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  1. Blue Bluddah (stinky pheno) I will see if I can dig up some old pics of this strain/pheno (haven't grown it in a few years). The leaves have a blue hue to them but the buds have a heavy tint of light blue. That was growing under CFL's to boot. I bet outdoors they would turn nice and blue. I'll let ya's know if I ever get to harvest one OD, three times I ran it OD, three times the spot they were in (different each time obviously) got ripped..... Jah Bless
  2. I'm not sold on these things at all. Most growers say that they get much better results with a MH/HPS set-up than the CMH. Plus the added heat, and the fact you need a magnetic ballast are not helpful in anyway,hehehe. Now I read that they tend to blow up, so I really intend to stay far away from these things. Just my opinion which ain't even worth $.02...... Jah Bless GM
  3. GrassMaster


    are you saying any flower or any poppy? either way i would like to hear more on this. Could you explain a bit or point me to a link for more info? Jah Bless GM
  4. Good Luck on the grow!!! You never know until you grow,lol!!!! As for seeds created from seedlings from Fem seeds growing hermies, that's not really the case . Mostly all seeds have recessive hermie traits somewhere in their gene pool. As long as proper plants are chosen for breeding purposes through the generations, you run no more of a chance of hermies in your offspring than when starting with regular seeds..... Jah Bless GM
  5. Things always get to complicated when you try to find the sweetspot... -KTM LMAO!!!! You are sooo right. LMAO!!!!
  6. You beat me to the punch Whazzup. However couldn't an E-39 be ordered/used? They only cost around$6-8 bucks here in the US. GK- as mentioned a magnetic ballast can be rather cheap at $50-80USD depending on brand/options. If I am right (pretty sure) and an E-39 socket can be swapped into your set-up, that would only be a few dollars more. Entire "switchover" can cost as little as $60USD...... ...any reason your dead set on this bulb? From what I've read here (only bit I have read on them), they are not that great for our favorite hobby. Makes me wonder why your stuck on it?.?.?.?... Jah Bless GM
  7. been there Warrior. You handled it properly. Spoke your mind, and let it go. As was mentioned above, some people "catch rec" sitting on forums and F'ing with people. They have no life of their own so they mess with your and try to ruin your day cause we all know that misery loves company. Again, well done Warrior... Jah Bless GM
  8. I say wait till they have been 12/12 for two weeks then take cuttings. Once again this is speaking only from my experience. I ONLY take cuttings two weeks into flower. One major reason is you can tell sex by then, if vegged long enough. Also this has given me by far the best success rate. Taking in veg or later than 2.5 weeks flower have given me poor results. Probably something about the method I use, but maybe something to this, IDK....... Jah Bless GM
  9. I have had better luck with small seeds than large ones as far as germ rates, and plant growth for the most part. It does seems to be you get a few more dwarf plants here and there, but not enough to be discouraging in anyway (maybe one or two more dwarfs per 100 plants)... ...I think a lot of the time big seeds have a tough shell that doesn't always crack in time to let cotyledons (sp.?) out and air in before they become swamped and die. This is just my experiences and my opinions which may not mean shit Jah Bless GM
  10. the 10/14 thing will definitely not lead to more hermies than growing under any otehr light cycle... ...totally off topic but I gotta ask a question that has bugged me for a while. How did you know Weedstiteam's full user name? I can only see weedstiti both on the pages and even his/her "home page" haas this shortened version. So how did you know? I have seen this type of circumstance a few times before (with weedstiti, and other names) but failed to ask. Thanks in advance... Jah Bless GM
  11. GrassMaster


    oooooo, that had to be a PITA. I guess technology isn't all bad,lol
  12. keep your defenses up, to a point. Don't let her lead you by your short hairs. Seems you always have to wait for her for everything. Wen the two of you texted, she or you could have and should have set a "date" for a face to face. IDK, but seems she likes the ball in her court, and you left chasing your tail. Men get the bad name as being pigs, or dogs, or whatever, but women can be conniving, cunning, and deceptive. ...don't take me wrong, but I too have one of those long stories as we have read here, but I'll save ya's the time of reading it. Take it from us old bastards, if something walks, talks, and looks like a duck, it's probably not a goose... ....As BB did, I have taken myself right out of the dating market for the time being. I'll go out with a woman, but am upfront its only for entertainment and not anything more. Sometimes this is easier and much less stressful. For me the last three years, anything to de-stress my life is welcomed... Jah Bless GM
  13. GrassMaster


    I have to disagree, the seeds are easy as pie to get. they are plastered on the internet. do a google search for opium poppy seeds, or for P. Som..... latex and the processing or it it tough, n messy. I suggest making a tea, or CFO. Both of which can be found easily with a search. PM me for my tea recipe, but keep in mind I have a HUUUGE tolerance due to daily oxycontin use........... Jah Bless GM
  14. no one can help you. We don't know you or the situation intimately, nor her side/pov. Every case is different as are all people. Here is some generic help that may or may not help you: It is still fresh and it seems there are obviously feeling on both sides. Take some time and see what goes down. Lay your cards on the line to her and tell her exactly how you feel. Hopefully she'll do the same. From there you can both make a decision that fits. If things go toally bad after cards are dealt, be upset if you may still wound up hurt, but at least you'll know it was for the best, and most of all you'll have closure. As of right now it's all hanging in the air, and that is no way to leave it..... Jah Bless GM
  15. So So very true. DTA-(Don't Trust Anyone) when it comes to your grows. Take this from someone who kept his mouth shut, and got scoped out and robbed ne way due to people figuring out that I grew my own due to my area being rather small and I always had different and in most cases better OD bud (due to using proper genetics and years of OD growing expereinece,hehehe lot longer than people think,lol)than those around me every year........ As for watering unless your in a very dry area, mother nature should cover watering, unless a drought hits. Overwatering does in fact make for stunted growth/ root rot. Jah Bless GM
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