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  1. let me clear up the last assumption "I remember I ran across sannies seed shop a while back as someone mentioned the guy working with cocoa kush ( eskobar ) and his I believe it's called chocolate rain.." I in no way said he was F2'ing the strain, I in no way said he crossed CK with CK... all I said was he was WORKING with cocoa kush... I have no clue the other plant so I didn't mention it what other side he was working it with.. can't really win when most of you just throw me false assumptions and miss-directed negativity.... ---------------------------------------------------- Well I'm out of here, time to move on.. Thanks to all who liked what I do / am doing / working on.. If you like what I do, I'm sure you can find me if you like.. I am not gone, and there will be more and more things to come, It's just my time to move on from this site. Sorry to those who were waiting for freebies / wanted freebies.. I apologize that my time was cut short here. Thanks again to all the people with the positivity. keep growing, be safe, have fun, enjoy life GP
  2. to clear up some miss-conceptions: -yes I was sitting in my parent's house, like 9 years ago, sorry if I'm not 50 right now, and no I was not growing at my parents house or even had seed, I bought a book.. that's it -alaskagrown is upset as he wanted to trade in PM, he came to the conclusion he didn't want to trade and I don't know what else he wrote.. he didn't want to upset his relations with professor trading me 'limited edition' of his Dynasty seeds and thinking I was going to F2 them, and then me telling on him that he gave me the seed I made F2 with.. so you know where his anger is coming from.. -pricing.. you can call it whatever you want. I price what I like to see, nothing more or less... if you want to compare pricing and such go ahead, but I do not.. I price according to what would make me happy when I go to seedbanks. -call me a breeder, hack or whatever, a clown.. I don't care as it makes no difference to me.. or I think a pirate.. there is a specific aim here in this set / sets and it's not to create something new at all! it's to bring something that is "rare" to the table for everyone to experience regardless of income level.. that's it folks, nothing more behind it, or any other story to tell ya, it's that simple and will be that simple, so if you want to complicate it by all means.. -yes I do not believe in ownership of seed, as ownership in the real sense cannot even be traced to who first took care and make seed of the first cannabis plants.. if we owe something to someone, it might be some guys lineage Africa.. I dont care to use the words, mine, his, hers, theirs, me, my...... my belief is we are all here for each other, so there is no separateness in my sense, and making me split with other people who grow plants.. I do not like, but you are free to think / do / call as you like.. I am a caretaker of plants, as there is many such other people here with the same responsibility, and I would like to see long after I am gone to have seed available to any and everyone, with 100 times more genes then we do now to choose from. in a mini form as there is too much to explain what I have seen / experienced being around nature... -there is other work being done on my side, but once again this aim with "these persons plants" was to replicate seed.. also given I do not hold this persons plants these plants are not the same, they will never be the same.. they are a sample.. I hold no mom, no dad, no pics of what they look like.. nothing, and they are one generation separated from what you ca buy if you like -once again.. since shiska was the only person to get this... there is no seed being sold on this site, ever, never, will be.. I never intended to sell seed HERE, I intended to get people seed into another seedbank ( sannies seed shop ), as everyone who has actually purchased seed, has told me great things which you will not find many in the other place as it's through PM as they liked to tank me personally, and in person I know people who have told me what they thought.. so in an attempt to reach more people, I remember I ran across sannies seed shop a while back as someone mentioned the guy working with cocoa kush ( eskobar ) and his I believe it's called chocolate rain.. so in an attempt to get more people, reach more people, have people have more options, that is why I am here.. -you guys might want to take a step back and figure.. if I can afford this guys' seed was growing it exclusively for years upon end, have multiple setups each with it's own light, fan, venting.... do you think I'm doing this for MONEY....... the answer.... drum roll please.......................................... I don't need money... it's about getting people seed to experience what I thought was amazing, and doing that on my own time and will. -so everyone knows, alaskagrown is wrong.. DJ was asked, and he never replied for months and months.. we ( not more then one, I do this solo, but I mean the seedbank team ) went forward then any questions, PM me, or ask them here for others to see... if you got no questions or don't want to talk lineage.. I think there is other posts for that.. if you don't like what I do, put me on mute, change the page, go make a thread about the evil doings.... just try to leave this space for people who have questions, as I like to easily get on here and answer as I have a new baby, so time is limited, thanks GP
  3. hey Shiska, delicious good question.. I have things going on ( family ) and trying to keep up with other site, so I am just getting done with AH / WB / BV , along with sorting some seed that was not sorted through before I moved.. so I have not talked to Sannie. I hope to very soon. I will let you guys know when I do, thanks EDIT: just started another talk with Sannie again.. I know he wants two strains, but I'm getting more info to move to the next step.. soon guys, thanks chupa, Hi. yes so I am sure you are not familiar with "this guys plants" as these plants can curl leaves either direction.. but yes some nutrient sensitivity can cause that in these plants, and that is a little of what it is, if you happened to read I've never run any of these variables so it's all new, and the N load with the nute is pushing it a little along with some N rich amendments I add, so your seeing the arch with the leaves from that.. but to keep in mind the plant has an ability to express that easily more then other plants I've ever seen.. it can also be genetic and nothing to do with nutrients and can just cause that... so a key if your listening, is I would search for plants that point the leaves up half way through flower..... so in summary this set is from gene and nutrient load from my opinion.. nothing to worry about but could be an indicator what your looking for ( specific gene / nutrient loading ) , but for the upward arch of leaf that is not nutrient load at all.. that is what I've seen from the BBS ( blue berry sativa ) line ( when talking about these plants, VL, as the are BBS x BB ). yes, I asked the tester if I could use the pics in exchange for whatever seed he wants which he doesn't care about, so nothing new in a sense, but new to this site, as I am not going to cross things as I would like to keep these sites separate as there is separate rules / ownership / people, so to respect that I do not talk of other site... so but yes a lot of double posting, as this site is behind the other as you are all new to this, and the other site knows me a bit better / longer.. yeah it's kinda hard running back and forth GP
  4. Here's some testing going, in the sense of a couple things.. auto gene, observing, trying to "dial in" this coco along with ANOTHER sample nute I was given, so it's great to see some mixes sharing the light as I have space / time to allow.. I dosed 40ml initial !! to bring a nute load into the coco along with some fine particle organic amendments that could be mixed in water easily ( rock dusts mainly, oyster shell, maybe a couple others??? ) .. these also are under 150 watts LED, well maybe 100 right now, with a "veg" spectrum and they both have different LED chips so that's worth more gold then anything I think is playing with spectrum and getting the feedback. Here's an update on the Vl "F2" , you can see the burn start to happen trying to push the nutes, and with this 150 watt LED in cool weather, but it's proven a good couple lessons, mainly on the lights, also more VL testing, nute testing, water testing, this crap coco testing, pot size in relation to plant w/ light size.. as long as I'm growing anything I'm happy though. photos are maybe one week apart, so they still have some growing to do, but more in the sense of seed, as seed takes way long, and with 150 watts of power ( 75 each set ) it could take a while.. already got some seed pulled and growing though (( Vl "f2" ) X (CK x (BVxGR) ). Another thing was planting space, it showed me I could do smaller and more plants, so I could technically get 12 plants in there, or run a little larger pots, as there is some spacing to fill in.. maybe even top the plants and keep things how they are.. it's all fun to me and really I like to experiment every setup as I'm not sure I would have fun running same thing and variables every time.. I like the challenge that variety brings, and just trying new things and seeing what becomes.. so I say to you all a challenge, switch it up, get excited and try a new variable and see what happens.. who knows you might like the "new" thing better here's a mutant, i would say 80% blown mutant, but a first for me growing one out in "my" seed here's my favorite shot when I take photos once again.. color I am wanting to see more of, but given LED produce almost no heat as it's vented out the side of the panel and the wattage, I'm happy to see more color, but my other set was very very colorful, almost black looking GP
  5. ^ Charlie, thanks for the words, appreciate that. hope to see you around some time so I got some pics from someone who just harvested the AH "F2" ( azure haze ), and they look great I think.. once again NOT MINE, as some people thought the BB pics were mine, they are not, they are from someone in Canada outdoor.. let's get onto the show.. I have a lot of respect for this grower as he went through hell with a move ( security ) and kept the plants going.. he is the one who also grew the WB "F2" ( whitaker blues ) as they were my last set before I moved once again ( well I actually was growing at the time and finishing up a bunch of mixes but also a massive CK plant ( massive to me, I like growing smaller ) and some 6 foot blueberry plants.. so no one had access to these plants as I like trying to see what people get ).. they really are spot on as the WB is a low yielder if you can find any other pics to compare to, and the AH looked just like the moms, mine we a bit more colorful but I like to try and pull some color from them when I can ) .. this is important to me ( the AH / WB ) as I hate how it takes people forever to get around to DJ strains.. heck even the Ck / VL are few reports and grows so I wanted to offer the newest selections and not wait 10 years to hear how someone is just now growing them... but in all actuality these strains are grown by DJ's son , JD, and is the seeds with the label to carry clone genes in them, so it it something different in that DJ always just uses his pool of stock to make new strains, but these offer a little something unique as in that the AH has a SSH clone, and the WB a quimbly clone.. the AH seems just like flo to me... but I guess is suppose to be comparable to blue dream as they share the same lineage basically, just different selection.. basically BD in a seed form. enough talk.. AH "F2" ( a couple phenos, not one plant.. ) please enjoy the work from a great guy, I have much respect GP
  6. someone just finished a BB ( blueberry "f2" ) outdoor, thought I would share with you guys GP
  7. Hey Guys.. Hey Sannnie! well, not much to update, will hopefully get some sample seed sent over soon ( busy with family.. ), have not set on what I want to send out, Sannie said two which I think is far too little to send but I guess choices, choices.. In the mean time, any more Pm's let me know, or ask here! Will get another pic up of the VL "F2" tomorrow, not liking the nute for say, but hey it's a free sample and can't complain, another thing is I want to share later gardening with organic.. maybe another post or something, but I made an article at the other place about simplicity and organic.. heck look at the Vl "F2" , don't know the water, don't know the nutes, don't know the coco ( besides it being pure crap ) and check out what organic can do for you. here is the F-13 "F2" ( not mother stock.. ) , threw some stuff on top and watched it grow.. thi was interesting as it was a "test plant" in that it was going to get tossed, it was "semi bonsai" hence the multiple tops, I pinched so while in flower but the set set was nice as it's F-13 "F2" x Azure haze thanks guys, hold on there, samples will be spread soon to try, GP
  8. ok guys.. I am coming to the conclusion this site is only about sharing seed and connecting with people to access them?????? I know most sites if you mention that you get banned... any site I've been on is sharing / talking of / promoting / telling about free seed / hinting at / trading ... is instant ban and not allowed, so I am gonna ask.. is this just a big portal to trade seed.. and if so where are the lists people have once again I am meaning no dis-respect.. I am trying to see where you guys are coming from.. please see my side too.. Or better yet, let me know what this site is about, as I am really having no clue how things work around here, and it might go better if people were not angry and let me know instead of coming at me all aggressive.. once again my intention is to get people access to DJ genes.. now reading sannies emails over 10 times, I am coming to the conclusion once again.. you guys are only about sharing seed??? if this is so I can see why some people are upset as I already sell seed, and I come in "trying to sell seed" ... once again let me know what's what around here In the mean time, I talked to sannie.. freebies should be coming.. all I ever ask as I always say, say what you see, smell , feel, experience.. be honest.. if you like something say it, if you don't like something say it.. that simple. Before taking a sample please read into DJ genes so you know what your getting into.. I have yet to conclude what will be sent out, but I'm thinking
  9. VL F2 update.. not a real comparison as new light / water nutes / environment .... but here they are, seeded once again.. under 150 watt LED: AH F2 is in the front.. lets pull some purple.. you see that leaf arch up....... that's a good thing in my opinion..... and I'll say why down the road, unless you know of BBS, WHOOPS said it I love photos of those nuggs, when you strip them off the plant to put in jars whole, and later break one out... love it ! I love these more then top colas. GP
  10. ok guys, am updating photos, so look around if you were waiting for pics.. more to come later.. I forgot a bunch I think.. but as I said don't expect grow logs of these past ones.. I don't run schedules, and not many pics as stated before once I lost 7 years of photos, you don't come out the same.. so I enjoy looking at them more now.. in the mean time, let me show you another project I had going on.. it's a GK ( grape krush ) auto project. these plants are the spawn of a (f) LR2 "F2" x (m )GK "F1" set. and they are pollinated "back" to GK upping thee genes to 75% GK.. hoping to make a GK auto.. but I know the percentage decreases of auto trait this way, but it's one of the only ways to lock in more genes, or else it's at 50%.. I hear there should be a couple per hundred.. I ran 30 and found none so far.. but I will get to bigger sets later.. interesting thing I noted in the first gen is auto trait seemed to trigger after plant hit two months ??? so I have two sets of seed, one being great at 75% but not seeming any auto trait, other being non auto yet..but at 50% GK gene if I need to pull back.. but I'm going full forward in attempt to find a couple males / females... just playing around having fun.. one turned pretty good purple before finish, which I was happy with.
  11. hi, nice to see you! That's the next plan. Will do, it's how I talked to him last time. see you around hopefully Hey! someone with some direct contact, awesome! he didn't share any beans with you though? 16 a pack, so that's what 32 seeds he had. Might know who you talk of but there is so many who don't post info and such... thanks for letting me know.. was he happy though or? also if he has any questions tell him to contact me here or other place.. as I have some tips if he likes, or any questions I can answer.. Well I say if autos are your thing, try them out.. I find them to be exact representations of the originals.. only way cheaper with more seed. let me show you some pics.. once again I don't take many anymore.. any questions about them, ask away, in the mean time enjoy. here's a PR plant, grown in nothing but chicken crap, kid you not, sat for 2 weeks before transplant... IT"S that simple.. you will see me say that a lot here and other place, as I want growing to be fun for people... and simple!!! : here's a LR2, well three actually, 3 gallon pot, well like 2 1/2 they way I filled it, can't remember what I used to grow but not chicken crap on this one.. here's another LR2 "F2" , was my test plant thanks will look into it.. tried to get some testers for this site, but seems no reply? let me know if you know how to get into the test section.. seed are yours!
  12. Thank you, please direct that to the users, I will show what I do in a little when I have time to load them.. yes organic on coco as I hate peat, and find coco superior in: air retention, growth in relation to pot size, root structure, re-wetting the media, balancing over watering and under watering, plant growth, yield.. .. off the top of my head. as one plant of many, yes grinspoon female seed was used, and I can explain why.. grinspoon one talked about but experienced by few.. I decided for people to try it out at a lower price. The plants selected for reversal would not reverse / did not want to.. so in an attempt to salvage something from the grow, I used what I had available at the time ( I have sets going on at different times, not is all planted at once.. ). So I made a cross to the blue velvet.. nothing is sold from this line.. yet or might ever be. Someone said to show what I have going on, and I did.. this is for private collection right now, nothing is being released from it yet, it's one of about 30 strains mixed in a 8 month period, and a lover of CK, I used this male.. once again the intention was to grow the VL un-seeded, but ended up this way, as I have jars of VL and don't need more jars right now. so in a short period yes a female seed got mixed with other plants yes.. if you are meaning un stability.. well female seed I find is not really un stable as it is viewed.. do I personally use much female seed.. NO, but if it's the only way a plant is available to us, then it is what it is.. no need to be convinced, I'm here for people that are. the main aim in the creation when I first started was for people to grow more DJ plants, and few do given the price per pack is usually $150 for 10 seed, given mutants and males, most cannot / want to pay $150 for average of 4 females.. I make it a possibility to sample these strains out of the reach of 95% of people.. that's all, nothing more! ( pics of the grinspoon x blue velvet cross ) first pic is 3 gallon pot, others are 2 gallon pot.. of coco of course! : santero, Hi, I cannot do what I do without asking for some form of compensation, and some of the lowest compensation I have seen per price of seed. Being as I was running 6 setups, but want to expand was I love growing.. Now I can grow myself and keep it to myself, no problem, been growing DJ plants for years and years, but it got boring to not be able to share and discuss with others given not many were growing them.. so hence what came about, to spread these plants if DJ is not wanting to do that with his out of reach pricing.. it costs me $150 per pack, time, electric costs ( where I was in CA.. $450 a month ), maintenance of lamps, nutrients, media, and everything in-between, but mainly my time given these are 6 month projects before seeds are in jars.. ask anyone who makes this volume of seed, you commit to being a seed grower or a grower who grow for end product.. this is not making 100 seeds here, the plants of what most grow is destroyed making seed.. pollen everywhere and pulling the seed destroys mot trichs.. so I make seed, I do not make much pot anymore, I can once again keep them to myself, but I want to spread the joy of growing, not horde seeds to myself. also so you know, I have probably shared as much seed as sold.. I am more then generous to people I come across.... it just so happens I'm sure none of you have crossed my path.. haha you guys can call me what you like, I have no care, only trying to make growing more affordable and strains accessible that once were a dream to people. I understand a few here turned to making seed and you guys watched them blossom, that's not the case with me, as I am already established and put in the work.. maybe it's no fun to see the end product but it is what it is, I already put in the time and work to get to this point.. I would hate to see the seeds spoil in jars, as I have seen and had people contact me to share stories of joy what I provided for them.. I hope to do that here, as what fun is doing something, not to share it? once again, you are not obligated to try these if you don't like.. I am here for the people who know DJ is something special, like customer service, want more seeds, and want a better price then most anyone is offering.. if you like to buy a pack of DJ seed, make seed and share it great. I would love to have more people to talk to about these genetics. if you get around to making some OTM or BBS or rosebud or blue velvet or velvet luna, or even moonshine rocket fuel, let me know please, I will gladly take your freely shared seed!!!!!!! I'll even pay you for them gladly! ---------------------------------------------------- I am working to get some freebies sent out.. limited time right now but am looking into it !!!
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