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  1. Wow! So been offline for a few days due to internet issues so I have been trying to get tucked into this set up as best I can and here is where I am so far... Extraction vents done and dusted, fitted stockings over them to act as a bug blocker, will this work? Next was to fit the duct from inside to fan then to one of those above. Had to dig deep for the patience as wasn't as simple as I would have liked. I also added some white velcro straps to the Rhino filter as the ones supplied with tent were slipping and just not fit for purpose on their own. So here is how the internals look thus far... So next I wanted to tackle was the set up of this Wilma 4 pot system, sheesh, next 2 pics show the tray and then a close up of the tips, which ones are which?? Also if you look the centre piece is too long for the pre made holes!!! Or am I missing something? Also I now need to study how to use the tap on this pipe 'if' I manage to get it to fit. It also looks as though I have only been sent 18L pots that look like monsters, my missus nearly dies when she seen em... I have added some ambient temp readings using the temp/humidity unit, if interested, this is with no intake fan, just one of the unused vents open, do i need to add a tuber piece of duct to this and bug screen it also, unsure if I need to extract from outside yet or not All that said I have just spent a fun time trying to wash out 90L of supplied HydroCorn pebbles, what feckin mess, stealth?? they make a racket in a builders gorilla bucket and a plastic tub, I guess I washing them a little early, but too late, covered them in black bags but will re rinse closer to the time of needing them I guess. Just trying to work out how I can make the water they are soaking in pH 5.5 - 6.5 as the reading I believe if I am to believe the pen is about 7.2.....then to get 50L at least of same pH water to the res in time for when and if my seeds pop.....which I am hoping to do once I get my head around the light/ballast/maxi bright 2 way switch {with no switches visible} set up, am I going to have to have any plugs inside my tent at all?? Sorry for such a looong update..
  2. I should really pre proof my posts before posting, damnautocorrect, just trying to add my images of where I am at today as offline for a few days...
  3. So I have a minimal amount of space for extraction, meaning it's approx less than a meter from fan to vent, I am worried if I have to lights on at any point it's dark outside I may create a little light house effect , what's the best way to minimise this? Or am I worried for nothing, I just think the duct is silver and would act like a fibre and shine bright across the town? Thanks
  4. Why you n idiot bud? Just lost my career so I have no choice right now, life choices!
  5. @EcB I believe the brand is Hesi, Hesi Hydro Starter Kit includes:-, 1 litre Hydro Grow, 1 litre Hydro Bloom Complex, 500ml PK13/14, 500ml Roots Complex, 10ml SuperVit & 500ml Powerzyme ​My set up so far....those straps don't feel like they man enough to hold that filter, might have to add something else as well...
  6. Ouch @ EcB, sorry to hear that also man, I bought a kit and it came with clay pebbles so I am going with that as I have over 100l to use @bluebach thanks for the welcome bud, just trying to work out the pic thing, but only just 20% set up as still to decide where to make holes for extraction and intake, finding out I have to get a secondary fan possibly, bug cards/screens/tights, stealthy covers for the holes, blackout stuff for my groom location, water storage/buckets, pipettes/syringes for the nutes/feeding etc, some initial rock wool to start my beans off as well as small pots and or a propagator, an oil filled rad in prep for winter, yadda yadda yadda So its gonna be a journey for sure....
  7. @Grobi Thanks man, been reading and reading, time for the doing Thanks all for the great welcome
  8. Hi All, New starter... Below is basics of what I have got... DS120 II Tent Maxibright 600w Ballast 4 pot Wilma and and and..... kit arrived, massive! imo, so a few hours later and most boxes open, tent is up, now fook me, where do I start.... sent me a CAN-FAN without any power cable, so butchered an old flat screen TV, that do? cid:18A4CF79-890D-4EC2-A8FA-32C6CBD124C3@Home The Rhino Pro Filter 150/300 looks mahoosive too - need to find some decent set up pics so any pointers of anyone you know who has set up a DS120 II or that beast of a filter so I can get some ideas, bit anal with my work so want a clinical environment cid:BDF693FF-01AA-4C39-9801-EC29F1BDB513@Home Also I need to extract externally so my own bit of DIY to do for that but would like to see some ideas on how to fix the ducting outside and inside of tent. Worried about bug intake around the intake and light as the exhaust site should be covered by the Rhino filter. Haven't even looked at the Wilma system yet... Feel like a kid in on first day of school but one who cannot even count!! Please be gentle and appreciate any constructive help, thank smuchly.. Sweaty!
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