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  1. It looks to me that they were happy from day1. Also if those flowers are hard..your yield will b great... JUST A BEAUTIFUL LOOKING GROW..LOVEHOW THEY ARE FADING LIKE THEY ARE SIPPOSE TO.
  2. We have had a lit of spiders this year also. Never saw so many gopher spiders in my life.they had little burrows all over my garden..lol
  3. bigun


    Sanman,i still have some of your gear. Planning on doing some work with them later on.. Everything I grew out of your gear was good and tasty also which is a bonus. Keep doing what u are doing..lt is great
  4. Great..planning on checking on some STRONG Indica..fast flowering and finishing.. GOOD LUCK
  5. Great thread and plants..BEAUTIFUL... As far ss the mutant I grew blueberry indica from DJ short for years. Each seed run it seems like I got a mutant or two out of 50 seeds. Looked just like yours.great weed though. Good luck and take care
  6. JC,u sure BW , as here they don,t web... I thought spiders that build webs are non poisonous. Check it out.. I love the little jumping spiders (and they are poisonous. They clean all the ,if u have any,bugs out and keep them out..lol GOOD LUCK AND ENJOY LIFE
  7. Ju what is the lineage of the plant..love the color
  8. bigun

    out 2019 small grow

    Hey BB, They are beautiful for sure.they been in the ground since early Aprial.. I hope they will have time to finish.it starts raining here in mid Oct or close. They are in the ground so I can't move them indoors..lol Thanks for the beans..i will make good use of them..
  9. Reallynice.. Wish I could grow openly like that.. Looks like a great harvest in your future .
  10. bigun


    When Santero tells u something u can take it to the bank..he is fair and if u have a problem..he WILL HELP...
  11. Griot, my Dawn has a pheno that has lots of color when flowering and their stems will turn red/purplish. The other phenos and the rest of the room keeps green.lol I think they are pretty. ENJOY
  12. Great looking buds there buddy... Gonna b a while before I have any fresh.. Smoking that amn x g-39 at the moment.great tasting g but I am sure I didn't let it go long enough..needed 2 more weeks at least.needs 12/14weeks. I think...
  13. Put 45 mohawk and 30 skunk x huck x hero on paper towels this PM Gonna try and get a crop off by Thanksgiving.. Will keep u posted on grow. Hopefully I can get some picks up.all i have is my cell
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