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  1. Papalag

    40 bucks?

    Hell toker I am in nj so when you come up to get it stop by bro we’ll smoke a few lol
  2. That’s a video bro is that a jungle or a rainforest lol great job cuzz paps
  3. Papalag

    40 bucks?

    Hell go for it
  4. Hi. Bro works great my sit up has very little space only 60 inches high so it lives out side like yours peace paps
  5. Sugar Punch day 54 from bud development she is fox tailing and bulking up trichomes are 75 % cloudy 5 % amber 25 % clear still needs more time thing maybe 10 plus days
  6. @Mr Goodfellow how you grow outside in that heat is amazing to me where you and jet live it’s hot as hell and I want to move to New Mexico lol
  7. @gardenartus just amazing
  8. Papalag


    My brother they are all very interesting let us know when available PLEASE peace
  9. Papalag


    Hi San it’s a very nice sent I can’t place it also never could pick apart a sent, nose broken to many times as a young man . A bit hard on the body as a youth lol but looking forward to smoking some really soon thanks bro
  10. Now your talking fun fun fun looking good buddy
  11. WOW the NPP on the Octopot rules not to mention RB what a difference between regular pots and Octopots unbelievable nice flowers remember if you need my help disposing of anything not worthy like that NPP or that inferior RB I am always willing to help a bro out lmmfao bro they are stellar great job your friend papalag
  12. Oh yeah spread the word sister hand on the Bible the best growing method I’ve used to date thanks once again gardenartus for your help peace Your friend Paps
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