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  1. All you guys are killing it amazing paps
  2. Hi @Hamme Hydro great job as usual paps
  3. @santero got some great gear anything he makes brings the fire paps
  4. @Hamme Hydro bro just re read your thread great work hope all is good peace brother
  5. Started using jacks this year very happy I use 20/20/20 in early veg 1 teaspoon per gallon ppm 500 ish =1/1/1 week befor flip 1/2 teaspoon Per gal of 20/20/20 and mix 1/2 teaspoon per gallon on jacks 15.5 / 0/0 makes = 2 /1/ 1 ish till week 2 of transition then jacks 10/30/20 till week 5 = 1/3/2 or till things state to swell up then You can mix 1/2 teaspoon of 10/30/20 with same amount of 5/11/25 = 1/2/4 ish till week 6/7 Then jacks 5/11/25 I believe it is till the end Great finish this way I was using urban farms vegetable food but stop paps
  6. Hi rhino cbd it’s been a while damn skippy that strawberry looks amazing oh yeah haven’t seen you on IG in some time either Peace my friend paps
  7. Thanks all good only lost 3 I can’t replace no problem
  8. I think it will since the walls will be open it’s a good excuse to add the electrical the fire ball is on amazon there’s a Chinese one for about 35 US the American made is double that price I think Goret uses them I’ve always had fire extinguishers in the house and smoke alarms in the tent room and garage it paid off they were screaming lol I am cutting back on the moms I was out of hand between clones and veg room and mom tent I had 58 plants to get ride of sad but new start new hunt for the holy grail peace
  9. Long time don’t stay away so long in between post lol paps
  10. Hi guys @Misterdirt ramble on my brother all good you are always welcome at my thread hi @gardenartus hopefully all is well And your not flooded out (build an ark ) shop still down ( I don’t mind being in an non mj friendly environment lol wifey did mind a bit lol )construction still not started damn insurance company lol so going to make some up grades new light California Lightworks 500 full spectrum it’s on the way time for some new things new inline fans 3 each the cheap ones ( of course) except for 1 6in ac infinity fan also flexible duct All new timers and clip on fans as well as surge protector strips 1 big improvement iam having a separate 40 amp circuit added with 2 outlet just for the room Of course I’ll add a new carbon filter ( I normally replace them every year weather they need it or not ) It’s good to break down every 5 years you never know what can ware out or get loose looking in to fire suppression ( the ball ) in a small area suspended from the ceiling will explode when temp hit a certain degree even the room is getting painted damn skippy it’s going to be a thing of beauty hay garden iam even adding 1 more octopot lol peace paps
  11. It’s a great line good luck your plan look healthy and happy
  12. Tell the truth dirt you bought them didn’t you Own it ! lol
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