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  1. Clepter™


    Pictures of shit I grew (or did) in, that's right - 2012
  2. The two tanks of gas it took to drive from Arizona to California and meet my wife for the first time.
  3. ISO is POISONOUS to HUMANS - some of the sickest people on earth will be partaking in my BHO. I'd use HEET (Methanol) before ISO... Fuck yeah, drying ethanol with sodium chloride works like a fucking champ!!! I liked the bottle: The last time I checked, 80 proof vodka doesn't burst into flames: On a side note - Corning "vision" is the shit, isn't it? Here I am boiling (titrating) some water - good shit; one of the best inventions ever:
  4. I've been sleeping and working - by working, I mean "working with cannabis"... Update: I buy butane by the case now, it's much cheaper than buying single units: I've always had my med-rec, but I've never wanted to test it, you know? I know for a fact now that I have nothing to be afraid of anymore; the agents touched NOTHING cannabis related, and I was WAY over my number. Thus being said - I work out in open now, and answer any questions my neighbors have...you know, so they don't think I'm cooking METHAMPHETAMINE, or something silly like that. I mean, think about it - making BHO with a rocket looks suspicious, especially when you are wearing protective clothing on a warm day. Anyway - I went through 4 pounds of SUGAR that I had been saving SINCE I'VE BEEN POSTING HERE...2.8 cases: 32 300ml cans of butane, 1 can per rocket load - what a versatile hotplate: The problem with making BHO in bulk is - it's some freezing shit, and the rocket pulls moisture out of the air like a miniature dehumidifier; some of that moisture ends up in the oil. I like to redissolve the oil in 190 proof Everclear (95% drinking ethanol) to get rid of any trapped butane and to help desiccate the final product, but it is illegal to purchase 190 proof alcohol in my state: This leaves me three options: 1. Turn up the HEET (100% methyl-alcohol): 2. Distil 80 proof alcohol that I bought. 3. Chemically dry 80 proof alcohol that I bought. I am going to go with number 3...WILL IT WORK?
  5. This strain is "Ebenezer Sploodge" x "Chemdog D" x Mystery Strain ----> that's a fucking fact. In this case, ChemD was made to hermi with CS, and busted a nut on ES... The offspring was cracked, and the best looking chick was nutted on by "something"...hahah
  6. This is what I am smoking on - these are buds grown by people at the local collective I now grow for. THEY PAY ME 30/G FOR BHO... Yeah... That's pretty close to the 140/g I could easily get for... NOT... Anyway (I don't have a "card" for that, so fuck it)... Afgooey - this is it; this is the one, the same one I used to get in cali - dude that grew it sure blew out some dicks on it though right? "PNW Purple Kush" - I talked this dude into finishing part of his grow with CMH - the popcorn is from CMH! What popcorn? THIS POPCORN: I doubt THAT would get you stoned...right? *EDIT* After smoking that fucking EXACT piece of overly hairy PNW-PK, I can tell you ONE thing - IT'S TIME FOR SOME GRUB:
  7. Last time I watched "Spun" I got disgusted, and cooked a batch of...cookies, that... ok, enough - let grow some weed; I explained what happened -- I freaked out my friends; sorry... Shit happens - I never lie about shit...I fuck up all the time, and I post about it, weed, my life; my grows are interesting because not full of shit. So here we go again... Thanks for the encouraging (and hateful) posts and PMs from my friends - Anyway, that was then: This is NOW: In any event - I'm still goddamn crazy: LOOK IN MY EYES!!! Joy!
  8. K311y0h, "BEE" - eh? I either love you or hate you - PM ME I know - as an active member of iron chief - I agree with you. Everything is temporary - I am trying. You'll shit yourself -I will grow fiery eights around everyone.
  9. Grrrrrrrrrrr I'm a gangster GRRRRRRRRRRRRR i'm STEAMING mad!!!!! [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  10. This is why I stopped this time - I hope this isn't edited out; it was epic: I am breaking bad - I have a bse in organic chem/mcb from NAU - I don't BUY shit...EVER; suck those teets kenney! Thanks for reading my profile BRO:
  11. I'm good...no worries joker. About meth, no one ever quits - they take breaks. My last break was 15 years ---> that's worth it. If you don't think it's worth it - FUCK YOU. I go to counseling at the VA twice a week, it's the best I can do now. The point is - I'm not doing it now - I am taking SAFE PRESCRIPTION dextroamphetamine from the VA. The chick I was with was the problem - the chick that I was with...pretending she was my wife...insane meth freak; gone. I haven't hung myself, and that's the most important thing. I have some badass experimental strains from e$kob@r; all chocolate rain crosses. Almost everyone does drugs...there is a time and place for some...I did what I did, and I have no regrets - at least I am alive. Speaking of alive - my second fear that kept me from logging in was to find out that Maverick was dead; nice to see you around man.
  12. I've been going through a divorce, facing prison because of an illegal search warrant (not related to cannabis), blowing clouds of methamphetamine (to cope), and to top it off - my goddamn dog which I've had for 13 years recently died; tits... The last time I was on here was on New Years... You know how glass is...time flies...then it's been 3 months...then 5 - then I am too ashamed to logon, because it's been too long. I don't need a lecture - I'll get my shit together -- three of the most stressful things on earth happened to me at once; fuck it... Also, bad news - My state's medical shit was nerfed - there is no more provision for a doctor to prescribe more than the presumptive number of plants... How many plants can you do on a beer cup coco drip? Does it work? Is Gunnera H-U-G-E? Watch me not post for another year...
  13. Nice - it's the only BHO other than AE77 Cali-O that I've been able to smoke without freaking out. PK BHO feels totally sativa at first (at least to me) - weird...
  14. Clepter™


    "Shit" that doesn't go anywhere else...
  15. Clepter™

    Magnum force

    In that movie, some stupid fuck screwed a silencer onto a revolver - come to think of it...yeah - it was a cop. Fuck the police, and more importantly - fuck the sheriff's department; when they come to "tax" you, blow their brains out.
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