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  1. Oh wow, that's huge! I didn't plant them until summer.. Once we circle back around to spring, I will definitely plant them as early as possible and get some big monster buds
  2. Yes, it's been pretty gloomy and cool the past few days... really not normal for this time of the year. Typically it feels like summer all the way to November so I'm hoping mother nature takes care of them.
  3. Another update: It's exciting watching how frosty it's gotten in just a few days! Enoy & happy harvesting!
  4. Hello growers! Just wanted to show my progress to you all again.. It's been a while since I've been on the forum due to some security issues but I'm still up and running. Last time I was on here I had 12 plants, and now I'm down to 4 females, Peshawar Afgani, two Cookiewreck phenos and a mystery strain. I expected more but I suppose I should be happy considering this is my first run. I should be looking to harvest mid October. I'll get better pictures when I can. These were the only clear ones.
  5. abluntstoner

    Cookie Wreck/Mystery Strains

    Cookie Wreck (7) - sprouted 6/29/2014 East Coast Cookie Wreck (1) - sprouted 6/29/2014 Peshawar Afgani (1) - sprouted 6/29/2014 Mystery (14) - sprouted 7/3/2014
  6. abluntstoner


    You've got some really beautiful buds!
  7. **UPDATE** Looking better and better every day Taken Aug 11 Taken Aug 14 I finally got myself a pH testing solution and found the run-off water to be estimated around 5-5.2. But I tested another healthy plant and got the same results. It doesn't make sense for this individual plant to be reacting like this to a pH imbalance.
  8. Oh wow, yeah I definitely see the similarities. It's been pretty hot the past 3-4 days, but we had some nasty storms roll through too so I had to leave the greenhouse zipped up for two of those days and then this happens. Thanks for your input, I'll look into cutting some ventilation holes in it for sure!
  9. Posted some updates in the gallery! Go check em out

  10. Posted some updates in the gallery! Go check em out

  11. I've never heard of that, but it makes total sense.. Thank you for your input!
  12. Good morning, growers! Here I am on day 42, still going strong! Went out to check on my friends this morning and noticed this one looks drastically different than it did yesterday.. I'm curious to hear your opinions on what could be going on with this plant.. At first I thought it was a phosphorus deficiency, but only one is being majorly affected, while a couple others are showing the same problem on a couple leaves. It doesn't seem to look sun burnt and I've become familiar with nute burn.. I'm leaning towards just simple underwatering. I feel guilty that I'm always asking for help with my plant problems, but just to reiterate, this is my first grow and searching the internet for others' problems doesn't necessarily solve my own... Just trying to learn the ways of the jedi. Thanks! PS - sorry for the shit quality, the sun makes it impossible to see the pictures until I'm inside.
  13. Good morning, friends! It's been a couple weeks since my original pictures were posted, but here I am to show off my progress! I did my first pruning a week ago today as well as my first transplant yesterday....finally getting some experience under my belt! I realize I have a few bug bites on my plants (I've had a reoccurring problem with caterpillars or something of the sort and started treating it with Captain Jack's Deadbug Bug Brew), but the brown spots on the leaves are most definitely soil from yesterday's transplant. (Not yellowing on the plants, sunlight thru the cracks in the fence) (Accidentally clipped a node off during pruning) Although my plants are looking SIGNIFICANTLY better, I am curious about the rate of growth with my plants.. My plants are now at Day 33 and Day 36, but I feel like they should be a lot bigger. I understand that stress stunts the growth of your plants, but are there any other factors that would slow their progress? I thought maybe it's because they receive only natural light.. Maybe I'm over-thinking it. Any input would be appreciated though. Happy harvesting!
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