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  1. Man, that is some nice looking weed..good job for sure..Tahnks for sharing..
  2. I sure will b watching this..thanks for sharing..
  3. hey Mrt. GF, I am of the opinion anyway a person crosses a different strain ,as long as they both can help the other in what U really want for yourself is a good cross...The Mohawk does it all for me..HEAD AND BODY...fair yielder and very hardy inside ..now we will see how she performs outside..i am betting, really well.. That is the only cross that is not from a cross from someone else..the c-99 was gifted to me from a friend ...the skunk a clone only here... anything u might need ..when u need it..lol..just holler..
  4. looks nice Mr. GF...looks as if u might have taken her a little early..SILL LOOKS YUMMY.. THANKS 4 sharing
  5. Bro,RT is a great outdoor plant..need to just keep the bugs in control. I usually get 8 or better from a plant. I will b growing more OS as well as Dawn Mohawk and and Green Ale. I also love the Mohawk as well as all who has smoked it..lol I do a blend sometimes and grind a bud from each and call it the Special Blend..lolBTW..it is great.. Good luck with the RT this grow...Later
  6. I haven't taken any pics since the new forum was created.... I haven't tried..lol maby later I will try and post some pics of the new gear I am growing from some special people on here..thanks guys
  7. goes for 9/10 per gram here... some even charge 20..lol AND TGHEY GET IT!! HAVE A GOOD WEEK EVERYONE.
  8. bigun

    Any Gardeners?

    nice going Toker.. the Sugar Baby watermellons are a a hybrid and don't get very big but as the name implies,,they are sweet.. all my veggies are up..i have finally got to see the green on my potatoes.. I have 8 jalipino peppers ready and 6 hills of cukes and same with summer squash..they all will go in the garden spot next week..oh,i also have five green ale,thanks BB..4 RT and 4 Dawn+ 9 Mohawk seedling that will hit their final home in a week or so.. Lords will I will have a good crop of everything... will find me some German Johnson tomato plants if at all possible..could not find any last year... our frost date is Aprial 15 so get ready OUTSIDE here we come..lol Take care and enjoy your garden...BTW, I have not posted any pics since the new site was made..never tried ..lol
  9. Hey Saxo..that should make your 10th annv. a happy one. have a great weekend..those Hurple sure are looking good.THANKS
  10. retraction..lol that male BB was a anetisa(sp) x g-39 . I tink from reading on the 2 crosses they should jive..fingers crossed/////
  11. Thanks Papa... and enjoy the Dawn..great tasting and good daytime smoke for sure..lol I have moved non flowering plants outside after frost nights and they didn't flower. never moved a flowering one outside.. I have eight of your beauties...nine really counting the preggy one..lol also crossed it to a GM x IPA from Beach bud..sounds exciting to me..will b one of my first runs this fall... thanks bro.. u all ever head south Myrtle Beach Fla.after june?
  12. Need a few answers from all u nice folks.. Can u move flowering plants outside .will they still keep flowering or revert to veg again?? will my clones and seedlings start flowering if I move them out after being on 24/7 under a florescent bulb? thanks fellows..
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