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  1. bigun

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Barney u sure have done the cross justice..BEAUTIFUL.. Should knock your socks off..lol I popped 6 last spring and was going to put outside and a rabbit,i think got high on them lol everyone has beauties but that is the norm for the growers on here/ U GUYS AND GALS ARE GREAT
  2. bigun

    LED vs.....

    if the MH and HPS is not as good why do commercial growers use them???? I do agree however that the grower and the environment he or she creates has a BIG impact on the final results regardless of the lights u may use.. happy growing to all
  3. she is fine but said never any more edibles for her..lol
  4. bigun

    The Mouse House

    I have tried top watering and don't like it.I don't use the octos but I do use flood and drain method.. my plants have always loved this method...what they like ..I do..
  5. bigun

    King Hydro(hidronesia)

    great looking grow Mao.. it shows the skill u have at growing weed,, WELL DONE BY THE GROWER AND THE SEED MAKERS...
  6. bigun

    Would this COB led be enough for a 5 x 5 grow tent?

    personally I like 45/50 watts per sq. ft. seems like if u have less the buds are fluffy and takes longer to finish.. me,being an old time grower will stick to my MH and HPS I am trying a grow now with MH from start to finish.... looks great so far..not due until last of March.. have a great day everyone
  7. those choco mints look great Angle. I believe I have had some back a few months ago.... gace a half to my better half and she didn't know and ate the other half and I didn't know it.. I had a rough time with her when it kicked in.. quite funny when it was over but she scared the poop out of me.. like talking someone down on a bad trip..lol take care all
  8. bigun

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  9. bigun

    "interveinal death" on Holy Princess

    Papa back when I used movers I kept the lights 6" from the top of the plants.... had one to go bad and had I not found it REAL earl on , I would have lost a couple plants.. after that I kept them 18" above.. rule of thumb that I use is ,(turn your wrist up toward the light...if it is uncompfortable..it is too low...) Wishing u good growing...
  10. I know that feeling Angle..last Month mine was 435 and this month 386.. it just gets more expensive to grow every year.... Everything is!!!!!
  11. bigun

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    since I started back some years back,can't remember how long ago. I haven't had as good as smoke ever as I do now and have since I started using his crosses and crossing his crosses ..lol The Clown knows his stuff...THANKS INDY FOR ALL U HAVE DONE FOR ME..NEVER FORGET MAN..
  12. bigun

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    sweet looking smoke there fellows and gals. Angle what is the Dutchess and does she yield good? I haven't tried to post any pics..little leary!!!LOL take care all....
  13. bigun

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    nice guys.. keep the pics coming///
  14. hey bro..I sent u some c-99 f-6...I just finish a grow using a net of my Mohawk made with the c-99 f-6.. weed I great tasting and a good yielder in 3 gal soil pots..your way u could get a lot more ..lol. if I sent to u the Moawk pop it when u get an opening..gret long lasting buzz..