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  1. Ah interesting! Buds are very fluffy yes. Long headbud that just keeps producing new white hairs on the top. Lemon smell might come after fermentation, quite a bad smell, a bit like petrol in the beginning. Doesnt grow that tall even with alot of veg-time but it keeps growing long into flowering. EDIT: ey i just realized its you Thay Hows your grow, ill hop over and have a look! How is she, do you like her?
  2. Thanks for your help, this is Misterious..... Fusarium sounds scary, researched it, seems to result in brown lines runing trough the stem, luckily that plants stem didnt have any. I will keep an eye on it! Well the others are doing fine at least Upped the EC to 1,0 since they seem happier this way: Selene (long flowering Phenotype) Day 65 Grapefruit (fluffy Pheno)
  3. Checked the yellow leaves, they seem fine and free of mold so far. Will keep checking. She completely dried out now and the stem is almost white. Will cut her down and hope that it doesnt spread to the other plants in the same coco slab. Will start using enzymes and going to buy some H2O2 just to be shure. Thank you
  4. Thanks starinhazy Actually it seems i am failing to keep one of them green! What is happening here? There was a bit of fungi on her coco and now the stem is light-brown instead of green, and the side-stems are really soft, what is happening with her? I grow in Canna Coco slabs and the other ones in the same slab are still looking good so far. They also dont have that mushroom/mold growing on their coco. But this one really looks sick...
  5. Oooookay, they are getting shiny, glittery and sticky! Some got another 40 days to go, others like Madshack are getting some brown trichs! Day 61 of flowering , PH 6,0 , EC 0,9
  6. Hey Sticky ! Ah thanks! I will follow your advice and keep the reservoir full and find a tank with a bigger volume that fits. Yeah every system has its tricks to keep it running smoothly I started in soil and then switched to coco. Whats nice about soil is you can just tell your roommate to water! Or try drip irrigation and put the pump into your inflatable indoor swimming pool and see if you manage to come back in time haha the good times
  7. As soon as the Tank is half emtpy it gets more difficult to hold the PH steady at 6,0 it goes higher regularly and causes yellow leaves. Is there a trick to stabilise it? They are in day 60 of flowering This is fluffy grapefruit which wants to flower more than 100 days it seems!
  8. Heyho The EC of 0,9 has influenced the plants now. Generally a lighter green and i found 2 yellow leaves. It is autumn! They are getting heavy and needed to be supported. Especially the back row, which was most difficult to get to! Quite a jungle!
  9. Yeah its looking good so far Probably done in about a month so more Bud-Shots to come!
  10. Grapefruit is doing fine, getting brown hairs, tightening her buds: Its day 54 and they went clone to 12/12 but add a little coco, water and nutrients and magic can happen Since i give EC 0,9 the colours of the leaves just scream! happyness its really wonderful to watch as a parent Today i started to use more fans as i interpret the "folding" or twisting of the edges of the leaves, as them feeling too hot. So one is blowing trough the Reflector to carry the hot air away.
  11. Thank you Desert Grown! I am also looking forward to nice years in this grow community, as i really like being here, the whole vibe is just great Still learning the small little tricks and am very grateful for your sharing and being together and creating great medicine! Mr. Bonzai
  12. While raising the PH it went too high overnight and the plants immediatly reacted by getting brown spots on some leaves. Now stabilised on 6,0 they are happy! The colours of the leaves look really great, some lightened up a bit, some didnt. Therefore i will continue with EC 0,9 as the plants say that its just right for them The most important and most common nutrient is water. If their water is full of fertiliser they canĀ“t drink it anymore, so its better to stay with the lighter shades of green Can i continue to turn off the "ventilation for fresh air" after midnight and only run a fan overnight, like i do now? Do you have any tips to prevent mold? Mr. Bonzai
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