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  1. Welcome to the best forum around, Look forward to checking out your Journal
  2. Herb

    Good films

    Akira is awesome, Check out Berserk, Fist of the north star and monster they are some classic animes well worth a watch.
  3. Fargo is awesome, Recently finished season 2 and thought it was better than season 1 but both were fantastic. I saw House of cards season 4 uploaded today so that will definitely be one of my next series i watch, really enjoyed the previous seasons of it.
  4. South park is my number 1 show of all time ,I got all 19 seasons so far and the movie all in HD Uncensored ( If you need download links to them in X265 1080p uncensored let me know and il PM you the links ) Cartman is the ultimate villain :D
  5. Herb

    Good films

    Literally downloaded Shutter Island the other night so next time the Wife fancies a movie night its definitely getting watched!
  6. I would love to go there yeah, Dont think il get around to it this year as were doing Disney with him but i will take him at some point i always wanted to go there as a kid Outta likes for now but il dish em out tomorrow to everyone Thanks for all the replies & Advice y'all its much appreciated! Herb
  7. We are halfway through series 1 of Shameless US, The Wife is enjoying it so am i its definitely worth a download. Seen all of those with Boardwalk Empire being my favourite out of the bunch, Weeds first couple series was great then it became a mess towards the later series. Entourage i would definitely recommend enjoyed all 8 seasons and the movie. Breaking bad i enjoyed at the time we watched it but i cant help but think it was a bit overhyped. Sons of anarchy i thought the first 3 seasons were good then it sort of dropped off for me. Got to love some Trailer Park Boys, Cant wait for the new season!! Sherlock is AWESOME! Loved the Sopranos, One of my favourite series. Eastbound & Down will always be re watchable for me, Kenny powers is legendary lol Narcos i cant wait for season 2 House of cards we both really enjoyed, Frank underwood is a bad @ss We recently finished watching all 6 seasons of The Wire, Couldnt recommend it enough. Impractical Jokers is one of our favourites! Luther is a fantastic show, Really didnt rate series 4 though. Got to love Penny Dreadful cant wait for the new series. Thanks for all the recommendations everyone any i havent mentioned ive added to my download list to watch soon. Im out of likes for today so anyones post i didnt like il do it tomorrow when i get more Herb
  8. Herb

    Good films

    Also you need to check out a movie called Southpaw its a great boxing flick couldnt recommend it enough. IMDB Link - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1798684/
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