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  1. Their stuff always looks fire, but the price keeps me away. Usually 5x Sannies stuff.
  2. I thought the tude stopped taking cc, you have to go to sister site choice
  3. Ok, that's curious - extrema was feminized only unless you had them from 10+ years ago when there was a regular version I heard. I have 3 fully formed seeds from a number of years ago when mine started to hermi.
  4. Is the boudica x Extrema because extreme hermied and dusted the boudica. It's been a while, but I sure miss Extrema - was very good to me.
  5. Has anybody grown the 2012 which was available at sannie's for a while and also grown the newer V3 or V5? What, if any differences did you notice?
  6. Males will start dropping before the females are ready, but it also depends on the males flower time. They will also keep dropping for a while 2-4 weeks so if you put them in at the same time you'll be good. The only way I'd stagger them is if you have a long flowering female with a short flowering male, then I'd put the female in a couple weeks before.
  7. Interesting. Is the katsu for the mad kush?
  8. I am by no means an authority on any of this, but recently some labs have indicated that sativa and indica traits can be a misnomer created by "breeders" based on effect and looks of the plant. Whereas genetics test true. Meaning - you see a long foxtailed bud with thin leaves and uppity high - so you call it sativa, but in some cases it's deceptive and the genetics show indica. I don't have all the info, but because of so much cross breeding and polyhybrid creation - we don't really have a full grasp on what is truely indica and sativa. This could be an explanation for the discrepencies between Santero and NAW.
  9. Monterey garden insect spray - OMRI listed and works good on thrips.
  10. They look super uniform. Don't find that too often.
  11. Was wondering, if anybody had that happen. Sucks since not all great stuff is here. Before legalization it was just a souvenier, now they class it the same as buds. Hopefully someone can chime in if they received anything. - Possible you just got unlucky.
  12. I have about a hundred chocolate rain crossed with dynasty caramel candy kush. I wish I had time to try my luck and find something special.
  13. Hi Wazzup, if you stop back here, can you tell me what the flavour/smell profile is of the afghani/skunk - I've only ever gotten the herijuana profile from my ana's. I crossed an Ana to a ghost train haze and got that smell/flavour to come through but the amount of crazy sativa doms that I got would take a lot of searching to find the afghan/skunk bud profile with the ghost train smell. The reason I'm saying is that even though it's really strong, the flavour isn't very appealing of Ana. If you have enough seed and time to do selections, maybe a better way would be to choose an Ana mom and cross it with something else rather than recreate it -( if the mom is really lost)
  14. Yeah, what a big change from a while ago.
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