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  1. bigun

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    Barney u sure have done the cross justice..BEAUTIFUL.. Should knock your socks off..lol I popped 6 last spring and was going to put outside and a rabbit,i think got high on them lol everyone has beauties but that is the norm for the growers on here/ U GUYS AND GALS ARE GREAT
  2. bigun

    LED vs.....

    if the MH and HPS is not as good why do commercial growers use them???? I do agree however that the grower and the environment he or she creates has a BIG impact on the final results regardless of the lights u may use.. happy growing to all
  3. she is fine but said never any more edibles for her..lol
  4. bigun

    The Mouse House

    I have tried top watering and don't like it.I don't use the octos but I do use flood and drain method.. my plants have always loved this method...what they like ..I do..
  5. bigun

    King Hydro(hidronesia)

    great looking grow Mao.. it shows the skill u have at growing weed,, WELL DONE BY THE GROWER AND THE SEED MAKERS...
  6. bigun

    Would this COB led be enough for a 5 x 5 grow tent?

    personally I like 45/50 watts per sq. ft. seems like if u have less the buds are fluffy and takes longer to finish.. me,being an old time grower will stick to my MH and HPS I am trying a grow now with MH from start to finish.... looks great so far..not due until last of March.. have a great day everyone
  7. those choco mints look great Angle. I believe I have had some back a few months ago.... gace a half to my better half and she didn't know and ate the other half and I didn't know it.. I had a rough time with her when it kicked in.. quite funny when it was over but she scared the poop out of me.. like talking someone down on a bad trip..lol take care all
  8. bigun

    Open Grow Word Association Part XIII

  9. bigun

    "interveinal death" on Holy Princess

    Papa back when I used movers I kept the lights 6" from the top of the plants.... had one to go bad and had I not found it REAL earl on , I would have lost a couple plants.. after that I kept them 18" above.. rule of thumb that I use is ,(turn your wrist up toward the light...if it is uncompfortable..it is too low...) Wishing u good growing...
  10. I know that feeling Angle..last Month mine was 435 and this month 386.. it just gets more expensive to grow every year.... Everything is!!!!!
  11. bigun

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    since I started back some years back,can't remember how long ago. I haven't had as good as smoke ever as I do now and have since I started using his crosses and crossing his crosses ..lol The Clown knows his stuff...THANKS INDY FOR ALL U HAVE DONE FOR ME..NEVER FORGET MAN..
  12. bigun

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    sweet looking smoke there fellows and gals. Angle what is the Dutchess and does she yield good? I haven't tried to post any pics..little leary!!!LOL take care all....
  13. bigun

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    nice guys.. keep the pics coming///
  14. hey bro..I sent u some c-99 f-6...I just finish a grow using a net of my Mohawk made with the c-99 f-6.. weed I great tasting and a good yielder in 3 gal soil pots..your way u could get a lot more ..lol. if I sent to u the Moawk pop it when u get an opening..gret long lasting buzz..
  15. bigun

    RipT Genetics Perkins Cut BX Seed Run

    fingers crossed for u my friend
  16. when I clone or start seedlings I use the RAPID ROOTERS PLUGS..after they have their first set of true leaves I transfer them into a solo cup/ n sure to have a couple holes in the bottom... water in lightly..i use my regular grow soil at this point... don't fill the solo full of dirt..put your seedling on top of an inch of soil..set the plant down in it and put dirt all the way to the first set of true leaves..this will usually get u to the 4 gal u are going to use...good luck my fellow soldier ...I also live in the state of Va. good luck trooper..
  17. bigun

    "interveinal death" on Holy Princess

    I always thought that light bleach was on the top and outer fans.... looks like a def to me ..pottasum I think..(sp) I HAVE BEEN KNOWN TO B WRONG..LOL
  18. bigun

    Lets Share Some Bud-porn

    HEY Bro..been a while . glad to see u growing still..don't figure u ever stopped...shoot me a pm sometime.. not here much ..just come on and see my old friends..later
  19. Beautiful bro..cold as a well drillers butt here..wind 40/50 mph sending the windchill down near 0..tonight and thru satuarday it is single digits at night and high teens in day... not had cold weather like this in years.. SO GLAD WE HAVE GLOBAL WARMING OR WE WOULD SURELY B FROZE TO DEATH..LOL
  20. I would love to b a part of that... my brother has visited there a couple times in the last couple years..lol he is a 4 wheller man..loves to ride them buggers. I also have a friend that might b interested in coming...he loves weed as I do..lol I would like to have a new strain that rocks my world... my gear is great weed but am now looking for something that is stable and STRONG as all getout.. I have all sorts of crosses I haven't even tried yet..i could very well have something worth trying out.. take care all my friends ..am having a ball with my new wife and my grows..just don't post pics anymore for security reasons.. B SAFE..B GOOD..ENJOY YOUR OWN CREATIONS..
  21. what about me..don't want to see BIGUN..LOL
  22. Thanks Angle..love back at ya... all jokes aside,th.e bees are going fast,,like gardner said,the mites are force to b reconed with.loking forward to keepimg them again... HOPE THEY B NICE TO BIGUN....
  23. I had the dozen or so colonies when I had my Landscaping Company. I love them but they have become so hard to raise and keep... Last winter a Keeper I know had 1700 colonies and lost over 400 last winter alone. the mites are hitting hard and the science to kill them is lagging behind... I went out one day and watched and counted the entrance and departure to determine how many bees were in each colony... went back a week or so and never had a bee..NOT ONE..lol they left the honey and just flew away and comited suicide. I didn't see hardley any bees on the clover around here or in my veg garden this year.. I will try and see what happens with these..
  24. Hopefu;;y I will have 2 colonies this spring..datant says they will have some Italian Bees ready then. I use to have 12/14 colonies going....Lots of Sourwood honey that never goes bad or turns to sugar...love it