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  1. We want to b around a LONG TIME.. Hoping everything is ok and .Wishing u and yours a Happy and Prosperous NEW YEAR..
  2. I bred dogs for years. Trained them I will tell anyone A fog is a lot like children,YTHEY WILL DO WHATEVER U ALLOW..LOL When u get your chickens ,put them in a cage so the dog k ow they are yours by when he gets close to the pen,..Tell it NO NO with a scolding boice. I bet u guys will b amazed at how smart a dog is..
  3. Looks great bro. I will have a grow of your beans in a short while away. Got 4 rooms going now. Like u my males was 50% . I had 88 nice seedlings ..44m..44 f. Since then i.have culled 3..lol Take care..
  4. Mariea.if u wet a couple wet paper towels, place the seeds in,fold the towels over and fold all 4 sides and ends..place them in a gallon bag. In 2/3 days u have little white tap root popping out. U can take them out of the gallon baggie, hold them to a window and u can see if they have germinated.. I Usually i get 95/100%. Ipopoed 10 year old seeds i had in freezer and put more than I needed not expecting them all to pop.. They did..lol
  5. Out of likes..lol Good to see u Smokey..
  6. Thanks for the show. Always great and I grew 2 gems outside and I do better in side with these ipa's u sent to me.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. BEEN A LONG YEAR HERE IN VA.
  7. Just got finished reading this and all I can say is awesome.. Love The frost ladies..they frost up like the 99 does.. Great grow and great reporting ..
  8. Here is some pics if I can upload them. The.pink buds are huckxheri x c.99.. These are at 29 days when the pic was taken. Hope u enjoy..
  9. bigun


    I have 30 seedlings getting ready for a room of them c 99 f-6 and Mohawk=c-99 x pineapple skunk..clone only here..
  10. Looking great .. Gonna b some great smoke.. Good luck with all u do..
  11. I popped 100 seedlings and ended up with 88 good o es. Out of 88 I have 44 females and now.. THE FUN BEGINS... I WILL POST REPORTS AS I USE TO. I have the 44 plants in 2 5x7' rooms under 2 1000watt hps in each room.. They have smaller trunks as I would like but I had to use less light because of the outside temps.. I use a personal soul mix that I have use for years. Hope u enjoy. I will have to re-learn the posting process. Thanks all.. BIGUN IS BACK
  12. Than u Brother.. Many thanks from all the damily. He is out now. They gave him some strong stuff??? And knocked it in 2 days.. He is out and tested negative 2 times..
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