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  1. engler

    Sugar punch email back in stock

    This is strange, I emailed Sannie that Sugar Punch is not listed on the site, and the link he email me does not work, he answered that the problem has been corrected and Sugar Punch is available, but as of this moment 3/26 10 AM Eastern, 16.00 European time Sugar Punch is still not listed, and link is not working. Anybody tried to look into it? I know Sugar Punch was out of stock for a while, but Sannie send me an email few days ago that it is available now, that's why I am puzzled about the whole story.
  2. engler

    Sugar punch email back in stock

    Sugar Punch is not listed on Sannies site as of today 3/25/15, got email from him too, clicking on the link he provides results in "404 error". Perhaps he jumped the gun sending out emails, before updating the website.
  3. Don't forget two more US States just made recreational cannabis legal: Alaska and Washington DC. In my humble opinion cannabis legalization in Washington DC is going to put tremendous pressure on Feds to remove cannabis from schedule 1 drug classification. When that happens many more States will fall like dominoes quickly.
  4. engler

    C99 vs Eldorado

    Great! Thanks, good luck with Eldorado harvest and waiting for smoke report !. How many Eldo plants are you growing? Any different phenos?
  5. engler

    C99 vs Eldorado

    Greetings everybody. I wonder if anybody grew and smoked both of above. I am C99 lover, had C99 from Peak (freebie) and also C99 from Sannies (Esco?) it was sold as a freebie for a short while by Sannies. They are both great. Lately Eldorado cought my attention as almost pure sativa with great celebral and lasting high. I am on the fence to get some Eldorado seeds and grow 1 or 2 plants outdors this season. I know Eldorado is not a good yielder and needs 12 or more weeks but I can put up with it as long as the effect justifies the trouble of growing it. I am on 32 paralel so it should have enough time to mature properly. If you smoked both how Eldorado high compares to C99?
  6. engler

    Anyone tried Peak Seeds BC?

    I,ve been growing only few years, all "commercial" seeds I ever grown came from Peak and Sanny. Peak,s "best" was C99 although it is not listed, got it as freebie. In my humble opinion Peaks strains are more leaning toward indicas, comparing to roaring potent top Sannie's sativas. Also generally Sannies strains came out more potent than Peak,s. However Peak's customer service is just as good as Sannies.
  7. This is my first attempt to grow outdoors, here is my set-up: 14 plants mostly Esco's cheese mix 50/50 sat in I believe. Seeded in organic mix 32oz (1L) cups, not transplanted yet. I am at 29 paralel, plenty of sun, but also overcast and cloudy days, day lenght now is 12 hr 30 min Outdoor Temp 85-90+F (28-30 C) high humidity, they seem to like it, no heat stress. To avoid premature flowering trigger I take them indoors for the night for about 6-8 hrs under 6 6400K CFL,s total wattage 150W . Temp indoor 78 F ( 26 C) then about 6 hrs of total darkness and in the morning outdoors again they go. Plants are 4 weeks old. Problem: I feel they are stretching a lot, currently they are about 1 foot (30cm) tall, but tops are only 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) across. 4-5 nodes. All my previous indoor grows were under about 2 weeks or CFL and then 400W MH, then for flowering 400W + 600W HPS. They were more bushy and never stretch very much. Soil is about same like in previous grows, Plants are solid green, no stress of any kind, their baby leaves just started yellowing but thats normal. I wonder if 400W of HID is more light that sunshine in subtropical climate? Sun is now up about 26-27 deg at zenith. Wonder if I can finish them outdoors, after all in late Nov here avg temperatures will still be higher than Jul/Aug temps of most of Northern US and Europe, however day will be only about 8 hrs 30 min long.
  8. engler

    Sannies Stealth...

    I ordered from Sannies about 5 times in last 12 months, first order by CC all following cash in envelope, never had any problems, and I never lost any sleep over cash, since somhow I always had confidence with Sannie and was never dissapointed. However my previous purchases with Canadian breeders were more frustrating, 2 orders in a row never came through, another one with "stealth" paid extra did, but the stealth was not free and almost as much as seeds. With great and diverse Sannies genetic and his generosity, choice of freebies, I have no intention or even slightest temptation to order beans from any other source.
  9. engler

    Taking clones after flip

    Thanks Santero, That's the answer I was looking for, I always enjoyed your friendly and educational posts long before I came on this board!
  10. engler

    Taking clones after flip

    Thanks for replies fellows, I know they will root, I ment to ask: "How long after flip they will stiil retain vegetative status and take off quickly" since revegging takes some time, I had plants reverted to veg, but it took more than six weeks in some cases.
  11. Any concensus how many days after 18 to 12 switch clones can be succesful? Most would agree that cannabis plant does not instantly changes from vegetation to flowering, but this is a gradual process. I want to switch to flowering stage now due to circumstances, but my plants are still too small to take clones as they have just 3 nodes, so it would be beneficial to me to flip now, then take clones perhaps in 7-10 or more days later if that's advicable.
  12. Does Sannies currently offer any promotions, or deals for OpenGrow members?
  13. engler

    Eskobar, a status update, please?

    Tomato seeds 3 years old are lilkely a toss, but if valuable are worth a shot. I found out smaller seeds, shorter life, especially stored in nonrefrigerated conditions. Fortunately cannabis seeds are much larger than tomato or pepper seeds, and they remain viable much longer. Pepper seeds are notorious for short life and sprouting difficulties.
  14. engler

    Hello from the deep South

    I bought it on ebay, it is called "cultilene mapito" and contains some coco in it it should arrive soon. Paid $54 for 2.8 cu bag shipped. Previously I got free sample from a company in USA, can't find it now, but I did not like it, it had more foam than rockwool, I grew 3 C99 clones in 2 quart plastic recycled cheese containers, hempy style watering it every 3 days from the bottom using Peters hydroponic fertilizer it is very cheap and I read some people believe is as good as much more expensive main stream "hydroponic" fertilisers . Crop came more potent that same plants grown in dirt and was easy, clean and trouble free. There is also company called USA mapito selling 2 cu feet bags of mapito, but they are out of it most of the time, I email them they promised me a bag, after couple of weeks sent me paypal invoice, but then cancelled invoice before I was able to pay for it. I have some clean chunks of foam, so if I need more in the future I will buy rockwool cubes and mix in some foam, I think it will be as good as any. So now I am looking to grow in mapito, 2.8 feet should be enough for 6-8 plants, will go with flood tables or hempy buckets made of 4 gallon square food plastic containers, have not decide which way I'll go, probably total volume from 2.8 cu feet will determine which method will be used. Peters fertiliser I got a pound of each, one is you mix calcium separatly, and also another pound 20-20-20 for flowering. I used them alternately and plants were always happy. Still have plenty ofit left at least for full grow of 6 plants or more, all for about 20 bucks, for $50 you can get 5 lb of each kind, that I 'll buy next when I run out of current supply. If my next more serious mapito grow will turn out like initial experiment, I may switch from dirt to mapito for good, seems easier, cheaper, and cleaner operation, since for dirt I mix canadian peat with worm casings, bone meal and other organic goodies, plants love it, but then after the grow it goes to my compost pile what a waste!. Mapito can be reused many times over with only small losses per grow.
  15. Agree, it is always tempting to run different strains together, however quality of my grow always suffered and unnecessary problems occured when I,ve done this. Especially for newbee grower. Best stick to most 2 strains with similar flowering time not mixing dominant sativas and indicans together, due to timing and growing habit.