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  1. so glad to hear!@!! best of luck brother!!!
  2. gunna pull up a chair!!! i have been waiting to USC to restock his col seeds!!! so i ended up buying the double jam but havent yet popped any seeds!!! cant wait to see what you get going!!\
  3. weedy


    HOA was supposed to be HAO. hells angels og. It is a hells angel crossed with either the RKG or reveresed pollen from the HA. He didnt remember.
  4. weedy


    what is an OG strain?? what are OG strain traits?? i was given some "FIRE OG" (HOA x RKS or HOA x reversed pollen) beans and was told i should find a nice OG in the bunch!!
  5. man hate to hear abut the bad shit!! glad to hear your better now!! prob should lay off that hard stuff!! NOT good for you!!
  6. now i gotta crick in my neck!!! but great pics!! looks like they are gunna fill out nicely!! i have never grown autos!!!
  7. i know of another one!!! it is peaceful there too!! not much drama!! it is noice to be able to go places without the drama
  8. whats this 'zilla' your talking about??? is it budzilla?? i was gifted some budzilla seeds a while back and enjoy it also!! just wondering if it is the same!!
  9. any one grow out the double jam??? i just ordered them and wanting to hear good things!!!
  10. iut would be cool if i wasnt too late!!! i am close to mexico!!! does that hep any??
  11. is that all you have?? your prob missing a few!! that is a list
  12. Saxo, great to read you!! Hope things are good!!
  13. blue santa sounds lke a good plant!!! gunna have to keep up on this thread!!
  14. I could imagine it would be nasty!!! I tried buttering some toast with a bunch of canna butter and had to throw the nasty toast away!! Powdering would be th way to go
  15. answer: what ever the hell you wanna say?!! Dc is a good show!! i would like to try it for a day or two!!! dont think i could or would want to handle that much freezing fishin
  16. some time i have a hard time sleeping thru the entire night!!! tonight is one of those nights!! so i am up smoking a bowl then going back to bed!!! but figured i am not the only one to have this prob!!! now we have some where to post!! so here i am smoking a bowl of Conf. Cheese!!
  17. sorry to hear about your some Eskobar!!! glad to hear your back!! anyone kow when Sannie will be getting more of the Colombian gold X Jamaican lambsbread beans in stock!!
  18. whle the TCC is down i will be looking fpr a new home to hang!!! used to hang here before!! any other TCC members here!! i can already tell i been here to long i will be ordering some double jam this weekend if it is in stock still!!
  19. your not the only one!! i want to order the dj now and have been waiting and wachting for the coljam to re-up on stock!!! dam that was some GREAT weed!!! wish i had a chance totry it!!
  20. great grow!!! the colx jam reminds a lil of te columbian red i used to have!!! i have been watching, waiting and hoping to see that sannie has re-uped his stock of colubianx jamaciacLB beans!! i am sooo wanting these!!
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