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  1. Hey hybridhygro The smell is just starting to get noticeable in there now the resin has started but both these strains I wouldn't rate as real full on stinkers, bad enough though lol Im pleasantly surprised by this Top Crop Top Bloom and glad my friend has kept on at me about it so think I will be running the stuff for the next few runs at least, the plants love it
  2. They are filling out and getting nice and frosty in there now mate, good luck with the rest of the grow
  3. Cheers hybridhygro bro Another shot at day 21 flower and they are just about done stretching-standing at around 88cm from the top of the pots and resin production has started
  4. Day 18 flower now and they are all standing around 83cm from the top of the pots, feed is still 2ml top bloom
  5. They have all had a first feed of Top Bloom at 2ml and all seem to be coming along well despite the hot weather we are having with the room maxing out at 32.8c and a low of 27.2c...... here they are at day 15 flower
  6. Cheers Proff P and thanks for droppin by Everything's still on 4ml fish mix only and I'm gonna be trying them on Top Crops 'Top Bloom' starting at around 15 days flower, also put the support net in yesterday and they look much more settled today..........here they are at day 9 flower, IBG at the front, PF at the back
  7. Cheers hybridhygro Love them scrogs of yours to bro , lets hope the summer aint too cruel and allows a decent finish for me................here they are at day 5 flower, currently on 4ml fishmix only
  8. All plants are standing around 48cm from the top of the pots and they have been flipped 12/12 today
  9. Cheers guys Gave them all a first feed of fishmix at 3ml per ltr yesterday and they are guzzling 5ltr's each every 3 days, wont be long till the flip )
  10. Its been 12 days since the crop came down and they are just about ready for the jars
  11. Cheers Soi and Misterdirt The other PF pheno that a friends running outdoors should be down in 9/10 weeks so I'm told, hope its the A pheno, wouldn't mind trying some of the Pineapple Diesel..... strain description sounds great
  12. Cheers guys and great to see Prof P They all came down at day 60 flower and are still up in the drying tent, took a bud out a few days ago to sample and love the stuff already!, tropical fruit/pineapple juice funk Re potted 2 IBG IBL's and 2 PF pheno D a week ago and they will be getting flipped asap, thanks for dropping by
  13. Few more shots at day 58 flower
  14. Gave them the last watering today and they all should be down by day 60 flower which is Wednesday, got 2 PF's and 2 IBG that will be getting re potted into the finals at the end of the week
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