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  1. Papalag

    Inexpensive Soil

    Growing indoors your creating your own environment soil , drainage ,air , temperature ect . Nature provides in the wild indoors soil needs additives to help the ladies achieve their true potential but is it the soil or the environment that’s the problem ? Just asking peace
  2. Papalag

    Inexpensive Soil

    @Hamme Hydro I like the idea of hydro but in the northeast I get power outages in a major snowstorm lines down i was looking into flood and drain i figure I could do that manually if needed not sure getting old hauling soil is getting old ( bad back an all the old crap lol) I saw a self contained system ( platinum 100 I think 9 plant ) sorry off topic soil with grauno in it makes weed tasty peace
  3. Hi @gardenartus nice to see you around wow your in a legal state now awesome congratulations Ga thanks once again for all your help and kindness when I was sick your knowledge and the care package was the greatest gift I could get when I start up again I will be making more edibles and tincture the GA way Your friend paps peace
  4. Papalag

    Inexpensive Soil

    @mosey hi there if you use a cheep soil add extra perlite, bone meal ,blood meal, and myco fungi, and bat / seabirds guano soul is better tasting then hydro good luck
  5. Papalag


    Hi @Toker I remember reading that Naw was working with a friend on autos I do see some crazy yields not to sure it’s been years since I’ve fooled with them manifesto genetics seems interesting I may have spelled the name wrong i read a few reports here on some interesting autos peace
  6. Papalag

    Thoughts on mainlining in octopots?

    Just a few pics at 6 weeks of veg one is of the under the net
  7. Papalag

    Maury Povich grow

    Hi fingah great pics love this cross I’ve been wayon IG as well peace
  8. Papalag

    So when did you start smoking Cannabis?

    My kid never know we smoked we hid it not only the pot but cigarettes as well shes 26 and smokes I know she started at 16 not good for the young people ok I really can’t talk I started at 15 my self
  9. Papalag

    Hey OG

    Welcome my friend if they can put up with me you’re no problem lol smoke em if you got em
  10. @flipdiflopdifloppeldipopp Anyone who grows has the same problem i don’t know what to grow next I keep buying and have to try all of them I need a bigger tent no bigger room no bigger house no I’ll build an monster room oh hell I’ll just buy more seeds lol
  11. Papalag


    @Cristalin Great work my friend is the Ouzbeskistin slow in the veg stage ? And how much does she stretch in flower ? Thanks paps
  12. Papalag


    Okay look At those leaves now I need to place another order thanks lol peace paps
  13. Papalag

    Schwazzing without Three A Light's $500 book.

    @baqualin I agree less is more always made a super soil ( got like a mad scientist thought I was creating Frankenstein) too much problems self created now I just use a good pre mixed soil ( happy frog) I mix extra perlite bone and blood meal small amount of bat and seabird guano and mycorrhizae I will look in to both of your suggestions thanks Paps
  14. Papalag

    Schwazzing without Three A Light's $500 book.

    Hi DD381 great info I always defoliate 1 and 3 rd week never tried up to the 5 th I give it a try very interesting 500 $ video lol too funny free is for me sometimes I forget the micro nutrients in flowering stage been reading about azomite I need to incorporate it in to the mix I see it’s mainly add to the soil when mixing up your custom blend soil can it be used in compost teas during flowering? peace papalag
  15. Papalag

    Hey what's up y'all

    Welcome @Bootlegger25 just get started and post some pics what will your line up be and do you grow in soil or hydro peace papalag