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  1. Papalag

    2019 octopot first run

    Next run I think I'll run fems this is fun but a lot of work ! so next run all fems lol All the comments are great so smokem if you gotem
  2. Papalag

    2019 octopot first run

    @JetDro I believe the way your going will be faster and they will probably look a lot better then mine @Sacred Plant Warrior I am running clones in the octopots not rooter like jet said but just in case I am rooting clones the old fashioned way so I hope I wouldn’t lose too much time but the experience is what makes us who we are One more thing added a heat mat to the clones peace
  3. Papalag

    2019 octopot first run

    Day 9 that the clones are attempting to root in octopots. I made some changes I turned off one of my LED’s normally root under t5’s but the tent is also my mother room until the male’s flower then they’ll be moved over they still look droopy but the shiva dawg seems to have perked up a small bit ( or it’s wishful thinking lol) still thinking it will work they’re still alive so that’s saying something! I did remove the bag and spray them with kelp juice I took about 35 clones yesterday some will go out doors in a month but the bulk will stay in solo cups and get flowered in my clone/ seedling tent under t5s I’ve done this before with good results. I do plan on cuckin some pollen on a few just for shits and giggles. I hate to cull the moms so by stripping them down I may be able to keep them around a wile Maybe at least keep the SP ! i put up some pic in a few just being a lazy ass today smokin some brohdie Buddha’s hand that might explain me being a lazy ass lol peace papalag
  4. Papalag

    DJS Newberry

    Very nicely done!
  5. Papalag

    Royal Queen Seeds

    @SmokyHH I’ve had delicious seeds. Fruity juice chronic it had a interesting taste and was a good smoke Hope you fine what you’re looking for dont mind some of the group no disrespect meant stoners lol
  6. Papalag

    Royal Queen Seeds

    Hi @HUFFnPUFF spamalot was awesome but I do like spam and eggs lol spam, spam, spam, spam,spam @SmokyHH don’t mind us they only let us out every now and then and you can’t feed us after midnight you never know what might happen lol my thread get hijacked often as well peace papalag
  7. Papalag

    paradise seeds

    I had a vanilla ice cream from them tasty actually though you were eating a vanilla ice cream cone and a great high
  8. Papalag

    2019 octopot first run

    Ok guys and gals day 7 clones look weak tops are green and alive bottom leaves are yellowing hopefully it’s turning to an up swing hope for the best today I did spray then a little my 14 clones are still looking good and 3 shiva dawgs have rooted very well and have been up potted lemon gas and sugar punch are still behind slow to root
  9. Jet my brother the Sannies jack is by far the best of the best there is some strong smoke in there
  10. Papalag

    Royal Queen Seeds

    @SmokyHH l stumbled on Sannies some years ago and tried a great deal of others , I like the customer service and the fact if I have questions I can ask the breeders here and get a great response quickly I’ve grown mad scientist, extreema, mad berry , sugar punch and Sannie jack ( strong as watch out for this one ) and killing fields ( also a awesome strain )they are all fems and never was disappointed and I’ve grown a good deal of regs and you got to try Naw gear all fire my friend you can’t go wrong at Sannies shop I do wish to try Dutch passion gooberry I believe it’s called I’ve tried several of there strains as well as Barney farms still good strains but once I’ve grown Sannies I never went back justmy 2 cents as we say here in the states what ever you decide on please post your grow peace paps
  11. Papalag

    The Dog House Beer, Pizza, and Pot Emporium

    Looks awesome DD
  12. Papalag

    For Octopot growers...

    As a new octopot user I look forward to the experience so thanks for sharing paps
  13. Papalag

    2019 octopot first run

    @JetDro yes all cuts go into rapid rooters before the dirt just what Iam use to
  14. Papalag

    2019 octopot first run

    Hi hamme never tried it like this let alone under led’s usually I use t 5 . I have 14 clones as backup in my small tent as we speak just in case ! I do have my lights as far away as I can about 38 or so inches it should be fine There at day 6 and look alive so time will tell ithink they’ll be fine @JetDro bro just saw your thread looking good my friend