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  1. Does anybody have santerro or other mod's personal email that could contact sannie direct to see if he's still alive or if seeds are ever happening again?
  2. Hi All, I know this forum is absolutely dead, but thought I'd throw out the question if anybody can answer. In a northern climate and some pollinated plants need to come down this week as it's supposed to freeze, but seeds aren't ready yet. If the seed aren't ready, can they ripen on the vine while hanging?
  3. Silas&Jamal - those are some pretty pictures. Do you care to share your setup/nute regimen? LED or HPS? Organic or ferts? or is it just really good genetics?
  4. I would love to know when Blue Rocket is done. I still have a few originals (not sure they will still pop) and was hoping to do a open pollenation when I knew they would not be contaminated.
  5. You'd be better off, sprouting and giving away clones to a bunch of people if they are good. Or even crossing them with each other. I know it's frowned upon, but some seeds out there are fems from fems.
  6. I didn't think of peroxide, that should work. I'll try it. Foolonthehill: I tried, but some do the same thing and get moldy in the soil.
  7. So I'm starting to germ seeds from last years outdoor crop. I left them in the buds all winter and found some that were a bit moldy. After leaving them in water/papertowel etc, I'm finding some have a moldy fuzz on them. Not all of them but select. Since I don't know which ones have it, is there anyway I can disinfect them without damaging them? Could I douse them in alcohol for a bit or would that damage them? Any ideas?
  8. How's the blueberry ice cream smell? I'd been eyeing that one for a while but never pulled the trigger - let me know if it's worthwhile.
  9. If You can - get some GREENCURE. Works great and lets you finish.
  10. The only way negative things will happen is if the genetics have some problems. Somewhere down the road they could go bad, but it would happen to an old mom as well. You can cut back as far as you need with no issues, just leave some kind of green and it will come back.
  11. I would ignore the trich's. If it's 82 days, it's ready. I did an experiment with one strain and let it go till the trichs turned. I let it go to week 14 of what was supposed to be a 9 week strain and it never turned. I gave up and chopped it. I let another one go till week 20 which surprised me it could even go that long when it was supposed to be a 11-12 week plant. Needless to say, neither were as good as taken when they were supposed to come off.
  12. I'd be curious to see if any of that pollen is viable. I've read it's only good for upto 4-5 days after dropping. I harvested some pollen similarly but put it in the freezer to keep moisture out and I do know that people have used pollen a few years old that is kept in the freezer.
  13. most times nanners are due to stress or too close to heat source, full on hermie I'd be worried about, but a few nanners shouldn't do much. Most times they are sterile or show up too late to pollinate anyway. Good grow show though.
  14. Santero - is there any of Escobar's strains that you have both male and female, you can do a small run of and just re-release it with no work? Just a simple grow/dust release? I'd really like to get some blue rocket, chocolate rain or chucky's bride. They were good, I have a couple crosses, but lost the moms. Would like to go back and search for some new keepers.
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