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  1. I like my day time temps at exhaust on at 85 and nighttine at 70. I
  2. bigun


    I also.like the tuberry.. Should b one bad girl..
  3. bigun


    Nice show Sandman. Love how u allow your plants to fade like they should... I think it just makes it taste much better. Keep on keeping on ..
  4. Why did u not move the plants to the new room??
  5. B careful Angle. I have a friend that does them... She said they take u places u have never been..lol
  6. DB, I myself have been a hothead until i started to mellow a couple years ago I myself am guilty of not making myself clear and just get it out . It has caused me some problems in life but i was taught that being straight forward is the best way...b honest with yourself ss well with everyone around u. D.B.,as far as my old time growing ,i have been at it starting outside over in Mohawk W.Va. in 1971. That is where the name of one of my hacks name originated MOHAWK came from.. Also,u are righy about one thing for sure..IHAVE HAD MY TRIALS AND ERRORS.."LOTS OF ERRORS"..LOL Take care andb cool mi
  7. Hey dude. I was not downing Hempy in no way.i ,myself have read and learned from his texts.. I was just asking a simple question and i am sure Hempy is not ,or i hope he is not,offended by what i said. U D.B. took it out of context..
  8. Hempy, Have u ever showed your grows .i surely would like to see how your science works compared to my homestyle indoor growing. Getting old but alwayd willing to learn...lol Love to take a look see at yours.
  9. Thanks mr.g The entire thread is on other forum.
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