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  1. Great to hear your ok I stop by from time to time only to check on you and have not seen you around was hoping your ok peace my friend
  2. Papalag


    Hi San long time broski hopefully all is well with you and yours I have a question I just cracked your NYC sour what can I expect from this one ? as always thank you for your fine work peace paps
  3. Panama haze x Lebanese Lefthanded seeds lobe the purple also usefulseeds blackened oranges
  4. This is truly great news for us in NJ !!!! but there’s still work needed to be done the biggie is no home grow and there are some draconian Penalties for just 1 plant This is the tax everything state so there afraid they will miss a penny or 2 but for now I will sit oh my front porch and light one up to celebrate paps
  5. New Jersey’s governor just signed the bill it will go into effect mid February a funny note the NJ weed man opened his store at 12 01am on Jan 1 and sold his first bag of legal weed even though the law was not in effect yet big shout out to the Newjersey weed man also a new bill is going up for vote on home grow looks like if it passes we will be able to grow out 6 plants also it looks like NY will pass this year as well peace
  6. Hi Mr d they make a great light I got a smaller one for the 24 x 24 tent it’s easy to assemble and they do a great job and easy on the eyes lol the plants look wonderful as usual hope it works well for you I also got a California lightworks full spectrum for the big tent both are a lot of lights for the money peace paps
  7. Damn they look amazingly yummy hi gardenartus hope your having a great new year peace paps
  8. @dequelo every time I ordered it took 20 days to see seeds if the postman didn’t grab them lol he’s a bit slow to respond anymore I guess he’s getting old lol what did you order bro ? I rarely post here anymore so many peps left too sloooow here I’ll see you at the other OG paps ps hi all of my old friends
  9. To all at open grow a merry Christmas and a happy holidays to all peace paps
  10. Sad days BOG passed today RIP brother peace paps
  11. Hi bro BMM ended up yielding well 6 jars all buds are solid and got that smell she’s strong sinister never fails paps
  12. I agree with @Tiger nugbuchets is a great mine iam doing the same this run
  13. They mostly look good some problems on the lower leaves new growth looks just fine the lower leaves looks more like trace minerals diff baron copper something stupid like that some Epson salts helps you can spray on leaves it helps
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