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  1. Good work Hybrid! I have a different pheno than yours that I will be pulling next week. She has slim light green leaves, almost no smell until your rub a flower, and is also finishing quickly. She is on day 37 of flower. I also have a similar pheno to yours and she smells incredible with lots of sweet aromas! But I stressed her at the begenning of flower (my first grow) and she went into shock for 2 weeks and is just starting to mature. I would love to know the dry weight of your harvest. Keep up the good work!
  2. I started smoking sativas in college. I suffer from ADHD and the anxiety inducing strains straighten me out. The effect allows me to focus on a tasks that I would normally lose intrest in quickly. I took Ritilan and other ADD drugs that most would consider speed, but I did not get the speedy effect becasue of the way my body chemistery is put together. I often feel very zoned out when I smoke indicas (i smoke them frequently at nght.) whereas sativas allow me to focus much easier. That said, if you overdo sativas as someone with ADHD you will become a typical lazy stoner. It is all about moderation. I still become paranoid under the effects but the paranoia often breeds focus, and honestly the paranoia is usually mild. My friends that do not suffer from ADHD also like sativa's also citing that it helps with thier cretavity but the paranoia effect seems to be more pronounced with them. I tried searching the web for any studies with sativas and add/adhd, but alas no studies have been done. Too many kids are put on mindnumbing ritilan at a young age, essintally turning them into mindless zombies. I really hope that the medical community can isolate the cannaboiid that helps people with ADD. When I made the switch from Ritilan to cannabis i felt my personality come back to me. It is hard to explain but I did not feel in control under tradational ADD medication, but with cannabis I feel 100% in control of my personality. So short answer for me is: Sativas help me with ADD, and they also taste amazing!
  3. I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the bud. You should proably do a review on the product so others can read your report and come to a more conclusive decision on what fits thier needs/wants best. And, agreed no one should take anyones word for it. Everyone should experience things for themselves and come to thier own conclusions.
  4. After months of hearing about some mythical strain named after by beloved seasonal, and mouthwatering cookies I had to try it. Everyone from Snoop Dog has hyped it to my old hippy neighbor. I knew that I had to try some but did not get the chance to until last week. My area has been flooded with Kush of every kind, of which I am not a fan, so I was skeptical that anything with sleep inducing OG Kush in it would be something I would enjoy. I was wrong, the strain is not overpowering like the OG, and not as zippy as the Durban Poison from which it also descended (According to Leafly). I hope this review helps you guys when deciding on which meds suit your needs/lifestyle the best. Obtained: Local dealer around the U.S. Gulf Coast in a large city. (I know that is vague but I live in prohibition country.) Appearance: Light green to medium green, thick light orange hairs with a golden hue, and compact buds. Loaded with sugary trichs. Smell: Earthy, with the light sent of silica, you know that stuff that’s in pill bottles to keep them fresh. Also it has a yeasty, lactose kind of smell to it, but it leans toward the sweet side. The smell is altogether unique, it is not sweet in the blueberry sense of sweet, its more of a bitter sweet smell.... reminiscent of unsweetened chocolate powder. Taste: This is where the strain becomes a winner. The taste is incredible. Each hit tastes so creamy mixed with bittersweet sugar cookies. On exhale you get a minty tinge to the taste that starts to turn more of a licorice as the hit completely leaves your lungs, leaving you wanting more. After taking a hit you will smile! In fact it was one of only 2 strains that made me smile in the past few years when I tasted them, the other being Lemon Haze. I like to load a bowl and smoke it very slowly taking medium sized to small hits to savor the flavor. It is superb! Effect: It is defiantly an indica, but nothing overpowering if you use it in moderation. It starts out somewhat speedy and soon slows down into a dreamy feeling, in which time seems to slow. I have no problem doing routine activities on it but I would not try to learn something new and complicated while under its effects. My memory seems to function well using this strain and there is little to no pause when trying to recall information. Like I said earlier it has a really dreamy effect without the sleepiness as long as you don’t over do it. Sorry for the pictures. I had to use cardboard cause every surface in my house is white and pictures would not come out right, also I am a shitty cameraman.
  5. Sharkshock27


  6. Here is a quote taken from wikipedia: "The diffuser serves the primary function of cooling the smoke and combustion vapors that pass through it. The surface of the bubbles come into direct contact with the water, where the temperature difference causes an exchange of heat between the hot smoke/vapor, and the cool water. The tree percolator design incorporates a number of small openings instead of large singular ones in order to diffuse the smoke into a larger number of smaller bubbles. This serves the purpose of increasing the surface area of the smoke that is in contact with the water and increasing the efficiency of heat transfer. In short, the primary function of the diffuser allows for cooler, cleaner and even rising smoke." Hope that helps. Also here is picture of what one "can" look like. http://www.everyonedoesit.com/img/products/roor_parts_diffuser_18_f.jpg
  7. I am an American but I enjoy the German product RooR. The water percolates in a very stable fashion and the hit is very smooth....almost too smooth, causing you to overfill your lungs. I spent a considerable amount buying bongs from many diffrent companies, both foreign and domestic, and I would have to rate RooR as the best. If you dont have the cash for a RooR there are some fakes that sell for a lower price and are able to hold RooR hardware, but i suggest the genuine one. Here is a link to thier website but most high-end headshops should carry the product. http://www.roor.de/ As I have gotten older I found that pipes are much more my speed. While most glass pipes are decent I believe that Helix is the best. Thier patented design cools the hit by creating a vortex in the pipe. It is a pleasure to smoke out of one even though they look very plain. I dont usually review products, but i fimrly believe that these are the best products comerically avilable. Here is a link to thier website. http://helixpipe.com/ edit--- i also wanted to say theat Helix's claim about conserving "tobacco" on thier site is true, and I can vouch that I get 1-2 more hits from each bowl.
  8. Urb and Old school I also have the extremely vigirous pheno but mine is at day 16 of veg and still has not shown any preflowers. When did your soliloqueen's show sex? Thanks, Shark
  9. I was searching this site because I am experiencing the same phenenoma. My conditions are equal for all my plants but one Soliloqueen is 4 times bigger---much brachier, longer leaves, and sturdy stem. The rest of the plants look like runts in comparison. I am thinking that there is an extremely vigirous pheno and that we both have it! I hope it does'nt show any nanners because it's a beauty to look at.
  10. They are small seedlings right now. On thier first sets of leaves.
  11. Good morning everyone, I am a total novice and have a quick question about repotting. When should I repot? Currently, I have 7 seedlings (4 Soliloqueen, & 3 Durgan Chrital x Blue Hammer) that have sprouted and are in small 8 0z. Styrofoam cups. When should I repot them? Should i repot them a second time before harvest? I have 3-gallon smart pots to use when I repot but only have 4. Additionally, I only have room for 4 plants but I am not limited vertically but am limited horizontally. I am also limited by my lighting with a 150w hps and two 68w CFL's. Additionally, I am growing in coco. I am not sure if this information is relevant but thougt I would include it. Any suggestions or tips would be great! Thank you all and have a wonderful afternoon, Sharkshock27
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