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  1. Paps 2018 run

    Group shot
  2. The 12-1 Lighting Schedule

    Hi gardener I read about this schedule years ago they called gas light or something like that never tried they said it made the plant jump in to flowering good luck I will keep an eye out this
  3. Paps 2018 run

    Here’s southern blues x chuckys bride and grape earth one week later I’ve toped sb x cb again
  4. Paps 2018 run

    Hi gardenartist I like growing verity I get board after a while I am trying 2 gallon fabric bags this time and by main lining the plants it makes it easier to manage ( under the scrog net I couldn’t get to prune or clean up the under side also they were in 5 gallon bags ) i can take the plants out and work on a bench easy so now I can grow 12 plants multiple strains and still come out with the same yield or better peace
  5. Need all your help

    Hi all in OG land yes learned my lesson I take better care of the ladies then I do the boys lol I really believe I need to up pot but never had to before so that said it was purely negligence on my part lesson learned hi Gardenartist thanks
  6. Great to see you back bro hope all is well not sure who crossed that one goji og crosses are awesome looking foward to your grow peace
  7. Sinister '18. Still underground

    Looks like the 3 Jars in my room awesome weed makes me smile all day
  8. Paps 2018 run

    Hi mr goodfellow thanks for stopping by my friend the 2 chuckys crosses I have never tried , it was like make seeds and try them later too much to choose from . unfortunately the southern blues x chuckys I only had a few seeds and killed most of them and including the male but I may cross it with the uk blues x chuckys bride male I plan on taking clones and possibly try to make females seeds using C.S. and collect the pollen to cross elsewhere I ll try and post some pics soon
  9. Paps 2018 run

    Hi hill-billy the southern blues x silverfields sounds dank ok OG I fed the plants last night started using humboltd 3 part line again I started with them years ago funny how sometimes we go full circle but I forgot how much the plants like it I also use Alaska fish fertilizer they are standing tall and look strong 2 more showed me there lady parts last night the Selene was text book in looks 2 beautiful hairs showing so far the line up is 1 Selene f 2 Sinister 1 afg Huck and heri Bigun 2 southern blues x chuckys bride f3 my hack 3 grape earth 1 G39 Naw I still have 6 little ones of UK Blues and heri x chuckys bride that should sex very soon hopefully I’ll get 4 girls out of 6 all are topped and will be mainlined and stripped below the main branches i fixed the problems I was having with my males it was under watering all me being lazy and not treating the boys as well as I treat the ladies ( that’s been my problem all my life lol) The G 39 is going to be a tall one by the looks of her I've seen some pics of grape earth by Gardenartist and if I get colas anywhere as big as hers where I’ll be impressed she did a great job on that one
  10. First seed run with stanky

    Hi sd30 looking good great pic I haven’t grown this one yet I think I have a pack somewhere next run maybe with some shackzilla peace
  11. Paps 2018 run

    Hi mr good fellow it was sinisters rebel yell x Selene pollen on my cb female
  12. Paps 2018 run

    The first pic is grape earth and the 2 nd is rebel yell and Selene x chuckys bride tiis time I mixed my soil with bone meal and blood meal all plants in 2 gal are sexed , topped and will be maintained the smaller pots have not sexed yet but should soon I may take clones , especially the g39 and chuckys crosses peace
  13. Paps 2018 run

    Ok the new line up rebel yell and Selene x chuckys bride my own hack uk blues and heri x chuckys bride my own hack selene f2 Sinister grape earth sinister G39 Naw Afghan x huck and heri Bigun
  14. Need all your help

    The last male is getting better I always have a tendency to neglect the boys thanks to all mr goodfellow maybe not high enough bro i always wage and bake and kind of stay there all day
  15. Need all your help

    Thanks guys this one was to far gone so I know better for nex time lost some good males but all my fault i was not being a good gardener thanks anain to all