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  1. Looking good all the way my friend. Sorry i don't keep up on grows but with my eye and the back it has been a problem keeping up with mine and they have been neglected, not by choice but health Take care
  2. Mr gf, I googled what u said Loke i said it is caused ny a parasite mosquitoes, It does cause a lot of the same symptoms as the coronavirus. It also can kill if untreated. Sorry mr. Gf.i stand to.b.corrected.. PEACE
  3. Indy i love the color. Looks like it will make a great Sinister cross
  4. I disagree that malaria is a parasite. It is a virus that is terrible if u contract it. It is delivered by mosquitoes. This is ,i guess, the parasite u are talking about Spent 2 tours in Nam and i saw malaria in action. I TOOK MY PILLS AS DIRECTED..LOL
  5. U helping others,me included ,is why i call u ANGEL. U SRE THE BEST.
  6. If u haven't worked compose ,manure in ypur outdoor spots ,u stillhave time here on the east coast. I guarentee u will b rewarded.. I fixed up 12 of my 20 spots.and they will b filled 8n early may.
  7. Looks great shiska.. I eill wTch yours and get your report. I was tbinki g i could make a few crosses if it is REALLY GOOD...lol
  8. Looki g great my frie d.. I LOVE SURPRISES..HURRY I CAN'T STAND TO WaiT..LOL
  9. I have LUI seeds that Lndy gifted to.me a long time ago. Was hoing to pop them this run but decided on Bom Bon clones. This gear is for real..x.
  10. Absoulty beautiful. Was in Denver and stayed up in Evergreen for several days..loved the old mountain townships snd beautiful mountains.
  11. Thats how i do. I learned from Indy.. I think u get more out of your light and better penetration. Another good part is the heat goes outward not down like a reflector does. Check it out, i bet u will like it.. @indy.keep doing what u doing bro. The world will b a better place..
  12. Anyone hear from Gardenartus. I have pm her and no reply..
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