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  1. Thats how i do. I learned from Indy.. I think u get more out of your light and better penetration. Another good part is the heat goes outward not down like a reflector does. Check it out, i bet u will like it.. @indy.keep doing what u doing bro. The world will b a better place..
  2. Anyone hear from Gardenartus. I have pm her and no reply..
  3. Real nice gardner.. Lot of tricromeson these..
  4. Beautiful BB. Wishing u a Great New Year.. I love the weed u grow..
  5. Looks like u have a great harvest.. No scissor hadh for awhile .lol I see instead some nice bubble hashish
  6. Looking good Gman.. Hope u have a great New Year and your grows are great.. A couple bon bon buds
  7. Lookz like u may bkeepong them too wet... Can not really tell with no more showing.
  8. Hey BB... NICE LOOKING PLANTS Wishing u a great new year. U always have beauties Thanks fpr the great genetics
  9. bigun

    out 2019 small grow

    Getting my 10 spots ready for spring.. I go dwn about 24" and and put 1 gal of fresh chicken manure in it..cover it up and mark the spot for future reference..lol I do this same routine every winter. Have fun and keep safe... MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR
  10. I take a box..lol I have sent u 3 pm's with 0 answerrd
  11. Looks great.. Gonna b a sticky girl.. Good work.
  12. Nice mr.g.. @beachbud..thethey look amazing as always.. Gonna pop a few next seed run.. All your gearlooks great
  13. Stay warm and stay safe. Hope yourpkants are staying warm. Take care old friend.
  14. Lol..i go there several times per mo there as they have the closest Rural King in our area. When u are coming in theseparts let me know.. Later
  15. Looks like a green sprinkler valve cover i usef in irrigation buisness.if it is, i won't melt..lol Looks great..
  16. Lol..i have been watching over the years a chucker on here ,selling his wares. I have seen some of his moms that look like they came from a throw away dump. No way,healthy clones could come from those moms. Evidently it is their common pratice to do so.. In my opinion,u get healthy clones from healthy mothers. How long a person can keep a healthy one is a question i can't answer. I myself will cline a few times from a mom but i have never kept one theough the summer for next year. I have ,however, kept a couple clones that i used the next indoor season. Keep en healthy and green.
  17. Looks like i could eat those after dinner..lol I am sending u a pm..
  18. Beautiful bro.. Love Bluefield, was just through there last week.. Keep it green
  19. I bet tgat is sone sticky weed. It us beautiful man... Great show
  20. bigun

    F4 F5 Strains?

    Only the strong and beautiful survive. Nice run..
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