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  1. Hello Jimbo666 ! :D Very nice picks !!! Big thanks to you !!! I am waiting the amn├ęsia of USC so I love your treads !!! Show us again please ! And really cute face dog lol !!!!! see you !
  2. Hello Everybody !!! Many thanks for all replies, it's a very sympatic welcome for me ! I have a newbee's question : I search but don't find the way to put a picture on this tread...I don't find the FAC too so...I am not sure if news members can join a picture....It is just for be polite an honnest, i really want to show you my little garden ( nothing amazing...juste a little one for my wife and me...) Really happy to meet all good friends and lot of good informations on OG !!!! I go back to learn......... See you my friends, thanks again !
  3. Hello Jahgreenlabel ! I will sent my order to Sannie's Shop in few days...Can you tell me please when your Zamalmystik will be sell to the Sannie's Shop ??? I can wait a little and I really want to test this strain so....I hope for the next days !!! And...I am not sure to understand well for the blooming...How many weeks for flowering please ? Thanks a lot...See you !
  4. Hello to every OpenGrow grower and breeder ! I am a 36 years old french grower...and want to learn more about Sannie's, Esko, USC and Dynasty seeds.... I am growing weed indoor in a 1.20X1,2O box with gavita HPS 600 W + 2 X 250 CFL for the bloom.... I use Plagron for fertilizer and I grow only in sol for the moment.... See you et I wish you a good grow !!! I do ma best fot the english....sorry for this !! Shiva95
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