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  1. Hi Love your workspace, I'm quite envious. You have your work cut out for you but I bet you love every minute. I hope this post is helpful and not redundant Is your humidity an issue lights on or only lights off? If you don't have one, I would invest in a data logger that records temp, humd, and CO2. That way you know how the room shifts thru the day. Do your minisplits have a "dry" mode where they only dehumidify vs cool? If so this could be an option for lights off although they don't have much more capacity vs a standalone dehumidifier. Not sure how much cooling your room needs during lights off. Most of this depends on the heat load in your room. RH would decrease if you increased your ambient temp. Maybe let the temps go to 27 degC. Also, sorry to hear about the outdoor air quality in your area. I'm sure you didn't expect that chore when were building the space. Do you use an emulsifier when you clean the condenser coils? That might make thejob easier and maybe even keep them cleaner longer. Also, If you don't know, you need to clean the filter for the evaporator (inside) unit. They tend to load up quickly. If you do end up getting a new dehumidifier, look for a commercial unit that is designed for crawlspaces. They have better components, and are meant to run continuously. But, they are usually 2-3x the cost. Trim
  2. Hi Mr D Glad your're back to growing. I can vouch for Hyper Fans and Can Max fans. The Hyper fan has been in continuous service for 4 years and the Max fans 4 and 6 years continuous. The only issue is a slight bearing noise on the oldest Max fan. Both are mixed flow fans and higher quality. The Max Fan series does have a 3 speed switch. The 6" version moves around 200-350 cfm and draws 50-85 watts depending on speed. The Hyper fan includes a speed controller that will adjust 35%-100% power. My 8" moves around 700 cfm and draws 100 watts full power. They also make a 6" ($140 Prime). I also like that it has a brushless motor and is ETL listed. https://www.amazon.com/Hyper-Fan-Digital-Mixed-Flow/dp/B00HP35PUU/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?ie=UTF8&qid=1546740463&sr=8-1-spons&keywords=6+hyper+fan&psc=1 Hope that's helpful.
  3. I should give Webeblzr credit...the sander idea probably came from his ultrasonic extraction suggestion, which would be sweet if you ended up doing!
  4. Hey! My 2cents. The increased shear from mixer attachment pulverized the frozen bud into small enough particles to pass the screen. The "gooeyness" is probably related to this as well. Trichomes stuck to the small particles in suspension or the water's viscosity has increased a from air and the particles thru the mixing. I bet your smaller screens got clogged quicker too? I would chop the frozen bud into dime size chucks and use the spoon. Before stirring, you might try hitting the bucket with the spoon. This "shock" might break some of the trichs off without disturbing the plant material as much? Maybe a vibrating sander to agitate the water? That might actually work but seems ridiculous. Better yet...skip the water and use dry ice!
  5. Hey! Update? Ph rise may be normal given your media. What was the input Ph? Was this RO water or tap? Higher starting Ec water will naturally rise over time. Did the res Ec rise/drop after the flood? I would adjust the Ph, after checking Ec, back to 5.8 to 6. The watering totally depends on your situation (your mileage may vary). Just have to see how fast they dry out. Every day seems too often for a seedling in the setup you show. But you may have a lot of evaporation in your space? Hope that helps.
  6. Yes, cut the plastic entirely off the RW before going into hydroton. Its cool to see the root development in the RW especially if you let them veg for 2 weeks in them. 1/3 up the crate may be fine. The biggest issue I see potentially happening is that the RW cube dries too fast vs the hydroton when your in full swing. You may want to cover the crates on top to limit evaporation there. You'll have plenty of air flow around the sides. Does the hydroton wick at all? If so, this mitigates the issue, but I don't think it does? Maybe run a test?
  7. Looking good! I find that my 10cm blocks don't wick entirely up. I end up top feeding. I also put white plastic over the top, cutting a hole and slit to get it around the plant stem. This prevents any algae growth on top. My opinion is the crates should be great, but you will need to flood them probably 1/3- 1/2 up the sides to get most of the hydoton wet. I've never used hydroton so can't speak from experience.
  8. Nice setup! Those crates should work well with the 10cm cubes. Seedlings have a taproot and typically benefit from having vertical root space (vs clones). I would put them in the 10cm blocks once you see a root tip hanging out the bottom of the small rockwool starter. I find those starter cubes dry out fast when not in a humidity dome. For reference, I use 10cm blocks just like you, and typically get about 2 weeks worth of growth from seedlings in them before needing to go into something bigger. Anything longer and they start to show deficiencies...etc. The seedlings shouldn't stretch with sufficient lighting, unless the are in very high humidity (humidity dome) which can make them stretch some. Good luck!
  9. I don't post much, but always enjoy your thread Hamme! It's the main reason I'm trying mapito and coco (again). I think my favorite part is how well you do with 1-2 bottle(s) of nutrients and just flooding...it's a good show for folks that over complicate this hobby. Keep it up!
  10. Yes roots are thicker than water, but that doesn't change the fact that they can penetrate many nonwoven structures. It all depends on the size of the pores and uniformity of the nonwoven. If you have ever grown in bags you will notice that root tips will penetrate the bottom of the pots if there's good contact with the ground. I grow on an epdm rubber pond liner and always have roots poking out the bottom through the fabric. But....don't expect the whole pot to have roots coming out. Only a small portion of the surface area will have large enough voids for the roots to get through.
  11. Hello Olsqueak In most cases yes roots can pass through nonwoven or felted bags. In your case you should be fine unless there's a film in the middle which is unlikely. I use "Geopot" brand which are more felted than nonwoven structure. I sometimes veg in 5 gallon geopots then at flower place that into a 17 gallon tub and fill with soil. Upon sweet beautiful completion of flower I find roots have passed through the geopot. With that said, I would think removing the geopot would allow better mobility for the roots. But getting a nonwoven bag off a well vegged root mass without damage is another matter. I have done it for mothers, but I was pruning the roots anyway. Try it and show us some sweet root porn!
  12. Hi Nightmara, Another avenue may be to build a room and use rockwool as insulation, along with cement board (easy to source in US an CA) for the walls, and maybe even FR caulk. Not a cheap option but a 120cmx120cm room wouldn't cost more than $300 US to build which is similar to a new Gorilla tent. With this option, even if you're equipment caused a fire, there isn't any fuel for the fire to continue....end of fire even with air flow, plus since you have airflow any combustion gases are exhausted. If you have access...I find aramid (think Nomex or Kevlar) fabric or even Nomex paper to be the perfect solution to wrap electrical connections where arc is a concern. You can source these things online but they are expensive.
  13. Vury Nice! Gonna have some baseball bats on your hands....Or cricket bats in your case. What's your harvest window based on....trichs, pistils, water uptake??? Take care.
  14. Mr D....Post up the Jalisco Jaze you grew please . It was tasty looking too...
  15. Doin a slow clap for ya Boss....I did the math, qualitatively in my post above. Take a look at the commercial agricultural business and let me know how many are using COBs. They use HPS for several reasons. I won't list them because you can search yourself. You still have a crappy tone....And you sound like your 18...Post something of substance.
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