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  1. Hey back everyone. Gonna start a new journal by end of May. Will be some relentless genetics- cherry cookies f2 Humboldt seeds- choc mint og and sugar breath
  2. This is it 4 and half weeks flowering about 20 30 buds like this on just the 1. Nice 😀
  3. simlfc


  4. simlfc


  5. It's a really strong grower with all side branches shooting straight up and yeah it smells really sweet and sour bit weird to me will post some pics soon it's in 4th week of flower now
  6. Got a nice katsu kush x jack just going into flower now 4 week veg
  7. its like a small room/closet i have a 600w hps 6in ruck fan for extraction passive intake 1 oscillating fan they were grown in 3gal buckets got around 2oz of this 1 plant gonna weigh it tonight and ill put up exact weight also i just let them do their thing no training or anything
  8. thanks for all the greetings guys
  9. hey everyone im new here this is my first ever grow and i just wanted to share some pics of the casey jones x with you it was grown in biobizz light mix bio grow and bio bloom for nutrients chopped at 9 weeks and 3 day dried for 5 days and ready to jar so for the pics : sorry for the camera shots im no good with it let me know what you think guys
  10. Thanks for the help guys so do you think I should just chop it straight away or put some pics up of it and you guys can maybe have a look and know whether its done or not
  11. Thanks for the quick response.I don't have a magnifyer yet need to invest in one and I don't think its foxtailing but I'll cut some tonight and see how the buzz is and I'll put some pics up off it later tonight I don't think its the light because its under 600w hps. I also didn't change to 12 12 till they showed their sex
  12. Hey I have a chuckys bride in late flower at the moment and I would like to know when the best time is to chop its been almost 10 weeks since I changed to 12 12 but there is still loads of white hairs on the main bud. If any1 can help I would be grateful thanks
  13. Hi I'm sim just joined a couple days ago I have almost completed my first grow and it seems to be going well so I'll put some pics up when I get a chance. The strains are chuckys bride and casey jonesxgreen manalishi freebee thanks
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