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  1. I got these as well they just may get wet
  2. I Love your garden trapper great job
  3. The moms have been up potted all but 2 when I was feeding the flowering tent I gave the moms a shot of bloom nutrients and they loved it they just looked happier and they sprouted a bit also the mini rose bush has come back from the dead ( the wife can kill any plant you give her it’s a talent she acquired and damn good at it ) I’ve got the next 2 runs planned maybe 1 new addition I have a few surprises up my sleeve
  4. Thanks I should have taken your advice years ago seeing what you have done with them gave me the inspiration to try now I want more of them but sadly no more room glade to see you here the other site is getting weird now More trolls then trollville lol but some good people
  5. Thanks San , I feel like I really know what I’m doing , lol the Octopots are fantastic the continuous feed has amazing results , it’s increased my yield and quality I highly recommend them thanks for your kind words I see your gear on Great Lakes genetics awesome peace paps
  6. Damn skippy MrG amazing color I need this one in the tent how’s the smoke tell me please
  7. Looks great DrG sannies jack is one of the strongest weeds in the collection amazing
  8. Good luck your off to a great start
  9. Beautiful bro. Nice work great color I love urban farms vegetable food awesome stuff The random seeds is fun I do solo cups when I play lol
  10. Hi @shiskaberry savior can’t speak for jet but I believe he got screwed and all over something stupid that’s just my take on everything
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