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  1. You can find them in the shop right now along with several hybrids.
  2. Oaxacan is a landrace strain so it is to be expected that there will be some wonky phenos. As for hermies, his Oaxacan Fems aren't really know for it although the Purple Storms are reported by many to be seriously hermie prone. Sativa land races in general tend to be hermie prone and are very unforgiving compared to modern commercial strains. If you have a room full of different strains and one is a land race it will always be that strain which reacts to a problem with the grow first. They are like a canary in the mine. If you have a light leak it will be the landrace that hermies first. If you have nute or ph problems it will be the land race that keels over and dies while the other strains just look a bit stressed. I'm not saying there was a problem with your new grower friends grow, just that this is the first time I have heard anyone complain of a hermie from the pure Oaxican Fems so it's possible there was some unseen issue rather than a purely genetic cause. I have personally had Mextiza, which is a land race Oaxican hybrid, throw nanners on me when everything else in the room grew perfectly. In the end I narrowed it down to a dim LED indicator light on a fan's on off switch. The clones from that plant grew without any nanner issues after I removed the LED indicator light. Oaxacan may just be very sensitive to light leaks. Purple Storm on the other hand appears to have far too many hermie reports to just be a sensitivity problem. The only Oaxacan hybrid I have grown out from Esko is Aztec Rain which was awesome stuff. I put it on par with Holy Princess which is high praise since HP is a personal fave of mine. I had no issues with hermies.
  3. This post just grabbed my attention. So what you are saying is Esko may be dropping Holy Princess due to some confusion over the mother's origin and some people being bothered about it? I noticed both Boudica and HP are no longer in stock at the store and Chucky's is gone. Man, if he is dropping the line that's a shame. That was borderline holy grail smoke for some. I mean everyone loved that stuff, sativa and indica lover's alike. It was the one strain me and another medical smoker friend of mine could agree on. He loves indicas and I love sativas. I really hope Boudica makes a return since I was finally about to put together the money for an order when I noticed it was gone. I also lost half my genetics including my HP due to a bad batch of rock wool with wonky ph. Luckily, after digging through my seed stash I found a few more HP. seeds I had set aside from my back up pack. I better pray i don't get unlucky with males or germination. Edit: Thanks for the heads up about the possibility HP will not return. I will treat my few remaining seeds very, very carefully. It's one of the few smokes I like the mental effects of that actually kill pain. I generally really don't like indicas, but I have a blown out disk in my back. I do pollen chuck so if i find a good female and male i will try to preserve her.
  4. That is music to my ears. Lady Cane is one I have been waiting on for a couple years now. That grapefruit looks lovely. Definitely one of the better strains from days gone by. The Grapefruit might actually make a really good cross with Lady Cane.
  5. Hatter

    Oaxacan IBL

    Although the strain would obviously not be a pure Oaxican anymore it will still be a pure Mexican sativa and my guess is you will see some hybrid vigor in the offspring. If you cross two stable lines such as land races the F1s tends to be very uniform and vigorous plants. Although it is often viewed as taboo you can certainly breed with feminized plants without any ill effects. The only real problem with breeding with feminized plants is the one you, yourself have run into which is you have to out cross your line if you ever want to have a natural gene pool with both sexes represented. Personally, it sounds like a cool project to me. Just pick a nice looking stud to the reproduction with. Pick the fastest growing, healthiest looking male, preferably one with good structure and that smells nice when you rub the stem. If you really get down and look at the Petioles and newly grown stems up close with a magnifying glass you will notice that they have tiny resin glands on them. Look for a male with lots of these miniture trichs if you can. On land race sativas you generally won't see much but if you can find a frosty male they are generally a keeper. I have a visibly frosty male Headband Fire OG Back Cross I am planning to do a little pollen chucking with myself. Normally I just kill off the males but every once in a while when I get one that looks special, I will go the extra mile and flower it out for pollen. Best of luck with your breading project.
  6. Just a heads up on the extreme equatorial IBL sativas, in my experience they really don't properly frost up, start becoming aromatic or gaining any sort of potency until they are in the last month or two of flower. For instance that Purple Haze was at least still two or three or more months away from finishing and would have been a very different experience at that point. You should consider giving the pure sativas another try sometime when you have a big grow space you won't need for at least half a year and let them finish before judging them. Very few plants will impress when tested several months before they are finished. One thing to note though is that although the effect, potency and aroma of the Ace Purple haze is quite special the strain is an absolute nightmare to grow, has 10X or more stretch, poor yield for such a long flowering plant, extremely wispy buds and the fastest finishing phenos take 16 weeks to finish with the slow ones taking well over 20 weeks. Ace Malawi and Panama are both consistent strains in my experience and certainly not lacking in potency. For comparison I would put the Ace Panama about on par with Blue Hammer for potency although it has a different more sativa leaning buzz. Ace Malawi is even stronger than the Panama. Two of the best strains in my garden are home made crosses I made with Ace Panama. The yields from those crosses are just insane particularly the Sannies Jack x Panama. The Panama makes good breeding stock in my opinion, much better than the Purple Haze which is just too crazy long flowering and poorly structured for such purposes. While I am here I should thank you for the blue hammer. It is a nice sativa hybrid strain and has been a pleasure to add to my garden. You guys do good work and I wish you the best of luck with your future projects.
  7. Man, seeing this thread pop up and re-reading it has really made me miss my Holy Princess mother. I lost the clone to a bad batch of rock wool. I grew out the remaining 3 seeds in the pack but only got one female and she was way more c99 leaning. Still really good, tasty smoke but it was missing that little bit of extra magic the Santa Maria leaning pheno had.
  8. Although I can't vouch for this particular pic one way or another, I do know Lady Cane is known for growing large colas and I have certainly seen and even grown colas close to this size with other sativa strains so it's well within reason that this could be legit. I had an Ace Panama with a main cola that was fluffier and less dense than this one but not far off in size, maybe 2/3 and I am by no means a master grower. Some sativas can produce absolutely massive yields.
  9. It appears I'm not the only one who has had some sweet results with this strain. It's nice to see quality work being done with land race strains. I've always been a big fan of land race sativa crosses because they tend have the best of both worlds. Land race strains often have unique buzzes that you simply do not find in commercial poly hybrids, but they are also often a pain in the ass to grow, have poor bud structure and take forever to flower. The first generation crosses often have a lot of the fun effects the land race strain had along with some of the vigor, but with a much better plant and bud structure and a shorter flowering time. I've grown out two different Oaxican hybrids now and both have had similarly strong, upbeat buzzes that leave me laughing. The quality of the effect is really what has set them apart for me. Mextiza and Aztec Rain are some of the few strains I can actually use to fight off depression. I look forward to trying more of Esko's Mexican land race work. So far I am quite impressed.
  10. I have a bad habit of wandering off into the real world and forgetting all about this forum for months on end, but having grown out Aztec Rain recently I thought I owed it to the creator of this awesome strain to give him a little bit of feedback and a thank you. Due to ending up with more female Holy Princess plants than intended, I had to pick just one of my two Aztec Rain testers for flowering. That one plant, however, was quite the gem. Both plants were healthy and fast growing but the keeper was just insane in this regard, one of the fastest growing plants I have come across and I grow crazy sativas so I have seen some real beasts in my time. The keeper grew roughly twice as fast and big as any of the Holy Princess plants which were started and taken down at the exact same time. It ended up about 5 feet tall with a medium lanky structure. The plant budded nicely with long frosty spear type buds covering the branches. The spears were medium dense and smelled strongly of a heavenly sour raspberry lime funk. Overall the yield was above average for an 8 1/2 week flowering plant. The smell and bud structure actually reminds me a little of Mextiza which is another Oaxican hybrid I sometimes grow. The smoke has a very nice uplifting and warm social quality to it. Like other Oaxican hybrids that I have tried the effect is strong and a bit trippy. I would rate the smell and taste as among the best I have had, right up there with Holy Princess. The quality of the buzz is also excellent. It has a unique buzz that is a cut above what I usually find at the dispensaries. It's strong smoke, a solid 8.5/10 for potency. I've seen this stuff make serious smokers go quiet and fade out into their own little world after half a dozen rips. My only complaint is the plant ended up with a mold problem in the top cola. This was likely due in part to an ailing fan and the resulting stagnant air and a bit of over watering. Still, despite the abuse it was my only plant to mold this time so it does seem like it may have a slight predisposition to it so it is something to keep in mind when caring for this strain. All in all this is one of the best plants I have had turn up in quite some time. It's a unique strain that I will have to grow out some more to see what else the gene pool has to offer. If this one plant is any indication, this is a very worthwhile strain. It's a shame so little information and feedback exists on this one. I would put this strain on par with Holy Princess which is high praise. Thanks for the quality genetics, Esko.
  11. It depends on what you judge a strain by. For taste and smell I think Aztec Rain, Blue Santa x C99 and Holy Princess are top shelf. Perhaps the best tasting and smelling strains I have ever grown, definitely near the top of my top five in that regard. Chocolate Cheese smelled strongly and had a nice aroma but it was more of a run of the mill fruity cheesy funk. Still very good but not top of the class. As far as potency goes both Princess and Aztec rain are strong smokes with the Princess being the stronger of the two. All of Esko's strains I have tested have been at least above average in potency. As far as yield goes Chocolate Cheese is the winner with a solid above average yeild. Aztec Rain was a close second in this regard and Holy Princess and Blue Santa x C99 are below average yielders. I can honestly say that I have NEVER had a dud strain from Esko. The plants will always smell and taste great, have solid to excellent potency with a very nice quality effect. They tend to flower fast by my standards and yield pretty average as a whole. The man does quality work. I think my overall favorite is probably Aztec Rain. It has a really nice happy uplifting sociable buzz, a solid yield, great smell and taste, great potency and above average yeild. I only flowered one super vigorous plant from this strain as a quick tester so maybe I just got lucky, but if that one plant is any indication, the strain is top shelf.
  12. Hatter

    Double Jam

    That's a good point about the not waiting for all the pistils to die with pure sativas. With the really long flowering tropical sativas some will go into a state of perpetual flower where they won't ever stop foxtailing and shooting fresh pistols. Often with pure sativas the trichs don't amber significantly until long after the bud is ripe. I've learned to judge the ripeness by the overall look of the bud with the swelling of the calaxes being one of the most important signs. My most recent Zammy clone went 18 1/2 weeks and still had 85% clear trichs on it and it was still throwing off fresh pistols on actively growing foxtails. Even despite the lack of ambers and new growth the plant was very obviously quite far into its harvest window. I think I might have to give the DJ a try sometime, but I am completely burned out on long flowering tropical sativas at the moment. I love the effects, but that Zammy grow was a nightmare. I was expecting 15 weeks tops and it was nowhere near done at that point. I should add that I was growing the original release of zamaldelica which was much more unstable and prone to throwing long flowering phenos. I hear the new generation is a bit more tame with much shorter flowering. Great smoke report. It really makes me want to try this sometime. It's a shame you can't get stuff like this from the dispensaries. They simply will not grow these long flowering pure sativas which is very disappointing given their unique effects.
  13. The addition of pure sativas like Ace Panama and purple haze to the gene pool is very promising. Some of the best strains I have are self made pollen chucks between a beautiful Ace Panama male I found and some of my sativa leaning modern poly hybrid moms. In general my favorite strains are either IBL sativas or hybrids that have been made with them. I was amazed out how well crossing with stabilized genetics turns out in general. The IBL land race strains tend to bring greatly improved vigor and yield to whatever you cross them with along with improved effect. The modern polyhybrid strains tend to bring larger trichomes, denser bud structure and improved taste and smell to the mix along with a shorter flower time. All in all the final product is often nice stuff. I would love to see a NAW cross of Purple Haze with something like blue hammer.
  14. It sounds like you are a man after my own heart. I have the same paradoxical reaction to sativas and indicas. Indicas cause me anxiety problems and the crazy sativas tend to fix them. Sadly, pure sativas are not easy to find in the modern seed market. Some quality breeders that I have grown out which specialize in pure sativas include Ace, Cannabiogen and Original Delicatessen. I should add that Esko here at Sannies is a very good breeder and has done work with some pure Mexican sativas. I have yet to try his new Mexican sativa lines but I tried some of his hybrid strains like holy princess and they were excellent so his Mexican work is probably worth looking into. Check out these breeders I mentioned and look for pure sativas with parental lines from Zamal, Thailand, Angola, Indonesia, Africa and some south and central American strains like Colombian, Mexican and Jamaican. I would describe the African and SE Asian strains as being the most clean, sensory enhancing and electric in effect. Old Original haze lines like old timer's haze, purple haze etc. that have not been cut with indica over the years are good too but will take a LONG time to flower, often up to 20+ weeks. Sadly most of the strains that will best fit your taste in smoke are going to be long flowering nightmares to grow. The trippiest most mood and sensory enhancing strain I have grown is a phenotype of the original Zamaldelica that runs 18+ weeks in flower. Destroyer would come in second on my list followed by Mextiza. Out of the short flowering pure sativas, Riena Madre, Bangi Haze and Oaxican Phenos of Mextiza were the best I have run across Mextiza was the trippiest of those three. Orient express has some indica in it but I had a vietnam black dominant orient express that was mildly trippy and very pleasant, sociable and uplifting smoke so it's worth mentioning. If you want to go the sativa leaning modern hybrid route then your selection of strains and breeders really opens up. Some good sativa dom hybrids that have a place in my garden include Holy Princess, Sin Diesel and Sannie's Jack. I wouldn't describe Jack as trippy but it has a pretty nice uplifting affect. Holy Princess is strongly euphoric and can be a bit trippy but doesn't have a clean come down like a proper sativa which is normal for hybrids. Holy Princess is pretty special stuff that smells and tastes absolutely amazing. It has that neat effect of making the world seem a bit more magical which is rare in a hybrid. The current version of Zamaldelica is much more stable than the one I ran which means you aren't likely to run into one of those freaky long flowering phenos. It should likely finish in 14 weeks or less. I've even heard of some Malawi dominant phenos finishing in under 10. If you run Zammy look for the bushy phenos with the super slender leaves. Those are the magic ones. They often smell of carrots and mango. The crazy pheno that is my fave has an undescribable aroma of freshly cut green onions, garlic, horse radish, sour carrots and ginger that stings the nose and eyes a bit as you trim it.
  15. Welcome to the new FF quality control. It's unfortunate I didn't see this thread sooner. I used to run FF Happy Frog and Ocean Forest and I had this same thing happen. I had the same exact nightmare of not being able to figure out what the problem was. Everyone on the forum I was on at the time had a different guess as to what it was. Long story made short, FF isn't what it used to be and although you may get bags of soil that work perfectly fine from them, not all are like that. There are bags that are so hot and toxic that they will kill transplanted mature plants. In my experience this problem only gets worse as the soil and plants age. Just to be certain, make sure to look for hemp russet and broad mites very carefully so you can rule them out as a contributing factor. I've also gotten some nasty bugs out of FF soil so you want to make sure nothing hitched a ride into your grow from the used agricultural soil they make FF with in part. These are not spider mites I am talking about which are like dinosaurs compared to these. They do not leave webs and they are not visible to the naked eye. The most common symptom they cause is leave claw. You need pretty high magnification to see them, 50X to 100x should work. Look everywhere but with special attention to where the petiole meets the base of the main leaf.
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