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  1. Thats how i do. I learned from Indy.. I think u get more out of your light and better penetration. Another good part is the heat goes outward not down like a reflector does. Check it out, i bet u will like it.. @indy.keep doing what u doing bro. The world will b a better place..
  2. Anyone hear from Gardenartus. I have pm her and no reply..
  3. Real nice gardner.. Lot of tricromeson these..
  4. Beautiful BB. Wishing u a Great New Year.. I love the weed u grow..
  5. Looks like u have a great harvest.. No scissor hadh for awhile .lol I see instead some nice bubble hashish
  6. Looking good Gman.. Hope u have a great New Year and your grows are great.. A couple bon bon buds
  7. Lookz like u may bkeepong them too wet... Can not really tell with no more showing.
  8. Hey BB... NICE LOOKING PLANTS Wishing u a great new year. U always have beauties Thanks fpr the great genetics
  9. bigun

    out 2019 small grow

    Getting my 10 spots ready for spring.. I go dwn about 24" and and put 1 gal of fresh chicken manure in it..cover it up and mark the spot for future reference..lol I do this same routine every winter. Have fun and keep safe... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR
  10. I take a box..lol I have sent u 3 pm's with 0 answerrd
  11. Looks great.. Gonna b a sticky girl.. Good work.
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