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  1. Papalag

    Diary Of A Breeder

    Hi @sannie I see on Instagram some killing fields crosses and I thought I read possibly a Panama Red Cross this got me excited !!! Will they be available in the future ? Also love the new shop site best wishes papalag
  2. Papalag

    Sinister '18. Still underground

    Bro stellar , damn nice
  3. Papalag

    Coop seed run clone only or discontinued strains

    I am in great idea @shiskaberry savior
  4. Papalag

    Smokeshack Photodump

    @Smokey Pockets hay bro hope all is ok not sure what happened but your knowledge will be missed
  5. Papalag

    Back from a break

    @Dr Don Bonez good to see you around joint rolled chair pulled up ready for the show
  6. Papalag

    Growing Just Cozz

    @Justcozz nice job bro buds pics look awesome I shell roll one in your honor good sir peace
  7. Papalag

    True breeders and seedbanks worth their salt

    @santero I just got some green rebel gear going a lemon gas x 91 chem mota still got some interesting stuff peace
  8. Papalag

    Blueberry Quintessa CBD

    Welcome aboard looking forward to growing your gear
  9. Papalag

    Red's garden photo album

    Nice plants Red
  10. Papalag

    Paps 2018 run

    Ok OG’s here’s some bud shots and a shot of ukb/h x cb clone 2 weeks behind the rest Bhodie buddas hand has some purple going on not only on the leaver but under the scope the trichs are turning purple the ukb/h x cb clone Then lost in space by sinister the last one is a mystery sativa not sure
  11. Papalag

    Help..my GG is frying/dying?

    I think she’s hungry FEED ME but less is more good luck
  12. Papalag

    Paps 2018 run

    @Sunnyvale oh yeah cheesy ah all hell and strong @Mr Goodfellow hi bro thanks I will enjoy and she is tasty @shiskaberry savior thanks for stopping by I believe your right it the herijuana influence on the bud type @bigun hay I think u may have these crackem have fun peace
  13. Papalag

    The adventures of Captain Redbeard.

    Froth bro this thread just keeps getting better and better all the time peace
  14. Papalag

    Paps 2018 run

    @Sunnyvale hi bro here’s 2 bud shots just for you my friend I was hoping that the uk blues would give the chuckys bride bigger buds the buds are all hard as fook and have a great smell tasty and 3 or 4 foods rips and oh yeah good times had by all lol as you see little clusters peace