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  1. Looks great Jet.. U always have nice plants..
  2. A beauty..love the colors
  3. Yes she is Jet.. Love GSD's..i also have 3 ..lol Beautiful lookjng grow too
  4. Looks great Hemp...
  5. Nice colanro.. GREAT JOB
  6. I am blessed in that ilive in the country and the closesr neighbor is a pot head ..lol She dates my best friend...BONUS!!!! Heat is a problem in rooms that are sealed.i have to intake fresh air and exhaust bad hot air.Sure does make it a seasonal thing for me. Lol Good thing is i have been fortunate in that i can grow gorilla style.. Have a great ervening
  7. Olsqueak, I have never used the lightd. All i have ever uzed is HPS and MH.. At 70 years old i think i will stick with what i know for a fact works. I get great results,already have all i need. I do have the cost of new bulbs every 2 years.i don't run 12 months a year and they will only loose about 15% of lumens in six monts of use. Take the fact that u start with grow bulbs, MH, for a month or so and 8/10 weeks of flower,HPS. i keep a spare of everything i have to have,fans,ballast, environmental equipment etc. OS,i have 2 4 x 5 rooms and i also use 600 watt ballasts. In my 2 other rooms which is 5 x 7 i run 2 2000 watt in each. room. Take care and keep.it green.
  8. Peeps are funny in so much as they will come on,ask quedtions and adhere to none of it...???????
  9. I would tske them out of the soil they are in and repot.. Just wash the soil away frm the roots real gently and gave FRESH soil ready. Back when i used chemical ferts i have had to do this.. GOID NEWS..IT REALLY WORKS.. JUST B GENTLE TO THE ROOTS.. Any dead or datk roots remove.. Hope something helps...
  10. Yeh some like the UK BLUE has sone nice scent.i really like the Dawn i.grow..sweet and smells good too..lol If i remember i got both the BBindica and the old Afghan. The BB was a good yielder.the Afghan was STRONG and a few good tokes and u was hammered..lol Sure would like to have had it back.
  11. bigun


    Looks great.. Love to see well kept grows..
  12. Does all the SP have color like yours? How long does it flower? Beautiful plants and thanks for showing us.
  14. Everything is bwautiful my friwnd. That purple snd pi k colors are really nice. Thanks for thr show..u still gt it.
  15. Toker,it is 92 at the prezent and the high is 97. Tomorrow it is supposr to b 79 and on down to 72 Saturday. From thers it looks blumb good.lol The fungas knats are bad around the compose pile.i do when i sprsy hit thd surface to TRY and vontrol them, BTW,i have eaten a few myself..lol @Mr Goodfellow...u blucky some just north are getting heavy snow. Take care fellows and b safe in whatever u do.. Later
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