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  1. Looks great my friend sounds like an awesome cross paps
  2. Took this Bubble monkey at 80 days
  3. Papalag

    New u '22

    New sinister babies hi indy hope you don’t mind I just wanted to show off the babies black sunshine oilspill x blk lime reserve big sure holly weed x herijuana grape earth f2.
  4. Papalag

    New u '22

    Is indy back
  5. Thanks sticky and a bit loud but not as smelly as some kinda sweet
  6. I really really really like the calyx bro gear frosty and sticky small tent bubble monkey 47 days
  7. The wife and I both got the vaccine and had no reaction to it whatsoever my daughter who did not get the vaccine she just recently came down with Covid she did have a mild case of it took 10 days to work her way out of the system she has been a non-Vaccine promoter and has underlying issues but when she did get Covid She is now getting the vaccine I live in an elderly development and I have to say the vaccines a big thing around here to each their own no disrespect no looking down to what’s good for you and hope you all stay well and I agree the stupid Hitler crap got to goAlso Tokers reaction is exactly why I left and many of us have left because of that type of Nonsense hope all is well paps
  8. Damn I miss you guys can’t stop lurking around and I see it’s still a bit slow here but I’ve still doing my thing i thought I show my babies And my small tent with bubble monkey Calyx brothers All the babies are Sinister seeds
  9. Headbanger x Gorilla Bubble bx5 Tony greens tortured beans I just love the color on this one this is coming down today I just love the color on this one this is coming down today also just wanted to say good to see you around @e$kob@r happy new year to you and yours
  10. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all how ever you celebrate peace to all paps
  11. So glade to see your ok and around the boards always loved to see your grows all looks healthy and well peace paps
  12. I’ve had these they are great thanks gardenartus
  13. Great job AGP this is going to be in my next run hoe long did she take to finish ?
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