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  1. Looks great my friend when they hit the Rez they’ll explode in growth you’ll see the difference quickly
  2. I fold the bag down and make it a 5 gallon bag lol if you cut out the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket it will act as a guide to keep the bag straight also the net pot in side needs to be level
  3. Just a few chuckys bride and Petolia pink, blue moon magoo, damage case
  4. Impressive my friend I just love the way this is organized My next tent I get will be my mother tent I’ll copy this thanks it’s like 2 tents in one
  5. Hi there watering the 3 gallon well need to be filled a bit more often then the 6 gallon ones I say fill the Rez all the way the 3 gallon bags should take about 6 to 8 days to hit the Rez my 6 gallon bags take 14 days I see no issues with them it it were me I’d use clones and run all 4 of your Octopots in that tent with a scrog net question the bags are 3 gallons or did you get the 6 love the Ghetto pots best of luck paps
  6. I like the 3 gallon pots you’ll find if you started in the solo cups and let them establish roots for 8 to 10 days there easer to deal with were these fem seeds? just my 2 cents paps
  7. Hi bro 88 seedling I see you didn’t slow down here’s the California lightworks they ain’t cheap but US made and well made I use tne 500 in my big tent it get a 5 ft x 5 ft foot print for flowering the 1000 was too big for me https://californialightworks.com/ a also got this one for my 24 x 24 tent ( ,foot print 3ft x3 ft ) and for the money it is a great light they also piggy back it increased the foot print https://www.amazon.com/Horticulture-Lighting-Group-USA-Quantum/dp/B07C57J7XX
  8. Hi all @bigun good to see you on the boards bro we need a bigun grow log to wake this place up lol i started with 400 watt HPS they where great lights With the old Chinese ballast They Got Hot too much heat needed to draw air And heat from house Also 600 cfm vortex fan wow the power bill was crazy I went to mars hydro 2 each 96 chip reflector series they lasted 5 years and were used for recently I purchased 1 California lightworks 500 full spectrum and a hlg 100 full spectrum both are killer less heat and great bud
  9. You will be very happy with the results , so far in my small tent the Chuckys Bride is now in week 7 of the feeding schedule I boosted the PPm ‘s to 1030 using jack 1/3/3 week 8 I’ll switch to 1/2/5 npk till the end if you don’t mind here’s a quick peek paps
  10. Good luck with the Octopot grow they are the best way to grow ( thanks @gardenartus) I see your using jacks it’s some great stuff , I’ve been using jacks now for about 3 grows. what formula are you using at what stage ?
  11. Thanks San I just looked at seed heaven the Eskobar tribute work looks amazing and I saw KG from DC I will place an order and of course sanfume f2 peace stay well
  12. Hi San broskie is this available anywhere? I really miss killer queen
  13. I speak to bigun , he’s well and doing fine good to see you well @gardenartus
  14. I just check in from time to time see some old friends and then realized there all gone from here I see @gardenartus , @Hamme Hydro @Misterdirt and of course @santero and @FoolOnTheHill all seem well peace by paps
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