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  1. I had DJ shorts blueberry from the late 80's until 2011 when I lost everything... I also got the old Afghan and Indica NL.. I never got any blueberry smells although it did have a sweet smell and aftertaste..the BB AND NL yielded but of course the old Afghanie Genetics didn't yield a lot but man, it would knock u on your behind ..lol. Closest thing I have had since than was the UK BLUE IN WHICH I USED TO.MAKE THE DAWN..
  2. Jet,the only thing I use from a container is beastie boom. My soil is mixed and i.use no.other ferts until the beastie bloom. No. Your grows are usually great looking plants but I found out the less nutes I use the better my peeps.like my weed..no chemical taste and no flushing.. Back when I used all tha npk my harvest was greater but the taste was. Not as good.So I am told by others Bud I can tell u.myself no LUnger coughts..lol Take care and keep it green.
  3. That is great u can do that Jet. I try my best to make it simple for.me.. I been doing this many years and simple is better for me and I don't like to guess or gamble when it comes to.my grows.. Lol, I work to hard with mine to.tske a chance of hurting them and starting over.. Too darn old for that.Gard enough on this old man..lol Jet I have all the respect in the world for u in your grow world Always fo what u think.is best for u.. That is what I do....
  4. To each his own Jet. I never commented on Papa's post to argue .. I only stated what I know is factual.. Don't have to take mine anywhere, I just use my HANA.
  5. Hey Angle,thanks for the deodorant..lol Put in on my bad shoulder and honey it works. Still sore f But not throbbing.. THANKS
  6. Jet my brother it is still guessing if u do 't have a meter.. Papa the Hana is the best on the market, in my humble opinion.. My water has a ph value of 7.1 I use ph down and using my meter get it to EXACTLY 6.2 ..it is very helpful and takes all the guess work out of it... Everyone had their way.I was just stating mine..
  7. Bro Papa, I always have had and use my meter. Only way to really b accurate on pom and ph... I use my soil mix only,which Carrie's about 600 to 800 ppm when drainage is checked in the beginning. I do not add any nitrogen as the grow continues.i do keep a check on my drainage yhough.nearing the flip time I check again and if will still have a 300to 500 ppm. Again after the flip the I use the bestie twice and the plants will cannibalize the plants layer in flower..lol 2 weeks ago I fed my outside plants 1500ppm..they are beauties.. I just can,y figure out how yo post with my phone or I would post some pics. I am not good with these gadgets..lol Papa I think when your plants don't fade u have too much nitrogen in the soil or h2o..i like my plants to cannibalize themselves. PEACE B WITH EVERYONE
  8. Bro,I use the beastie boom in week 3 and again in week 5...no more I use 1200 rpm in week 3 and 600 in week 5... Hoping your grows are bountiful...
  9. Mr. GF Du u all have mites there. As much as u move plants in and out ,if u had them looks like u would move them inside as well as out. Have a great grow..
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