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  1. Governments tend not to make mistakes like this.. The biggest mistake people make is underestimating the government's competency. Their day job is sitting around brainstorming ways to fuck you. They do a pretty good job of it globally, therefore it demonstrates they are smarter than you If Nevada is out, its not an oversight, its just an introduction to integrate something that is going to fuck you again like their tax... it always is.
  2. Just an extra bark about our love for the pharmaceutical industry and our doctors Cant comment on credibility of stats, but sadly probably more truth than I'd like to confirm. http://www.thehealthyhomeeconomist.com/is-your-doctor-getting-drug-kickbacks/
  3. You are the 'Sweet Toothed Devil' Gardenartus..
  4. According to modern medicine there is no cure to fucken anything... just conveniently treatment $$$ "We dont know what causes this, we dont know how to cure this, but here... buy this for the rest of your life" Billion dollar pharma industry, 1000's of medical researchers working round the the clock... yet tell me one thing they have "cured" in the last 50 years? Anything? The common cold?... toenail fungus? Anything!!? How hard is it for the common drongo to wake up and realize something doesnt add up? /end rant.. sorry, struck a nerve tonight *eek Great find as usual Gardenartus
  5. Only 4oz..? Pot size is only one of many contributing factors for a healthy yield, but far from the most important https://www.opengrow.com/topic/49345-roses-cave-of-monsters/
  6. Looks great Snydgrow The beneficials will love the coco. I dont mean to embarrass you.. but it looks that the media you are using in the pics is actually clay balls, not coco coir *giggles jk P.s. what cut are you running? Looks like a Critical Mass?
  7. Very true... ~Anger and resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die~
  8. Nice find Gardenartus On a basic level, stress ages people mentally and physically, cannabis is excellent stress relief in many ways for the human body, so makes sense I have always been adimant that alcohol is the biggest brain and physical "ager" of all. For example, Binge drinking is more common these days. Young people hit legal drinking age like most of us did but I notice most girls after a few years of binge drinking slide in the age of their faces. A 21yr old looks like she is in her late 20's... young men also. Those that dont "party hard" age much slower it appears. I found the same for tobacco smokers. It dehydrates, crows feet, wrinkles sure.. but not as badly as an alcoholic would age from years of abuse. Now you take that stoner kid in high school, never really got drunk, but stoned all the time as that was his drug of choice, still a stoner today... but looks like he is 10yrs younger than he is.. Smoking damages the lungs and cardiovascular system, but alcohol damages all of the organs responsible for many bodily functions designed to last us a lifetime.. It has always been my theory anyway *shrugs*
  9. We need to fight the war on illegal drugs guys... *nods* There is too much violence and badness that goes hand in hand with criminal organizations that needs to stop. Though in priority of things that kill masses, we should consider a "war on oil" instead. Im fairly sure that there is a lot more people killed daily fighting for control of that? Illegal = gain without permission
  10. Looking great Ian Your mapito learning curve is fast and research and advice is paying off IMO you are doing it correctly to add the Calgreen for what water you replace. Top up with 10L Add base nute to reach 1.3 EC again Add Calgreen at ml per litre for 10L (Your adding at 1ml/50L... so 0.2ml for 10L) I cant comment on Calgreen's strength, but that would seem very little in ratio? There would be more Ca and Mg in the base nutrient already? 0.2ml/L - 0.5ml/L of Calgreen would be more on the money? Also if you EC is dropping down from 1.3EC to 1.1EC every feed, this indicates the plant is wanting more food than water (underfeeding) In your next mix, top your base nute up to 1.5EC and then add you Calgreen. If your runoff comes back at 1.4EC - 1.6EC then you are feeding them spot on Once again, great work Rose.
  11. Gavita 750's do around a 1.4 x 1.6m independently. 4x will be enough. Rule of thumb for 400v is 100mm distance from top of canopy for every 100w. ie. 700w setting = 700mm from bulb to top of canopy. Penetration depth is about 400mm give or take 150mm pending canopy density.
  12. Something tells me he should be more worried about his "room" than the pollen.. When you say he grows in a room not a tent? Like a bedroom? Like a room that he quickly slips into during lights off to check on them with a torch? Like the door to his room that has a giant beam of light shining from the gap underneath it when you stand in the room with the lights off? Id be very presumptuous... but I'd say your friend does not know about light leaks, hermie's and plant stress. Not that it matters, but Id presume he grows for money also.. not pain relief. People with minimal knowledge of indoor cannabis growing are generally this way because they only see $$$ and just "flick a seed in the dirt and get paid" mentality... they dont bother to educate themselves on issues like this because it's "easy" Somebody in pain grows alot less than a room and with pain as the motivator, invests alot of time into gaining knowledge of how to produce the best pain relief possible from seed to smoke. Doesnt matter if he grows for money or medical, he should educate himself more on his craft and see the plant as science and a living thing not $$$ to ensure he has fantastic future harvests Even if he doesn't care about the science, its better to understand what you do. Like being an auto mechanic without understanding how an engine works... Rose
  13. They target the Emery's because they are high profile. Just because you are in the media and the people support you does not mean you have immunity and safety in the spotlight. It is a demonstration of power and tyranny. People need to stop being passive in their protest. ~If you choose to fight back against the wolf with fleece you may as well cover yourself in mint and rosemary~
  14. I am proud to be part of a forum that despite the initial topic focusing on cannabis (as its what we love) the greater concern and compassion is to the basic rights of human being. Unfortunately slavery booms more now than it ever has in history, not only in physical human trafficking and exploitation but economically. Most modern atrocities are financially motivated. Traditional slavery is when you feed and house the slaves. Modern slavery is when the slaves house and feed themselves. Let us be slaves to our gardens, but slaves of love
  15. A personal grower see's $$$ A commercial grower see's work... lot's of work lol If not for the suspected human trafficking violations I'd feel sorry for the growers.. The average Joe doesnt appreciate how much effort goes into something like this. It's like outdoor agriculture but indoor. I dare you to tell a old farmer that his job is easy... just flick a couple of seeds in the dirt sit back and let the $$$ roll in.... a licence to print money
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