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  1. I've only grown the 2012 version. I've not seen much info on the V5 at all.
  2. I sure will. Hopefully as narcotic as she looks.
  3. Tartar Kush F2 (Dark mother pheno) x Huckleberry 2012 This pic was taken at about 7.5 weeks of flower. She looks pretty close, but I want some amber in those trics. She's going to be a heavy smoke I reckon..
  4. If you ever need someone to look through those Bubba BX beans, or continue the project, I'm your man.
  5. @santero How does the original Bubba compare to the Katsu and Pre98 in effect, and what are your breeding plans (if any) for the original Bubba? I have heard that there are people out there holding the original Bubba seedlines in California, but as you know, people like to say all sorts of things.
  6. From what I have been reading, you need to have about 32 watts per square foot for flowering when using LEDs. https://www.ledgrowlightsdepot.com/blogs/blog/16326275-how-many-led-watts-are-required-per-square-foot-of-grow-space Going by that rule, you are going to want about 800 watts to cover a 5x5. I would not buy that light you linked to though. That thing looks like a piece of crap. You might be able to get by using this light https://horticulturelightinggroup.com/collections/all/products/hlg-550 Or, you could always order the parts, and build one yourself for less.
  7. I recently did an open pollination with some Anesthesia F1 that I've had in my collection for a couple of years. I only had room for 7 plants, so I wasn't able to pop all the seeds I had. I had 3 females, and 4 males. I made a bunch of F2's. The only bummer is that all of the females went herm on me. My basement was pretty cold, so you could chalk it up to that. 2 of the 3 females had visible nanners by the 6th week of 12/12. The best looking of the 3 females also went herm, but the nanners weren't apparent to see until after she was harvested. I believe she was the Heri pheno. Very little smell. One of the Ana females almost smelled like oranges while in flower. I was going to call it "Mandarin Annie" if the smell would have stayed. Here's a pic of the 4 males together. I am not sure which male is which, but these are all pictures of each of the 4 males I used. I did prefer one over the others, but as a preservationist, I wanted to use them all. Here's some pictures of the different females. I only took one of them to full maturity, due to the nanners. This is the standout female of the grow. I let her go about 10 weeks to make sure the seeds were ripe, and it's possible that I took her a couple of weeks too long. I am assuming this is the Heri pheno? The smoke is a pure body high. It's got little to no head effect at all. A lot of people describe the sensation as being like a warm blanket. From my experience, that is very accurate. It kind of freaked me out at first, because it was such a unique feeling. But then I remembered all of the smoke reports I read.
  8. Just curious, is the Dynasty return still happening?
  9. That smell could come from the Huck. You never know for sure what traits a parent is going to pass on in an outcross. A line might be true-breeding when bred to itself, but might express something different when crossed to an unrelated strain. In my experience, Huck Kush is pretty dominant in outcrosses from what I have seen, but I've only grown Huck crossed with other Kushes, so I might be misunderstanding what traits are coming from which parent.
  10. I've grown a decent amount of Huck Kush plants, and to be honest, I only had one plant that really looked and smelled like Huckleberry. I had another plant that smelled like pineapple when it cured, and was super frosty, and the rest smelled more like the Oregon Affie ( I am presuming). I may have had another pheno that was a bit more berry when I first grew it in 2015, but the Affie dom pheno I grew with it was way better. One plant I grew smelled like earthy rootbeer, another like sandalwood and coffee, another like earthy fermented fruit. I noticed in the description that Professor P gives on Huckleberry Kush V3 that the ratio of phenos have changed. The 2012 version was like 60/30 Oregon Affie dom, with the other 10% being mixed. The V3 was like 30/40/30, with the more mixed phenos being most common. There is a V5 out now, but I don't know much about it. I think Professor P is tweaking it to get it right. The 2012 version is really Affie dom in my experience. It's an awesome strain though. Great for breeding too. Hard to fuck your pollen chucks up when you throw a Huck male on something. Almost always beefs it up, improves the structure, and brings the frost.
  11. That's gorgeous BeachBud. Looks like she'll be done soon. I've grown that pheno before. What kind of smells are you getting? When I would rub the stem on mine, it smelled peppery and spicy. The buds had an herbal earthy smell, with maybe some sandalwood and coffee. The high was nice and relaxing. You should have some great meds there/
  12. Tartar Kush F3 Tartar Kush F2 (Dark mother pheno) x Tartar Kush F2 (OG Berry pheno)
  13. What's happening buddy? Been a while.. 

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      OH really I have not noticed, if you hear from him, tell him some folks have been wondering about him, give OG a hollar

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      I am without a garden.   But am back for now.

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      It is so good to see you! Welcome back

  14. Figured I'd just follow you around everywhere that we are members. Hope all is well. 

  15. Tartar Kush F2 (Dark Mother) x Huckleberry Kush 2012
  16. Tartar Kush F2 (Dark Mother)
  17. Looking really good @BeachBud I've grown a couple of packs worth of Huck Kush 2012, and I rarely have seen a Oregon Huck dominant plant. I really did like the one I grew though. I didn't make F2's with it, but I did cross it to another Kushy strain I have been playing with called Tartar Kush. I made some Huck F2's last year using a peppery smelling male I found that kind of resembles one of the clones you have a picture of above. Sorry to photo bomb you, but here's a few pics of some of the Huck Kush plants I have grown over the last couple of years. I wish I had more pics of this one. This was a very resinous lady from the start. I crossed her to a couple of stout looking Tartar Kush males, and then selected a male for a BX. I'd have made F2's that run, but only ended up getting Huck females. She had a pineapple smell upon curing. Decent potency, but not the strongest of the batch. I called this one the "levitator pheno." Makes your feel feel floaty when you walk. Probably my favorite pheno. Good yield, and less leafy than some. Had the classic herbal coffee smell. This one is strong too. Called it Huck "sour". Has a little bit of a sour citrus and coffee smell. Has more head, and can get overwhelming. Called this one Huck 4. It seems to have less thc, but possibly a lot of cbd. More of a feel good strain than a stone you to the bone strain. Might be my favorite for everyday use. I made a few crosses with Huck, and was particularly proud of this cross. I call it Wolfie's Kush only because I got sick of typing the lineage out. It's Tartar Kush (purple pheno) x Huck Kush (resinous pheno) x Tartar Kush (2 males). Even thought it's a Tartar Kush bx essentially. The Huck shines through. Keep up the good work man..
  18. Looking really good. What kind of smells are you getting? I had a female that looked a lot like that, and it had a really nice skunky berry smell. I've grown out about a two packs worth of Huck Kush, and only found a pheno like that once.
  19. I have also found that to be the case with Sativa phenos of Indica strains. A couple of years ago, I grew out some Helmand Afghani seeds, and had one pheno that looked like a Sativa. Whereas, the other plants did not. One pheno had the classic maple looking leaves, and dense buds. Another smelled like lemons. However, the Sativa looking pheno was devastating to the body. Made me feel like Jello when smoking it. Smelled like pineapples and grapefruit in flower, but cured to a hashy Cheetos and body odor smell. Not sure where the Sativa genetics crept in from, but it was an awesome plant. Sorry to hijack the thread though. The Peyote Purple sounds very interesting. Also goes to show that there are really cool recessive genes hiding in what would seem to be a pure Indica by appearance and effect (Pre 98 Bubba Kush).
  20. I would imagine the shorter one favors the Oregon Afghani side, and the taller one is more the Oregon Huckleberry side. Out of the couple of packs I grew out, I found the Oregon Huckleberry pheno to be my favorite for all around for flavor and potency. Had a sour skunky berry taste. I guess it all boils down to what you are looking for.
  21. I am friends with him on Facebook, and I have not seen him post in almost a year. I am concerned about him. He hasn't posted on any of the private forums either. I hope he ok. Sorry to hijack the thread.
  22. I am sorry to hear that you don't feel very well Stick'ski. I will PM you at GM when I have a chance later today.
  23. First off, welcome to Open Grow brother. You will find that we have many broskis here among us. I hope Summer is treating you well. Second off, yes, you need to grow those Black Affies. It might be possible that you may find some high cbd plants too. I need to buy a pack when I can afford it. I am sure it will make fine breeding stock.
  24. Hey man, been awhile. How are you?

  25. Wow! It's been a while since I have been to this forum. Congrats on getting your own breeding section. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving, or humble guy.
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