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  1. Well I made some butter only 1 stick decabed 1 OZ for 30 minutes at 225 degrees simmered for 2 hours made a lemon pound cake figured how strong could it possibly be so I cut a 1 inch slice let the trip begin Weed taste was very strong got way too high 1/4 inch slice is more then enough slept good but woke up stoned for hours lol
  2. Looks awesome I can see the improvement nice long colas
  3. Good luck with your new gear
  4. Ok @JetDro so if ufvf nkp = 4.0 n / 2.7p /6.7k at 1tea spoon per would equal 500 ppm so if I add 1/4 tea spoon of a booster that’s 5/45/19 then ppm would equal 633 if we increased the ufvf to 1/2 tbl spoon would bring that up to over 1000 ppm to hot from what I gather some feeding charts recommended to go up to 1500 ppm but I always figure less is best i am going to run some numbers through that program and play I feed the plants what I figured to be 633 ppm so hopefully is was right thanks
  5. Yes bro it does make a lot of sense I will follow your lead I am cutting way back on n and adjust according to all you and ifishs advice thanks
  6. All good I see what’s going on now ppm is definitely the way to insure the proper level this is what we needed
  7. Ok so far I follow like the calculator as well all great stuff
  8. Ok @JetDro so far so good i understand the ratio
  9. Thanks @bigun I was looking at a ppm meter by Hana I believe the name I’ll pick one up
  10. hi @dieseldog381 thanks for stopping by bro i really appreciate the info people start talking ppm and ec now you need a meter and a science degree to grow pot damn never worried so much in dirt just let the plant tell me last grow the plant looked amazing up to harvest no fade I kept thinking she would never finish never had that with dirt before buds didn’t seem right fox tail, not as dense, color not right, so a new learning curve so I need to figure this shit out and I think iam on the right track i like the urban farms products for the veg and fox farms was always my go to fertilizer so we shell see Peace paps
  11. Watered the Octopots tonight as per the feeding schedule week before flip 1/4 ts per gal of open sesame and 1 ts per gal of ufvf thru week 2 of flower ordered a new tent today 24 x24 x 55 inches just for moms and garden of eden for bloom nutes thanks @bigun& @ifishfor the advice weeks 3 and weeks 5 beastie bloomz as per schedule using GOE 1/4 to 1/2 ts per gal then weeks 6 and 7 the cha Ching and GOE same as above last weeks flush Hope for the best
  12. Thanks bro I’ll give it a try say hi to the mrs
  13. @JetDro here’s some specs I was looking at GOE as well OPEN SESAME® Early Flowering Formula (5-45-19) BEASTIE BLOOMZ® Heavyweight Blossom Builder (0-50-30) Cha Ching® Late Flowering Formula (9-50-10)
  14. Going to flip soon maybe Monday but going to change up the flowering nutrient week before flip. 1/4 tbl spoon of ufvf and 1/4 tea spoon of open sesame till week 2 of bud development then mid flower 1/4 tbl spoon of ttf and 1/4 tea spoon to start beastie bloomz late flower 1/8 tbl spoon of ttf and 1/4 teas spoon per gal of cha chine till last 2 weeks may switch to fox farms bloom suggestions appreciated
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