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  1. Zombo still likes to grow giant pumpkins snapper. I still use the corn. This year I get back to it for one more big run. I just came back to give a shout out to The Mole. Back to the regular programing.
  2. It is The Mole. The maker of Uranium Cranium and a person who shared as much or more than anybody. How is your wife? I remember your huge fish pictures and manure from the zoo. LOL! We had some great threads on Planet Ganja and you were a major part of them. Nobody uses duct tape like you did for plant care Snapper. Good to find out you are alive and well. There is no way in hell you weigh more than me either.
  3. How does etiquette connect to brand?
  4. Bluetooth did you plant the seed and when it poked it's head out of the ground vegged it for 1 week and then switched to 12/12?? That would result in a shorter plant. Basically a 12/12 from seed grow. Or did you start with a clone from a seed start plant?
  5. Hey there Soopy! Things are looking up for me and the wife. She had some surgery but is doing better now. I have quite a few different OG's right now. I am hoping they can be reduced to the best 2 or 3. There are a crazy amount of different OG's.
  6. Is the BB not the same cut then Joker? I didn't think it was the same cut because it tasted so strong of haze. The buzz was and is great though. This time the BB is smelling like blueberries when flowering. It never smelled like this before. It is actually making the whole grow area smell like blueberry fruit salad. I can't even smell Chem D or anything else unless I smell them individually close up. The BB is confusing me the way it has been different each time the last 3 grows. GSC at 49 days is crazy triched. Ghost OG bud sample at 49 days was already a keeper. Super great buzz.
  7. I am 100% certain that we have Pure Kush. I agree it is super fine weed.
  8. Hey there Joker, SPW and everyone else. I like to come here and read stuff and see if old friends are still alive but this site has very low traffic and many times is basically a ghost town. Combined with the incredibly cumbersome picture loading/posting and a clumsy search function and I just don't post much here. Joker I think that all has to do with root mass. I like to veg a plant until it is a nice bush. Then I cut it down to the 4 or 5 bottom shoots that many people like to take for clones. Now you have a 8" plant with 4-5 small branches and the root system of a 2 foot tall bush with many branches. Same thing you do only different. You keep trimming it and end up with a root system that supports a bigger plant than is now there. The difference is that even though you did veg the same as me you keep trimming and therefor have less leaves producing more energy for root growth but it still improved over what you did before. Example.. We each have a fresh rooted clone and you veg it to 18 inches and cut it back to 14 inches and then you do this a few more times. You have had a "14 inch plant motor" building your root system for all of the veg since the first trim. I let my freshly rooted clone keep growing past the 14 inch trim you did. Now the whole time until flower I have had a bigger plant making roots so I have to have more roots to support a bigger plant. Then I chop mine down to the shoots and let them veg a couple more weeks to grow and realize they are the main branches now so they get all the growth hormone that begins with an "O" (can't remember the name). When you just veg a clone to X amount of height and then flip your buds will be based on that root system. If you do what you are doing then even though your pot takes up the same space in the grow room and the plant is still 14 inches tall when you flip the buds that form are being produced by a much larger root system. I don't care about rotation of cop speed and clone, quick veg and flip. I just keep plants vegging longer so when I put them in the grow room I get maximum buds from the space the pot takes up. The Pure Kush is just that Pure Kush. When I had the various PK cuts like Sugenite PK Bx, L.A. Pure Kush and this PK I assumed it was L.A. Pure Kush because it looked just like the L.A. Pure Kush only healthier cut. I ran into that guy online after quite a few years and he said he later found out that he had Pure Kush and not the L.A. Pure Kush. When our friend got it from the breeder he got it from it only came labeled as Pure Kush. L.A. Pure Kush is a lanky OG Kush type strain and as we all know they really aren't a true kush. This one is. I got 2 ounces off a 2.5 gallon pot. It was my best run with her. The trich coverage is ridiculous and the potency is fantastic. I am going to reverse it and cross it with Ebeneezer Sploodge and call it Clepter Kush. I will post some pics. See this is what I am talking about. I either had to have pics already loaded or now I have to go load them and come back to the thread. And it will still be a pain to load them. OH yeah and I am going to take over the world in 2012.
  9. Clepter is the name of his icon character. Hopefully he will sail his ship through some rough waters and get back to growing super frosty nugs.
  10. If you find a spot that gets shaded pretty good late afternoon and until sunset it can help with earlier maturation. I have a spot on the side of a cornfield next to the trees. The sun shines on them in the morning and comes towards them during the day. By 4 pm they are completely shaded and by 6 they are about lightless. Whatever strains I put there will start to flower a 2-4 weeks earlier. I first noticed it when I put a Concussion clone there and it finished a month ahead of the ones in full sun. The next year I used the spot for a couple of Wonderbud s1 clones and they finished a couple weeks earlier. So I put a few Willie Nelson there because they would never finish and they did finish Nov 1 and made it through a couple frost. Other years they were a few weeks away from finish when they were frozen solid Nov 14. Is it in a spot you could cover them for a few weeks everyday a couple weeks before flowering would start? Dequelo has a good idea too. Keep them inside and then take them out. If you keep them under 24 hour light and then take them out around July 15 they will start to transition to flower and when the night starts gets longer around August 1 (which would normal induce transition) yours will have a couple weeks start. You could try it around July 1 if you need longer but it will be trial and error. Different strains react differently. Seedlings will be different than clones. That is why every year I plant clones or seedlings of things I know will finish in my area. Then each year I try a few new things or techniques and see how they do. If they work out I add those the next year. Never go into an outdoor season with all unknown stuff. It take time to build up a good group of outdoor stuff you can count on. Work on it year to year. Don't start to many new things and overwhelm yourself. germinating, pre-sexing and cloning takes time, space and lots of work. Then you have to dig holes and do all the outdoor work too.
  11. Here are the people left outside looking in the contest window. jwf smooth icatt RevMaynard dequelo man named truth foodstuffs inkog hillcrest Fat Freddy's Cat Fuzz keev... that's enough. There is probably more. I don't care that much now because it wasn't an exclusion thing. It is just not the finest moment in contest history. The novelty of my cemetary picture was going to carry it to victory though. I wouldn't have taken the seed prize though (no safe addy at present time) so it wasn't about that. It was more about competing with simplicity and imagination against high tech cameras and macros. Fuzz had a really awesome pic though. He might have been blocking the victory lane for me. LOL!
  12. Fuzz's super nice pic wasn't included either. ??? There must have been a secret contest to see who got in the contest. That was a waste of time for some of us. It doesn't seem like it was in the Christmas Spirit either. IMHO the two pics with artistic subject matter mine and fuzz are not even in the poll. Now mine might not be the best camera or pic quality but the pic content was high. However Fuzz had a pic that was in perfect focus and had superior artistic layout. Losing but competing would have been a satisfying feeling. However, being excluded from the competition has ruffled my feathers.
  13. That's a good question and I have the same question. I don't care about winning or losing. The fun was entering and just seeing how I did. But taking the time to submit a picture and then not including it in the poll is very disappointing. Why were photos not included in the poll that were submitted for the poll?
  14. I like you Vito. You seem very kind and you can rustle up some good grub too. Merry Christmas to you and everyone in your homeland. Merry Christmas OpenGrow!
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