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  1. You'd be better off, sprouting and giving away clones to a bunch of people if they are good. Or even crossing them with each other. I know it's frowned upon, but some seeds out there are fems from fems.
  2. I didn't think of peroxide, that should work. I'll try it. Foolonthehill: I tried, but some do the same thing and get moldy in the soil.
  3. So I'm starting to germ seeds from last years outdoor crop. I left them in the buds all winter and found some that were a bit moldy. After leaving them in water/papertowel etc, I'm finding some have a moldy fuzz on them. Not all of them but select. Since I don't know which ones have it, is there anyway I can disinfect them without damaging them? Could I douse them in alcohol for a bit or would that damage them? Any ideas?
  4. How's the blueberry ice cream smell? I'd been eyeing that one for a while but never pulled the trigger - let me know if it's worthwhile.
  5. If You can - get some GREENCURE. Works great and lets you finish.
  6. The only way negative things will happen is if the genetics have some problems. Somewhere down the road they could go bad, but it would happen to an old mom as well. You can cut back as far as you need with no issues, just leave some kind of green and it will come back.
  7. I would ignore the trich's. If it's 82 days, it's ready. I did an experiment with one strain and let it go till the trichs turned. I let it go to week 14 of what was supposed to be a 9 week strain and it never turned. I gave up and chopped it. I let another one go till week 20 which surprised me it could even go that long when it was supposed to be a 11-12 week plant. Needless to say, neither were as good as taken when they were supposed to come off.
  8. I'd be curious to see if any of that pollen is viable. I've read it's only good for upto 4-5 days after dropping. I harvested some pollen similarly but put it in the freezer to keep moisture out and I do know that people have used pollen a few years old that is kept in the freezer.
  9. most times nanners are due to stress or too close to heat source, full on hermie I'd be worried about, but a few nanners shouldn't do much. Most times they are sterile or show up too late to pollinate anyway. Good grow show though.
  10. Santero - is there any of Escobar's strains that you have both male and female, you can do a small run of and just re-release it with no work? Just a simple grow/dust release? I'd really like to get some blue rocket, chocolate rain or chucky's bride. They were good, I have a couple crosses, but lost the moms. Would like to go back and search for some new keepers.
  11. So I went out to collect pollen and broke off one of the resin coated bulbs and realized it's a seed pod. It dropped a ton of pollen in one day, so I expect it'll only have a few days left before it's spent, but it's got several seed pods so that'll be exciting to see if they will mature and germ. Seeds from a male hermie - should they automatically be male?
  12. You should have a female seed if the plant it came from was female. All these people are worried about hermies ruining a crop - I don't understand how that happens unless you don't check your plants everyday or two. It's not like hermies just burst open in one day and spread pollen they still usually take a couple weeks. I can grow a whole room of males with females and usually cull the males before any pollen ever shows and even if I want to cross, I can still get the males before they burst. Even more, I've had 6 ft tall males fully mature and shook them on plants next to them and some 3-4 ft away don't get hit. People are way too paranoid. IMO the only risk to growing them out, is that if it hermies, you wasted time growing it just like you would any regular seed that ends up a male. Last point - how do you think Gorrilla glue and cookies strains and OG Kush and Bubba Kush came about - legendary hermies.
  13. I know a lot of you guys pollen chuck - as have I, but I am flabbergasted. I have an Anasthesia male that is outside and is easily 3 weeks into flower. Lots of pollen has dropped and I'd say it only has a couple weeks left at best. The earliest I've ever seen anything start to flower at my latitude is first week of August. However, I have 2 Ghost train haze males that are 2 weeks into flower already - probably a few more days and they will start to have mature pollen. My females that I was going to pollinate haven't even started to flower yet. I also have a couple Huckleberry Kush's that are maybe 1 week in. So the question - how would I categorize these as far as flowering time? Not that I can, but how would you shift flowering times so they line up and can pollinate a female? The Anasthesia male has a few balls with rezin on them and they smell nice and sweet with a little petrol undertones - can't quite put my finger on it. Has anyone had any sweet smelling Ana's? Would that be from the Afghan side?
  14. Their stuff always looks fire, but the price keeps me away. Usually 5x Sannies stuff.
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