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  1. dennis000

    Which HPS is the best ?

    Read attached files, you guys will know clearly, I can beat USHIO, PHILIPS, but most of USA distributors don't need professional HPS grow light, they only purchase cheap HPS street light to fool endusers. Our OEM brand in USA only Genesis. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNIXHRC0dyg&t=12s Don't buy cheap 1000w DE from most of China companies.xlsx Know more about Lumenhort 1000w DE.docx PHILIPS greenpower TEST REPORT 01.pdf USHIO BLV TEST REPORT.pdf 20180516 HPS1000 A TD.pdf
  2. dennis000

    Hortilux vs Genesis Bulbs

    http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Lumenhort-230v-600w-HPS-grow-light-PAR-1100umol-s/718364_2048314206.html I can show you our bulb with PAR test report, we supplied EURO market for 2 years, the most of distributors from north American only want cheap price, after you checked the report from growerhouse.com you will clear what bulbs those famous brand purchased to sell you end users.
  3. dennis000

    Hortilux vs Genesis Bulbs

    Do you believe it without test report? http://www.gavita-nederland.com/products/lamps/philips-hps-lamps/item/philips-agrolite-xt-1000w Philips or hortilux is about 1850╬╝mol/s, with reflector it can increase 5%