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  1. I just got mine w my order...gotta lot to pop first so im gonna watch yours to see how they turn out...keep me posted sativani!
  2. griot was on a dp pheno hunt but i don't know how it ever turned out...im guessing he found the girl he was looking for. ive got sprouts ill take some pics of this weekend.
  3. shut it down desert. this is not the first thing you want new members/guests/lurkers to look at. this forum is supposed to be the grown-ups.
  4. You can post a vid to YouTube and link to it from here like you would a pic.
  5. clydefrog


    i understand and i'm not trying to sight Rev for throwing a safety reminder out there, i've just never heard of any specific instances of someone busted for trading online or even buying seeds for that matter. anything specific you can point me to? i just thought the risk was pretty slight.
  6. clydefrog


    You two seem to go at it on every thread you post in... I don't think I've come across a case of somebody busted through trading seeds on here...griot has my (an) addy and I have his and we're both still here. I'm eager to change my way of doing things in the light of evidence but I do have a little faith in my own judgment, and I consider myself an activist for our cause so a little risk is ok w me.
  7. sheeweeedam...to take a man's life's work....damn.
  8. clydefrog


    your inbox is full santero. peace
  9. i was pleasantly surprised to find these when i was out hunting on sunday growing on the south face of a poplar stump. note venison in background oysters and backstraps for dinner that night!
  10. So Griot sent me some c99 gear he's been working on and it looks like i can finally devote enough time to my growing to dedicate some specific space to new strains. these will pop and go into pro-mix with just enough veg to clone and sex and determine pheno keepers. c99 f4 c99xMaury Povich c99xDurban Poison Griot you are the man!
  11. clydefrog


    chopped some heri down at day 48...one o them actually put some decent weight on... lady cane at day 62...a couple phenos werent done yet but ring time's up at 9 weeks no matter what. i also had a super indica pheno that was done a week ago but had no trichs. this is my favorite though and she looks pretty sweet... ill have final weights by friday. peace
  12. herijuana chopped at day 48. i gotta get some picture-takin lessons...
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