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  1. That is so gracious of u Jet.. I always knew u were a great fellow..
  2. what kind of lights u using Papa?...looks great
  3. someone thinks they are so smart...lol smh...lol
  4. Thanks for all the best wishes. Mr.Goodfellow...I had already smoked some of the best reefer in the world..lol have a great dy my friends...
  5. Tomorrow I will b 69...50 years ago I celebrated my 19th Birthday in the Nam... learned a lot in those 50 years and one was keep my grows as quite as possible..don't let anyone know u have excess weed and ofcourse don't sell,especial;lly to strangers or someone u would not trust with a 100 dollar bill..lol Still going strong and Thannk God for all my blessings. Keep up th egood work,,all u guys and gals have a wonderful summer..
  6. Make sure u know what u are in for..Ask Indy..a friend turned into a thief and scallywag...
  7. Beautiful bro..may have to try those Octo's
  8. Great looking buds Hydro... thanks for the pics
  9. Beautiful plants..i like u Mr. GF that if u take the fans off they will not do well... so much for that theory.lol I do now remove a few leaves,from around the plants ..I also think it helps build a bud up.. thanks for the pics..
  10. Mr.GF..please post a pic of the plants u are growimg.. Really interested in the MH x Lemon Fanatsy…lol
  11. Great Run Mr. Dirt... Thanks for sharing...
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