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  1. Papalag

    Autos...in doing it.

    Hi bro usually the first 21 days are considered the veg period
  2. Papalag

    6/2 lighting schedule

    Thanks for all the reply’s not going to try it at all but worth talking about I stick with the traditional 18 / 6 for veg ( photo flowering not autos) and 12/ 12 in flowering I had a major meltdown it the tent this season and high temperatures was a major issue as well as me being a dumb ass well that’s another story lol so the only benefit I saw in this schedule was possible heat management note to self next year start earlier to avoid the high temperatures smoke um if you got um peace
  3. Papalag

    Starting Over, moving from soil to hydro.

    Why not octopots?
  4. Papalag

    6/2 lighting schedule

    Hi justcozz I believe he was referring to vegging a plant 3 shifts in a 24 hour schedule flowering still needs 12 hours off
  5. Papalag

    6/2 lighting schedule

    Just a grain or two lol they claim cannabis can only absorb so much light and co2 intake is better
  6. Papalag

    6/2 lighting schedule

    Hi OG’s i recently read an article in maxim yield magazine about this lighting schedule the author claims that cannabis is a short day plant ( his own words) and 6/2 schedule increased growth and helps to control environment ( heat issues) whats your thoughts peace
  7. Papalag

    Autos...in doing it.

    Hi bro the guys from Naw were working on some autos I remember reading something about it I’ve grown them maybe 10 years ago when I first started and I’ve been very interested in how they have advanced I too have seen people with some awesome looking plants may just have to dig in and try some new things peace
  8. Papalag

    The yellow leaves

    I vote for hungry good luck bro
  9. Papalag

    Paper bag cure?

    Hi bro that’s an old school method from years long gone ( in a galaxy far far away lol) RIP Franco burn one for a brother
  10. Papalag

    Genotype, phenotype,chemotype..OH my

    Hi guys if you can keep clones of all females ( but who has the space I just do it for the fun of it now not enough room to play but I sure got a good deal of seeds to play with if the wife wouldn’t leave me I would just get one or two more tents then watch the fun I could have boy I am going to miss her lol
  11. Papalag

    A city rat story

    Hi la rat I just popped lemon fantasy can’t wait to she her grow thanks for your kindness Papalag
  12. Papalag

    Esko....your kinda sucking bro....

    @Mr Goodfellow listen to @gardenartus your no newb and true what gardenartus has forgotten we would all benefit by her knowledge i had to go back to basics I got to cocky and crap happens now after a reread on all my favorite growers and articles I feel I may be back on track so I just may get crackin lol peace I am thinking some lost in space maybe some blue moon magoo also Buddha’s hand and something crossed with chuckys bride let’s not forget la rats lemon fantasy oh hell here I go again
  13. Papalag

    First seed run with stanky

    Best wishes brother
  14. Papalag

    Collie's Weed

    Looks happy happy bro
  15. @Toker good luck bro run for cover