokalong soil, organic nutrients and boosters. 3 x Kandy Kush Setup grow Secret jardin Tneon fixture 110w Secret jardin CFL bulb 65w 1 x 110mm computer fan 2 x 120mm computer fan Going to upgrade to a small inline fan and small carbon filter rated at 75m3, with the hopes of using this section to dry the first crop in, provided the plants in growth are ready for the move to hps. So I wanted to start growing again but space is really limited and I'm lucky I can even have a small tent where I am so I really liked the idea of a 2 in one tent, I was however apprehensive about light leaks, which was and is valid concern. I actually quite like this tent but it took some extra work to actually make the signs light proof from each other. The walled divider is removable and attachable with velcro and straps. The actual corner points are the biggest issue, they let light in. Nothing lots of duct tape can't fix. Well after fixing that and looking myself inside the dark 60x60 flowering section with a light on in the grow section...... I could see a bright glow coming from the top plastic joins. Basically the joins are made of clear plastic, because the three poles don't actually touch there is a gap which let's light pass through the corner plastic and right down the poles to the next corner join. Nothing more duct tape couldn't fix. I also taped around all the velcro joins and and stitching holes on the wall divider, which were very visible and letting many dots of light, some reflective tape sorted all that. Once again inside the tent with the zip closed and it's as good as it's ever Going To Get. I have never flowered a plant in such a short space, so actually hoped to use the secret jardin scrognet thing they call webIT, but technically it doesn't work in this tent without adding to possible light leak problems and even more tape. No problem I'll do without this grow and work on building a small scrog net above each pot for future grows. Had full intention of popping beans from my collection but a friend popped over for a coffee and said he had been given some extra kandy kush clones and they were currently in his house under natural light (12/12 kind of). Fuck it yeah I'll take them veg for a week or 2 and try and keep them short while germinating and growing some seeds. He arrives a few days later with several "clones' or as I would call these baby stretched out plants, fuck they were taller than I wanted and in need of a transplant from the 9cm pots. Lucky there were 3 just that bit shorter than the rest, so I took them. Transplanted into 11l pots where they will hopefully flower with Guanokalong soil mix. I used the hanging S type hooks which came with the tent to bend the plant tops over and attach to the lip of each boot. A few days later and they were bushing out as I wanted with lower branches shooting up to over take the now curving top, for more days and I released the tops to keep a semi even canopy I think they are now on two weeks of 18/6, bit more than I wanted. I prolonged so I could take a few clones but was not ready with the veg area until this evening. Clones dipped, in jiffy pellets, in a propagator and under a 65w CFL, temperature and humidity good and the flower section went into 12/12 this evening. Biggest challenge is going to be plant height and heat. I can't run the hps above 175w or it gets to hot in there, which is why I got a dimmable ballast. Long and boring I know but that's it's so far. Thanks for reading, any questions, please ask and I'll post some pictures soon!
  4. Hello again to those that were here when I last posted over 2 years ago and hello to all the new members. Had a bit of blah situation 2 years ago and had to stop growing and quit all projects. Life changes, life goes on and I've been settled in a new home for a year now. Very limited space but couldn't resist setting up a little grow. I'll be posting something somewhere soon in regard to that. Just wanted to say glad the site and forum are still here and hope Sannie the breeders have been working on keeping the genetics strong.
  5. EcB

    EcB's grow

    Think your right about the male...... Nice amounts of pollen everyday. any hints and tips on storing pollen? drying?
  6. will these beans be available again?
  7. EcB

    EcB's grow

    Seed Drop Chuck, Huck & Chocolate chunk 5-6 year old seeds not doing so well, without the earth support it just lays limp Karma's OG seedlings The stud
  8. EcB

    EcB's grow

    Lost the bubble boy seedlings, they never really grew well, small dwarfed twisted leaf growth. Could tell they were old. One looked like it was pulling through but has developed what looks like damping off just bellow the soil line. the stem is weak and almost flat with no life. potted up huck, chuck and choco today. nothing much going on. Still collecting pollen.
  9. EcB

    EcB's grow

    got 3 small dwarfed muted bubbleboy(oldbeans) sprouts also, two of them might be pulling through into some normal growth..... time will tell. Got 6 Karma's OG also....... just sprouted there first true leaves oh and a male spewing his pollen all over a dish
  10. EcB

    EcB's grow

    the babies, nothing too exciting. front row 4 chuck second row 5 huck third row 3 chocolate chunk
  11. Thanks for the tips Rasta. I ended up just doing some simple LST tying the plant horizontal, laid some tin foil around the floor and have a nice amount of pollen to scrape up after lunch. still interested in your pics, I will get mine up later also.
  12. yeah can anyone give me a few collection tips? so far i just have the pot covered with white cardboard for everything to fall onto, but any dropping pollen seems to be landing on leaves more than anything.
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