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    Pictures of shit I grew (or did) in, that's right - 2012
  2. The two tanks of gas it took to drive from Arizona to California and meet my wife for the first time.
  3. ISO is POISONOUS to HUMANS - some of the sickest people on earth will be partaking in my BHO. I'd use HEET (Methanol) before ISO... Fuck yeah, drying ethanol with sodium chloride works like a fucking champ!!! I liked the bottle: The last time I checked, 80 proof vodka doesn't burst into flames: On a side note - Corning "vision" is the shit, isn't it? Here I am boiling (titrating) some water - good shit; one of the best inventions ever:
  4. I've been sleeping and working - by working, I mean "working with cannabis"... Update: I buy butane by the case now, it's much cheaper than buying single units: I've always had my med-rec, but I've never wanted to test it, you know? I know for a fact now that I have nothing to be afraid of anymore; the agents touched NOTHING cannabis related, and I was WAY over my number. Thus being said - I work out in open now, and answer any questions my neighbors have...you know, so they don't think I'm cooking METHAMPHETAMINE, or something silly like that. I mean, think about it - making BHO with a rocket looks suspicious, especially when you are wearing protective clothing on a warm day. Anyway - I went through 4 pounds of SUGAR that I had been saving SINCE I'VE BEEN POSTING HERE...2.8 cases: 32 300ml cans of butane, 1 can per rocket load - what a versatile hotplate: The problem with making BHO in bulk is - it's some freezing shit, and the rocket pulls moisture out of the air like a miniature dehumidifier; some of that moisture ends up in the oil. I like to redissolve the oil in 190 proof Everclear (95% drinking ethanol) to get rid of any trapped butane and to help desiccate the final product, but it is illegal to purchase 190 proof alcohol in my state: This leaves me three options: 1. Turn up the HEET (100% methyl-alcohol): 2. Distil 80 proof alcohol that I bought. 3. Chemically dry 80 proof alcohol that I bought. I am going to go with number 3...WILL IT WORK?
  5. This strain is "Ebenezer Sploodge" x "Chemdog D" x Mystery Strain ----> that's a fucking fact. In this case, ChemD was made to hermi with CS, and busted a nut on ES... The offspring was cracked, and the best looking chick was nutted on by "something"...hahah
  6. This is what I am smoking on - these are buds grown by people at the local collective I now grow for. THEY PAY ME 30/G FOR BHO... Yeah... That's pretty close to the 140/g I could easily get for... NOT... Anyway (I don't have a "card" for that, so fuck it)... Afgooey - this is it; this is the one, the same one I used to get in cali - dude that grew it sure blew out some dicks on it though right? "PNW Purple Kush" - I talked this dude into finishing part of his grow with CMH - the popcorn is from CMH! What popcorn? THIS POPCORN: I doubt THAT would get you stoned...right? *EDIT* After smoking that fucking EXACT piece of overly hairy PNW-PK, I can tell you ONE thing - IT'S TIME FOR SOME GRUB:
  7. Last time I watched "Spun" I got disgusted, and cooked a batch of...cookies, that... ok, enough - let grow some weed; I explained what happened -- I freaked out my friends; sorry... Shit happens - I never lie about shit...I fuck up all the time, and I post about it, weed, my life; my grows are interesting because not full of shit. So here we go again... Thanks for the encouraging (and hateful) posts and PMs from my friends - Anyway, that was then: This is NOW: In any event - I'm still goddamn crazy: LOOK IN MY EYES!!! Joy!
  8. K311y0h, "BEE" - eh? I either love you or hate you - PM ME I know - as an active member of iron chief - I agree with you. Everything is temporary - I am trying. You'll shit yourself -I will grow fiery eights around everyone.
  9. Grrrrrrrrrrr I'm a gangster GRRRRRRRRRRRRR i'm STEAMING mad!!!!! [YOUTUBE] [/YOUTUBE]
  10. This is why I stopped this time - I hope this isn't edited out; it was epic: I am breaking bad - I have a bse in organic chem/mcb from NAU - I don't BUY shit...EVER; suck those teets kenney! Thanks for reading my profile BRO:
  11. I'm good...no worries joker. About meth, no one ever quits - they take breaks. My last break was 15 years ---> that's worth it. If you don't think it's worth it - FUCK YOU. I go to counseling at the VA twice a week, it's the best I can do now. The point is - I'm not doing it now - I am taking SAFE PRESCRIPTION dextroamphetamine from the VA. The chick I was with was the problem - the chick that I was with...pretending she was my wife...insane meth freak; gone. I haven't hung myself, and that's the most important thing. I have some badass experimental strains from e$kob@r; all chocolate rain crosses. Almost everyone does drugs...there is a time and place for some...I did what I did, and I have no regrets - at least I am alive. Speaking of alive - my second fear that kept me from logging in was to find out that Maverick was dead; nice to see you around man.
  12. I've been going through a divorce, facing prison because of an illegal search warrant (not related to cannabis), blowing clouds of methamphetamine (to cope), and to top it off - my goddamn dog which I've had for 13 years recently died; tits... The last time I was on here was on New Years... You know how glass is...time flies...then it's been 3 months...then 5 - then I am too ashamed to logon, because it's been too long. I don't need a lecture - I'll get my shit together -- three of the most stressful things on earth happened to me at once; fuck it... Also, bad news - My state's medical shit was nerfed - there is no more provision for a doctor to prescribe more than the presumptive number of plants... How many plants can you do on a beer cup coco drip? Does it work? Is Gunnera H-U-G-E? Watch me not post for another year...
  13. Nice - it's the only BHO other than AE77 Cali-O that I've been able to smoke without freaking out. PK BHO feels totally sativa at first (at least to me) - weird...
  14. Clepter™


    "Shit" that doesn't go anywhere else...
  15. Clepter™

    Magnum force

    In that movie, some stupid fuck screwed a silencer onto a revolver - come to think of it...yeah - it was a cop. Fuck the police, and more importantly - fuck the sheriff's department; when they come to "tax" you, blow their brains out.
  16. It's in my top 5 strains of all time - the same cut that this place here in California offered: It was one of the only things that I looked forward to during the painful and awkward visits to my in-laws... I stopped trying to find it since no one knew what I was talking about. I've bought it 7 times were I live; it's all been fake. Are any places getting shut down in california yet? I finally made a facebook account for "shits-and-giggles"...I think I'll take advantage of those fantastic little icons at the bottom of the screen, and "share everything on facebook". Does facebook frown on cannabis? Do they boot people for posting pictures of buds? I found only 1 person I care about on that place - dude says to me: "I smoke...I don't freak out - I am sure your buds are good, but man - I smoke." I haven't seen dude 17 years - he's in for a fucking surprise; what a fun way to reenact the movie 25th hour: I'm going to meet him in Seattle next week, and go APESHIT. I'm going to eat at Dick's, and then I'm: 1. Going to be one. 2. Try and bury mine. (not in my friend). Anyway, you're going to enjoy that Afgooey man - it's like PK x Hashberry.
  17. I'd like to say, that: I'm not going to post about my grows anymore. !?!?! Yes, there IS a reason, and I'll give it now: My identity has been compromised. How bad? SUPER BAD... 10/10 bad.... IT COULDN'T BE WORSE..... I've tried to think of ways around it, and there aren't any; there's absolutely nothing I can do to fix "this". I've thought about waiting - even for a long, long time...perhaps making a new account...posting again; it would be immediately obvious who I was. I am at a point in my life, where I am under so much stress and mental anguish, that I couldn't even BEGIN to "protect" myself properly. I can't even fucking eat...I can't sleep - I miss my wife too much. I'll still be around, same account...as for grows though - that shit's done; FOREVER. I wasn't even flowering anything - I'm bitching about the lack of multiple-uploads, but I have nothing to contribute. I cleaned out my place - there is no more plant shit in it - just some oil, some trim - that's it. It sucks - it's too quiet...my ears ring like a motherfucker when it's quiet, and they are ringing now; what a sucking void. I thought it was empty with my wife gone - 90% of the place is her shit...it's all over the place... I'd like nothing more, then to get off of this computer...douse the place in gasoline...place some thermite, and drive away. What a significant part of my life it was - growing cannabis. IT WAS... Want to make me happy? Don't reply to this thread, and if you're an admin - lock it. Hopefully I'll be doing a smoke report soon on some forum buds - look for it. I'll end this with a picture, and a quote - it kind of sounds like the Thomas Jefferson quote -- "Some of the best times in my life, were spent smoking Pure Kush with my wife - talking to each other and observing the tv as long as we could stay awake..." It's all very crushing - too much so (not the weed)...
  18. Thanks man! What are you using it for, flowering, moms, vegging? Do you have pictures? I'm curious how YOU went about it. That was a nice post man! I have two med-recs (TWO - in case they think that one of them was fake): One of the recs (the one on the left) is for the presumptive (15 plants - 1.5 pounds of buds)... The other one (the one on the right) is for (99 plants - 1.5 pounds of buds): It's actually for 25000 plants if I want that many, but I choose to say (99), because I don't want this to turn into a federal issue. So I can do one tent legally (by my own restrictions).
  19. Yeah, but that one wasn't in coco - it was in ss#4...I had it in a 2 gallon pot, and thought it would be ok to go to california for a week; it was completely dessicated when I got back. As you know, when the substrate dries out, the EC goes up. This last time I went to mexifornia, I left everything that wasn't on a drip system in giant pans of water; I didn't loose shit last time, and nothing got burned up. Well, except for the shit on the drip system - the pump broke. Are you sure about that? I mean' date=' how much dope is in this dude's bottle? I KNOW I can do better than that; I KNOW IT. [img']https://www.opengrow.com/uploads/gallery/album_2540/gallery_1057_2540_48834.jpg[/img] Even if I ONLY get 1/4th as much per cup as I expected, then goddamn - I'm still doing better than everyone else on the entire fucking planet. Surely you admit that it's worth trying, right? Soopy, Yeah, I did. Actually Satyr brought that up a few pages back. Drip-N-Wet, Thanks man! I didn't tell "them" though - I told myself. SPW, The 1kw HPS will be in a cool-tube, sucking in 27 degree air at 450 CFM, and expelling it with ZERO IMPEDANCE. The shit will penetrate to the bottom of the tent for sure - NO PROBLEM. Here's the same lamp, 30 times as far away as it will be in the dr150w tents: While I am a CMH freak, I DO KNOW ITS LIMITATIONS - 1kw of hps is a natural choice in this scenario; in this instance, I'll let the Philips Agrolite XT do my bidding. I'm not concerned with temperatures, or penetration - I'm concerned with BLEACHING.
  20. Assuming that I only get 1oz DRY from 100 plants, that's 100oz 100oz / 16 = 6.25 POUNDS DRY... That's GUARANTEED. Rotated between 3 tents (now 4 tents), that's 25 POUNDS DRY; GUARANTEED. Other fun facts: 1. No mothers to speak of. 2. 100% automated 3. Complete sanitation for each tent after each run - 100% harvest per unit per run = no disease. I used to be a MENSA cardholder (I was smart enough to stop paying for a card) - I don't acknowledge or subscribe to the mental limitations of "average man". I am not a superhuman though; I'm not a god. I have human problems because I am human - like being depressed, and being impulsive, which limit my productivity and are unavoidable. In addition to the above, I also suffer from debilitating physical and neurological damage that I incurred in the military, as well as all of the "mental extras" which one might associate with such experiences. With all of these things working against me, I STILL have to face poverty, a broken marriage, and a few severe legal issues... All of these things combined, tend to slow things down a little - especially in regard to my ideas in this thread. IT SLOWS THEM DOWN...THAT'S IT; the only thing that's going to cause me to fail is DEATH. Thus being said: "I've got news for you Pal...I ain't failing but two things, Jack and Shit - and Jack left town." Have you seen these pictures man? You know - of the 4-5 FOOT plants in beer cups? No, but I am THE SMARTEST; that's for DAMN SURE. This thread isn't about YOUR accomplishments, abilities, or failures in regard to growing cannabis -- it is NOT about what YOU think IS or IS NOT possible; this is MY thread - I ALREADY KNOW what IS possible...what CAN and CANNOT be done. Try to keep these things in mind before being skeptical - if anything, YOU'RE SETTING ME BACK; the time it takes to "prove" what I've already "proven" would be better spent on GROWING CANNABIS.
  21. Which purple kush? The hemaphrodidic clone from Washington? Heavily seeded buds at 6 weeks? Check here: Post 35...
  22. I'm SERIOUS... Because: 1. I hate being wrong. 2. I don't make shit up; I don't lie about my grows - ever. 3. I'm an asshole. Because: 1. The shorter plants in these pictures, can EASILY be grown to the same size (single cola "donkey dick" style) in 18oz beer cups. 2. Over 100 beer cups will fit in a dr150w. 3. I'm going to "whisper" the shit... Yeah...I can do ANYTHING with plants - including rooting the leaves and stems: It's really just a combination of: Math, Magic (Weed Whispering), and Quantum Physics Soopy, Thanks man - I hope you don't get fucked over. Rasmussen, Thanks man - if the dude tried my method, I think he'd be drowning in dope as well. Joker, Yeah, I think it will happen there as well, but imagine the profit that is to be made: ("You mean I can't get weed instantly? I have to know someone, pay more, and WAIT?!")
  23. Thanks man - I am glad that you are enjoying the strain. ------ Update: Check this out: Jesus: Fucking: Christ: If one more goddamn fucked up thing happens in my life, THAT'S IT - I'm going on a killing spree. FUCK this thread too I guess...you know, since: I'M NOT GROWING FOR A FUCKING COLLECTIVE, BECAUSE - THERE AREN'T ANY LEFT; ALL OF THEM ARE CLOSED. I was in my room and I was just like staring at the wall thinking about everything. But then again I was thinking about nothing And then my mom came in and I didn't even know she was there. She called my name and I didn't hear her and then she started screaming: MIKE! MIKE! And I go: What, what's the matter? She goes: What's the matter with you? I go: There's nothing wrong mom. She's all: Don't tell me that, you're on drugs! I go: No mom I'm not on drugs I'm okay, I was just thinking you know, why don't you get me a Pepsi. She goes: NO you're on drugs! I go: Mom I'm okay, I'm just thinking. She goes: No you're not thinking, you're on drugs! Normal people don't be acting that way! I go: Mom just get me a Pepsi, please All I want is a Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me All I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me. Just a Pepsi.
  24. Multiple uploads for all users is a setting...I had a screen shot of where it was, but didn't save it, and forgot to bookmark the link. It does work like whaz said, but only if the box is ticked in the forum config screen. That setting is not enabled, so it doesn't work for the rest of us. Also, I read that there some issues with certain custom themes that makes it disappear even if it's enabled under the forum's configeration panel. I have a 50mbit connection - currently, when using "tor", it still takes about 5 minutes a picture. It's ALWAYS taken forever though - with multi-uploads, at least I can actually grow some weed TO TAKE PICTURES OF, while the shit uploads in the background. Just give me r00t, I'll turn it on. You won't even need to change your password - as soon as I puff away, I'll forget that I even WAS an admin. Clepter: Oh look, multiple uploads works now - they finally fixed it.
  25. Finally, I can fucking lay down and die now. Thanks for posting those pictures man! It looks like the same progression under HPS as CMH, except for the pistol color. A few more days, and the purple will make its way from the sugar leaf and into the calix. What are your temps? I got purple at 106 this last time. There is no question that the right pheno was saved...fuck, what a goddamn relief; it's almost like my wife stopped being insane. Did you run that UV light for this run? The one that the zoos use? "Zoos Use"... Weird... Dots... Fuck man - how satisfying!
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