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  1. @gardenartus hi there I tried to send you a pm but it said your not receiving messages just keeping in contact peace paps
  2. @dieseldog381 hi bro the lights are Mars hydro the reflector series they have 96 3 watt chips each I’ve run them 4 years no issues thanks for stopping by @gardenartus it gets easier every time I play on that site
  3. @Mr Goodfellow what up Gman no it’s lemon gas the blissful sunset is in the mom tent for next run thanks for stopping by see you on the other side @gardenartus hope all is well I’ve been on the other site haven’t seen you around in a while
  4. Ok I figured I’d up date this threat seems like the place is abandoned lately and I even just saw cristlin on the other side now waiting for sannie and the naw boys to show up next lol here’s a few pics
  5. Ok gentlemen this forum has gone to hell inmates are running the asylum in the past we would at least been worn or threat locked and no mods in site hay OG let’s run naked through the thread
  6. Welcome aboard its a good place with some great people and a few not so great lol have a fun I like the Kona amazing peace paps
  7. Hi bro Hope all is well with you and yours ! Not much missed here ! some ones ego got tweeted and need to smoke some of the own shit or maybe that’s the problem lol take a hit and be happy damn usually a mod would have stepped in by now oh well they must be napping as well lol I would love to get some legit Maui but after this tread I’ll hit my sugar punch and forget I even read this lol piece to all paps
  8. @olsqueak if you intend to use molasses in your tea it will not keep it can turn to alcohol if not aerated teas are great to use there’s a abundance of recipes on the net
  9. @JetDro I will try to upload again hope all is well , in your part of the world I see a tornado hit recently IMG_0723.MOV
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